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I’ve just set up a mini league associated with this blog. If we could all stick to entering only ONE TEAM. The code is:


At this stage it will just be for fun but I’m considering making more of it this season depending on how many subscribers I get before the start of the season. I was thinking about getting a small trophy for the winner and possibly a small voucher/cash prize. It won’t be a big prize as I don’t want to create a massively competitive environment which might discourage sharing advice between each other. But I did want to give more recognition to the overall winner of the mini league with a small gesture.

I’d be interested in people’s thoughts on this before I set anything in stone. Is a trophy a bit cheesy and pointless? Or would you see it as a bit of fun (which is how it’s meant to be taken)?

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  1. Your blog is fantastic Paul. Good idea about the mini league. If anyone wants in. Maybe charge a £1. Don’t seem fair if you front up a prize.

    1. I don’t mind paying for a small prize – wouldn’t want to make it too competitive by having a bigger prize.

  2. Excellent. I’ve just put a team in.

    Always great to have even a small cash prize to strive for but I’m happy if it’s a cash, prize or just fun league.

    Good luck everyone and thanks for setting a league up Paul 👍🏼

    1. No problem at all – I’ll have a think about it based on what others say.

  3. Just joined the league. I wouldn’t mind just having it as a ‘just for fun’ sort of league rather then one with a prize as it may stop people giving advise?

    1. That was my concern with a prize being introduced. I’ll have a think about it.

  4. Great idea, I’ll be entering. Instead of a cash prize how about fun like the team name of winner and a photo used as the cover photo next season? That way winner gets recognition 👍

    1. Could be a good idea – I’ll have a think about it. Would have to rely on the winner being happy for his/her picture being used.

  5. I like that idea Ian but if it was a photo of me (not that I’m saying I’m gonna win), that would turn people away from the site not attract them to getting involved 😂

  6. Team entered Paul. I don’t think it’s cheesy mate, I’m sure most non FF playing people probably think we’re a bit weird anyway. 😂

  7. I’m in , I agree with you the platform is to share opinions and will that be destroyed if we are chasing a prize, will you have an input on someones post if you know they are top of the league ? there are enough cash prize leagues out there . I’m happy to go with the flow

    1. Thanks AJF – I think that’s the general view so I’ll probably just keep it as being for fun.

  8. Hi all just entered the mini league, just like to say fantastic comments and help and advice hopefully we all have a great season.

  9. I will be in plus I need to improve on my disastrous performance of last season.

    Is the draft mini league an option? got to be honest, don’t much about it but just seeing what people’s thoughts are about it?

    1. I’d looked at it but I’ve not got the time to tackle it properly. You guys might want to set something up between you?

  10. Gomez starts today, might of solved Liverpool first choice back 5, with 7 million to spend on my last 2 positions if Debruyne has a good game, think I’ll go De bruyne & D. James, above B. silva & Tielemans, Vardy should be enough for Leicester coverage, & currently have Stirling for man City firepower.

    1. I’m not sure James will get enough game time to even justify the 1m. I thought Matip played well when he came on for Liverpool but luckily we will be able to look at the line up before they kick off.

  11. Joined! Just for fun to keep everyone helping each other out sounds good to me… Token trophy gesture and obvious bragging rights perhaps. Plus am committed to 101 other cash leagues lol

    1. Cheers Brad – think keeping it just for fun seems to be the general consensus.

  12. Greetings fromWatergate Bay beach in Cornwall! ☀️ 🏖

    Anyone tempted on Moise Keen at £3m? Could be a lovely price that if he takes off. Definite starter you’d think and lovely fixtures. Don’t know much about him tbh so wait and see for me.

    1. Too many good options up front for me, I’d struggle to justify having him without seeing how he settles.

  13. I think the prize should be simple and fun. Perhaps a dream team tips trophy with name and team name engraved. Then posted to the winner. Then the following year the same happens and posted etc. Could become a good thing and last for years. Bragging rights also for the winner. Wouldn’t cost much..


    Last years runner up (no prizes for second place!)

    1. Yeah I think a trophy as recognition might be the way forward – doesn’t make it too competitive then.

  14. Anyone else having second thoughts about Moura? I’m wondering if it’s a bit of a short-sighted option. Hearing good things about Villa for this season too so that first fixture might not be as easy as it seems initially. City next up after that then Son could realistically replace him in the starting line-up. I do like his price but I’m wondering if a more long-term option would be more viable?

    1. Yeah I’m losing faith, although he can score points the need to use a sub and the need to find funds to make the change are problematic

      1. With Dele Alli being injured, I am actually thinking about bringing in Moura especially as he has done well in pre-season scoring goals and his confidence should be high. Proven goal scorer who could be even better this season. Champions league so extra games not many players around at 3.0m of Moura’s quality.

        1. Yeah, I think his price is just about going to sway me enough to keep him for now. Some other decent options at £3m-£3.5m so shouldn’t be to difficult to move on if needs be.

    2. I’m happy with him for the time being – he scored reasonably well last season and he’s obviously capable of goals. Happy to just see how he goes at the start of the season. I’d imagine he will be easy enough to replace.

      1. Yeah, most on Twitter we’re saying similar things so I’m happy to keep him in for now and see what happens. 👍🏻

  15. Hi guys, does anyone know how to delete a mini league. I set a new one up by mistake not realising that last year’s mini league would still be active.

    1. Hi Gav, yer that one’s easy… you can’t! You can leave a league you joined but cannot in anyway delete one you created and are the chairman of. 🙁

  16. Cheers brad. I thought I was being thick lol. I’ll have to remove everyone then and just use the new pin. Cheers

  17. DTT, are you considering any more changes to the team, before Friday, if Perez hits the ground running he can match Aubamayang pts wise at a fraction of the price, thus allowing funds to select better longterm acquisitions than Maitland niles & Moura

    1. Perez of Leicester is a bit of long shot rather have team mate Vardy but Aubamenyang of Arsenal seems a good choice.

    2. I’ve been looking at the team in a lot of detail and can’t see any changes I’d like to make at the moment. I don’t think Perez will come anywhere near Aubameyang over the course of the season. Players outside of the top 6 clubs rarely get anywhere near the top 10 highest scoring players.

    3. If Perez was classified as a midfielder as he is in FPL I’d have been straight on him. As DTT says though, there are so many good options up front.

      1. FPL seem to enjoy placing forwards as midfielders. I mean when has Salah ever been a midfielder really?

  18. Sorry guys I meant Pepe, arsenal’s record signing, just looking at Aubamayang, Niles, & Moura, I think Vardy, Coleman, & Pepe, could outscore them, DTT, you said yourself that Niles & Moura are only selected for probably 2 games, that is 2 enforced transfers, add probable injuries, that becomes an issue, the three players that I have put forward, will be mainstays in their team, & conceivably be kept into September & beyond, the timing of transfers is vital & keeping them for strategy moves/injuries, will surely be more beneficial than picking players for 2 games only, you have hinted urself Niles could be a weakness & Moura is probably transferred out after 2 games, heaping pressure on Aubamayang to bring in big hauls early doors, a quick start is essential, but the 3 players I have put 4ward, could bring in more pts, just putting a suggestion out their to consider before Friday.

    1. It’s definitely a worthy discussion point – for me I prefer Aubameyang who has proven his ability in the Premier League. I don’t see Pepe starting the first game at least and he’s completely unproven at the moment. The players I’m looking at initially won’t be taken out after 2 weeks if they’ve performed well. I’m targeting players who might get off to a decent start and I will then keep them in until their prices rise for the first time. I think taking advantage of this is fairly important.

    2. I’m with you on this one David, I do prefer the pick and stick philosophy in this game rather than gambling on players and they’re fixtures. And to gamble on an Arsenal defender who’s team is shocking defensively is a strange one to me.
      You can have a punt on a player for definite but not a defender.

      1. He comes out top of the points per million calculation and picked up almost 100 points last season. It’s a calculated risk. I think any player who’s cheap is equally as risky. Patricio is probably a bigger risk than Maitland-Niles. As is James. What team do you plan to start with?

        1. My team changes by the day. Your Aubameyang pick has really got me thinking, as I was only going with 2 premium forwards but am tempted to go with him.
          Barkley is my punt pick, the rest will be pick and stick.

          1. Yeah it’s a tough one to balance. I can’t help but be drawn to Aubameyang based on those two opening fixtures but it could backfire – but this could be the same with any player. I’m trying to set myself up for the best start possible after two game weeks. I’m also eyeing the first price increase which I think will be a maximum of 0.3m per player – this could have a good knock on effect. I’m trying to pick players who are a little undervalued, who I see getting off to a good start which may then mean the maximum price rise.

          1. I must admit I don’t know much about either player but I think they play on opposite sides? I don’t think Tierney will come straight into the starting line up either.

            1. I know Tierney is normally a LB but WhoScored has Maitland as a LB, RB, LM and RM and Ive seen him play both sides in preseason so it’s a lottery Isnt it haha.

              1. Pretty sure AMN is set for RB and Tierney LB so no issues there. If Luiz gets confirmed in the next hour, after Tierney, AMN may represent even better value if they sure up that back line.

                1. I believe he can also play in midfielder so could continue to pick up clean sheets even if he’s deployed out of position.

                  1. I struggle to see AMN getting a look in at midfield, we have too many players who would start in front of him imho.

          2. AMN plays RB as he is covering for injured Bellerin. I also fancy him as he will be playing behind Pepe when he starts so i think there are some good opportunities for assists. Tierney is LB but is injured.

  19. Just joined the league for the second season. Looking forward to another season with you all.

    Final team preparations being made, never easy.

    Good luck all.

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