Dream Team Tips Mini League – prize announcement

Afternoon all, just a quick post to say I’ve decided to introduce a cash prize for the winner of the Dream Team Tips mini league. This league was traditionally just for fun, but I thought a small cash prize would give it a bit more meaning. As a result, the winner will get £200. It’s only a small amount as I don’t want to put people off sharing their advice but it’s free to enter for those who are subscribed to the blog for the season.

If you are already signed up and wanted to join the league. The details can be picked up from this link: https://www.dreamteamtips.co.uk/dream-team-tips-mini-league-whatsapp-group-link/

If you fancy your chances of picking up the £200 prize but aren’t signed up, you can do so here: https://www.dreamteamtips.co.uk/dream-team-tips-password/

17 thoughts on “Dream Team Tips Mini League – prize announcement

    1. I’ve told everyone it will be £200 now so I’ll stick to that for this season but might be an idea to break it down next time around.

    1. 😂 I will be putting in my main team, I don’t ever really focus on teams other than that one. I can’t imagine many copy mine exactly though. My intention is only to provoke thoughts that people might or might not apply to their own ideas.

  1. Much appreciated, Paul.

    I certainly won’t be troubling the leaderboard at all, but this is a great gesture 🙂

    1. No problem Jeff and you never know. It’s not going to be a huge league so anyone could win it.

    1. Hi Rhydian, I’ve just sent you back all the details. This includes the password for the protected content. The main post people are interested in at this time of year is the team selection post. There’s a link in the email to a WhatsApp group and also a private Facebook group. You can also join the mini league, the PIN is on a separate password protected post but I’ll also be circulating this around to everyone again via email

      1. Thanks Paul Top Man…. Im always there about at Christmas time in my local mini leagues but I drift off after that, hoping these tips will help me stay in the prize money ha!
        Thanks mate

        1. Not a problem in the slightest – plenty of activity on the blog so hope you find it useful.

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