Dream Team Tips Mini League & WhatsApp group link

I’ve just set up the Dream Team Tips mini league. This season I’ve introduced a small cash prize of £200 for the winner. The only rule is you need to be subscribed to the blog for the season and ONLY ENTER ONE TEAM. If you wanted to join the PIN is:


I’ve also had a few requests for the link to the WhatsApp group. You can join the group at:

24 thoughts on “Dream Team Tips Mini League & WhatsApp group link

  1. Paul, interested to know what strategy you’re going with for your ten team allowance? I know you focus on the one team for the blog but how do you approach your other teams? Do you create duplicates for the various ML’s you’re in? Do you create block defence teams?

    Also interested to know the strategy of other managers on here playing the multi-team format?

    Myself, I’m trying to get a better spread of all the main players across the teams. In the past I’ve had an idea of my ideal team and too many of them have looked too similar.

    There are some partial blocks amongst them this time around. I also like the idea of setting up potential assist and goal combinations. For example I might select Digne for one team and then in that same team I’ll select DCL. Harvey Barnes might be in another and then Vardy will be in the team as well.

    There’s no better feeling when you get both the assist and goal when a team scores.

    1. Good question Chris. To be honest, I build 10 and then get bored of the rest so they end up dropping off. I think last season I did four of the same team (which is the same team as I write about on here) then tried to get some of them higher at the end of the season by taking risks but it didn’t work.
      This year I’ll probably do 4 versions of the same team and then a ultra aggressive team on the early fixtures – just Spurs players and Carabao Cup teams. I’ll do a couple of blocks as well. But to be honest, unless one of them gets off to an absolute flyer I’ll lose interest and they will just dwindle away. 10 is too many to manage for me. I’m also not a fan of people sticking 10 teams in and then talking about how high they’ve finished on the leaderboard. I think we should all only be allowed one team 😂

      1. Completely agree that 10 is too many and I’d be perfectly happy if we were only allowed one. Just want to try and level the playing field this season and try and give myself a chance of a decent start. If you can’t beat them, join them I guess.

        We have nothing to really go on at the start of season so the chances are, quite a few of our picks could bomb. If one or two of our teams get off to a flyer though it gives a good base to build on. So much of this game is luck and fine margins but I guess you have to give your team a chance to be amongst the pack and hope for the best.

        As long as we apply logic to our decisions this season then we can sleep easy. After all, if we make more good decisions than bad then we should do well.

        Fergi (last seasons winner) has spoken about asking himself; “will I regret this decision if it goes wrong?” I like that way of thinking. Even if a decision we make turns to crap, as long as we have applied sound logic in the decision making process, then we shouldn’t beat ourselves up and just move on. I know I’ve made bad decisions on the back of having bad luck before (kind of like when a poker player goes on tilt).

        This season I’m going to try a stay on a level. Don’t get too excited when things go brilliantly and also not get too frustrated when things go south.

        It all sounds wonderfully philosophical and zen but I’m sure it’s gonna be easier said than done when my new signing misses a pen and gets sent off! 😂

        1. I think managing 10 teams is very difficult- 50 transfers a month that’s a hard task. Good luck to those who do it but not for me just like to focus all my energy and time on my blog team which is my main team entered in my important mini leagues.

          Also can’t enter all 10 teams into a mini league, some allow you to enter one or usually a max of three. So your team comes out of the blocks but not in a mini league, it can be very hard to maintain interest for 10 hard months. You lose interest and the team just falls away and dies. A lot of teams don’t make it past October and 90% are finished by Feb/March. I remember how despondent I was when I wrote my first blog and after getting 11 points in game week and being bottom of my mini league in November. I felt like giving up but some people reading my blog urged me to carry on and rise like a Phoenix. I then from that point got more points overall than everyone in the mini league. I even got a prize for manager of the month after my team out scored everyone in February. So my great weapon along with tactical thinking is my resilience. I fight till the very last point. For example, in December my team in DTT mini league was not one I took seriously but after being 100 points behind DTT’s team, I had a urge to improve my team and I can’t let DTT statistical method beat my non stats approach.

          It’s always good to have a good rival, it brings the best out of you as you have more determination and fight. It’s like Federer v Nadal, Barca vs Madrid. In my elite league, I had a rival with one of the best Sun players, two time consecutive top 10 finishes, 3 time winner of the Sun weekly game (a record) that used to run. I have no shame in saying he is x10 better than me and before the season started, I knew I would have to finish above him to win a mini league that’s full of better players than me. Winning that mini league is my proudest achievement- one team only and you have to finish within the top 100 to have any chance of winning it. It’s going to even harder for me to defend it as the current champion has signed to the edition. Putting the fiso elite league trophy in my office yesterday motivates me to become even better at the game.

        2. I’ll definitely do the 10 as well. But the chances of me winning the whole thing with the teams that aren’t in the mini leagues is slim so I just get bored of them as I don’t think it’s worth the time thinking too much about them. I’m going to try and pick a team that could do well without any changes and see how it gets on across the season. I’ll take out injured players but other than that will make minimal changes. I think a lot of the time we make change for change sake.

  2. Latest gossip from One Football:

    City closing in on deal for Grealish but it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that they will sign Kane as well now. However, Kane hasn’t reported for training today as he was expected to do. Maybe this begins to get messy now?

    Spurs close to signing Romero from Atlanta.

    Wolves interested in bringing Arron Ramsey to Molineux.

    1. I wish they would just get it done 😂 Kane at City would be a must have for the whole season. Grealish could do well if he gets game time there as well

  3. Tammy could be a right steal at 2.5M if he joins Arsenal! And Matip another at 2.5M

    Would anyone consider either of them?

    1. Definitely have Tammy on my radar if he does move elsewhere. Probably wouldn’t make my main team but I’d be happy to put him in one or two others should he move somewhere he’s likely to play more.

      Not so sure on Matip. Both Gomez and VVD have started (albeit tentatively) to get minutes into their legs now preseason is in full swing and then there is Konate as well in the mix. Matip is probably the 4th choice centre-back when all are fit to play.

    2. I’d consider Abraham but probably not Matip. Can’t see him playing much

  4. I can see Matip getting in that team. Do we know much about Konate? He’s got to adjust to life in the premier league. I can’t see Klopp throwing him straight into the deep end. He’ll need time! Gomez, needs time. We’ll see

  5. One thing that has recently come to my attention; the lines that are drawn for off-side when it comes to VAR are going to be “thicker” this season. The idea being that there will be fewer off-sides given when there is a gnat’s testicle in it.

    This should benefit the attacking assets more you’d think and lead to more goals. I can also see it benefitting those players who play on the edge when it comes to making runs in behind. The likes of Sterling, Mane, Vardy and dare I say Werner could benefit this season.

    1. About time they did something to correct that, it’s almost anti football to rule out a goal for the smallest of margins.

    1. Ha ha. Here we go again. There is always something when it comes to the start of the season and SDT. Looks like the work experience kid is running it again. 😂

  6. dream team are asking do I want
    to submit my team or review it .
    the team that has been picked comes to 50.5 ml
    does submitting mean I keep this team even though its over 50ml.
    or if I chose to review my team do I loose the extra 05ml
    by submitting my team will it be locked.
    can anyone explain please.

    1. I believe it will refuse your submit if attempted.

      It definitely will not lock your team in place as per the rules you have until the first match to make changes.

    2. I don’t think it will be locked but I’d just keep to the 50m budget as the teams that go over won’t work when it kicks off I doubt

  7. I get it now we all have to start again every player
    selection % has now gone to nought.
    talk about mess us about.

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