Dream Team Tips: World Cup 2022 Subscription

Dream Team Tips: World Cup 2022 Subscription

With the World Cup approaching, I’m going to create blog content during the competition that documents my thought process for the Dream Team game. It will be separate to the season subscription but the World Cup subscription includes:

  • The password to view all content posted on the website about the World Cup game
  • Free entry to the Dream Team Tips World Cup Mini League
  • Membership to a private World Cup Facebook group where the community discuss their ideas
  • Entry to a World Cup WhatsApp group, where I also post all of my transfers in advance.

To access the World Cup content you will need to make a small contribution/subscription of £4.50 to receive the password. Roughly the price of a coffee for the time it takes to generate the content and keep everything up to date in real time.

World Cup Subscription:

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17 thoughts on “Dream Team Tips: World Cup 2022 Subscription

    1. Hi Ian, thanks for signing up. I’ve email all of the details over to you this afternoon. Hopefully you’ve picked them up.

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for signing up. I emailed the details over to you on the day you signed up. I’ve just sent them again, could you confirm that you’ve got them? You may need to check your junk folder.

    1. Thanks David, I’ll email the details over to you now. If you don’t pick them up, please let me know.

  1. Loving your tips so far. Have signed up for World Cup but not received password yet. Please could you send / re-send. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for signing up. I’ve just emailed over the details. Could you let me know if you’ve not picked it up?

    1. Hi Mike, I’ve just emailed the details over to you so you should have everything you need.

    1. I’ve included the link for the WhatsApp group in the email I’ve just sent over to you. Any problems, let me know.

  2. Hello Paul, I hope you’re well. I too am yet to receive the email with the password and WhatsApp link.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. I’ve just emailed this over to you. Any problems let me know – everyone got the same email when they signed up so you should have it already.

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