Dream Team Transfers – January 2018

Dream Team Transfers – January 2018

Below I’ve outlined teams with the best fixtures during January. This should be useful for planning transfers for the month and also spotting opportunities for players with the best or most fixtures.

Man City (6 games)

Burnley (H – FA Cup)
Bristol City (H – EFL Cup)
Liverpool (A)
Newcastle (H)
Bristol City (A – EFL Cup)
West Brom (H)

Chelsea (6 games)

Norwich (A – FA Cup)
Arsenal (H – EFL Cup)
Leicester (H)
Brighton (A)
Arsenal (A – EFL Cup)
Bournemouth (H)

Arsenal (6 games)

Forest (A – FA Cup)
Chelsea (A – EFL Cup)
Bournemouth (A)
Palace (H)
Chelsea (H – EFL Cup)
Swansea (A)

Man Utd (4 games)

Derby (H – FA Cup)
Stoke (H)
Burnley (A)
Spurs (A)

Spurs (4 games)

Wimbledon (H – FA Cup)
Everton (H)
Southampton (A)
Man Utd (H)

Liverpool (4 games)

Everton (H – FA Cup)
Man City (H)
Swansea (A)
Huddersfield (A)

Everton (4 games)

Liverpool (A – FA Cup)
Spurs (A)
West Brom (H)
Leicester (H)

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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40 thoughts on “Dream Team Transfers – January 2018

  1. Hi mate looking for some help, I’ve currently got an 11 of

    Foster/ Kolasinac,Valencia,Daniels,Walker/Mane,KDB,Salah,Herrera/Kane,Lukaku

    But this season with my friends we chose this 11 from the start and are only using January’s transfers for the entire game. Any advice on what transfers I could do.

    Atm I’m considering Valencia,Kolasinac,Herrera out and VVD, Sterling/Aguero and a cheap Defender in, something along them lines anyway. (Valencia – injured and no return date/Kolasinac – in and out of team/Herrera – not really featuring at all)

    Thank you

    1. If you can accommodate those changes I think they would be good additions. In particular Sterling and Aguero. With City’s form having a lot of representation around them could be essential.

      1. Who would you recommend taking out over Kolasinac and Valencia, both tricky situations with K in and out and V injured with no time length? And also Sterling or Aguero, personally I think Aguero because with Jesus injured surely he’s guarantee to start every game basically now

        1. I’d probably take Valencia out as you say there’s no time scale on his return. I prefer Aguero as you say with Jesus out this should open the door to more game time.

  2. Think need to load up on City and Chelsea players for next month.
    My team currently has: Alonso, Cahill, Christensen, Walker, KDB, Morata.
    Will bring in Aguero and looking at Sterling as well.

    1. I’m thinking the same. City in particular with an easier game in the Champions League and EFL cup.

  3. With the additional fixtures and if indeeed salah out for a period
    Would we opt for sterling rather than coutinho ?
    Salah however must come back in once fit he’s a goal machine
    Thoughts welcome

    1. I think Sterling would be a good addition. However we will have to be a little careful as it looks like Walker could be injured and Lukaku obviously. I don’t want to rush into transfers and be stuck in terms of bringing important players back in.

  4. My only concern is if we take out Salah, his price will increase due to his past 3-5 weeks performances.

    1. That’s a great point. I’d assumed if a player didn’t play in a game week that their value didn’t change?

      1. If a player does not play in a game week his price will not change. I’m presuming Singh is saying when he plays again his price will increase again

        1. Not sure if this is true! Countinho for example didn’t play against Burnley last week, but his price still rose 0.3 today!

    1. Not yet. Lukaku looked like the obvious one to remove but Morata didn’t look in great form last night. I’ll have a think about it today. Any thoughts?

  5. Still think morata for lukaku
    Extra 1m made as he will play in 2 additional league cup ties in jan
    Then the next 3 become tought
    Sterling for salah temporary ?
    I’d keep sane he looked good the other night…..

  6. Daft as it might sound i would keep an eye on baines comeback as a replacement for pieters although then having 3 everton defenders a risk historically big sam keeps things tight
    At 1.7 and there pen taker that price will be a steal defo worth keeping an eye on

  7. If we are removing salah until fit again think we need to make that the last transfer in dec limit
    As liverpool play friday night

    1. Is it a bit risky taking out Salah? Liverpool could well play a weakened team in the FA cup anyway so he may not have featured. Should he get a game before we bring him back in his price is likely to rise. If we couldn’t get him back in, it could be an absolute disaster.

  8. Is it time to drop Salah for the month? He’s playing far fewer games than city mids already and now kissing one due to injury.

  9. If you had a choice between Mata, Ox & Fernandinho for your team who would you pick? Or what other player around the 3.5m mark?

  10. Also do you think VVD is a no brainier to put in? Or think different because of how much LFC concede at times

    1. I think he’s a good option but I still think they are fairly weak defensively. Can’t seem him completely solving the issue for them.

  11. DTT, have u given any more thoughts to upcoming transfers, salah to miss fa cup, but looks like he’ll b fine to face man city, Walker slight worry may miss fa cup, defensive possibilities D. sanchez, 3.4, van dijk 3,5, which is better option for January & beyond.

    1. I’ve just posted a blog up – taking Salah out for Sterling as the last transfer of December. Will consider making any further changes tomorrow.

  12. I am with Darren… Think we should use our transfer tonight…. getting late!

  13. My pages arent refreshing! Missed all of this evening comments at the Transfer post!! Just cleared my cache…all good now 🙂 Comment above looks a bit out of place lol

    1. Haha no worries. You think taking Salah out for Sterling is the right move? It looks like the only obvious option.

  14. Does anyone know what’s happening with the Coutinho saga? I’ve got him in my team but as he’s “injured” for tonight and facing man city next game I’m thinking of taking him out for De Bruyne or sterling leaving me with an extra 1m to play with..

    1. I’ve had to give this one a miss. Ran out of time and the month is already well under way.

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