Dream Team Transfers – May 2017

Dream Team Transfers – May 2017

With the last month of the season approaching, it’s a good time to look at upcoming fixtures for May and plan any transfers in advance. Below I’ve looked at the top 7 teams in the Premier League and sorted them in terms of teams with the best fixtures:

Man Utd (6/7 games)

Celta Vigo (A) – Europa League
Arsenal (A)
Celta Vigo (H) – Europa League
Spurs (A)
Southampton (A)
Crystal Palace (H)
Potential Europa League Final

Despite losing Ibrahimovic to injury, I would still expect Man Utd to finish the season strongly. They are desperate for Champions League football next season and as a result will be pushing to secure a top four finish and/or win the Europa League. They also have additional fixtures over some teams due to their Europa League commitments. With a potential 7th game if they should reach the final.

Pogba/Mkhitaryan – Pogba is Man Utd’s highest scoring midfielder and is sure to feature heavily during May. Mkhitaryan has been slightly less consistent, however he appears to be among the goals more often at the moment. I’m personally not looking to replace Ibrahimovic with another Man Utd striker. It’s almost impossible to guess who will get the most games and the most goals between Martial, Rashford and Rooney.

Bailly – with the additional fixtures and lack of fit defenders, Bailly seems like a great option for May. I think it’s important to have defensive coverage for Man Utd based on the number of clean sheets they’ve kept recently and Bailly looks sure to start if he remains fit.

Chelsea (5 games)

Middlesbrough (H)
West Brom (A)
Watford (H)
Sunderland (H)
Arsenal (Wembley) – FA Cup final

Chelsea have less games than both Man Utd and Arsenal, however their fixtures look much more favourable. They will be hoping to secure the league title in May and it’s hard to imagine anyone stopping them. They will also be looking to do the double with the FA Cup final at the end of the month.

Hazard – from a point scoring point of view Hazard has been by far Chelsea’s best and most consistent performer. He would be a valuable asset for any team during May and I’ll be looking to accommodate him if possible.

Azpilicueta – is currently a bargain price for one of the highest scoring defenders over the course of the season. Chelsea could keep a few clean sheets against relatively easier opposition.

Arsenal (6 games)

Man Utd (H)
Southampton (A)
Stoke (A)
Sunderland (H)
Everton (H)
Chelsea (Wembley) – FA Cup Final

Arsenal haven’t had the best of seasons and currently sit outside of the top four. A top four finish looks unlikely but they do have some favourable fixtures. They also have an additional Premier League fixture over other teams and will be looking to save their season in the FA Cup final.

Sanchez – despite Arsenal’s poor form during parts of the season, Sanchez has remained a constant goal scoring threat. He picks up regular points and as a result is still the second highest point scoring player in the game.

Man City (4 games)

Crystal Palace (H)
Leicester (H)
West Brom (H)
Watford (A)

Man City have fairly favourable fixtures for May and will be looking to secure a top four finish. They do however only have four games for the month as a result of missing out on reaching the FA Cup final.

Aguero – after being bought back into the side, as a result of Jesus picking up an unfortunate injury, Aguero has been in great goalscoring form. I’d expect this to continue throughout May unless his place in the starting 11 comes into question.

Tottenham (4 games)

West Ham (A)
Man Utd (H)
Leicester (A)
Hull (A)

Spurs only have four games during May as a result of missing out in the FA Cup. With a small gap between them and Chelsea they will certainly be hoping to push them all the way for the title. However with 3 away fixtures and a home tie against Man Utd their fixtures are less favourable than others around them.

Eriksen/Alli – both have been in sublime form this season. Alli picks up a lot of the credit but Eriksen in my opinion has been equally as good. If you fancied Spurs to finish the season strongly either player would be a good addition.

Kane – seems to be picking up where he left off prior to his injury. If Spurs had more fixtures he would be one of my top transfer targets.

Liverpool (4 games)

Watford (A)
Southampton (H)
West Ham (A)
Middlesbrough (H)

Due to Liverpool’s inconsistent form and lack of fixtures compared to the likes of Man Utd and Arsenal, I won’t be looking to transfer in any of their players in May. They also have a growing list of injuries.

Everton (3 games)

Swansea (A)
Watford (H)
Arsenal (A)

Due to their lack of fixtures in May, I’ll be avoiding transferring in any Everton players. They also have a tricky game away at Arsenal to finish the season.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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25 thoughts on “Dream Team Transfers – May 2017

  1. hi their, very important transfers due, my 2 options r, kane, azpilcueta, stones, option 2, hazard, cahill, bailly, concerns over bailly, more fixtures yes, but even if passed fit 4 thursday, how many clean-sheets available, stones due back but rotation risk, option 1 less games, but kane looking imperious, already have erickson and ali, sitting 4th in 2 mini leagues, most rivals have hazard, and has one more game than kane, 40 pts defecit to make up, some people mite go 4 jesus, but not able 2 afford kane, mata back but probably to late, what option do u c being more productive, thanx, will definitely be using ur website next season.

    1. Hi Dave,

      It’s difficult to say without knowing what your entire team is, however personally I think Azpilicueta is a bargain. I’m also considering Koscielny myself based on his cost – only 2.9m. Arsenal also have extra fixtures and have reached the FA Cup final. I’m hoping to make a move for Hazard but saying that I’ve already got Kane. My team will hopefully be something like Foster, Azpilicueta, Koscielny, Bailly, Stones, Hazard, Eriksen, Pogba, Aguero, Kane and Sanchez. That would leave me with one sub remaining for the season.

      1. my team at present is, foster, stones, alderweirald, bailly, walker, erickson, ali, de-bruyne, vardy, ibra, aguerro, option 1 if the better one, is stones, vardy, and ibra out, costa, cahill/azpilcueta, hazard in, costa cld be swapped 4 jesus but city have one less game, 1.8 mill in bank, option 2 is bailly, vardy, ibra out, in kane, azpilcueta, costa in, man -utd running out of defenders, tough fixtures, probably going to have to make 3 transfers straight off, not ideal, thanx.

        1. Is there any way you could squeeze Kane, Hazard and Azpilicueta in? If not, I’d be tempted to go for the option with Hazard in. It would be worth leaving any transfers for Chelsea players until next Monday. They don’t play during this game week so you could keep the players you have until Monday.

  2. Hi mate, I’m 2nd in my league but about 80pts behind, here’s my team, as you’ll see I’ve not concentrated on my defence much all season.
    Foster, stones, terry, shawcross, Morgan.
    Hazard, mikitharan, pogba, delli alli.
    Ibrahimovic, aguerro.
    I’ve got 2.6 in the bank.
    Obviously ibrahimovic has to go first, obvious choice is Sanchez.
    And possibly mikitharan out for de Bruyne.
    I’ve looked at spurs players but they’ve got 3 games away left and 1 at home.
    Man City have 4 games left, first 3 are very winnable home games.
    What would you do bud?

    1. Hi Steve,

      I think you’re midfield is fairly strong, might be worth keeping Mkhitaryan in based on the number of upcoming fixtures for Man Utd? I’ve got De Bruyne, he’s picked up some good points in the last few games but was one I was looking to transfer out. Based on Arsenal’s fixtures Sanchez could be a good option. You could then save your remaining subs for the last few games of the season depending on ow far Man Utd get in the Europa League and starting line ups for the FA cup final. If it was me, I’d be tempted to leave the midfield as is, bring in Sanchez and possibly get in a Man Utd defender if the funds would allow it.

  3. Hi I have a question about my defence, I am 3 points behind top place and I have problems at the back with my 4 defenders, I need to dump one to bring in Azpilicueta.
    The problem defenders are, Stones, Bailey, Bellerin, Morgan.

    Bellerin is only coming on as a sub for a short time.
    Stones is still injured I under stand at this moment.
    Morgan is still injured at the moment.
    Bailey has just been injured and not sure how long he will be out.
    The problem is there are few games left to play.

    Any idea on which one to dump out of my team my thinking was maybe Morgan or Bellerin ?
    And hope the others two get fit soon.

    The team in front of me by 3 points also has Bellerin and stones in his team, but I am sure he will be dumping one of them for a Chelsea defender.

    Please can you help me on this issue of my defence, I have until next Monday because Chelsea play then.

    Please can you give me your advice and it would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Personally I’d probably take out Morgan. You could probably make a case for transferring any one of them out. Hopefully Bailly and Stones return to fitness soon. Arsenal have more fixtures so it may be worth keeping Bellerin in. I try not to use too many transfers on defenders unless I really have to.

      1. Hi I have noticed some thing that people may not have picked up on, all though Man United have games in hand, they played a weakened team against Arsenal which they lost 2-0.
        They were in a good position for the top 4, so will they rest even more players now they are in a worse position this weekend?

        I think Mourinho has already stated the top four is not possible and he will be playing a weakened team this weekend.
        The only way I cant see him doing this is if Celta Vigo knock them out of the Europa League.

        As for Chelsea which have games in hand on Tottenham if they beat Middlesbrough tonight and beat West Brom on Saturday that will put them on 87 pts and they win the title before Tottenham even kick a ball, wont they then rest players like Hazard not to risk injury for the FA. Cup Final, so you would not gain more games?

        Then would Tottenham play Ali or Erikson or give them a rest, I can understand Keane playing because he may want the premier League golden boot?

        Again if Liverpool win there last two games and Arsenal have game in hand put can not make the top 4 with an FA Cup Final coming up, will they risk injury when a top four place is out of reach?

        Any opinion on these issues please?


        1. Hi Joe,

          I completely agree, each team has their own reason for possibly resting players. This does look more likely for Man Utd and Chelsea, as like you say Man Utd are focusing on the Europa League and Chelsea may focus on the FA Cup when they secure the league title. The way I plan to tackle this issue is by trying to hold onto as many transfers as possible for May. I’ve still got 3 transfers remaining and I still managed to climb in the overall rankings at the weekend and increase my lead in the mini leagues I take part in. I’ll then be looking to line up some transfers when we know more about possible injuries, which teams are looking likely to rest players and if Man Utd have reached the Europa League final.

          1. Thanks for you opinion. I have about an hour before the Chelsea game, I know whos going in but who is coming out is a risk that I pick the correct one.

  4. Hi mate looking for some transfer help, my team is currently

    Grant / Stones, Bailly, Naughton, Matip / Alli, Mkhi, Pogba / Ibra, Aguero, Costa

    Not to sure what to do with my last 3 transfers, considering Ibra out for Sanchez and if Aguero is out injured then Kane in and then maybe take Grant out for Courtois. I have 3m spare also, what do you think, any advice? Obv there’s a potential injury to Bailly aswell and Stones? Just wondering what you think could help me on this last month – especially if Aguero is fit then I shall keep him, just unsure on last transfers!

    1. Hi John,

      I’m also stuck with Stones, Bailly and Pogba. I’m hoping they will all recover from injury to avoid wasting any transfers. My front 3 are Aguero, Kane and Sanchez so I’d agree bringing in either Kane or Sanchez would be a good move. I’m hanging onto Aguero for the time being, again hoping he will recover quickly from any injury he’s picked up. Once you’ve replaced Ibrahimovic I think you will have a strong team so it might be worth holding onto any transfers until later in the month? I’m hoping to keep back at least one of my transfers to use towards the end of the season. Although Grant won’t play for Stoke, I’m not sure I’d waste a transfer on him so late in the season. Could be worth using that transfer to bring in Hazard at some point?

      1. Thanks for the reply, from what you’ve said I’m thinking maybe Hazard in for Alli next week because from next gameweek Chelsea still have 5 games and Spurs only 3, or you think I should put Hazard in for somebody else maybe? Really unsure what to do with my 3rd transfer, don’t want to use it to late with not many games left, so in abit of a predicament. The only thing I can think of is from next week Stones out for a Man Utd defender because of the game advantage, but really not sure

        1. I’d be tempted to keep hold of Alli with so many injuries flying around at the moment. I know they won’t have as many games towards the end of the month but it might be worth waiting to see if Aguero recovers from his injury. If he’s out of action you would be better off taking him out and keeping Alli. I’m going to be focusing my efforts on my attacking options as defenders traditionally pick up less points – again if Stones is fit I’d probably keep him in

  5. As always this thread is really interesting and throws up a number of questions. Those 50/50 calls have to be right this time as there is no comeback now

    I have been trawling through these point made here for a week and finally the new month has arrived!!

    I really could use some informed help with regards to the last month of the season. Im winning my ML by 20 points, but Im leaking points all over the place. The bringing on Walker in the 88th minute for a clean sheet was the last straw !!

    DeGea – O’Shea/Stones/Monreal/Rojo – Eriksen/Mahrez/Hazard – Ibra/Aguero/Vardy

    Overall Thoughts:

    Ibra has to be replaced and go straight away. I am tempted to bring in Kane to match the others in my league, but if Chelsea wrap up the title will he play the last couple of games? A Man Utd striker is an option but rotation of their front three is rampant.

    Rojo should be replaced, but defenders don’t always score big points and transfers are gold dust this month. Again, last month rotation once the title is resolved doesn’t help if you’ve gone early on your transfers. Chelsea though have an enticingly simple fixture list left.

    Mahrez was a BIG mistake – he was similar price to Alli at the time……….. enough said 😉

    Pogba would be a throw of the dice after an injury based on games left and as you said before he should play plenty. Watching brief on all Man Utd players for the ET team tomorrow.

    Aguero injury – Jesus (the player I transferred in the day he was injured, grrr!) looks sharp and if Aguero’s season is over then he’s another must replacement. Would feel ill if I was out of transfers and had used it on a defender 🙁

    Arsenal players are an option, but all their eyes are on the FA cup final so are likely to be rotated the last couple of weeks.

    Finally, on the DT rules this year:

    Substitutions per month are a YES from me. Variable pricing (in it’s current form) is a NO from me. As has been stated before, 0.6m is a way too big change for a one week difference. Those towards the bottom of a ML league have likely missed the boat and now can’t afford any of the players that have jumped up in price by any real amount. That makes playing catchup very difficult IMO. Smaller degress of variance would though seem a logical step 🙂

    None of which helps me with my impeding team decisions, lol

    1. I’m in a similar position with Rojo and Aguero. I’m considering not worrying about Rojo and saving my transfers for attacking options but it will depend on if I can accommodation Hazard without changing my defence.

      From looking at your team I’d have question marks against Mahrez, Ibrahimovic, Aguero and Vardy. Obviously Ibrahimovic is going to have to come out. If you’re 20 points clear and other managers have Kane, I’d be tempted to block them by also having Kane. That way you are unlikely to lose your lead if you’re already in the driving seat. That was the only reason I put Kane back in – as I was already top.

      I’d then look at Mahrez, potentially replacing him with Mkhitaryan or Pogba. I think it’s important to have some form of Man Utd representation in the attacking six given their upcoming fixtures. If Aguero recovers from his injury I’d leave him in and I’d probably stick with Vardy to save a transfer. This could leave you one transfer for the end of the month if you wanted to bring in someone from Arsenal or Chelsea for the FA Cup final.

  6. Thanks, you make a lot of sense.

    If I put Kane in, transfer Mahrez out then I only have 4.8m left so can’t afford either Man Utd midfielder, in fact I can’t even afford Herrera as Im 0.1m short. I so hate the variable pricing as Kane messes everything up by increasing by a massive 4.9m from his opening price 🙁

    I could go for Rashford to replace Ibra and then I can afford Pogba or Mikhitaryan. Thursday afternoon troubles 😉

  7. I agree with your point of leaving Rojo and saving the transfers for the big hitters up front. It sounds counter intuitive to play with 10 men, but I think its my way forward too.

    Apparently City find out today about Aguero and if his season has indeed ended, so Im now in a real state of flux.

    The 2nd place team in our ML has a far better team than mine now and I was 80 points clear 3 weeks ago, but it’s been drip , drip catch up until until last weekends Spurs game where he hit the jackpot with Kane, Alli and Walker.

    If Aguero is ruled out it helps me as I can get Jesus in to replace him and then I have money for Kane (and Pogba), but using all my transfers on day 1 is very risky thing to do.

    Away to West Ham has hurt me already this season when Man City ran all over them.

    Good luck to your team

    1. It looks like Rashford is starting this evening so it could be a good move. On the basis that Bailly and Pogba are both starting tonight, I’m going to risk it and leave Rojo in. This will lock him out for the weekend but I’m hoping to save my transfers with the view of making better changes later in the month. I also want to see if Aguero is out for the rest of the season before using them up. Waiting will also give me a chance to see who my closest rivals are going for.

  8. Im leaving Rojo in too 🙂 It really does make a weird kind of sense.

    The gambler in me is going to leave Kane out and go for Rashford who has 2 potential games to Kane’s one this gameweek and next gameweek. Looking at oddscheckers Kane is 4/6 to score at anytime and 4/1F for Man of the Match. Rashford is 2/1 anytime. My strategy has been to maximise playtime so far and it has served me well so far.

    Like you, that will be that for now, until others’ strategies are seen and saving my last 2 transfers for now 🙂 Good luck !!!

  9. Oh dear, I’ve just seen a potentially disastrous scenario which drives a bulldozer right through my plan……….

    1. It was a fairly successful evening in the end. Glad I saved a transfer on Rojo for the time being with Bailly and Pogba both picking up points.

  10. Hold onto that Rojo transfer and guard it 🙂

    I still cant believe Pogba got Star man yesterday – going into the 89th minute he was on 7.54 and Rashford was on 7.86 and then Pogba jumped up to 8.17 at the final whistle ???? Normally 0.7 jumps are reserved for goalscorers. Watching a match unfold on the Whoscored Match Centre is just as entertaining as listening to the radio commentary, lol.

    My main rival swapped Rojo out for Bailly who got a 7 rating in the 87th minute, so with Rashford scoring for me and losing star man we ended up quits on 8 points each. On the 87th minute you would have been on 7 pts (Pogba yellow card included), but ended up on 15 so you had a result.

    Nervous as hell about Kane and Alli tonight though, but we agree that keeping transfers for injuries (Rashford?!?!) has to be done and then go large in the last couple of weeks (Sanchez?) for the cup final and close to this seasons DT.

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