End of season review

End of season review

Overall Points: 2,400
Overall Rank: 1,457

If I’d have been offered an overall finish of around 1,500 at the start of the season I’d have probably taken it, however after a fantastic start the season felt like it ended a little flat. I pretty much matched where I finished last season and getting anywhere near the top 1,000 feels like some sort of success. Having said that, I would have liked to have finished well within the top 1,000 but it wasn’t to be.

I do tend to play a fairly safe game, and considering I document everything I do in advance I’m still happy with the overall rank that I achieved. As far as I know, no where else online provides their entire strategy with notification of transfers in advance. Other places do provide broad guidance on strategy and player picks but they don’t detail their own strategy with complete transparency.

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Justin Phillips who won the Dream Team Tips mini league. 2,593 is an incredible score which looked like it resulted in a finish of 43rd on the overall leaderboard. There were some fantastic scores from other people who finished within the top 10 so this is turning into a very competitive mini league which is hard to win.

One final shoutout to RR, who has made some brilliant contributions to the blog this season. He also once again made the top 10 of the Dream Team Tips mini league and also reached 24th on the overall leaderboard. Amazing achievement and thoroughly deserved.

I’m now personally looking forward to the Euros, but if you’re not playing this game over the summer I’ll hopefully see you back here next season.

5 thoughts on “End of season review

  1. Well done DTT on your season.

    Thanks for the shoutout. Yeah, I had a brilliant season, my best ever. Before the season started, I aimed for a top 100 finish so was happy to get 24th, so now that’s back to back centuries after finishing 80th the season before.

    I am most proud of my blog team which finished 61st overall. It is a lot of work picking one team and writing the journey with highs and lows, going through different strategies (my favourite part) and player selection (I do like a bit of bargain hunting and can’t resist the differentials).

    Best of all, I won the FISO Elite league which has some of the best STD players in there after 5 years of trying. It was nerve wracking to be chased by a very good manager who has had two top 10 seasonal finishes and won the weekender three times. He even won the FISO big balls mini league where entry is 200 quid per team (too rich for me to enter). Thankfully Chelsea got the clean sheet as it was his heavy Man City team vs my team with a Chelsea semi block. I can finally call myself an Elite manager.

    In addition, I would take a top 10 finish in the DTT mini league. My third best team was a bit experimental and really didn’t get going until December. DTT mini league is proving hard to win out there so looks like plenty of great players in there (honestly I don’t know much about them) and it would be great to hear from them in the future.

    Finally, thanks to DTT for the hard work. I hope to see DTT blog going from strength to strength next season. Bigger and better.

    1. RR – major congrats on your successful season! I’ve personally picked up a few tips from you and your posts this season and installed them in my own game, namely going earlier than others and being a bit more aggressive with moves (upside chasing). I feel I probably now sit somewhere in the middle of yours and Paul’s approaches between cautious/aggressive which suits me just fine! You may not recall but last summer you wished me success to breaking the top 500 (maybe on FB) this season which I’m pleased to report I did and did it well at 157 overall!

      1. Well done Brad, I am very pleased you reached your end of season goal. 👍👏157th is a great finish, I would say above 250th is a great finish even top 500 is good.

        It’s good that you have a good balance in your approach, you developed your style for works for you.

        I can be too aggressive sometimes but experience has allowed me to sometimes play the risk vs reward game in a good way. I have to say I enjoy being risky at times as the season is so long and I need to keep my interest going in the game particularly in winter months and have a bit of fun trying different things. I remember having a 40 point in April and still looking for differentials looking to increase my lead rather than maintain it. I just hate the game with the brakes on. Anyways expectations on you and me are high so I want you to get a higher overall position next year. 😀 All the best and good luck for next season.

  2. I too fully echo the huge congrats to both Justin (aka Cefnstar) and RR. A superb effort on both counts and to finish so highly is no mean feat! Brilliant stuff!

    Apologies to both for not letting you know I was closing my Twitter account as I did enjoy the private messages on there with both of you. I’ve had enough of social media at the moment though so I decided to go the whole hog and shut it down. I’ll be in and around on here a lot more though hopefully.

    Well done to Paul as well of course as well for another impressive, solid season. The site is excellent and is a wonderful platform for discussion of all things SDT related.

  3. Yes well done Paul for another great season on here and your team/blog will surely have literally helped hundreds of people to win their main Mini Leagues which is the objective! The open discussion, help, guidance and assistance offered on here by all is second to none and it’s such a great community to be involved with! I had my best ever season finishing 157th overall which I wouldn’t have done without the focus this site installs in me and I’ve also enjoyed trying to help others more this season in return. Bring on 21/22!!

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