End of Season Review

End of Season Review

Overall Points: 2,553
Overall Rank: 5,021

Thought it would be useful to do a quick post to finish off the season. An overall finish of around 5,000 on the leaderboard wasn’t a complete disaster but it wasn’t really what I was aiming to achieve at the start of the season. I’d have been much happier pushing for a finish within the top 1,000 teams but it wasn’t to be. However this is partly down to taking a few risks at the end of the season to make something happen in my mini league. These didn’t pay off and it ultimately cost me position on the leaderboard.

All in all it’s been an enjoyable season. I’ve felt like the blog has gathered more momentum this year, with more of a community feel in the comments. There’s been a lot of comments and a lot of people who are happy to help others which is great to see. I was tempted to pick out individuals to thank for being so active in the comments but I didn’t want to miss anyone out. As a result I just wanted to thank everyone who has been a regular contributor in the comments. The comments themselves are much more useful than my blogs alone and I don’t think the site would be half as useful without them. Hopefully this continues next season.

I also wanted to congratulate Neil who won the Dream Team Tips mini league with an impressive 2783 points.

I’ll do a more in-depth look at strategies that seem to have been successful when we get closer to the new season. I’ll be very interested to hear how other people will approach the game next time around but after a long season I’d imagine most of us are glad for the summer break for now. It’s also going to be interesting to see if there are any changes to the rules which might impact our strategies so it makes sense to see what might happen here first.

How to show your support

I also wanted to quickly give people the opportunity to show their appreciation for the blog. I think we would all agree that a minimum contribution of £1 to get the password protected content for the season was incredibly cheap (which was completely my intention so I’m not complaining). However, if you won your mini leagues and felt like this blog helped or you just wanted to show your appreciation now that the season is over, feel free to use the button below to send over a small contribution.

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It’s almost a certainty that the blog will be back next season and hopefully it will continue to be a useful resource for everyone involved. Anyone who contributes £3 or more on the button above won’t be expected to contribute to get the password next season (should the blog go ahead for next season). If you had any ideas for improvements or comments on the season please feel free to leave them below.

27 thoughts on “End of Season Review

    1. Thanks Tech, glad you enjoyed it. Hoping it will be even better next season.

      1. Hi DTT , not so many posts from me but an avid watcher of the blog some great and informative posts over the season, So count me in for 19/20 season. Donation on its way. Oh came 2nd and 4th in my ML big improvement on last season.

        1. Thanks Tom – gratefully received. I’ll be sure to send over the password for the season when the new content starts going up.

  1. Yep, well done Neil on winning the ML, mightily impressive score. I’d love to see your thoughts on matters next season now you hold the DTT crown.

    Thanks again Paul, a huge part of my ML success has been down to this blog and the people who contributed in the comments. I’ve passed on a contribution to help maintain the blog as a thank you Paul and I urge any other ML winners out there to do the same. It’s the least we can do to says thanks imo. As DTT says, I was also tempted to pass thanks onto individuals who’ve helped me this season but as he rightly points out, the danger lies in missing someone out. I’m sure you all know by now who the regulars are that I’m referring to anyhow. See you best season folks. 👍🏻

    1. Thanks Chris – massively appreciate the contribution. Thanks for your comments over the course of the season as well, you’ve made a huge number of them and have added so much value to the blog.

  2. Well done Neil.

    DTT / contributors – Thanks for all your posts and insight. Always good to get 3 dimensional views and opinions.

    1. Thanks for the contribution Lee and for all the comments over the season.

  3. Thanks very much. I finally managed to post something with some brief thoughts at the end of DTT’s Gameweek 37 article. Have a nice break everyone.

  4. Many thanks Neil , enjoyed looking in over the season , didnt contribute much in comments ( will do next season ) , contribution sent , cheers …

  5. Contributed with comments most of the season, unfortunately finished outside of the money places in my mini league, mostly down to my own decisions/mistakes, hope the blog comes back next year, happy to contribute then.

  6. Think it was just a decent season for me. Around 6k, could have done better. I give my season a C grade. Maybe my differential strategy didn’t work. Maybe I should have gone down the safe route with the template players. You can’t beat the system. Put this down to a learning experience. Might go back to basics or use my strategy from last season (when finished 250) but it depends on the sun dream rules plan out. Hard work to do in the summer with a full review of my team, what I did right, what mistakes I made. Learn from my mini league rivals as well and others on here. Some of the comments have been useful especially on players such as Doherty (Chris), Jesus and Moura (Gurdip) and other contributors especially Lee H and David Kirkwood. Congrats to the DTT mini league winner and hopefully get some comments on his winning strategy.

    I still have faith in my research, I just need to improve my decision making and get more of those 50-50 decisions right. I am always a big fan about strategy and also thinking outside the box. It is a good feeling when that unique pick gets that a hat trick or high score. Jesus goals vs Burton and Moura’s champions league hat trick will live long in the memory. I done most of my pre season research already including the promoted teams. I do wish though my home town Derby County got promoted instead of Villa. I guess I need to change my mentality to fantasy football from moneyball to O-ring theory.

    Anyways, time to look forward to the future now. As I will be starting a second job from August as a football data validator, I won’t be able to continue to contribute to this wonderful site. I feel I don’t have much to add any more plus I find the game a bit boring now as fantasy football became solely about two teams rather than 20 teams. All in all, I am happy with my contributions in the last two years along with my guest article on strategy. I will carry on in subscribing to the blog and hopefully I will see more guest articles from others next season.

    Just want to sign off and say thanks to everyone here, I have enjoyed reading all the comments. Special thanks to Chris (my dream team manager of the year) for sharing his wonderful fantasy football knowledge.

    Most of all, much thanks and respect to DTT.

    1. p.s. I have also sent a contribution to DTT as a thank you for this wonderful helpful website

      1. Thanks RR. Really appreciate the contribution and thanks for all your contributions in the comments section over the course of the season and previous years. It will be interesting to discuss some strategies before the new season kicks off. If we don’t hear from you before August – I hope the new job goes well. I’d also certainly agree with highlighting Chris for special praise, he’s made an incredible amount of useful comments over the course of the season and the regular commenters have added a new dimension to the blog.

    2. I don’t consider myself to have a vast amount of FF knowledge but thanks for your kind words RR. The attention to detail you apply yourself makes me look like a novice in comparison my friend.

      By playing FF though it’s given me a new lease for life with regards to the footy and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. I sincerely hope you do find time to contribute to the site RR as we all very much enjoy your insights. Good luck with your new job mate, it sounds like the perfect job for you!

  7. Won 2 mini leagues and finished 2nd in two others. I’ve sent a contributions and will definitely send another and follow again next season. Really enjoyed everyone’s contribution and ideas. I missed a few of the last minute transfers due to forgetting or not seeing it in time so I would personally benefit from more email notifications but I can imagine that’s a time consuming pain for you so I’ll have to be more on the ball next year 🙂

    1. Thanks Lee, really appreciated. I’m sure the blog will be back next season.

  8. Excellent season and excellent blog as usual! Havent been so “active” this year, partly due to life becoming busier, and partly due to the fact the blog has blown up a bit this year, and it is a lot harder to keep up 🙂

    Have still read every post and kept up with most of the conversation. Ultimately it was a frustrating year. As you were, I was leading my mini-league up until about the last 5-6 weeks, I also took the gamble, which eventually meant losing out and finishing THIRD by 1 point!! An absolute kick in teeth after leading for almost all of the first 7 months! Going Laca over Aubameyang was the killer. Had that choice been the other way around, I would have won the league!

    Still, its been fun… and look forward to next season!

    1. Cheers Dean, it’s certainly been a frustrating season but glad it wasn’t a complete disaster like the previous season. I wouldn’t mind breaking into that top 1,000 again though next time around. Next season should be a good one if we can all gather some thoughts on strategy before it all gets going.

  9. Love this blog, so informative and helpful. Thank you DTT and all those that comment, roll on next season… Have a great summer everyone

  10. Ps- Have just sent a contribution, thank you and keep up the good work next season 👍

  11. Really enjoyed reading the comments and discussion on here during the season, Thanks to DTT and everyone else for their opinions. Managed to win my ML and a finish of just outside the top 500 overall. Looking to build on this next season.

    I never played the dream team game until i found the blog just before the WC last year and it really helped me understanding the way the game was played. Played FPL for years and it’s nice to play a game with different variations from FPL.

    Well done to neil for winning the DTT league. Looking forward to picking it back up during the pre season.

    1. Thanks Thomas – glad the blog has been useful for you. Hopefully it will be even better next season.

  12. Ok, too early to start preparing and discussing DT yet? Gutted after seeing the Lionesses losing so time to turn my attention to all things Dream Team (and my FPL debut, but that’s for other discussion platforms).

    Sod it I’m ready for it. So Dream Team have started to drip feed out a few player prices:

    Aguero – £7.5m
    Salah – £7.5m
    Robbo – £4.5m
    Jimenez – £3.5m
    AWB – £3.5m
    Ndombele – £3m

    Difficult to really form an opinion on the prices just yet without comparing with all the other prices. I’m interested to know what Kane and De Bruyne will be priced at personally. I’d expect TAA to be priced the same as Robbo, as they have done in FPL.

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