End of Season Wrap Up

End of Season Wrap Up

Hope you all had a strong finish to the season and won your mini leagues. Just wanted to give a big shoutout and congratulations to Justin who won the Dream Team Tips Mini league and the cash prize of £200. 2718 is remarkable total in such a difficult season for most.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in the comments section and in the Facebook group. It’s been great to have such an engaged community throughout the season and without this the blog wouldn’t be half as good as it is.

Finally, as I’ve had a fairly poor season, I’m really interested in gathering people’s thoughts about the blog for next season. As a result, I’ve set up an anonymous survey. I’d encourage everyone to fill it in if you can spare 5 minutes as it will shape whether the blog comes back next season or not. It will only take a couple of minutes and the link for the survey is: https://forms.gle/Gk6nnGH1uuGgCenbA
Please be as honest as possible, I’m happy to take constructive criticism

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