EUROS: Team Progress

EUROS: Team Progress

Final thoughts

The Euros concluded last night so I thought it was worth a quick write up. All in all it was a disappointing tournament for myself – an overall position of our 18,000th is really far from where I wanted to be. It was always going to be a lottery though and some big teams making a shock exit really cost me massively. I still can’t overly regret any decisions made as it was all based on sound logic. Other than the big teams crashing out, Ronaldo and England’s vast amount of clean sheets were the other big factors that cost me position. Regardless of Dream Team, it was a very enjoyable tournament and it made a nice change to actually watch some live football, and thanks to everyone who signed up and contributed in the comments and Facebook group.

Moving forward, I’m looking forward to the approaching season game. I’ve finished around the 1,00th mark for the past two seasons and I’ll like to improve on that this season so I’m looking forward to bouncing back from a poor Euros during the season game.

Transfer 20

Final roll of the dice for me, I’ve decided not to bring in another England defender as it won’t get me anywhere on the leaderboard as everyone owns them and it’s now more difficult to keep a clean sheet over potentially 90 minutes. My only choice is to target strikers as they generally have the most potential for a huge point score in a single game.

I’ve already got Kane, Sterling and Insigne so that only leaves Immobile. If he starts I’ll be bringing him in for Mortata. If he doesn’t start I’ll be going for Chiesa. At this stage it’s all about what’s happening around you in your mini league so I wouldn’t suggest following this advice too closely. I’m not even sure I see Italy scoring so it’s a big gamble but I’ve got nothing to lose.

Morata out
Immobile in

Transfer 19

I’ve got two transfers left so I’m bringing in Insigne tonight for Lukaku. I’ll then have one left for the final, which I’ll use to bring Immobile in if Italy go through. I’ve not posted an update since England beat Ukraine – that game basically cost me a really good finish. I’ve bounced around the top 10,000 for the majority of the tournament and I was in a good position before England played around (2,000th). The clean sheet and goals/assists from Maguire and Shaw really did some damage and I’ve not got much left to play for, so I’m taking risks on strikers – hoping for a massive point score from one of them.

Lukaku out
Insigne in

Transfer 16, 17 & 18

Bringing in Morata yesterday didn’t pay off in the slightest, however at least Spain got through so he might have another game or two yet. I thought Alba was very unfortunate to not be credited with the goal as well – a big blow in terms of overall points for the day.

As we are nearing the end of the tournament, I’ve decided to risk it with 3 England players today. They should make the final given the fixtures ahead of them. Should all three of these start, my transfers will be:

Pavard out, Stones in
De Bruyne out, Sterling in
Griezmann out, Kane in

This will leave me with two transfers. With these two transfers I’m going to target Italian players. Almost certainly starting with Insigne, who seems to have plenty of shots and scored a screamer yesterday. Looks much more of a threat than Immobile at the moment. I was gutted to see Spinazzola pick up an injury as he’s been fantastic down the left and could well have picked up some decent points against Spain. However, I don’t think I’ll look to replace him with a defender, as there aren’t too many clean sheets around at the moment.

Transfer 15

A surprising 2-0 victory for England has put me on the back foot again. I avoided that game as I was unsure who would progress, but I think others backed England and got the rewards with the two goalscorers being obvious choices as well. My plan is to bring in three England players tomorrow, probably Stones/Shaw, Sterling and Kane, but I’ve not decided yet. I may even bring one of them in tonight, just in case I want to make three transfers tomorrow as well.

However, for the time being, I’m going to miss the first 10 minutes of the Spain game so I’m making this transfer now. Morata comes in and Benzema goes out. I’m not a huge Morata fan, as he’s missed his chances but they do seem to keep creating them for him. With fixtures becoming more and more difficult, I’m hoping for an open game with Morata having the opportunity to get on the scoresheet. It’s a bit of a risk as they could crash out and he could easily blank but I think it’s worth a punt with 6 transfers left.

Benzema out, Morata in

As a reminder, my team is currently:

Donnarumma (in until eliminated)
Spinazzola (in until eliminated)
Alba (in until eliminated)
Dumfries (eliminated)
Pavard (eliminated) – swap for Stones/Shaw (as Maguire is on a booking)
Pogba (eliminated) – swap for Sterling
F. Torres (in until eliminated)
De Bruyne (in until eliminated)
Lukaku (in until eliminated)
Benzema (eliminated) – swap for Morata
Greizmann (eliminated) – swap for Kane

Transfers 13&14

Yesterday turned into an absolute nightmare, there were no big name goalscorers but for some reason I took a massive hit on the leaderboard. I can only guess that this comes down to people having a Belgium block defence. I was also banking on the Dutch players picking me up plenty of points. With only 8 transfers available, I’m now going to have to ride my luck with the rest of the knockout stage. I’ve been pondering whether to go for French players today or wait and see who goes through out of England and Germany and load up on their players (as they’ve got an easier route to the final.

I’ve decided to do a mixture of both. I plan to use two transfers today to bring in two French players. I’ll then bring in German or English players after we see how that pans out tomorrow. The reason for going for the French players now, is that they’ve got a decent fixture against Switzerland and are favourites to lift the trophy. Also by the time we get to Germany or England’s quarter final, I’ll have already lost another two players as Italy or Belgium will have been eliminated. This will be the time for me to bring in these players with more players in my team who need taking out.

If there aren’t any more upsets, my plan would see me with good coverage through the quarter and semi finals and potentially 9 players involved in the final – should France go that far and the winner of Germany/England go that far. As we saw yesterday, this plan could massively backfire as football is so hard to predict but we might as well go for it at this stage.

Transfer 13 – Depay out, Benzema in
Benzema scored twice in France’s last fixture and appears to be on penalties so I think he’s a decent choice.

Transfer 14 – Wijnaldum out, Pogba in
Pogba seems to be a different player when with France and he’s scored OK so far in the tournament.

On a side note, I’m out until kick off this evening so if either player doesn’t start, reverse the transfer.

If you wanted to check out the detailed planning on how I’m aiming to get 9 players into the final with the transfers I’ve got left, it can all be found on the usual spreadsheet. My transfer plans are to the right of the fixture list.

Day 14 & 15 Review

Awful result today for the Dutch. Three transfers are now instantly required to move on Dumfries, Wijnaldum and Depay. All have served me well since the start of the tournament and in particular Dumfries was a brilliant pick and it’s a shame to see him crash out of the tournament. It was certainly a shock result and has ruined my transfer plans. However, on the bright side, there could be people above me who have less transfers and more Dutch players to remove so it could play into my hands.

In the other game it was good to see Belgium go through and glad to see the back of Ronaldo. But zero points for Lukaku or De Bruyne was pretty annoying. De Bruyne also went off injured so we will need to see how serious that is.

Yesterday I was pleased to see Italy go through but they weren’t all that convincing. I wouldn’t like to say who might go through out of Italy or Belgium in the quarter finals so I certainly won’t be bringing in any more of their players between now and then.

Coming back to the three players who need to come out. It’s a tough call regarding what to do with them. I’ve got 8 transfers left so I can only afford to pick players who I think will reach the final. France initially seemed the obvious choice but I don’t think it’s a certainty that they will get there. Good fixture tomorrow against Switzerland but then could play Spain and then the winner of Italy/Belgium. If there’s another upset, I’m then in big trouble. Alternatively, I’m considering waiting to see who gets through out of England and Germany and backing players from the winner of that game for their next two potentially easier fixtures. I can’t see the value in bringing in say three Germans, if England beat them, we would then be down to five transfers with three players eliminated again.

I’d be very interested in hearing what anyone else is planning to do who is also in this situation.

End of the group stage review

Total points: 207
Transfers remaining:
Position on the leaderboard: 6,934

With a bit of a break in fixtures, I thought now would be a good time to take stock of progress to date and any plans for the team going forward. The group stage has been fascinating and a joy to watch, not everything has gone to plan but I think decisions were made on sound logic. A lot of the transfers for one fixture didn’t initially pay off, other than Ronaldo, however, this strategy came good in the later games with the likes of Depay and Lukaku scoring well. The biggest mistake I made was backing England players and in particular Kane in easier fixtures rather than sticking with Ronaldo. With Kane in particular, I genuinely felt he would score a minimum of 2-3 goals in the group stage and that would have been enough for me. With his high ownership it simply wasn’t worth the risk of him scoring a hat trick and putting me massively behind the crowd. Had I avoided Kane, I’d be a few transfers better off and quite a few more points better off from Ronaldo but logically, I didn’t see him doing that well against France and Germany. I genuinely think this is the only factor that’s cost me a few thousand places on the leaderboard. Other than that, everything has pretty much gone to plan and I’ve had some very good results from the players I did pick. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the players I’ve owned and what’s worked well and what hasn’t:

Current team

✔️ Donnarumma – three clean sheets, joint top scoring keeper. Job done for me, a great pick.

✔️ Spinazzola – involved in 2 fixtures and got a clean sheet in both. Another great pick at only 2.5m

✔️ Dumfries – probably my highlight of the tournament so far. A bargain at 3m and had very low ownership to start with. 2 goals from 3 fixtures is a brilliant result for a defender and he’s currently the highest scoring defender in the game.

✔️ Alba – doubts over him starting for Spain at the beginning of the tournament but he’s been another solid pick. Couldn’t ask for much more than 17 points at this stage

❓ Pavard – it remains to be seen if this is a good pick or not. I thought he would get a clean sheet against Hungary, instead he got booked. Hopefully he comes back in and France go the distance.

✔️ Wijnaldum – another player I highlighted early on as having high point scoring potential from midfield. Already the 4th highest scoring midfielder in the game. Couldn’t have gone better.

✔️ De Bruyne – frustrating that he was injured for the first fixture as I’d have certainly started with him. I was then a game late getting him in, as he came off the bench and picked up a decent score. Stays in my team now.

✔️ F Torres – given the goals he’s scored for Spain recently, Torres has had a disappointing group stage. He lost his starting place after one game and now doesn’t look like a very good pick. 

✔️ Depay – another great pick, I’ve owned for all three group games and he’s the joint third highest scoring striker

✔️ Lukaku – joint third highest scoring striker with Depay, another decent pick

❓ Greizmann – hasn’t scored me any points yet but I’ve only had him for one game. Should be a decent long term pick as I’d expect France to go the distance

Players previously owned

Eriksen – obviously didn’t score me any points but this couldn’t have been predicted, the main thing is that he appears to be on the road to recovery and has now been discharged from hospital.

❌ Barella – in hindsight, I shouldn’t have started with him. He did pick up three points for me in that opening fixture but it was a bit of a waste of a transfer to take him out.

✔️ Immobile – got the team off to a fantastic start with 15 points in the opening fixture. Glad I picked him and wish I had the transfers to put him back in. I won’t be putting him back in for the last 16 as I’m unsure how far Italy will go when they come up against a big team.

❌ Foden – bought in for two games, was a complete disaster with -1 point scored and a transfer wasted. Fine margins though as he was unlucky not to score against Croatia. I mainly put him in because of good fixtures and high ownership

❌ Kane – a complete disaster, cost me a number of transfers and returned no points. Again, I was drawn in by the easier fixtures and high ownership. On paper, I’d have expect goals from him in the group stage

✔️ Ronaldo – 18 points for me against Hungary was a brilliant result. I thought Portugal were lucky in general to win that game so decided to avoid Ronaldo based on two tough upcoming fixtures. It back fired massively and this is what has cost me a very good position on the leaderboard and more transfers in the bag for the knockout stage.

❌ Fernandes – not a good pick. I fancied him to do well against Hungary, while I waited for De Bruyne to be back. Should have just moved straight to De Bruyne.

❓ Mbappe – thought he was unlucky not to score against Hungary, took him out to get points from Lukaku. Decided to put Girezmann in over Mbappe, as it will give me more room to play within the budget moving forward.

As mentioned above, the lack of transfers remaining and slightly disappointing position on the leaderboard can basically be put down to using transfers for England players with good fixtures and high ownership without prioritising Ronaldo with difficult fixtures. Other than that, I’ve not really put a foot wrong and have picked up points from some very good initial choices. It’s easy to look back in hindsight and say it was a mistake to pick Kane over Ronaldo but on another day Ronaldo could have blanked and Kane could have scored a hat trick. With Kane’s ownership being so high this would have put me even further behind so I honestly don’t regret a single decision I’ve made.

What’s the plan now?

With only 8 transfers remaining my plan is to sit tight through the last 16 and not make any changes unless a player gets knocked out. There won’t be any transfers for short term gains. For example, I won’t be putting Immobile back in for the Italy game. Having said that, I’m fairly happy with how my team is set up as some teams have much more difficult fixtures. Here’s a breakdown:

Italy (vs Austria) – I’ve got 2 Italian’s
Netherlands (vs Czech Republic) – I’ve got 3 Dutch players
France (vs Switzerland) – I’ve got two French players
Spain (vs Croatia) – I’ve got two Spanish players

Those are the best four fixtures and I’ve got a decent spread of coverage across these games.

We’ve then got Germany playing England and Belgium against Portugal. I’m glad I’ve got no players from Germany or England for that fixture as it could go either way so it would be a lottery knowing who to pick. I’ve got two Belgian players so I’m hoping they knock Portugal out and we see the back of Ronaldo.

If all of the teams progress that we expect to, and Belgium knock Portugal out, I’ll be back in a decent going into the quarter finals. However, I’m sure there will be an upset along the way and then I may look to make changes if a player is eliminated from the competition. Here’s a quick reminder of my team and the plans I’ve made to date, along with the fixture timings and who I see progressing through the tournament.

The link to the spreadsheet with this information on it can be found at:

Transfer 12

Kane has been disappointing from a Dream Team perspective, no goals throughout the group has been far from ideal but I generally blame the set up of the team and the service he’s been getting. Either way, it’s worth taking him out as I see England having a very tough fixture in the last 16 and could well crash out.

France on the other hand have another group fixture this evening and I see them potentially lifting the trophy. As a result, I’m going to bring Griezmann in tonight (if he starts). The reason it’s him rather than Mbappe is because I’ll save some funds for bringing in more bigger names as my players start to get knocked out of the competition. As far as transfers go, this will be my last transfer for a while. I want to see who might play who in the knockout stage and plan to keep most of my players until they are out now.

Kane out, Griezmann in

Day 12 Review

Good result for England fans tonight but not good from a Dream Team perspective. I didn’t really want them to keep a clean sheet and was hoping for Kane to score. He had a chance, that he would normally score but it wasn’t to be. Other than that, I’m not sure how he ever scores in that team.

Looking forwards, they could well play Germany or France and I wouldn’t fancy them at all against either of those. As a result, I’m half tempted to make one more transfer tomorrow to take Kane out for good. My team would then be full of players who are basically left in until they are out of the tournament. Food for thought.

Day 10 & 11 Review

Fantastic result today. 51 points on the board, it did cost me 3 transfers but I think it was worthwhile. Well and truly back in contention for a decent finish now. I’ll have to be a little careful with my remaining transfers but all in all it was a good day.

Wijnaldum was a particular highlight as he was a player I was keen on from the very start. Dumfries grabbed another clean sheet and Depay got star man and on the score sheet. Lukaku should have had two and De Bruyne picked up star man.

I decided to take Mbappe out instead of Kane for a couple of reasons. Firstly, England have an easier game on paper. They also play a day earlier so it gives me more thinking time before France play again. Secondly, as we saw against Hungary, star man in that French team could go to anyone, as could the goals. As soon as Griezmann scored, I regretted not picking him ahead of Mbappe as well – Greizmann would have left plenty more funds to upgrade other positions later down the line. Budget was very tight with Mbappe so I’ll probably not go back to him now.

I have used more transfers than I’d hoped in the group stage but eventually, some paid off today. I’m half tempted to stick with the team I’ve got until teams are eliminated now but we will see how it goes. I definitely won’t be putting the likes of Foden or Ronaldo back in over the next few days.

Transfer 11

Mbappe out, Lukaku in

Full explanation later

Transfers 9&10

I only wanted to use one transfer today and that was to bring De Bruyne in for Fernandes. This is a no brainer and a longer term move for the tournament. De Bruyne was coming in until Belgium get knocked out or win the competition. My second transfer simply has to be Immobile out and Depay in. I’m staggered that he’s playing when the Netherland’s are already through but against one of the weakest teams in the tournament, I can’t risk leaving him out. It’s really not a transfer that I wanted to make but I think it needs to be done. The only time I’ve avoided bringing in a highly owned explosive player (Ronaldo), I got punished at the weekend. I don’t want to make this mistake twice, but at the same time I don’t want to use up too many transfers for no reward – this has also happened a lot. The problem is, it’s impossible to predict what might happen so I’m just going to bite the bullet and go with it. Hopefully, I won’t need to use another transfer before the knockout stages. So that will leave me with 10 transfers remaining, which isn’t an awful position to be in.

Immobile out, Depay in
Fernandes out, De Bruyne in (if he starts)

Day 9 Review

I started the day by thoroughly looking at how the last 16 might pan out and made a plan based on that. At this point I was full of confidence in the plan, as on paper it made perfect sense.

This quickly went downhill and I don’t even know where to start. Let’s take the game in order. Foden has drawn two blanks so I thought there was an opportunity to pinch some clean sheet points from a French defender, Pavard was the obvious cheaper choice. He quickly got booked and France let in a needless goal against Hungary. Shocking. Secondly, I had to make a choice between Mbappe, Griezmann and Benzema. I went for Mbappe because he’s got an astonlishing goalscoring record and had high ownership. I couldn’t justify bringing more than one of them in. Typically the goal and star man goes to Griezmann and Mbappe finishes the game with no points despite some good patches. It can only be put down to poor luck. 

We then move onto the Portugal Germany game. The theme of this tournament so far has been bringing in the big name players, this simply couldn’t continue as it would be impossible to cover every big name in every fixture without running out of transfers. Germany needed a result against Portugal, which I fully expected them to get. So I decided to avoid Ronaldo. Despite being on the losing side and 4 – 1 down at one point, he still manages to get star man. His goal was hardly a worldie either. Another slice of poor fortune. Before these fixtures were played, it made absolute sense to target the French players after they managed a clean sheet against a decent German side. It also made sense to not bring Ronaldo back in as Germany needed a result and had just stopped the French scoring (other than the own goal). I won’t even bother talking about Fernandes. I don’t know how well he played as I turned it off when Ronaldo scored but his rating of under 6 probably says it all. He’s out for De Bruyne.

Finally we move onto the Spain game. Torres gets benched and does nothing when he comes on. I’ve got no idea how he ever scored a hat trick in that Spanish team. I also thought Lewandowski pushed Laporte for his goal which resulted in Alba missing out on a clean sheet. 

All in all, by far the worst day of the tournament so far and it just shows how much of a lottery this tournament is. All the planning and preparation means nothing when football can be so unpredictable. It’s left me fairly deflated for the rest of the tournament as up until this point I was thoroughly enjoying it, however I’m a terrible sore loser so when things don’t go my way I quickly throw my toys out the pram. I’ll still be doing my best to finish as high as possible but today was an awful result in each game but I don’t think there was very much that could have been done about it.

Transfers 7&8

I plan to make very few transfers for the final group fixtures as I’d expect teams to rest players. As a result, I’m risking it and making two today. France have put out a strong side against Hungary and a win would see them through. As a result, their players are too good to resist and they may go all the way to the final. An easy one is Mbappe to come in for Depay. Depay may be rested in their final game and they could have a tough draw in the last 16. As a result, Mbappe may become and pick and stick option now for the tournament:

Depay out, Mbappe in

The second transfer may appear a little odd on the surface. However, as an explanation, I plan to bring Pavard in for 3.5m and take out Foden. I’ll hold onto Kane as England need a result in their final group fixture so I’d be surprised if he doesn’t start but Foden may not and even if he does, he appears to come off very early on. England could also face a very difficult last 16 fixture. The reason for Pavard, is that I’d hope France get a clean sheet today. They then also have a relatively good run until the final (if they top the group). I wouldn’t back against them reaching the final so this would be another pick and stick move. The biggest advantage, is that if it plays out how I think it might. I can keep Kane for now, keep Mbappe, have Immobile until the last 16 and then switch him for Lukaku – this is only possible if this position becomes a 3.5m player as I’d max out the 50m budget. It’s all about forward thinking and making sure you’ve got a rough plan for having the players you want, when you want them. Things could well change so it’s a risk but I’m slowly moving my team over to players who I think could go the duration of the tournament.

Foden out, Pavard in

If the explanation is a little difficult to visualise, take a look at my spreadsheet with my teams planned out on the right and you’ll see where I’m going with the team longer term:

Day 8 Review

Quick review tonight as the only game of interest was the England v Scotland fixture. I bought Kane back in simply out of fear of how explosive he can be and his high ownership. It was another waste of a transfer. He didn’t look like scoring and neither did England. I’m no football expert but surely as a team who were favourites to win the whole thing, they should be comfortably beating Scotland. They didn’t even dominate the game as Spain did against Sweden. England appeared to lack a game plan and were lucky to even get a draw. I thought Scotland had the better chances other than Stones hitting the post. The only saving grace from a Dream Team perspective was that England now need at least a draw in their final game so may well start players such as Kane in this game – he is also probably desperate to get off the mark in the tournament. As a result, it makes sense to stick to the plan and not take him out as other players are likely to be rested in these fixtures. 

Looking ahead to tomorrow, I’ll almost certainly bring Mbappe in for Depay. France should be way too strong for Hungary and my other concern is that any of their attacking players could do exceptionally well. 

Transfer 6

Straightforward transfer today, Kane comes in due to his high ownership and explosive potential. It could well backfire but I’ve had a decent start and I don’t want to lose position on the leaderboard if Kane does well. I’ll take Lukaku out for the time being as Belgium have already qualified and he could be rested for their final group game. I’ll probably take Depay out for Mbappe and I’ll hold onto Immobile in case he starts against Wales. Should Wales win, they top the group so it gives the fixture a little more meaning.

Lukaku out, Kane in

Posting this early as I’ve already decided I’m doing it. If for some reason Kane doesn’t start, I’ll obviously reverse the transfer.

A quick note on Foden, even if he’s benched, I’ll keep hold of him as he will probably come back in for the third game. For me, it’s not worth switching to a different midfielder as their point scoring has been inconsistent.

Day 7 Review

It was good to have a day where I didn’t need to make a big transfer decision, with Lukaku and three dutch players I was more than happy to stick with who I had. The Belgium game was a bit disappointing with Lukaku not getting on the score sheet and De Bruyne grabbing 15 points – hopefully, not many people picked him when he started on the bench. It was a relief to see their clean sheet taken out fairly early on as well.

Then we moved onto the Netherlands game – which was probably the highlight of the tournament so far for me. An early goal for Depay with an assist from Dumfries after winning the penalty was a great start. Dumfries then went on to score the second goal. Over the moon with that. Those points make a real difference as his ownership is only 2.9% and he’s now the top point scorer in the game. I’m not going to lie, his selection was more luck than judgment, I’d never heard of him before the tournament but I wanted a Dutch defender and he stood out as a certain starter in a group with easy fixtures. I certainly didn’t expect two goals from two games though. The only slight frustration was the de Jong pinched star man away from Dumfries and somehow Wijnaldum didn’t get a 7+ rating, neither did Lukaku. I thought both deserved one but either way a very very successful day.

Looking to tomorrow, the only decision I have to make is whether to bring Kane in. I’m not sure I can justify not doing it. It’s the same problem as before, where his ownership is that high that I don’t want to risk falling behind if he does well. The question really is who makes way for him. I think all three of my strikers could now be at risk of being rested in the final group game, but I’ve got to consider who I want to keep hold of for the last 16. I could make a case for all three so it’s something I’ll decide tomorrow. I’m 90% sure I’ll bring Kane back in though.

Day 6 Review

Quick review tonight as there’s no big transfer decisions to make tomorrow. All in all fairly happy with the result tonight. Clean sheets for both Italian players and another late late goal to make the transfer worthwhile for Immobile. Bit of a shame they didn’t all get 8 points and had Immobile scored one of his other chances, two goals would have been much more appealing that 5 points and 1 late goal. However, he constantly looks a threat so I’m glad I put him back in. They could rest a few for the last group game now but if Wales do beat them, they will top the group so it does give the game slightly more meaning. I’d imagine most of the big teams who have qualified will rest players so it might not be a big problem.

No transfers for me tomorrow, happy going into the games with Lukaku and three dutch players.

Transfer 5

I’ve decided to bring Immobile in today. Ronaldo is making way as I don’t like Portugal’s next two fixtures. I will probably then stick with Immobile until at least after Italy’s last 16 game (they should play early in the schedule). I’m not massively convinced that he will get on the score sheet but now we’ve seen how the tournament looks to be panning out, this is going to be my last “punt” when it comes to transfers. For the rest of round 2 of fixtures, I plan to bring in Kane and then a French striker. I probably won’t do much for the last group games as I’d imagine there might be some heavy rotation. This should only take me to 7 transfers at the end of the group stage, which I’ll be fairly happy with. I think we do need to try and target some of these easier games while we can, as nothing is going to be easy to predict when we get into the knockout games.

Ronaldo out, Immobile in

I’m posting this one early as I’m going to be out between now and kick off, but if Immobile was benched (I can’t see that happening) obviously reverse this transfer.

Day 5 Review (end of first round of fixtures)

Total points: 95
Overall position: 3,857
Transfers used: 4

Another eventful day and I really thought the transfers were going to go the same way as Kane/Foden did. Thankfully Ronaldo popped up with two very late goals and Fernandes got 3 points. All in all, I’m happy with that result. 

The Germany Vs France fixture was a decent result as well. No popular goalscorer from either side was a bonus. The clean sheet for France wasn’t ideal but it could have been a lot worse.

Looking ahead, I’m still a bit annoyed that I’ve raced through four transfers but that’s one round of fixtures now complete. I’ve not massively gone away from the original plan and the strategy seems to be working at the moment. I didn’t expect to be overly high on the leaderboard at this stage, as other people race through transfers to get a quick advantage but then quickly run out. So we will see what happens as things start evening out. 

While we are on the topic of racing through transfers, I’m fairly happy with my team now but I’ve only got one niggle at the back of my mind. Immobile made a great start for us last Friday, should I bring him back in for tomorrow’s game before moving back over to Kane. It will cost another transfer but looking at my team I’m in a fairly decent position transfer wise and we do need to make sure we use them. Being slow to react is almost as bad as blowing transfers too soon – we need to find the right balance. It’s certainly tempting, but one thing is for sure, after wasting transfers on Foden and Fernandes, I won’t be rushing into swapping my midfielders around much now until the knockout stage. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of my plans to date and where my team currently is in terms of points.

Transfers 3&4

This very much feels like the disaster of bringing in Kane and Foden again, however, I feel like I’ve got to make these moves due to Portugal playing Hungary and the high ownership of these players and their explosive potential.

Transfer 3: 

Kane out, Ronaldo in
Don’t fancy not having Ronaldo for this fixture, Kane will be back in for the Scotland game.

Transfer 4: 

Barella out, Fernandes in
Barella played well for Italy but didn’t look a goal threat. Even if he were to score it wouldn’t really make any difference as his ownership is so low. On the other hand, if Fernandes grabs a goal tonight, it would really give other managers the upper hand. My original plan was to move Barella on for De Bruyne but I’m now questioning when he might start his first game. As a result, I think I can afford to take a punt on Fernandes. I’ve still not got plans to race through transfers so I think this is a risk worth taking.

Fingers massively crossed that there isn’t a repeat of the Kane/Foden transfers. If I end up blowing four transfers I’ll be fuming if it doesn’t result in more points on the board. However, I’d be more annoyed with myself if I’d left out Kane and Ronaldo and they grabbed a hat trick each – as this would seriously hamper my position on the leaderboard for the rest of the tournament.

Day 4 Review

Just finished watching the Spain game. Very frustrating. Alba was on the verge of getting star man if he could be involved in a goal – he created two of the best chances for Spain but was let down by two really poor finishes. Really annoying as this could have doubled or tripled his score. Would have made a huge difference on the leaderboard. Torres was very quiet and it was irritating to see him taken off not long after he was put down the middle, although Spain didn’t look like they would score if they had been there all night. 

Either way, can’t grumble at another 8 points on the board. Things are pretty much going to plan as we can’t expect every single player to get points in their first game. 

Thoughts now turn to tomorrow. I’ll be avoiding any players in the France and Germany game. The question that needs answering is do we bring in Ronaldo and/or Fernandes. I’ll probably have to bring Ronaldo in out of fear of him scoring big. I could be tempted to look at Barella for Fernandes. If I make this move, I’ll probably stick with Fernandes for the group stage and avoid De Bruyne. Big decisions tomorrow. 

I’d be interested to know in the comments how many transfers other people have used and how many points people are on at this stage. I’ve used two and I’m on 74 points.

Day 3 Review

Thought day three was worth another write up as it was fairly eventful with some things going my way and others not. 

Starting with the bad. Blowing two transfers to bring in Kane and Foden couldn’t have gone worse. Moving on Eriksen for Foden was always the plan but I planned to do this after Denmark’s second game. As Eriksen wouldn’t be playing, I thought why not make the transfer today with Foden starting. I tried to resist bringing in Kane, as I felt Croatia was a tough game, however, given his ownership, I crumbled and put him in. It backfired but I can’t regret the decision. On another day Foden’s shot goes in rather than hits the post and Kane grabs himself a goal. It’s all about fine margins and we can’t expect transfers to result in points every single time. It’s a short format tournament and blanks are to be expected. I’ve now got to decide if I potentially waste another transfer to bring Ronaldo in just for one game – who could well blank. I’d be interesting to know what everyone else is doing about Ronaldo in the comments.

Moving onto the Netherlands, it was an entertaining game. I thought Dumfries was unlucky to not score more and potentially pick up star man. He was heavily involved and could have had a hat trick. In a way it was lucky to get a goal from a defender but on the other hand unlucky that he didn’t pick up more points. It was great to see Wijnaldum get on the score sheet. He was one of the first players on my team sheet after my early research showed him as a potential goalscorer from midfield. Depay played OK, and I’ll take the 3 points.

At this stage, I’d say my strategy set before the tournament is roughly going to plan with 66 points on the board.

Confirmed Transfers 1&2

Transfer 1: 

Immobile out, Kane in
I’ve decided to bring Kane in, his high ownership makes it a huge risk not to go with him. The player I’m going to have to take out is Immobile, which is scandalous considering the start he had but I feel like it has to be done

Transfer 2: 

Eriksen out, Foden in
My second transfer is Eriksen out for Foden. Again this isn’t a transfer I’m overly convinced by and I was tempted to hold off and go for Fernandes instead. However, with a Covid case in the Portugal camp, it would be just my luck that Fernandes couldn’t start and we miss that plum fixture against Hungary. England do have two better fixtures after today’s game though so it could be a good move.

I’m not 100% convinced by either transfer and I’ve got my doubts about both. But I think in this instance, we’ve just got to go with it given both players ownership.

Day 2 Review

Quick review of day 2 of the tournament. I’ll start by saying I was watching the Denmark Vs Finland game live and after seeing what happened to Eriksen, this review suddenly doesn’t seem very important. It was horrific to watch but hopefully he makes a full recovery.

I’ll review the days events but it still feels a little uneasy to discuss Dream Team and in particular who to transfer Eriksen out for given the circumstances. My original plan was to take him out for Foden after two games. I’m now considering bringing Foden in tomorrow (if he starts) or Fernandes, as I fancy Portugal to do well against Hungary. I’ll have to make a decision on this tomorrow when the England team is announced. The other decision that remains to be made is whether to bring Kane in or not. My head says not, as it’s a tough game against Croatia and potentially a waste of a transfer if I’m going to bring Ronaldo in anyway. However, my big worry is his high ownership, if he were to do well, I’d fall behind quite quickly. Another decision for tomorrow. 

The only other player I had in action today was Lukaku, couldn’t ask for more than two goals and 18 points. I didn’t want Belgium to keep a clean sheet either so that was a bit disappointing but it’s impossible to own everyone.

Day 1 Review

I’m not going to do a review every day but as we are only on day 1, I thought it would be useful to get a new thread started as we progress through the tournament. Ended up picking 31 points from my four Italian players, which was a fantastic start to the tournament. In particular, I was pleased with Immobile getting a goal, assist and star man. Especially as I was considering not starting with him. I’m now wondering, if I need to hold onto him for another game but I’ll feed this into my plans once we’ve seen some more teams play. I thought Spinazzola played very well as well. Barella had a decent game but I’m not sure I could imagine him getting on the scoresheet, I did think he deserved the 3 points though but I will be moving him on at some point still. Despite a very positive start, I’m still only just within the top 10,000 teams on the leaderboard but I’m assuming this is because loads of people loaded up with Italian players, which is a bit annoying but it should even out.

How did everyone else get on after only one fixture?

342 thoughts on “EUROS: Team Progress

  1. Will you be making any immediate changes early on, like bringing Ronaldo in for the Hungary game etc?

      1. I think you should keep Immobile and forget about Kane and Ronaldo plus saving on the transfers.

        1. What makes you think that? Massive risk isn’t it considering the high ownership on both players. Need to use the transfers at some point and games get tougher in the knockout stage

      2. Having a Torrid time with Transfers. 1st. De Ligt injured so did not start. 2nd. Eriksen collapsed so had to transfer out and 3rd. Cancelo has Covid…

        Used 4 transfers as also brought Kane in

        1. That is really unlucky. A useful reminder that sometimes luck plays a big part in this game

  2. Nice one Paul. Off to a decent start. Couldn’t ask for any better really! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    1. Ah it’s only 3 points and not sure I see him being a big point scorer in the slightest so not missing much

  3. Paul – brilliant work mate. £4 is an obscenely low price so thanks.

    Got 38 last night as switched Chiesa for Berardi. Think 5 points worth a transfer.

    My strategy is based largely on yours but I’m a bit more loose on the transfers. Doing a similar approach to rotating strikers, I’m coming out with 10 transfers at the end of the group stages. Given this is my first non PL Dream Team, do you think that is too many?

    1. Thanks Ben, glad you think it’s good value. I think 10 would probably be fine – having half left seems to be a good number

  4. Paul would you not consider Bruno for barella before Portugal’s opening game against Hungary? Interested to hear your thoughts

    1. In hindsight I probably should have started with him instead but now I’ve not got him, I’m not keen on using a transfer. Especially if I bring in Kane and then Ronaldo and then go back to Kane again.

      1. I agree, it’s very tempting to switch him out for barella

        he scored 2 In their last game and ownership is quite high

        I guess bringing Ronaldo in before Hungary should off set it a bit

  5. I thought about the Bruno switch, I missed the Barrella swap.
    Wouldn’t you forfeit a game thou?

    Paul said a while back that you gain an extra game with an Italian midfielder before swapping with KDB.

    1. That’s right, you’d miss Barella’s second game and lose a transfer. I’d have probably started with Bruno had I not been trying to work the fixtures. Don’t think it’s worked in this instance as I can’t see Barella doing an awful lot

    2. I agree, but barella doesn’t appear to be someone who’s going to do a great deal anyway

      I just hope Bruno doesn’t score big in the next game

      1. It’s definitely a difficult one but the problem is we can’t make changes for every big player each time they play, we could make a case for a lot of them

  6. My erikson transfer didn’t go through so still have foden, didn’t confirm it, you think I should use a transfer DTT? Or hope foden gets a start, decisions decisions

  7. The app kept crashing on me last night during the Turkey / Italy game. I reinstalled it today but it wont show other peoples teams in the league, had to go to the web page to see them.

  8. Thanks for your day 2 review. Yes was shocking to watch today but thankfully he is alive. We can regroup tomorrow before the England game to share thoughts and make some decisions.

    1. I’m thinking Kane probably has to come in now, such high risk with his ownership. It’s not a move that I want to make but feel like I’ve got to.

  9. Thanks for the updates, thoughts are echoed, however for the game to go ahead yesterday it is a great sign and suspect the players would all of had his blessing so positive news on his general well being.

    Back to business, thanks for the write up, great start for anyone that took your advice, I’ve been saying I’m going to bring Kane in but last night have made the decision to not bring an England player in.
    We’ve never won an opening game in the Euros and I suspect we’re going to have 7 defensive players and rely on three to bag the goals. Which I think will put us at risk of no points.
    Best of luck to those with England players. But I’m going to hold off for the first game.

    1. I am going for Kane – I see more positives than negatives for his selection in my team.

      He is one of the best in the business for scoring goals. Kane in last 15 games for England 12 goals + 7 assists. Loved by Whoscored if he scores, automatic favourite for star man. A golden boot favourite, a good tournament will make him very popular in the transfer market in the summer. On pens. England playing at Wembley. Croatia, not a force as many of their players past their peak i.e. Modric at 35yr and their defence doesn’t look great with 21 goals conceded in 10 games. I think Kane will greatly benefit from the supporting cast particularly Mount who is great at playing key passes.

      Most important of all, Kane owned by 57.9% so risky not having in your team particularly if you have got off to a good start. An interesting trend is that strikers have got a good start so can see it continuing with Kane.

      1. I tend to agree with you RR, but I’m only bringing him in out of fear that he might do well and his ownership is sky high. Will probably end up doing it though.

  10. Apparently, foden will start for England.
    I missed the transfer eriksen for foden so still in my team.

    Foden won me a work league as not many people had him. Great talent for me and I belive he will do well in Euros. I can’t wait to see him next to Harry Kane.

    1. I am bringing him in! His owenership makes it a no brainer for me. Benefits out weigh the risk

      1. I’m bringing Kane in… not risking close to 60% potentially getting the march if he hauls. RR’s comment above sets out well his chances of doing so. Why run the risk. I also have Erikson who I’ll switch to Foden/Grealish/Mount depending on who’s starting. Sounds like Foden.

        1. I think I’m going to bring him in as well but I don’t really want to. Needs must though with his ownership being so high.

    1. Top player, could even grab a hat trick but for me I’m going to give it a miss. There’s just too many players we could make a case for bringing in and we would soon be out of transfers.

    2. This gets the thumbs up from me.
      I gambled on Kane not coming in and have this goal machine instead. Could have gone either way. So fingers crossed for a Brace from him.

  11. The more I think about it the more I think we can’t leave Kane out. Massive ownership being the main risk.
    The question then is who comes in for Eriksen. We could get three decent fixtures out of Foden or one good fixture out of Fernandes and then two very tricky ones. We can’t keep chopping and changing between different player though. But I’m very undecided about what to do.

  12. Who would you be swapping Kane for? Also we need replace Eriksen with either foden or mount?

    1. I’d be swapping him for Immobile. I don’t think we need to swap Eriksen today as we could bring Fernandes in and he has a better opening fixture but due to high ownership, I’ll probably go Foden

    1. I put him
      In didnt fancy him but was worried about losing ground. Really fancy lewandowski tomorrow so going with my gut.

    2. I wish I’d resisted both transfers to be honest. Would have been a very successful day if I had but Netherland result was good for me.

      1. One thing I’ve learnt about Dream Team & Ronaldo over the years is that if you leave him out he WILL punish you. Ronaldo in for me.

        1. Yeah I agree, but don’t want a repeat of today but will probably have to roll with it again and hope Ronaldo does something. What about Fernandes coming in for Barella on the assumption that we won’t bring De Bruyne back in for a while

    1. He’s got a good chance of doing well but I’ll have to resist as I’m in danger of blowing too many transfers.

  13. Well Kane didn’t work out (I crap at this international game, give me premier league any day), I knew I should have started with Ronaldo in my starting 11. Oh well, my strategy goes out of the window, the plan was to use no or 1 transfer in group stage 1 (max 3) but need to use two transfers to bring in Ronaldo and Fernandes tomorrow. Glad I resisted Foden as thought two England players yesterday was a bit overkill and too much competition (expected mega rotation here as it is England’s biggest strength) in those wide areas means he might not play every game.

    1. How come you didn’t fancy using many in the group stage? Isn’t that where the easier points are picked up? I was disappointed with Kane as well and it was probably a mistake to go Foden as well. I’m still quite enjoying the tournament though, but it’s the only time I really watch football so that probably helps. The Netherlands game was particularly good with two players getting on the score sheet that I’ve picked. What’s your thoughts on De Bruyne? Not a priority for the group stage?

  14. Looking forward to the Spain game later, fingers crossed Alba and Torres start. It’s nice to have a day where a big transfer decision doesn’t need to be made like yesterday.
    What’s everyone doing about bringing Ronaldo and Fernandes in tomorrow?
    For me, it depends when De Bruyne is likely to become important. I can’t see him coming straight in to start and Belgium may well have qualified by the time he’s ready.

    1. Like with Kane yesterday, I will be bringing Ronaldo in for the Hungary game in hope of a haul and to not lose ground on the crowd… he’s on 31% ownership already. I’m actually quite comfortable using 8-10 transfers in the group stages and just rotating the big boy strikers in hope of further hauls like Immobile and Lukaku which justify it for me! The rest of my team is in good shape and should hopefully all make it some way through the knockout stages at least.

      P.s. I’m thinking of keeping Barella for as long as he is starts for Italy. I felt he had a good game and whilst semi-deep lying, he broke through a couple of times and looked creative so should be good for 7+ ratings and assists. Also necessary if I’m maximising my striker transfers as above.

      1. I don’t mind using half my transfers and my plan is only to use 7-8 but I’d imagine I’ll get closer to 10. It seems like a lot has changed already. Are you not tempted by Barella to Bruno tomorrow?

        1. Tempted yes but will definitely have Ronaldo at least for coverage and then saving transfers for Ronaldo, Mbappe, Lukaku, Immobile, Kane & Depay hokey cokey in/out between them all throughout the groups.

            1. Don’t see the point of removing Barella as midfielders not scoring highly in the game and losing out on extra game which was your original plan (and a good one)

              1. I agree that midfielders aren’t doing an awful lot. But if I went Fernandes I’d still get the same number of fixtures. I’ve had 1 game from Barella and then I’d get three from Fernandes. My plan was 2 for Barella and then 2 from De Bruyne. The question I face is, which scores more:
                Barella, then De Bruyne for 2 games (not sure he starts anyway)
                Or Fernandes for 3 games
                Same number of transfers used either way

    1. For a one off punt v Slovakia I wouldn’t tell anyone not to as he could definitely score! I personally wouldn’t hold him for Spain and Sweden though over some of the other striking assets available.

    2. Missed this comment earlier but hopefully you didn’t go through with it? I wouldn’t say no to anyone considering bringing him in but for me it was a no go

  15. I started with Carrasco instead of Torres so will leave KDB out for group stages at least. Only decision now is do I bring in Torres for Barella? There’s a chance he may not start the next games and even if he does he just doesn’t look like a points magnet.

    Another option if you agree that Barella isn’t a major player could be to leave in Kane taking the risk of not swapping for Ronaldo and just swap out Barella for Bruno?

    1. I’m thinking of keeping Barella personally if he starts (see my post above) but maybe I’m in the minority. I will be bringing Ronaldo in though in hope of haul. I’m tempted to take a risk and skip on Fernandes though…

      1. Who will you bring in for Barella when you do move him on? I’m tempted to pull the trigger now and go for Bruno tomorrow and leave him in for a while

        1. I hadn’t considered an alternative to KDB in all honesty so watching that space still. Good to see E Hazard get on for their first game so he could be an option. I also thought Carrasco looked decent so could even go for him. I suppose I would still get 4 games out of that slot with Bruno so it’s certainly a viable option, just tougher games v Germany and France. Just checked his ownership and at 42% already… May have to bite the bullet but that’s £2.5m out the budget. Will sleep on it.

          1. I’m not overly keen on bringing him in but I’m thinking it might be a good idea considering the fixture and his ownership. Very tough one.

      2. Guys, I’m really tempted to swap out Torres for Bruno and leave Barrella in ?? Any thoughts, as Torres was looking poor.

        1. He plays much further advanced which is why I’ll hold onto him for a bit longer.

    2. I’m hoping for something from Torres tonight. Tempted by Bruno for Barella myself tomorrow and forgetting De Bruyne until after the groups

    1. I’m happy with Alba and Torres so won’t be bringing in any more players tonight.

  16. Well what a waste of my 1st transfer, Levendowski, rating 6.2, got 2 teams in my cash mini league, trying to cover all bases, not going so well at the moment, waiting for Spain lineup, might be tempted by Moreno if he starts ahead of Morata.

    1. He wasn’t on my radar for bringing in, I’d say it could be the same mistake to bring in a Spanish striker but don’t hold me to that but my focus is on Ronaldo tomorrow

        1. Completely undecided at the moment, it’s something I’ll definitely consider tomorrow

  17. Thanks for your review. I agree, was a shame Alba didn’t scape star man, and Torres was off the boil, so not sure to keep him tbh. Same as you I may bring in Ronaldo, and Fernandes tomorrow. I stupidly used a transfer for Lewandanski today and it was a wasted one! Ive used two transfers and am on 71 points.

    1. That’s not bad going at all, as I wasted one on Kane as well. I think I’ll hold onto Torres for a little longer personally.

  18. 75 points and no transfers. (Your starting team but missed Kane and Foden transfers)
    I’m swapping Eriksen to Fernandes and Depay to Ronaldo.
    Planning to move Barella on for Meunier after Italy’s next game.
    I want Kane in for the Scotland game too.

    1. I’d love to be in that position 😂 a point better off and two transfers better off

      1. haha it was pure luck from not having access to my phone to check.
        The Ronaldo transfer worked well and 3 for Bruno.
        I think its best to forget De Bruyne for now. I think his minutes will be managed even when he does play. Lukaku is good enough cover for the goals. I really want Meunier in though, he played like an attacker when he came on.

        1. He could be a good option as a 4th defender. Not much going on in the midfield at the moment so might be worth the 433 switch

  19. I have made 3 subs and have 94 point Eriksson I had no choice I subbed delay in then subbed the polish striker in but no point. I agree Ronaldo is a must and a good chance of scoring I will go from there probably get kane but will have to see. Good luck to everyone.

    1. 94 points is a decent score at this stage. Where did you pick up most of your points?

  20. thinking of bringing in Mbappe today
    my thinking is slowly bringing French players in
    up to the final.
    not sure its the right way to go thinking having 2 or 3 teams
    left in the semis. not sure on the Euros prefer premiership.

    1. I’ll probably start bringing in French players after their first two games. See how they get on tonight, will be an interesting game

  21. Another day of big decisions. I’ve already decided I’m going to have to bring Ronaldo in. But here’s my other dilemma, I’ve got Barella and the plan was to keep him for one more game and then bring in De Bruyne. With De Bruyne potentially not starting the next game, I could switch Barella to Fernandes and hold him for the group stage.
    What’s people’s opinions on this? It covers the same number of appearances and the same number of transfers required. If I go Fernandes, then I don’t bring De Bruyne in until after the group stage.
    Happy to take other suggestions as well.

    1. Same… Ronaldo is coming in for me today no questions. I was tempted to risk and skip on Fernandes however after further consideration I think I may actually go for it. With 43% ownership already, and importantly 8 out of my main cash ML (17 players) rivals already owning him, it’s a shield move sitting in second place currently. Barella is the obvious choice but is there any merit for switching Foden out instead in case he were to be rotated against Scotland for Grealish/Sancho/Rashford?

      1. It’s difficult without knowing if Foden will start. Barella is less of a risk with such low ownership

  22. I’m planning on doing Kane to Ronaldo (then back to Kane when England play). My strategy is to use quite a few transfers at the group stage (thinking between 6 – 10) because I’m thinking there are more games that easier for big teams and have a higher chance of players getting big points.

  23. The only thing about not thinking of bringing in De Bruyne during the group stages is if Belguim beat Denmark which is very likely he could then start against Finland just to get some minutes before knockout stages. In that one game alone he could get more points than Bruno would in the France and Germany fixtures.

    1. That’s very true – we might find ourselves in a good position transfer wise by then though and bring De Bruyne in, with the plan to keep him until they are knocked out

  24. Even if De bruyne gets a subs appearance against Denmark, + plays last group game, regardless of opposition I still think Bruno gazumps that, with his 3 games, but that is a valid point above who for, Foden could drop to the bench against Scotland.

    1. That’s my thinking David… sounds like Verratti’s still not ready to return for Italy so Locatelli is likely to start again alongside Jorginho and Barella against Switzerland. Not sure I can see that being a too high scoring game but Barella is certainly capable of returning 3-5pts which could be better than 0 for Foden if rotated against Scotland. Whilst I think this could be the case, Foden’s 35% ownership v Barrela’s 4% probably justifies not trying to be too clever about it for a couple of extra points. I’m not trying to win the whole thing, just win my ML of 17 players right!?

      1. I’d agree with you there Brad – low ownership means low risk if we take Barella out

        1. My logic on Kane, Foden and Ronaldo in was to cover off the high ownership, hopefully explosive players, especially in my ML. Therefore it should be Barella out for Bruno today… I just visually like the look of my team on the screen less with Foden in than Barella which is completely bizarre I know. It’s like I’m trying to ignore a gut decision but the risk management strategy is probably the correct one even if Foden does score less than Barella next two.

          1. That’s exactly it for me as well. I know if I take Barella out and he does something, it doesn’t really matter. However, if I don’t put Fernandes in or take Foden out and either of them do anything I’m in trouble because of ownership. We shouldn’t really play in fear but it’s difficult not to.

    2. That’s definitely a tough one but I don’t see Barella as a risk at all. Even if he scores a couple hardly anyone else will own him anyway

  25. 74 points 2 transfers. I’m not keen on Bruno today and no pens etc. Really fancied lewandowski yesterday but resisted the transfer. Ronaldo in today just can’t risk losing those points to everyone else

    1. It’s a very good point, but if it’s between Bruno and Barella who would you fancy the most for points?

      1. Very good point yourself! Bruno! You putting him

        On another note just spoke to a mate he’s on 30 points and used 8 transfers 😂😂

        1. 😂 that makes me feel much better. I’m not even sure how that’s possible.

          I’m leaning towards Bruno at the moment, but it feels very much like the same mistake as when I bought Kane and Foden in.

          1. It’s hard though can’t risk losing points with high ownership of Kane. Foden would’ve scored good bar the width of a goal post. Small margins

  26. Someone above made a good point dtt, that Bruno ain’t on pens. I’d take a guess that a wedge of his goals last season were from pens.

    1. Very true, but we are comparing him with Barella and who we think will score more points across those games. For me, it can only be Fernandes

      1. But who will score more points between Foden and Barella across the next two fixtures considering potential rotations?

  27. Think I’m going against my gut and will play the percentages on Bruno/Foden/Barella… Subject to line up @ 4pm I’m doing:

    Barella OUT > Fernandes IN
    Kane OUT > Ronaldo IN

    1. That’s exactly what I’m tempted to do but I’ll be forgetting about De Bruyne for a while if I do it because I don’t want to burn through the transfers.

    1. 😂 I don’t think I can handle having to make a decision on another player so it will be a no from me.

  28. What about Mbappe for Depay?
    Then keep Mbappe, Lukaku for a while and just rotate 1 striker position between Kane, ronaldo and immobile.

    1. I’ve put him in another team but it could be a close game. Not going near any players from that fixture in my main team. I like Depay as an option in the group fixtures.

  29. Was getting worried Ronaldo would be another Kane moment but the transfer worked wonders in the end, great shout.

    1. I had the same concern, felt like we got very lucky with that one. Thankfully the big guns didn’t do much in that France Germany game either

  30. Hi Paul. I’m with you think it may be worth a go on Immobile. And yeah midfielders don’t seem to be getting good points so may be worth just rotating strikers.

    1. I’m leaning that way as well at the moment. Feels like we are chasing points from strikers every day though 😂

  31. What’s everyone doing about Immobile tonight then? Bringing him back in or giving this one a miss?
    I must admit, with striker rotation (Kane and Ronaldo), this is the one I’m least convinced is worthwhile but something is telling me it’s worth a punt at the same time.

  32. Immobile, half time rating, 6.0, I find that astonishing, he’s making good runs, looks hungary to me, let’s hope for 8pts 2nd half, I’d take that.

    1. I thought the same, yes he missed a couple but he had to get into the positions to be there to take the shot in the first place. Thought he deserved a 7+ rating, as did Spinazzola

  33. To De Bruyne or not to De Bruyne that is the question?

    Martinez has virtually said he starts both games, but how many minutes will he play in each. Dilemma Dilemma !!!

    1. Yes was considering the Kevin dilemma myself ! Also was thinking about someone like Yarmolenko or Zinchenko as a punt via north Macedonia, Zinchenko classed as a mid but may play up top maybe a long shot

      1. Think the same with Yarmolenko mid but plays up top, thinking to target the so called weaker teams in the group stages same as discussed previously

    2. I think there will be an intention for De Bruyne to play before the knockout stages as it wouldn’t be wise to throw him in without getting him some game time when the opposition will probably be harder.

      1. I’m personally not going to put De Bruyne in today, I’m hoping if he is going to play it’s from the bench because loads will put him in if he’s starting. Will definitely come in at some point though and will stay there until Belgium are out.

  34. well that was unexpected 44points Italy
    gone from 76th to ist in Pauls league
    under my wife’s name. only used 3 trans so far.
    can Italy go all the way who knows.

    1. Locatelli!! Great choice, not sure I’d have recommended it but he fully deserved it last night! Well done.

  35. Today I’ll be bringing Lukaku back in as I did him out to Kane > Ronaldo instead of Immobile. Very tempted to put him in for Immobile instead of Ronaldo in case he is rested for Italy’s final match now they have qualified… Or will he start Italy’s third match against Wales?

    1. I think italy go full strength, if its not broke dont fix it and plus if wales win they top the group so need to go strong IMO !!!

      1. Yer maybe… I’m just wondering whether I’d get more points from Immobile v Wales (who could be rested as they are through and have lots of attacking options on the bench) or Ronaldo v Germany & France (of course much tougher fixtures on paper).

        I will likely go Depay>Kane>Mbappe after the Netherlands match tonight.

        P.s. just a mention for Wout Weghorst who looked a handful and got on the scoresheet in their last match.. Minimal % ownership so not for me but for differential chasers he could pickup some points.

        1. Love the Depay>Kane>Mbappe im going exactly the same route.I haven’t got immobile nut i do think he will start. Need to get Chiellini out me, thinking Dumfries / Alba. Slightly siding with Alba as I think he will start both fixtures after their draw against Ukraine.

            1. Netherlands look leakier than Spain so Alba probably has more clean sheet potential. That said Dumfries was so far forward he was almost in the North Sea!

              You could also go for a Belgium defender still as well as another option. Is Meunier guaranteed with Castagne out.

              1. All valid points. I could potentially not do anything and leave it if Chiellini is going to be back for for last 16 as i have an italian block of 4. He’s having a scan today so hopefully hear something before 5 o clock. But yes good point with Dumfries and Meunier … Ipp dip doo ???

                I really want to get KDB in for Fernandes. I have used 3 tf already and dont want to use 2 today.

                1. I’m hoping De Bruyne will be on the bench at the very most today. I also wouldn’t fancy Dumfries after how Netherlands were defensively, although he did get forward a lot but that’s the only reason I’m hanging onto him

                  1. Morning, how wrong did we get this hahaha. I had De Bruyne in but couldn’t justify with him not starting and then Dumfries goes and does that to top it off, somehow though he didnt get star man … MaDNESS !!!

                    1. Did you bring Dumfries in? I already had him so I was happy with the result

        2. With Immobile, I’m now tempted to keep him until Italy are knocked out. Don’t get me wrong I’m tempted by Ronaldo as well but I’m looking at Wales and Italy’s knockout game compared to Ronaldo’s two final group fixtures. As Italy are likely to be playing sooner in the last 16. If we had more transfers, I’d keep rotating those strikers around but I fear that we are going to run out before too long

          1. Not bringing Kane and Mbappe this week? I probably keep Lukaku against Finland and Depay vs North Macedonia for next week.

  36. P.s. 5pts for Barrela last night (7+ & assist) and looked really good again as a great box to box midfielder… I think he guarantees a 7+ rating every game plus assist potential and it wouldn’t surprise me if he soon scores they way they play. Kind of regretting ditching him over Foden but was purely to play the % game being 1st in my in my ML.

    1. I did notice that as well. It’s been great to have a solid plan but I’ve been really disappointed with my transfers. It’s hard to know which ones would pay off and which wouldn’t say I can’t regret any but only 2 out of my 5 have been worthwhile. The others have actually taken points away from me rather than bought any extra in.

      1. Dont be too hard on yourself, we are all eagerly reading and digesting what you and all the others have been suggesting. It has all been very helpful. You have spent a lot of time researching and doing the appropriate transfer timings & your data sheets. Well done & Bravo. It`s very easy to get tempted to do the transfers but i think if you stick your original transfer timeline (minus a few exceptions), hopefully all will be well.

        1. Thanks Ice, I think it was the right move to make the transfers it’s just irritating when they don’t come off.

      2. They have also been shield moves… imagine not bringing in Foden, Kane or Fernandes and they all scored a couple of goals each that’d be much harder to swallow.

        1. Completely agree Brad, had to be done but would have been more satisfying if they paid off.

  37. Dodged a bullet with De bruyne, nobody in my mini league put him in, 32 teams, comes in for Barella next game, let’s hope the Dutch turn it on tonight.

    1. Yes only 1 out of 24 in my league had kdb and he’s near the bottom so not to bad fingers crossed for depay and wijnaldum tonight be nice if we can get some good points from them as not many have them in my league

      1. I’ll bring him in for Fernandes at some point I’d imagine, then will stick with him until they are eliminated

  38. Hi all, I’m thinking the likes of Italy, Holland, Belgium, will have now qualified (subject to Holland holding their lead tonight) and it may now be that Immobile, Lukaku, Depay, will be rested, so do we structure it so we hold onto the strikers such as Ronaldo Kane, Mbappe, who have yet to have played their 2nd games and have not yet qualified to the last 16, so they should all definitely start their teams next game. So Basically do we now move on strikers who have played 2 games who are now guaranteed a place in the next stages.

    1. I think Kane and Mbappe should probably come in next. They should both qualify as well though so might be rested for the final group game as well

  39. Top work with Dumfries Paul. Shame lost star man at the end. Nicely in contention in the mini league shame some people have Italian blocks.

    1. I was delighted with his goal, makes a massive difference when a player like that gets big points as his ownership is so low

  40. My mate Denzel has been great! A goal, assist and clean sheet with no Starman is madness…….. wijnaldum one of the best players on my he pitch but got 6.8! Not worried about lukaku as the whole world seems to have him.

    1. Yeah I thought it was crazy that Wijnaldum didn’t get 3 points but can’t have asked for much more from the game, delighted with Dumfries

      1. Funny what the game can do, offer me those points before kick off I’d have been delighted…… by full time slightly disappointed

        1. Couldn’t agree more, I was the same. Depay should have scored a second as well so feel like we were robbed of potentially 13 more points.

  41. So today either Lukaku or Depay needs to make way for Kane for me (who’ll then become Mbappe)… I was set on Depay but now considering who is less likely to play their 3rd game with both teams qualified?

    Also rumours Foden could be benched tonight… worth a transfer if so or just hold and save the transfer?

    1. I’ll be keeping Foden even if he’s benched but will probably take Lukaku out for Kane. Not sure I see any of them playing in the final fixture so might take them both out for Kane and Mbappe.

      1. Paul are you keeping foden in for as long as England are they? Would you consider a French midfielder?

        1. I’m thinking about switching him to a French defender today and then leaving that player in until they are out. Any thoughts?

    1. Pogba good shout. Fancy France to win it so could be saving on transfers

    2. I have but he’s a bit pricey if I want to put Mbappe in today. I’m considering a French defender instead?

  42. Yeah, I’m considering putting in Pogba in one of my team’s, to replace Gnarby, they have Hungary tomorrow could be very one sided, but again will Pogba play the 3rd game, had hoped Germany played before France tomorrow, not to be, Gnarbry, could even be dropped for Sane or Werner, not sure what to do, France could well go all the way, I don’t want to take a hit on Gnarbry after one game, if he played against Hungary in 3rd game, he could score big, as they may well need to go full strength, you will do well to get Paul to consider Pogba he never picks him in his premier League team.

    1. I generally don’t like him 😂 but I won’t be picking him for the time being. It doesn’t work with my plan to get Mbappe in. However, I am considering a French defender for Foden. Then keeping them until the end of the tournament. Any thoughts on this?

  43. I’m fairly sure I’ll bring Mbappe in today for Depay. Any thoughts on bringing in a French defender for Foden? I will then stick with them until France are knocked out or crowned winners.

  44. You thinking about a France defender as well Paul? Any thoughts on Griezmann? Takes pens too and couple mill cheaper.

    1. Definitely considering it. I think Mbappe, Greizmann and Benzema have a huge chance of scoring big today. It’s knowing which one to pick

  45. It’s still early days but I’m starting to look beyond the group stage now.
    As a result, my transfers today are likely to be:
    Depay out, Mbappe in
    Foden out, Pavard in
    Once I’ve made these transfers most of my players are then in my team until they are out of the tournament. Other than Immobile and Fernandes. I’ll give Immobile the first knockout game and then switch him to Lukaku. Fernandes makes way for De Bruyne as soon as De Bruyne starts a game.
    My full plan is here:

  46. Hello, what are the thoughts behind Pavard in ? I cant seem to see your update on the blog about him.

    1. Hi Chris, thinking is high chance of a clean sheet, gets forward, France should reach the final so pick and stick

    1. He had a head injury but played the rest of the game. If he doesn’t start we can just avoid him

  47. I’m being lured in by Griezmann. Lewandowski nearly did the other but held off. Not sure I can with Griezmann.

    1. I think he could do very well today. As could Benzema, I’m just not brave enough to take Immobile or Kane out and double up with Franch strikers so I’ve gone for the one with the highest ownership

    1. He’s starting. He had a head injury in the last game but he didn’t even go off, there were question marks against if he would start but he’s in the starting line up

  48. I’ve only gone for Mbappe today, but if you’re a bigger risk taker with your transfers. I’d also have a look at Benzema and Griezmann. Any of the three could score exceptionally well

  49. I’m fuming also that the lewandoski goal stood after he clearly fouled Laporte.

    1. I thought the same, had Laporte gone down, surely they go to VAR and it’s an obvious push

  50. I’ll echo that, I even put Moreno in for Spain, sitting on 2pts with an assist, if he scores the penalty he probably goes to starman as well, 15pts becomes -1, only 10pts off the top of my mini league, but the guy heading it & others around me just chancers, I have to believe by the end of the tournament, I can beat these people, we’ll go again tomorrow with Italy hopefully putting a strong defence out including our assets, but probably no Immobile, keep going Paul your hard work is appreciated by everyone, we are still only in the group stages.

    1. It’s a really frustrating game at times. Out of Lukaku, Depay and Immobile, Immobile should really be least likely to be rested as a Wales victory would see them top the group but I’m with you. I don’t think he will start.

  51. Head up DTT, I completely agree in all respects, just need to keep pushing and believe the calculated risks will pay off

    We still believe and have full faith in you 😂👍

    1. 😂 thanks Ben, I’ll keep going and will aim to finish as high as I possibly can.

  52. Hi Paul. Will you be adding KDB if he starts? And thoughts on Lukaku? If he starts

    1. I don’t think Lukaku will start. The changes I’m making today are:
      Immobile out, Depay in
      Fernandes out, De Bruyne in (if he starts)

  53. Strong looking Dutch team…Got to have Depay vs Macedonia who are already out so a big win incoming.

    1. Too risky to leave him out. I think that line up is crazy, considering I think I’m right in saying they’ve already topped the group

  54. I’ve seen your Mbappe to Lukaku transfer Paul. I’m tempted to take Ronaldo out for Lukaku. As wouldn’t Mbappe have more of a chance to go further than Ronaldo

  55. Although Mbappe won’t be on pens with Greizman on them I guess, so Ronaldo would be better placed

  56. What an interesting couple of hrs, great pts for the Dutch, getting greedy could of been more, Denzil could of scored a couple, taken off at halftime, I also had De ligt had a header cleared off line, was going to take Barella out for De bruyne, but looks like Mount & Chilwell could be out for 10 days after being in contact with Billy gilmour, couldn’t take the risk, so out comes Mount, this covid has been going on now for a year gone March, & still effecting our lives in so many ways, anyway trying to get more pts on the board so gone for Lukaku as well, need to start having a plan for the knockouts, trying to workout who is going to make semi’s at least, remaining transfers are precious & need to be used sparingly.

    1. Love that phrase, after yesterday we defnitely are, but worried about shortage of transfers.!!

  57. Hi all, hope you’re well… Haven’t been able to be that active on the blog this last week as have been away (still am until Thursday) and stuck on my mobile with 3G connection only. I have been a bit more active on the Facebook grouo though the last few days… anyways I hope your teams are performing and you’ve managed to save a few transfers for the knockout stages! I currently have 10 transfers remaining and on 212pts in total with a very good day yesterday! Anyways keep up the good work and will be back on the blog in a few days time ready to take on the knock-outs!

    1. That’s a very good points total with half your transfers left. I’m slightly behind where I wanted to be at this stage

  58. Taking it easy in the Euros, only actively managing one team which is on 193 points with 6 transfers used. Only got one strategy that is to use as few transfers in the group stages as I can as they will be most important when other teams run out of theirs. No Kane tonight but got Mbappe tomorrow who looks more dangerous and unlucky not to score as had the most shots at goal for France so far. Eying up a few Germans tomorrow.

    1. That’s a fantastic return considering you’ve used so few transfers – wish I could have been so restrained with mine

  59. All in all Paul. We did the right thing! Nearly everyone in my mini league brought in Lukaku. I I hadn’t. I’d be kicking myself. And so would you!! Fantastic return off the Dutch. We’re all sitting nicely on the table now 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    1. It was a great result last night, I’m frustrated by the Kane transfers that have been wasted and Foden but what can you do

  60. Yesterday was a tough call, ultimately you got it right. I feel points on the board are more important then an extra transfer for later in the tournament.

    I think we have all used more transfers then we would have liked but I’m blaming these managers who keep picking their best players! The cheek of it!

    1. Haha yeah it’s been very difficult to resist transfers, wish I had though could be in a great position if I had

    1. Why has Grealish got the assist. Who scored never give it when it gets a deflection?

    2. Hi Chris – sorry only just picked up this comment, what were you looking for thoughts on? Just posted my review of the day

      1. Hiya, it’s ok, I am just getting used to your pre match thoughts !!! Thanks I’ve just read review, and pretty much think the same as you about Kane coming out for a permanent fixture, maybe lukaku or Mbappe 👍🏻

        1. Ah yeah I just didn’t post anything today as I already had Kane. I’ll do an end of the group stage review tomorrow to take stock. I’m thinking Greizmann tomorrow for Kane

  61. Well, England have a problem now, topping the group, Germany, Portugal, France, yes England can improve, but looking at their possible opponents, you have to eventually beat the best at some point, but more than a little concerned, can Kane score against any of the above, he couldn’t in a fairly easy group, anybody seen any player’s that maybe haven’t been mentioned that could go deep into the tournament, Verrati not necessary a goal threat, but controls the game, assists, & starman potential, Goretzka, Pogba expensive, essential to get a French centre forward in I’m going to put Griezeman in tomorrow, within budget, leave till knocked out.

    1. How many transfers would you have left after that David? I’m tempted to go Kane to Griezmann and then with 8 transfers left just leave everyone in until they are out then.

  62. I would be left with 10, doing the same move, after tomorrow’s games have been played will be able to see who gets who in the knockouts, & try to determine who is going to make semi’s at least, no more 1 game punts on centre forwards, 3 attempts pts total -1, although never rule out Ronaldo, whatever team they get.

    1. Won’t be any 1 game punts from me either now. They are pretty much in until they are out of the tournament.

  63. Kane not scoring is a strange one. Who would have believed if you said he wouldn’t score in the group stages 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Anyway, yes I like the sound of Griezmann 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Havertz could be a good replacement for Torres if Spain don’t pull through . And maybe another Italian defender 👀

    1. Havertz is definitely on the list, would like to do it today with Torres on the bench but don’t want to go down to 7 transfers so will sit tight

  64. Wow! The team on top overall has made 37 transfers (surprised not got a bigger lead). Other people have now started to follow suit and use excess transfers. Eg. Team in 25th has used 22 transfers.

      1. Looking on Twitter and it seems people are exploiting the transfer system.

        Not sure how we know what everyone has used but hopefully dream team will make a statement.

      2. Indeed only allowed 20 transfers, how they have managed over 20 , god knows??
        I wish we were allowed more!!

        1. I’ve spoken to DT support. They’ve got developers working on it and assured me they will fix it.
          Really hope so as it is sad that some people are having an amazing tourney playing by the rules.
          Hope al point are wiped of any reversed transfers.

  65. Does anybody think the Germans will get far in the competition.. Semi’s or beyond maybe??
    If so would it be best to act now before everyone else does..
    Gosens/Havertz 🤷‍♂️
    I’m also tempted by Pogba.

    1. I think it could be a Germany France final. One of them will get a very tough path to the final though and the other a fairly easy one. Depending on how the group finishes today.

  66. Being rumoured that both Alba and Ferran are benched today which isn’t ideal. Could be worth bringing in Havertz for Ferran if so and hoping Alba comes on for a clean sheet bonus if they manage it.

    1. It makes my life easier if they are benched as looking to bring some Germany players (defender and midfielder) as not a big ownership and a match vs Hungary is proving hard to resist.

      1. Bookies Goalscoring odds

        Moreno 52%
        Gnabry 50%
        Morata 49%
        Havertz 46%
        Gosens 31%
        Forseberg 26%

        Gosens has assist & cleansheet potential (20%, 55%) – Get in my team lad

        1. Very tempted by Gosens he looked great last game. I’m happy to see Alba is actually starting today as well. Tough decisions to be made now lol

        2. If I had the transfers I’d definitely want Gosens and maybe even Havertz. I’ll be sitting tight for now other than maybe Griezmann later.

            1. Yeah agreed, I’ll leave him just because I’m low of transfers and midfielders don’t seem to be doing much. Such a contrast to Wijnaldum who’s been a great pick.

    2. Glad to see Alba starting, so frustrating about Torres though, he is benched. I’ll stick with him just because I’m low on transfers.

  67. Balls to it I’ve had enough now. I’ve put gosens havertz and griezmann in for alba Torres and kane sod it 😜😂😂😂😂😂

    1. I could have easily done the same to be honest 😂 looks like good moves on paper

        1. 😂 that was a crazy result, I don’t think anyone expected that from Spain or Torres

  68. Bringing in Gosens tonight – to hard to resist especially with Pavard on the bench. My strategy now is to go with attacking full backs so happy with Alba, Gosens, Spinazzola and Dumfries. 12 transfers left for the knockout stages.

  69. By my calculations, looks like France & Holland should make semi’s comfortably, winner of Belgium vs Portugal, to play Italy in quarters tough decision there, winners of England vs Germany, play winners of Spain Vs Croatia, in quarters, also not easy to predict, something to ponder for a few days, need a break. you may need to have a rethink on Pogba, Paul, good performance tonight, French front 3 a lottery, maybe we get lucky next game.

    1. David Kirkwood, the winner of England vs Germany will play the winner of Sweden vs Ukraine.. and then on paper you’d say will play Netherlands in the semis

  70. Yeah, got my calculations wrong Luke, thanx for putting me right, only 15pts off the pace in my cash mini league, trying to look for a stand out player, which others may overlook, I’ve had some bad luck in my one off punts with strikers, can we still go to Immobile, Kane, Ronaldo, I guess it all depends on how many transfers you
    have left, knockouts, stick or twist, russian roulette etc.

    1. I’ve just put up an in depth review of what I’ll be doing but ultimately with only 8 transfers left I think I’m going to ride out the knockout stage

  71. Looking at the last 16 kick off times, are we able to take a player out who has played at 5pm, then transfer him out for a player who plays at 8pm, I know it’s no more than 3 transfers per day, just wasn’t sure on the ruling.

  72. How in the hell did Azerbe take start man in the last few minutes form Spinnizzola ? He jumped right ahead of him for doing nothing. Completely robbed !! Lost my top spot for that ! Im sure that points system is flawed. I was counting the touches as well.

  73. I’m 225 points with 11 transfers remaining, made a swap for immobile in last night what a waste of a transfer.. my Italian block defense is worrying me now with the azzuri taking the winner of tonight’s big game… can’t decide whether to keep frittering the transfers or go for a team who I believe will win and win with clean sheets…. thoughts??

    1. That’s a brilliant points total at this stage. I’ve only got 8 left so I’m trying to only use transfers when players are out now. As we saw last night, Italy could have gone out so transfers could easily be gone quickly at this stage.

  74. Iv always thought the losing all the clean sheet points in extra time is a little harsh! Worked out for me though as those in my mini league are heavy on Italian defenders….

    1. It didn’t effect my position much either so there must be loads of Italian blocks

    1. Only just picked this up, but hopefully you didn’t bring anyone in? It was a weird day in terms of popular players picking up points.

  75. Depay to Benzema and Wijnaldum to Forsberg or Havertz for me, prob Forsberg as easier fixture and on pens. 11 transfers left so Forsberg worth a punt.
    Who’s on your radar guys?

    1. I think Benzema comes in for me as well. I’m then most drawn to German players if they knock England out. Probably Gosens and Havertz

      1. Definitely looking at Forsberg closely, he plays last game on Tuesday night so will have some interest in watching the Sweden – Ukraine game as working during England game. Forsberg will be a nice enabler for me and fit my last remaining strategy (go big or go home) as will free funds to strengthen other areas of my team as Italy, Belgium, England and France players are not cheap. The addition of Forsberg can allow the addition of Kane (33% overall ownership) and Mbappe (42%) in my team as not many teams might be able to afford both. I expect Mbappe ownership to rise as a ready made Ronaldo replacement though and transfer rich teams may go Ronaldo-> Mbappe-> Kane but the addition of Forsberg saves transfers and hopeful Sweden get past Ukraine and get two games out of him plus midfielders not scoring ton of points which makes it a game of getting defenders and strikers but not looking to replace him as don’t mind playing with 10 men in the semi final. Sorry for rumbling on just getting my thoughts together.

        1. Carry on young man, your thoughts are always appreciated. Always look out for your input. Thanks for the Forsberg update, hadnt thought about that. I think a lot of us have been focusing on the big teams, but the way the draw is taking us, that should be a serious consideration.

        2. I’ve left myself short of transfers so won’t be looking beyond any of the big names. If Forsberg does well that’s an incredibly shout though.

  76. An almost impossible decision! Thinking of gambling and hoping to benefit from an extra fixture……. Is it time for Kane to come good!?

    1. I took Ronaldo out for Kane for the Scotland game and am still receiving counselling. How England are favourites for this game is beyond me.

      1. Fair point…… I’d expect Kane to get more then Ronaldo moving forward though, surely lol

      2. I had him for all three group games, having Kane over Ronaldo for those games is the single reason why I’m having an average tournament compared to a very good one.

    2. I’ve worked it all out this morning 😂 if France and the winner of Germany/England get to the final, I can get 9 players for that game within the transfers that I’ve got left. So for me Benzema and Pogba come in today.

  77. Paul, I think you have 5 million itb, added to Dupay, 9.5, it’s about time Mbappe came to the party, still leaves 2 million elsewhere for upgrades, I’m going to leave England vs Germany, then go big on either to hopefully reach the final in that half of the draw.

    1. I’m going Benzema and Pogba, leaving plenty to take out eliminated players and I’ll be able to put in pretty much anyone I want then

  78. Pogba seems to be playing well dtt. Forsberg too like RR mentions. Both likely to progress.

    Perisic two mom’s but not sure if they’ll progress.

    1. I’ve gone Pogba, don’t see Forsberg going too much further in the tournament.

    1. That’s basically what I’m planning to do but just quite slowly 😂

  79. What a body blow yesterday was, just wondering if it’s worth going either way on Germany or England tonight, rather than waiting on the outcome of the result, risky but extra pts up for grabs, Mbappe no goals surely Kane can’t follow suit, fortune favours the brave as they say.

    1. I’m hoping it’s a low point scoring game and planning to sit tight. If the Netherlands and France were still in, it might be a different story but transfers running low and players dropping like flys out of my team.

  80. After a mad couple of days, with a total of 7 players being eliminated, plans need to be revised.
    Interested in knowing what everyone is doing tonight.

    Personally, I’m still tempted to hold my 6 transfers and then make a move for German or English players depending on who gets through. Picking the biggest point scorer tonight could be a lottery and they might be out by the end of the evening.

    What’s everyone else doing?

    1. I only have Foden in my team, i have 3 french players and 7 subs left. My initial thought was no subs today but i’m not sure i can resist.

        1. I put forsberg in for pogba……I thought that as he had low ownership he could get me up the leader board if he did well……a goal and hit the woodwork twice, absolutely gutted that wasn’t a hattrick. Also thought he would get at least 2 games.

          1. I thought they’d go through as well. I’m tempted by Morata today.

    2. 4 French players,2 Italy,2 Germany,3 Belgium.I have 9 transfers left.I am sticking until the quarter finals.

      1. Where are you going from here Alan? I’m thinking about just loading up on England players

  81. I have 6 French players and 5 Italy players.
    I still have 9 transfers left had 12 last night. I am thinking
    of putting 3 Englanders in, if that fails put all my eggs
    in one basket Italy.

  82. 4 French players,2 Italy,2 Germany,3 Belgium.I have 9 transfers left.I am sticking until the quarter finals.

  83. I have two Germans (Gnarby + Gosens) No English. I’m thinking of holding off this evening and then with my 9 remaining transfers go heavy on England or Germany players. Hoping they reach the final

    1. I’m thinking the same now, 6 transfers left, surely we just back England to reach the final?

  84. We’ve got another few days without a game so I won’t publish a full write up tonight.
    However, where are we thinking to go from here?
    I’ve got 6 transfers left and I’m struggling to look beyond England players.
    I don’t fancy picking who reaches the final from the other side of the draw. We could easily lose Belgium, Italy or Spain in the next round so backing any of these teams feels like a risk.
    On paper, England have a much clearer route to the final and I’m not sure I see the point in saving transfers now. Do we just bring 6 England players in? Or is there a danger that they’ve peaked against Germany and could crumble against a lesser team?
    I just can’t see the value in saving transfers for whichever team reaches the final from the other side of the draw and it’s too risky to back any of them at this stage.

  85. Yep I think that has to be the plan. 3 English defenders, Kane and Sterling. That leaves one transfer with a striker to chose….. maybe back to imobile or a gamble on shick? Or switch to 442 with another English midfielder.

    1. I’m thinking about bringing in three England players and Morata, leaving two transfers

  86. I watched Ukraine last night, nothing to fear, but I would be careful putting all eggs in one basket, if Switzerland can beat France, then Czeck republic or a very Stubborn Denmark can beat England, I’m 2nd in my mini league 31 pts behind, it’s alot to catch up but not insurmountable, all in England will not work for me, as I suspect the guy at the top will do that, you have to gamble at some point, I’m hoping Italy can make final, so will be looking at Immobile, Cheisa, Verrati.

    1. Yeah I’m thinking it might not be worth the risk with 6 England players. I’m tempted to go three England players and Morata for the QF’s

  87. We got somewhat burnt loading up on players from one team with the Dutch and France.

    And regardless how England or indeed ‘any’ team has played so far, we’ve seen that no team is a cert to progress game by game. And Germany were bang average Btw.

    England have 1-3 games left.

    Whereas there are 7 games left in total.

    Could we consider cherry picking at approx 1 or 2 trannys per game?

    Also unlike other years there have been loadsa goals at this stage so far. So forward players are possibly a better shout. (Cue a load of clean sheets haha)

    1. Yeah I think you’re right. I’m tempted by Morata and three England players, leaving two transfers

  88. So England are now world beaters and Southgate a tactical genius, but somehow I’ve only owned 2 of my countrymen so far and they’ve combined to score negative points. FFS. I’m slightly worried about Denmark but think we have to go all in now. Maguire, Kane, Sterling and Grealish if starting for starters.

    Any love for Morata? Should have 2 games for a team that creates a hat full, may still be on pens and Swiss look leaky.

    1. Yeah 100% thinking Morata for tonight and three England players for tomorrow.

  89. As much as I would like to see England win the tournament, I think we should consider an offensive player from Czeck republic, or Denmark, they could also play 3 games.

      1. Went for damsgaard, picked up 3 pts, & a crack at England, never envisaged England keeping 5 clean sheets in a row, put in Maguire & Kane, but still find myself 26pts off the top, guys above me got 3 English defenders, people above me I beat comfortably in the premier League season , can’t go Insigne, have to find a midfielder who can score a hatty, 1 transfer left, if I use it in the semi final, then the guy above just nullifies me, if I wait till final, it will probably too late, stumped really, Mount, Cheisa, or Spanish midfielder, but can any of them score 2 goals & starman at least, needed that extra 5pts from Alba, & if Ukraine had just scored 1, I would of been 18pts off top, & then possibly waited till final to use last transfer, I hate losing.

  90. Where is Alba’s extra 5pts, the shot was on target, they initially give him the pts, then took it off him.

    1. I Wonder if UEFA rules are different to premier league ones as it’s a defo Alba goal in prem.

      I had a 5er on him to score anytime at 17/1 on betfair exchange and withdrew my winnings before they changed it😂😂. Softened the blow of bringing in Morata and Sarabia tonight.

  91. that is the most embarrassing points for any team
    how on earth could the points for all the player, let alone
    Italy defenders be below 7 points. system is flawed.

  92. Post mortem on team.
    Ronaldo, good pts against Hungary, not retaining him for France & Germany where he also scored well.
    Not acting sooner transferring in an England defensive asset
    Bruno Fernandez, 0pts against Hungary, 2 transfers very costly
    As Dick dastardly would of said to Muttley, drat & double drat.
    I feel as though I need to use my last transfer for the semi’s as I might not even get 2nd place, if I leave it till the final could be too late,Barrella, or Cheisa, could Spain topple Italy, I do have another option open to me, knowing people in high places can prove to be very advantageous at times, it just so happens I can count Bill gates as a good friend of mine, & he is willing to infiltrate the euro dream team computer & grant me unlimited transfers for the remainder of the tournament, any other takers.

    1. 😂 I feel your pain, I’ve been up and down on the leaderboard throughout the whole competition. Not sitting in a good position after Maguire scored and Shaw provided two assists last night. I’m almost resigned to a fairly average finish now.

  93. from 76th to 29th now.
    have 4 Italy players and 5 England players plus 2 transfers left.
    maybe top 10 is possible with a bit off luck.

    1. As long as Spain and Denmark don’t cause upsets Don you’ll be in with a chance!

  94. 6 English 5 Italy players 27th in league.
    hopping I might sneak into the top 10.
    if England get through 🇬🇧

  95. I think it might worth throwing another England player in for tonight personally

    1. I did. Bought Walker in for extra 3pts and he should be assured to start Sunday whatever formation we play.

  96. Hope everyone did well in their cash mini leagues, finished on 323pts, 5th in my league so out of the money positions this time, time to regroup, have a bit of a break, then have another crack at the premiership, joint 109th last season, so a big ask to get near that position again, look forward to the banter, input, & analysis, until then, bye for now.

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