February Transfer 1

February Transfer 1

With Liverpool only having one fixture this game week and being in poor form defensively, I’ve decided to move Robertson on. As it’s early on in the month, this is the only transfer I’m making this weekend. I’ll given the likes of Walker and Mahrez another week, given that they’ve got Swansea midweek. Fingers crossed Kane makes a quick return as well. I’m going to use the game week to see what other people do as well.

Robertson out
Maguire in

Obviously, I’ll reverse if Maguire isn’t starting later today.

44 thoughts on “February Transfer 1

    1. I’d prioritise taking Dier out. Probably wouldn’t be any harm taking them both out if you’re happy with the rest of the team.

    1. Schmeichal
      Cancelo. Robbo. Dier. Walker
      Barnes Bruno. Foden
      Salah Kane. Jesus
      I have 3.1m in bank atm.
      Thinkjng going robbo to shaw, then dier to someone else. Possibly a city defender

  1. I’m stuck with Robbo and Dier.
    Thinking Dier-Justin and Robbo- Gundogan, 343.

    Leaves me with
    Cancelo Dias Justin
    Foden Gundogan Barnes Bruno
    Kane Salah Rashford

    May do a kane switch, don’t know yet.

  2. I’m gonna go robbo to luke shaw, then tomorrow switch to a 3-4-3 do dier to either Maddison or gundogan. I’ll still have enough in bank to get kdb back in if needs be. Happy bout that

  3. Last minute went with AWB over Maguire. Just snatched some points but didn’t like that defensive performance from Utd.

  4. Was deciding who to take dier out for, went for a run, completely forgot and now I’m left with the useless bastard 😂😂that’s my season finished

    1. Thought it was until we 1-3 March apparently. Didn’t think kane was back but he was there for West Brom.

    1. I had a toss up between Gundo or Maddison went with Maddison in the end. Wasn’t the good choice :/

      Replaced Walker for Cancelo

      1. Glad I kept Walker for that Swansea game. Would have been better if they could have held onto the clean sheet though.

  5. For what it’s worth any Walker owners, Man City simply said yesterday “he is not fully fit”. What this means without further details I don’t know. Maybe back for the cup match but maybe something else…

  6. Great to get the Maguire star man and clean sheet last night! I doubled up on him and Bissaka. It would be an added bonus if Kane played and scored tonight!

    Cheers for the shout on Maguire Paul 👍🏻

    1. It was a great result for us that was, he seems to be a Whoscored magnetic for the big points!

      I stupidly put Pogba in for KDB after his injury and now Pogba is injured as well. I already have Bruno, Barnes, Foden any recommendations?? Im leaning towards Gundo!! I didn’t think he’d continue with his scoring but he’s so far forward now he’s getting so many chances and will probably continue until KDB returns.

    2. Can’t say I’m even his biggest fan but the system just seems to reward him no matter what. 2 decent game weeks coming up as well.

      1. Do we think his form will continue? I’ve kept thinking it won’t be he seems to keep doing the business.

  7. Considering whether taking out mane is a wise idea as both salah and Sterling seem to be firing and both are in opposition league teams.

    1. I’m tempted to take one of them out for Rashford but I’m not sure which one at the moment.

  8. Any thoughts on where I can improve…
    Cancelo, Diaz, B. Davies
    G’dogen, foden, fernandes, barnes
    Salah, kane, rashford
    4 transfers and £3.7m bank
    Im thinking Davies-maguire
    Leno to either DDG/ederson

  9. What are you thoughts on Mahrez out – Gundogan in before the price change?

    Mahrez never seems to pick up points regardless of having a good run in the team. Only 0.1 difference in price for now as well. I know City’s fixtures do get harder, with the inevitable struggle vs Spurs coming up. Although Spurs have just played extra time which might work out nicely for that fixture this weekend.

    1. I’m not going to make any changes until the weekend but Man Utd look like they’ve got 2 decent game weeks ahead. City’s fixtures are more difficult though so not sure about bringing in their players at the moment.

  10. My team is same as dtt team but I have cancelo, dier, shaw and Jesus. Looking to get rid of dier tonihht, any suggestions lads. I’ll have 6.3m to spend on new player. Was going to go gundogan, but won’t leave me a way to get kdb back in!

    1. I’m assuming you’ve got Maguire? Could double up with another Man Utd defender? They’ve got good fixtures coming up.

      1. I have shaw instead of slab head. Could Stick McGuire in now but would only leave me 1.8m in bank. Maybe awb?

              1. If I had mahrez I’d get rid. Don’t do enough, i was close to sticking him in but went for Jesus instead

      2. I have gone dier to wan bissaka. Leaves me 3m in bank, so will be able get kdb back in if needs be now 👍🏼
        Team now:
        Cancelo shaw wanbissaka Walker
        Barnes Bruno Foden
        Salah. Kane. Jesus

  11. Orite lads

    I need to get rid of de bruyne any suggestions??
    Also considering Harry Maguire tonight aswell

    1. Maguire worked well for me over the past game week. My priorities for a De Bruyne replacement would be Foden, Barnes, Maddison, Gundogan (seems like the current bandwagon player) and assuming you’ve got Fernandes

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