February Transfer One

February Transfer One

With Ederson starting in the FA Cup today I’ve decided to make a change. Ederson comes in and Kepa goes out. Wish I had made this change before their prices changed on Friday morning, however I didn’t see Ederson playing considering City have a Champions League fixture in the week. It’s good to see Sane starting and I’m very tempted by Jesus but given that Aguero, Salah and Aubameyang all have fixtures in the week, I’m going to resist the temptation. So the only change is:

Kepa out, Ederson in

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  1. I’ve done Kepa to Ederson and Salah to Jesus 😮

    Salah has a tough game in the week against Bayern and Auba has a more favourable fixture at home.

    I got stung last time by not having Jesus for the Burton game, went from 2nd in my ML to 6th!

    Hooping the gamble pays off.

  2. Seriously unlucky DTT not to get that CS for Ederson. He was cruising to a nice 8 points until that 88th minute.

    Having Laporte also (who came on as sub) means it stings a little more too as that’s a handy 13 points down the drain for us (bearing in mind my main ML rival owns Mahrez and Jesus and another owns Sane). Although they made up 15 points and 10 points respectively on me I’ve got to say a feel a little relieved as it could have been worse I guess. Thank god for Phil Foden!

    1. Really annoying – the way Ederson’s rating dropped as well was frustrating. Goalkeepers seem to be very underrated – the save he made was as good as a goal yet he doesn’t get even a 7 plus rating. Kane can do very little and take a straightforward penalty to pick up 5 points and a star man award.

      1. DTT, you seem done a lot of transfers on goal keepers this season, is that a pre planned strategy? It is most unusual, most teams in my mini league have stuck with 1, or used 2 or 3 goalkeepers so far, I have had one goalkeeper in my teams from the start.

        1. It wasn’t pre planned – although I didn’t plan on sticking with Hart. I thought he was worth a calculated risk at the start given his value but it was obvious fairly quickly that this wasn’t going to work. I think I then went for Schmeichel, who had good fixtures and served a purpose based on his value at the time but wasn’t the answer either. Kepa was then good value and had good fixtures – he was probably going to be my pick and stick keeper. However with transfers to burn and Ederson playing in a better team at a slightly cheaper value I thought this was an upgrade. I don’t plan to touch this position again. However I’ve only been able to do it as often as I have this season because I’ve always had transfers left over. My team hasn’t changed a lot and most months I’ve still got my transfers at the end of the month because I’ve not really found myself in a position where I’ve urgently needed to use any.

          1. I’ve mentioned it before but I still maintain that the GK position is probably the least important when playing DT. It has the fewer avenues of ways to score points and as DTT points out, all his good work can be wiped out in a single swipe if he concedes, no matter how well he’s played up to that point.

            Very few keepers manage to get a 7 rating when they concede. When you contrast this to Doherty earlier on in the season where Wolves lost (2-1 I think) and he still came out with the Star Man award!

              1. What makes you think that? I can’t see me changing the keeper position again. City are still in all competitions and Ederson plays a lot. There would be very little point in changing him now.

  3. I think the time has come that Gabriel Jesus to leave my team after this week. I think he is the one player that has really changed my team’s fortune around. I was 70 points behind in my mini league. I was also around 77th in DTT mini league, which I was not happy with. I needed a differential as the Arsenal striker was highly owned and when chasing do something different. Think outside the box. I like looking for those less owned players – the differentials.

    I have to say that move from Aubameyang to Jesus I did in early January was my best transfer ever. Jesus since then scored 79 points, Aubameyang scored 18 points. I went top of my mini league and now 15th in DTT mini league (still not great but decent enough).

    My mini league rival kept faith with Aubameyang all this time and then brought in Jesus for Salah yesterday. I think the pressure is getting to him. Mind games. Put rivals under pressure and they will make mistakes.

    1. Jesus has certainly been the key player in turning your season around over the last few weeks RR. After his exploits in previous games he’s started, bringing in monsters hauls, I can imagine a few were left underwhelmed with his 7 points contribution. It could probably be a good time to move him on now as you say. Who are you looking at mate? Aubameyang? I’ve gone for him this week as I like the thought of him playing those next three fixtures (all at home) against weaker opponents.

      1. Yeah, Aubameyang seems a good choice, although it does seem short term with tough fixtures around the corner. Also his value looks to be on the way down, another factor to consider.

        1. Yeah, he’s only going to be short term for me but I’ve taken a calculated risk in the hope that he can light it up during these next three games and give his value a boost. I’ll then look to offload to Kane probably, although that may depend on when the Spurs v Palace game is rescheduled should Palace progress in the cup today. If it still remains as part of March’s fixtures then I go ahead I’d imagine.

          There seems to be a lot of different permutations flying around with fixtures at the moment so I think it’s important that we all keep our finger on the pulse during this month and next to make sure we don’t miss out.

  4. So, my transfer strategy to get Kane as it stands during the next few weeks:

    GW27 (If Kane is back in the first team)
    Dunk in for Doherty
    Kane in for Aubameyang

    GW 31
    Gomez (if back in the first team) in for VVD/Robbo
    Doherty in for Dunk

    Many of these moves are dependent on price fluctuations and if the players in question are back playing but these are the blueprints to my plan.

    I’d appreciate feedback and if you can pick holes in the plan I’d love to know. Cheers guys.

    1. Chris, been looking on Physioroom, according to them, Gomez due back on March 31st, Kane February 23rd, don’t know how that ties in to your planning, selected Aubamayang last month instead of Aguerro, already cost me 51pts, so have to put Aguerro in, in March & leave for season, Kane out of my reach in March, but may opt for Son, to possibly negate what pts Kane may get, & take out Rashford, I like your plan, but you are a step ahead of me in terms of transfers, my priority is Aguerro above Kane.

      1. Thanks David. 👍🏻 Yeah, that timeline of when they should be back should work out for my plan. Kane should hopefully be match sharp by then and hopefully Gomez will be featuring once more by the time I bring him in. A lot can happen from now until then though I guess but I reckon it’s good to formulate a few strategies in your head. I may even have to look at Son myself if the price changes don’t work out kindly for me.

        1. Chris, players I’ve been looking to downgrade to next month until start of week 31 are:
          D.Dalot 1.5 – 4 games Sou, PSG, Ars, Wat – he will rise the next few weeks, won’t play PSG?;
          R.Bennett or Coady 1.8, 1.4 – 3 games Car, Chel, Burn- not goal threats but playing with confidence and possibly three clean sheets;
          Dunk – 3 games HUD,Cry, Sou – not a good run of form, didn’t play in two of last four and tricky last 2 fixtures:
          B.Manga – 3 games – Wol, Wes,Chel – always plays and Cardiff like to park the bus until 85th min

          If not there’s always Odoi 💪🏻😎

          1. Thanks Cefnstar, love to be shown different options like this. Much appreciated. 👍🏻

            Now Spurs miss their game with Palace on GW29 though, I’m tempted to delay the Kane transfer until GW 30 (when I expect the re-arranged PL games to take place).

            March fixtures for selected players up to GW 30:

            Everton A
            Burnley H
            Bayern M A
            Fulham A

            Arsenal H
            Dortmund A
            Soton A

            Aubameyang (if Arsenal progress in Europe)
            Spurs A
            Europa 1st leg
            Man Utd H
            Europa 2nd leg

            This situation now tempts me to keep Doherty and just swap Aubameyang for Firmino for this period before then swapping Robbo/VVD for Gomez and Firmino to Kane for his potential double GW. Thoughts most welcome folks. 👍🏻

            1. Mane could be a good shout instead of Firmino – Good run of form, price will increase over the next few weeks and low ownership in my mini league.

              Do you think Kane will be rested for the Dortmund 2nd leg due to the 3 goal advantage and with Son being on fire?

              1. I’d probably imagine Son could be rested as he’s been running on fumes by all accounts. Kane could sit out also I guess to give Llorente a bit more game time. Can’t imagine Kane and Llorente playing together though.

                I must admit, I quite like the Mane idea of going 4-4-2 temporarily. As you say, I should stand a good chance of being on the right side of the price swings. I guess I could always consider Man City midfielders too in that 4-4-2. Thanks for your thoughts cefnstar. You’ve given me plenty to mull over. 👍🏻

  5. I think the planning to get Kane back in without using all 3 transfers could be a really key point in the season. My rivals have really narrowed the gap in my mini league ( mainly due to son over auba). Pretty sure none of them have made a Kane plan though and will struggle to get him back in

  6. Poxy Schlupp again!!

    Every time I start to build up a lead, he pops up with another hoard of points!

    1. He seems to one player that’s haunting you this season Lee. 😬

      I did imagine you kicking the cat across the room when Schlupp bagged that goal, CS and SM. 😉

      1. Ha ha, I got an alert on my phone saying that Palace had gone 1-0 up and I just KNEW it was going to be him before I checked!

    1. Yeh, another reason why I used my last sub at the weekend losing Alisson for Ederson.

      Liverpool have two hard fixtures, whilst City had two relatively easy ones…. they go and conceded to Newport!!

      This game is unreal at times!

  7. Chris, just been looking at your analysis on possible selection of forward for March, as Cefnstar points out Mane could be a better option above Firmino going 442, what’s your current midfield, if I brought in Mane, I would have to remove Sane or Pogba, who would you take out, other midfielders Hazard & Stirling.

    1. Yeah, I think I’m going to go with the Aubameyang to Mane option as the short term move in March.

      The question you pose is a very tough one David. I can see pros and cons for both players so it might be worth drawing up a list of all the pros and cons and make an informed decision from there.

      For examples pros for Pogba would be near enough guaranteed game time, takes pens etc, whereas cons would be they look likely to go out of Europe, injuries to Martial and Lindgard etc.

      Sane pros easier European fixture, plenty of fixtures, City can score loads at any given time etc. Cons not guaranteed to start week in week out etc.

      From a gut feeling point of view I’d be tempted to keep Sane now. It could easily go the other way though truth be told. Good luck mate. 👍🏻

      1. All points taken on board Chris, cheers, yeah Man-utd were impressive tonight, Pogba just losing out on star-man at the death.

    1. I thought that about Lindelof – only caught the last 20 minutes but it looked like he made some key blocks. Not sure what else he has to do to get rated.

      1. Yeah he played his part too and it does seem tough on him not to get his 7. The rating system doesn’t seem to favour him for some strange reason…

        1. I think Lindelof best quality is concentration which might not be measured by WhoScored. He doesn’t win many aerial battles nor makes any tackles. He does have good positional sense so makes a few blocks, cuts out danger and makes it difficult to go past him.

          1. You could argue that Gomez has all of those traits too which he showcased so well earlier in the season. He didn’t seem to have any problems getting those 7 ratings though. It’s a strange one.

          1. I certainly wouldn’t rule him out now as United are proving they can hold their own defensively than I perhaps originally gave them credit for. The lack of 7+ ratings does worry me though.

              1. If Gomez does return later than I anticipate, I may use him as a stop gap. Would prefer to switch Robbo/VVD for Gomez straight off but I need to do it GW 30 if I want Kane for that double GW. There is a chance that could come too early for Gomez.

      2. Indeed i mentioned this 2 weeks ago!!! ditto!!What has Lindelof got to to do to earn an extra 3 points??? fuming!

  8. Very impressed with United tonight with Pogba instrumental yet again. Slightly annoying that Herrera pinched that SM award at the end but I’d have took a 10 point return before the game.

    Second half United showed excellent discipline and organisation, especially Smalling and Herrera. Chelsea looked hopeless apart from Hazard. They are just too predictable and Sarri definitely only has one way of playing and he’s being found out now. I’d be amazed if he’s still there next season.

  9. Think Hazard may have to come out my team this month so I can setup bringing Kane back in March. Current team:


    Thoughts are, with two transfers left, switch Hazard and VVD out for Eriksen and Pogba. This leaves me with 4.7m in the bank to then get Kane in for Rashford if I can downgrade one other player to get the extra 0.9 I need.


    I think an extra midfielder at this stage of the season is better than 2 x LIV defenders?

  10. Just a heads up Stuart, from GW27 to GW31 Chelsea have:
    Hopefully Europa league 7th and 14th.
    Chelsea are in disarray at the moment but if hazard is the only one performing, he’s a player I’m definitely looking to keep.

    I would look to downgrade a defender to gain the extra you need.

  11. Good stuff Cefnstar. Was thinking of getting rid of Hazard myself but as you say the fixtures coming up are good. Plus with Chelsea out of FA cup, Hazard likely to start more games in Europe although doubtful for this week’s Europa game as got cup final on the weekend.

    1. He’s capable of banging in a couple of goals at any time, especially against weaker opponents so he’s a hold for now I’d say with those fixtures.

      Would be a brave move though Stuart because if it did pay off and Hazard fails to deliver, imagine all the teams you’d be leaving behind in the standings, as so many teams have him. You could say it’s a differential not to own him.

  12. Just to go back to my decision to delay the re-introduction of Kane into my team (using Mane as a stop gap). I’d love to hear what the rest of you guys plan to do with regards to Kane over the next few weeks. Are some of you bringing him straight back in or are some you you delaying like myself?

    1. I’m going to see how he gets on. I only have one transfer left in February anyway, and need 2 to get him in.

      When the news first broke that he may be back for the Burnley game, I thought they would probably still rest him for that as they have Chelsea in the week after it. In all honesty though, I think Kane plays every game if he’s fit. He doesn’t tend to get rested, and doesn’t want to ever be rested.

      If he does, as I say I can’t do anything until the week after anyway, but I will probably pend my last transfer to release the funds for him in that week, and then use my first transfer of next month to get him in.

      Most of the time, I would have a look at fixtures, likeliness to play etc. But with Kane, I don’t think that applies really. At any moment, he could get a hat-trick, and we all know that’s a big haul in this game!

      I would be swapping Aubameyang out for him. Obviously the Crystal Palace game being postponed is annoying. I’d just be worried too much every game he played if I didn’t have him!

      To add to this, I think quite a few of us are now within the top 1,000 from what I have been reading lately. How many of the other managers in that top 1000 will have spent the money and not put him back in? I think it’s a great chance to move even further up.

    2. I replaced Kane with Son which has turned out fruitful, on top of that Son’s value has increased leaving me with the nice option to bring Kane back in when fit as I decided I would keep the cash knowing others would use it up. I also remember losing my mini league 2 seasons ago to Kane scoring a couple of hat-tricks 2 weeks in a row at the death so I was always going to bring him back. I have 1 transfer left for February but how long will it take him to get match fit and how do I drop Son who is in great form? For me its not a question of how, more of a case of getting the timing right. Its a gamble like anything in football but getting Kane back in could be the difference between winning and losing your mini league.

    3. I think I’ll delay, even though I could bring him in this weekend if I wanted to. It will probably be Aubameyang that goes and I’d rather see his fixtures through to the end of February. I’m assuming they will progress in the Europa League as well though, which might make it a tough decision based on the upcoming fixtures.

  13. He will definitely be coming back for me but I expect i’ll Wait to see how he does post return. I have 3 transfers left so may set myself up for his return in March using my feb transfers.

  14. Spurs have some trick fixtures during March from end of GW 26 up until GW 30
    Bur, Chel, Ars, Borussia, SOU and Liverpool.
    With Son running on empty and Kane just returning from injury, I think these games have come at the wrong time for Spurs but there’s always a chance of an odd goal or two between them.

    I would look further ahead to GW 31 onwards on getting him in
    Brig, Hud, City, West AND two rounds of Champs League (April fixtures)

    My opinion would be to use a transfer in March to free up the funds needed to drop in Kane for first week of April

    As always, this is just what I’m thinking and I agree with what people have said above about the importance of having Kane in our teams. Kane will be the difference in winning most mini leagues as he seems to find another level towards the end of seasons.

    1. I have a feeling the re-arranged Spurs game with Palace will take place in GW 30 though so that is the time I’ll be bringing him in I think, as it’ll be a double GW. Obviously I’ll wait for confirmation of those re-arranged fixtures though.

      Great contributions so far guys on the subject and fascinating to see the many different viewpoints on the Kane question.

    2. I agree with cefnstar’s comment. I think most people would struggle to bring him in this month and you have the uncertainty of not knowing when he will return (Maybe burnley but you would think more likely chelsea or arsenal games). Spurs will only play 4 games in march max (Dortmund A, Sou A, Palace H when rearranged and Liverpool A). Those april fixtures onwards are appealing and they should have the bonus of the champs league last 8.

  15. Might be worth monitoring Herrera, after last night’s performance, should of played himself into team, currently 2.7 million, probably get knocked out of champions league, but still in fa cup & a winnable tie away to Wolves, just looking at possible ways to acrue funds for getting Kane back into team for early April, possible waste of transfer but Robertson to Gomez, saving of 1.4 million, still maintaining Liverpool defender.

  16. Well the Salah to Jesus transfer paid off for me this week with Jesus getting 7 points and Salah getting 0. With the top 6 in my ML also having Jesus it was more damage control.

    Read that Jesus and Stones haven’t travelled for their CL game tonight. Do we still think it’ll be Aguero that’ll start the cup final Sunday? I think so.

    I have Ederson, Laporte, Aguero, Sane and Sterling tonight so hoping for a good points hall, although not many differentials in there so my big hope is on Auba tomorrow night as he has low coverage in my ML.

    Will be looking to do my Jesus transfer back to Salah Thursday / Friday. Do you think they will both go up in value?

  17. When Kane got injured, I brought in Aguero as a replacement who has been fantastic with 2 hatricks, so when I bring Kane back it will not be Aguero who goes back out.

    It will almost certainly be (barring an Aguero injury) Auba or Salah who makes way for Kane…. neither have been that great of late!

    Auba – 4 blanks in his last 6 games (18 points)
    Salah – 5 blanks in his last 8 games (44 points)

    Much like Kane if Salah scores, he tends to get the star man and bag 13 points, so on recent form Auba will be getting ditched to get Kane back in.

    1. Same for me, but probably at the end of the month when Arsenal have more difficult fixtures.

  18. That free kick from Sane was an absolute Joke. Such good technique.

    I had though the game was going to be a disaster for me with Ederson and Laporte in my defence, and whilst it could have been better, the late Sane and Sterling goals (plus star man), and Ederson assist and Laporte late 7 rating meant a good night for me. I expect this meant a good night for most on here as well.

    Fingers crossed Auba hauls tomorrow now, that would mean a great week…

    1. Just seen it on my break at work. Fantastic technique as you say. Maybe that will get him back into Pep’s good books again and he’ll start more “premium” games for City as he seems to have slipped back into City’s “B team” recently.

    1. Yep, lost the star man at the 11th hour. 🤬

      Given it to Schalke player and the 15 minute cut off has now passed. Done and dusted.

  19. That’s a shame but not the end of the world as most people have sterling anyway.

    The Schalke guy did score two and had the star man all game really until the death, so it’s understandable that it went back to him.

  20. Agreed he didn’t deserve it anyway but weird tho what could he of possibly done wrong to then take it back off him in the last seconds 🤦🏼‍♂️

  21. Any thoughts on Salah and Jesus price changes before Friday?

    Not sure whether to do this Thursday or Friday.

  22. I’d expect Jesus to increase. Salah is a more difficult one to predict though looking back at this recent scores, I’d probably say another increase though after his 13 points at the weekend.

  23. 5 points from Aubameyang tonight. Better than blanking I guess but below par for me. Wanted at least 8 points from that game. Hopefully he can grab three or four goals over the next two games.

  24. Yes Aubamayang, 5pts against a pub team, underwhelming, 2 games left & he’s gone, will probably go down in value 2moro, leaving me 0.1 short for Aguerro, got to make that shortfall up in these next 2 games, don’t want to use 2 transfers at the beginning of March.

  25. Five players dropping in value in my team today. I’ve usually done pretty well out of the price changes this season so this one is probably the worst I’ve had so far. Still pretty happy with the team as a whole though and my plan moving forwards:

    Ederson – drop
    Robertson – drop
    VVD – remain
    Doherty – rise
    Laporte – rise
    Hazard – drop
    Sterling – rise
    Pogba – rise
    Aubameyang – drop
    Salah – drop
    Aguero – rise

    ITB: £0.1m

    Could really do with an explosive week from Aubameyang now before I move him on. 🤞

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