February Transfer One

February Transfer One

Very quick post – as Mane is back (although on the bench) I’m putting him straight back in. It’s never a certainty that Mahrez will start for Man City in the week and with Liverpool playing twice this week I’m taking a punt on going back to Mane early on:

Mahrez out
Mane in

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  1. Yeah, makes sense DTT from a fixture point of view. Not ideal he starts from the bench though. I can see him coming on early in the second half though as Liverpool didn’t look too sharp in the pass during that first half. Difficult conditions though….

    1. Was disappointed with only 4 points for the game week but that’s how it goes. Couldn’t risk not having him to be honest.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of effect the recent expulsion of City in Europe (pending an appeal) has on their players. Will it have a galvanising effect or a negative one?

    1. You’d hope that it would galvanise them onto trying to win the Champions League to prove a point this season. Being excluded next season as the current champions would make a mockery of the ban but I guess it’s not as simple as just going out and winning it – especially with Madrid up next.

  3. Took the MOTD2 challenge today and managed to watch the Spurs game “blind”. Set a target of 13 points between Son and Moura so I was very pleased to see them hit exactly that. Shame Son didn’t get the SM award but I guess the penalty miss was just enough to take it away from him.

    Another decent weekend though and the gap narrows a little further in my chase for the leaders in my ML.

    Hope you all had decent weekends too guys! 👊

  4. Quite fancy another Liverpool clean sheet tonight looking at Athletico’s injury problems up front. Felix, Costa and Morata all doubtful for the game. Here’s hoping anyway…🤞

    1. Chris thanks for the chat last week. Went for Fernandes for Sterling in the end.

      Toyed with vvd but need more of a differential methinks if I’m gonna make up 100 pts.

      Maguire was also in my thinking but was never confident enough to pull the trigger thinking he’d just bin lucky of late. Cue his 18pts last night, haha. So I’ve been in the “If only I’d…” zone all morning lol.

  5. Very unlucky with Lindelof not to play last night and not even on the bench. Apparently he was ill and pulled out last minute but I’m unable to find anything else on why he was left out? he’s on a very good run at the moment and it would have been nice to gain points from the additional fixture over others.

    Lindelof is worth monitoring as February is a short month with a lot of fixtures.

    NOTE: His replacement Bailly played well with Slabhead and Williams seems to play week on week if your still looking for cheap United players.

      1. I was annoyed that he didn’t play. Then the kick in the teeth was that he came back in and didn’t get a clean sheet in the Europa League. Would have been a very good 8 points for the game week had he played in the first game.

  6. Wow, Son could miss the rest of the season according to Jose with a fractured arm….😞

    Luckily still have one transfer left with £4m ITB. Was going to save it for a Raz return but that will have to wait. Who do we think boys? Auba, Aguero, Jesus, Jimmy or maybe even KDB for a 4-4-2?

      1. Ha ha! Now you’re torturing me RR. I have a little voice in my saying, “go back to Pepe, you know you want to…” and now you as well!

        Would be a brilliant differential but I just don’t know if I can trust his consistency.

          1. After tonight, I think I need to get KDB into my team. I’m concerned about losing further ground on my rivals by not having him.

            I’m thinking use my last transfer to go Son to KDB, then use my first transfer of March to go Moura to Jesus/Auba/Jimenez.

            This also gives me a little more time to run the rule over them and see how the Europa games pan out.

            Also, by the time March comes around, hopefully Tammy will be a contender also, hopefully with the likes of Pulisic, CHO and RLC coming back too. Just hope they can manage to find a way past Bayern…😬

            The KDB move feels a bit dullard but at least I can then get a bit kore excited about that first transfer in March.

              1. Now the question i need to ask is make the transfer before or after this week’s deadline? How do we see Son’s and KDB price fluctuations going?

                Genuinely can’t believe Son dropped last time around. Anyone remember what happened with KDB’s price last time around?

  7. What’s your plan regarding Moura DTT?

    I currently have Mahrez, Moura and Jesus that i am unsure about and need to get Mane back in. With Man city having 2 fixtures this week do you think it’s worth holding onto the Man City duo and changing Moura for Mane?

    Also, do we think Mane’s and Moura’s prices will drop?

    1. Mane will definitely fall in value.

      I would guess that Moura will either remain the same or even rise again (as he did last time). Because his price is so cheap, he only needs a modest average score for the last 5(ish) weeks to maintain his price or even rise.

      1. I’d want Mane back in but it doesn’t really make sense to take Mahrez out with City having two fixtures this week. I’m considering swapping Moura for Sterling at the first given opportunity but I just have a feeling Moura will score a big point total when I take him out. Ultimately when Sterling is back I’ll have to make the change.

  8. Thanks Chris, gives me a bit more thinking time!

    Part of me thinks Moura for VVD and Mahrez for Mane, which gives me a 4 Liverpool block at the back with VVD, Robertson, Gomez and TAA.

    Still not convinced with having Aguero and Jesus up top however with so many injuries there’s not a lot that’s jumping out to me, perhaps Auba who came good for me towards the end of last season in DT.

    1. I wasn’t convinced either but I’ve struggled to find a good reason to take Jesus out so far. A lot of other strikers are either injured or out of form. Jimenez is the only one that appeals at the moment.

  9. Every pt important, like to know where Jimenez got an assist from, I’ve been watching the game.

  10. Last transfer used. Son to KDB. Eyeing up a move for GW 29 of Moura to Sterling and Firmino to Jota.

    No point in me looking at players that my rivals have now. Wolves looking very good right now so hopefully Jota has a few more purple patches in his armoury. Delaying the moves until GW 29 though because Spurs have a double GW for GW28 (City don’t) and there’s probably a good chance that Jota gets rested for that second leg anyway (in GW28) whereas Liverpool will be going hell for leather against Athletico (GW28).

    A worthwhile strategy or am I simply chasing GW points that have been and gone?

    Thoughts welcome as ever guys! 👍🏻

    1. Team as it stands now:


      £3m ITB
      0 transfers left for this month

    2. Ignore the comment about Jota getting rested as the second leg is this month anyway. Getting mixed up with the first leg of the next round. D’uh….

      1. Looks in fairly good shape mate… all we can do is hope our moves pay off and re-asses in two weeks time! I know others in my ML don’t asses the fixtures quite like I do but luck can play a big part of it at this time of the season.

        1. Cheers Brad. Still all to play for so it’s always exciting heading into the business end of the season. 👍🏻

          1. Not sure I’d fancy Jota but Jimenez could be appealing. I’m guessing you can’t afford him and Sterling? I had looked at Neves previously. I can’t believe how cheap he is but at the same time I can’t believe how few points he’s picked up given Wolves have been fairly solid this season.

  11. Hi guys

    Is anybody considering bringing in Martial? He’s in decent form and has four good games left this month to score points. Not many other strikers in a similar form and run of fixtures.

    1. I have been thinking the same, I have 100+ points to make up in my ML. Though the leader doesnt have Auba or Jimi and I cant help but think that Martial’s form could drop off any moment.

      Inclined to say that Auba/Jimi would be better options personally.

      1. Yeah, you never feel quite comfortable owning Martial as you feel like a dip in form or niggling injury is just around the corner. Having said that if I were 100+ points behind, these are the kind of moves you have to consider. Could well pay off.

        1. I definitely looked at him as I thought he would be really cheap but he wasn’t. Bit too inconsistent for me as well.

    2. If Martial was cheaper i think he’d be worth looking at.

      What about Bruno Fernandes as a Utd option guys? Fairly priced, looks to have settled well into the team & Utd look to have pretty decent fixtures until the end of the season. He was superb at the weekend & also on pen duties.

      My thinking is he may be a potential replacement for Moura, that guy couldn’t score in a barrel of fanny’s!

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