February Transfer One

February Transfer One

Out: Sane (5.5m)
In: Eriksen (5.8m)

It’s obvious that Sane has to go considering his injury. It’s been a very difficult decision on who to bring in but I’ve decided to opt for Eriksen for a couple of reasons. The players on my list to consider were:

B. Silva

I’m obviously also looking at Salah and De Bruyne at some point. Here’s my logic behind the move. Spurs have four games over the next two game weeks. Man Utd only have two and Man City have three. Eriksen also has a proven track record as being a consistent point scorer and is the highest scoring player on the list. To me it makes perfect sense based on this information.

In terms of bringing in Salah or De Bruyne. I think having at least one of them is going to be ultimately essential. At the moment it’s mathematically possible to get either of them. We would have to lose Hazard to get Salah but Chelsea are on a poor run and are likely to exit the Champions League. We could get De Bruyne for either Sterling or Hazard. As both Sterling and Hazard are fit and scoring points I don’t see the need to change this right now. It’s worth waiting another week to see how this pans out, especially with Liverpool playing Spurs this weekend.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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35 thoughts on “February Transfer One

  1. Hi DTT good logic.

    I’m currently 442 and have Sane.


    I can afford Sane to 6.8 ie Sanchez as a straight swap but doesn’t leave enough fund to transfer hazard to KDB or salah.

    Alternatively, taking game time into consideration I could also do Christiensen to Ake and Sane to KDB and continue to ply 442. I like bournemouths fixtures and can see ake’s price rising over the coming weeks.

    Would be great to hear your thoughts. Cheers

    1. Really difficult one and the vast majority of my moves haven’t gone well so you’re probably best placed to make the decision. What about Lukaku instead of Sanchez, would give you a lot more flexibility.

  2. Sorry, not sure why it lost prt of my post. I meant to say understand the logic for eriksen but I don’t like the Spurs fixtures and there’s Nov guarantee he will play against Newport. Did you consider Bernardo silva? Would also free up funds for the KDB or salah transfer

    1. I’m not sure he will play against Newport to be honest. I did look at B. Silva but I’m just not convinced he will pick up many points.

  3. Hi DTT. What are your thoughts on Mikhi at Arsenal? Only £2.8m.

    Currently have Sane and Morata injured, thinking of swapping them for Mikhi and Aguero. Alternatively I could go Eriksen and give Giroud at Chelsea a go for £3.3m.

    Any advice appreciated, need to claw some points back!

    1. I think it’s one of those which could go either way. Neither option is ideal but I’d probably favour Mkhitaryan and Aguero. I’m not convinced by Mkhitaryan but who knows if he gets a run in the Europa League.

  4. I have CHRISTENSEN in my team, he is out with hamstring injury and not sure how long. Was thinking of swapping him for Van Dijk, what’s your thoughts DT? If yes shall I wait till next Friday as Liverpool play spurs this weekend?

    1. I don’t think Liverpool’s defensive problems have been solved with Van Dijk and he’s not done overly well for me. But they do have a better tie in the Champions League so think it would be a good move.

  5. Dave that makes sense to me. I think Mkhitaryan will do well at arsenal in an advanced position and will play europa league also, you say you want to claw points back so that writes giroud off cus he ain’t going to get you 60-80 points this months whereas for an Aguero, Sanchez that is feasible

    1. I think so much is up the air with Giroud, Mkhitaryan, Sanchez and so on at the moment that I wanted to go for a proven point scorer. But holding back on the other two transfers will mean I’ve got options going forward so I’ll be keeping an eye on all of the players mentioned. If Giroud gets game time I’d favour him to score more points than Mkhitaryan.

  6. Hi guys,

    I’ve got :-

    De Gea


    De Bruyne


    I’m dying to get rid of morata as he’s just not getting me any points. And i could do with some better point scorers. Any reccomendations?

    Kind regards


      1. I’d agree with Aguero but assuming you’ve not got the budget for this without making other changes?

  7. MK is great value at 2.3 (assuming he maintains the consistency of yesterday).

    My only concern is that despite his 14 points yesterday, his price is still likely to drop on Friday because his previous 5 games have earned him just 2 points, and even though those 5 games were some time ago, they still count!!..

    1. but the 14 points will mean his 5 game average will be around 3ppm and he’s only 2.3 so i think he’ll rise by 0.3

      1. Hi Phil,

        I don’t think that their price has anything to do with the The rises.

        Last week K Walker had earned 17 points from his last 6 and went up 0.3, whilst Otamendi had earned just 3 less on 14 and went down 0.3.

        A 0.6 swing based on just 3 points seems strange.

        I’m still yet to decipher the exact formula (if there is one), but I don’t think he’s guaranteed to go up!

        1. Hi Lee,

          I’m with Phil on this one.

          As you have stated Walker only had 3 points more than Otamendi but his price was about 3m less and this then has to be considered as a contributing factor to why the price changes are so different.

          Lower priced players definitely get price changes with lower average scores.

          I think it would be incredibly difficult to work out the exact formula. From my perspective (I have followed price changes of my team closely this season but not all players as that would be too much work) 5 game average, 3 game average and price are put into a formula to create a number for that week. This formula is then used on all players who have played in that game week and the players are then ranked by this number and listed from highest to lowest and then assigned into the 7 different price change categories (+.3, +.2, +.1, 0, -.1, -.2, -.3).

          Take David de Gea for example.He had a 5 game average of 5 points 2 weeks ago and his price went up .3, last week his 5 game average was still 5 but his price didn’t change. His 3 game average went from 6 to 4 and his price went from 5.1 to 5.4 so you would think that these have to be contributing factors to his difference in price change. But also it could be that in the latter week there were more players with a higher formula number and that has forced him down in price change categories from .3 to 0.

          There is also a theory that when a player has a really high average (like Kane does when he scores two hat tricks in a row) and his price rise would theoretically rise beyond the .3 limit there is then a carry over of the difference into the next weeks, this would account for any odd changes where you think a player wont rise but then does.

          I hope this hasn’t added to the confusion what I am basically trying to say is that it isn’t just a 5 game average that the price changes are based on but price is definitely a variable that needs to be taken into account.

          I would expect Miki to rise at least .2m for what its worth.

          Another long winded post but its difficult to explain my thoughts on things like this without getting it all out of my head!!!

          1. Hi Nick,

            Thanks for your insight.

            My reasoning for not believing price was an indicator was based on VVD.

            When he signed for Liverpool, he was 3.5 (not far from MK). He scored a goal and earned 8 points, yet he still went down to 3.2 the following week, presumably based on his previous games where he (like MK) had scored just 2 points in his last 5.

            I guess we will see on Friday.

            1. I think there will be a big difference between a player at 3.5m with a 5 game average of 2 (as VDV was at that point) and a player at 2.3m averaging 3.2.

              Miki also has a greater 3 game average of 4.7 to VDVs then 3.7 which could also contribute to a greater increase.

              As you say we shall see on Friday. Even with a .3 increase he is going to be exceptional value on that performance I think we can all agree on that!!

              1. Yeh, I agree.

                I must say, I am tempted to put him in for that price, but his consistency is what makes it a gamble for me!!

                I currently have Hazard, KDB, Salah & Sterling, so it would have to be either Hazard or Sterling making way… risky!!

                1. I think he is a player who can facilitate another transfer if you need to make money, but I wouldn’t replace any of your mids with him, especially on the back of one performance against a shockingly poor Everton who basically just let Arsenal run riot.

                  At the price he is now I think I’ll wait a bit to see if he can sustain the start he has made, its not going to make a great deal of difference if I get him now or at 4m after he has shown he can sustain the form, granted others may not be in this position.

                  He started the season well at Man U but tailed off and he does play for Arsenal after all!!

                  1. Yes, I’m thinking on the same lines. Plus Arsenal’s fixtures in the next few weeks aren’t going to be easy!

                    People looking to get him should also consider contingencies at this stage of the season!

                    It’s all well and good putting MK in and having ample funds to beef up your defence, but should he get injured, you cannot replace him very easily unless you recoup funds from elsewhere, meaning you have to make two subs.

  8. I’d agree with Eriksen on this move, DTT. Unfortunately, i haven’t listened to my own advice & i’ve replaced Salah with KdB, when my gnawing intention was to go with two Spurs players, Eriksen & Alli, that would have made an 8 Spurs man team. ( Got 7 Spurs players at present. 1 transfer left. )

    1. Why are you seeing kdb as greater than Salah? I have kdb and was debating grabbing Salah with an extreme team makeover

  9. Hi,

    Looking at my team.

    Swapping morata for aubameyang

    Sterling for salah

    Lingard for mikitariyn

    Whats peoples thoughts?

    1. Look like solidchanges to me.

      The only thing I would question is the consistency of MK and Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures, but given that you’ll only be losing Lingard, I can’t see see it being a bad thing.

      In my opinion the horse has bolted regarding Lingard. He’s had his purple patch. Can’t see him maintaining the points he was scoring a few weeks ago.

  10. De Gea
    Walker, tripper, Simpson, VVD
    Salah, KDB, Hazard
    Firmino, Kane, Aguero.

    1726points. – 1.6m in the bank. 1 transfer left.

    Option 1. Trippier to Otamendi or Valencia (Aurier is first choice RB)
    Option 2 Hazard for Mhyki ( Don’t know if I trust Chelsea plus they have Barca in CL, Arsenal have easy Europa game and SHOULD put a full strength squad our make sure they get CL next year + leaves 7.2m for next month)
    Option 3 – save my transfer for an injury.

    1. I think you should hold it for injury. Mkh has horrible fixtures. Aurier Trippier rotate it appears, poch always rotates his full backs.

      Otamendi would be the best shout at a push but now they have laporte, might be on rotation with alot of fixtures coming.

  11. Hi guys,

    Have two transfers left with 1.2m in the bank.

    I am thinking of doing the transfers now.

    I am thinking:

    Davies & Christensen OUT – Smalling and Danilo IN


    Christensen & Bernardo Silva OUT, Soares & Sterling IN


    Christensen and B Silva OUT, Soares and Mane IN

    Here is my team in full:





    The guy in front of my mini league has 3 city defenders and has KDB & Sterling who are killing me! I am 100 points behind.

    So is it best at this stage to solidify the defence or, weaken it slightly to improve the midfield? Mane could be a good one as he would serve as a differential. considered MKH but fixtures are awful.

    Appreciate thoughts


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