February Transfer Three – Bailly In

February Transfer Three – Bailly In

Out: Shaw
In: Bailly

Very quick blog tonight as we are so close to kick off. However I’ve decided to make my final change of the month. With Shaw being excluded from the entire squad again, I’m transferring Bailly in. Man Utd have 4 games left this month with two Europa League fixtures, an FA Cup tie and the EFL cup final. I’m hoping this will give Bailly ample opportunity to pick up a good amount of points. This is a bit of risk move as I’m now stuck with Jesus until March. However from looking at the upcoming fixtures hopefully this won’t cost me too many points. I’m also hoping we won’t get a repeat of Monday night with Bailly having to go off injured after 14 minutes. My only other option was to replace Jesus next week. If we ignore the FA cup fixtures this only left two real options:

Man City – Aguero: – Monaco
Chelsea – Costa: – Swansea

Costa could score very well against Swansea, however I’ve decided to take the risk on Bailly with more fixtures left for the rest of the month. I need to replace Shaw long term anyway and Bailly is currently the same price so it makes sense to do it now.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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