February Transfer Three

February Transfer Three

Only just had chance to check the line ups for the cup final. With Sterling injured, I’ve decided to free up some funds and opt for Sane as a similar alternative. So the transfer is:

Out: Sterling
In: Sane

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  1. I did this too when I see that Sterling wasn’t playing again.

    Wish I hadn’t bothered now! Although, Sane might have another game midweek….assuming he isn’t benched!

    Fortunately, I have one sub remaining for Feb so I can remove him after his game on Thursday.

  2. I can’t say I joined the club as I wasn’t sure Sterling was ruled out for Thursday’s game. I got one February transfer left and already decided to use two of March transfers straight away. Need to do better, my team’s form has not been good in 2018.

  3. Hi, I’ve been following this blog for a couple of seasons now and I firmly believe this blog is the reason why I’m doing ok this season.
    A bit of advice if you don’t mind. I’m top of my mini league by nearly 200 points, I’m on 1998 points and I have 2 transfers left this month with £2.7m in the bank. I started off with a week defence and because my front 6 have done so well I’ve been concentrating on my defence.
    My team is as follows: Pickford 1.3m,,K.walker 4.2m,,Otemendi 6.0m, Pieters 1.5m,,Smalling 5.7m,,De Bruyne 8.9m,,Salah 10.3m,,Sane 5.1m,,Kane 11.1m,,Lukaku 5.8m,,Aguerro 9.4m.
    I follow the fixtures and Man Utd and Man City have the best fixtures in March. I though of changing Pickford for Ederson but I’m not one for changing keepers at all but Ederson is reasonably cheap.
    Thoughts please.

    1. Hi Steve,

      If you have 2.7m in the bank, I’d be tempted to lose Pieters…and question why you haven’t done this sooner if you have two subs?

      1. Hi Steve – thanks for the comments, glad you find the blog useful. I’d agree with Lee that Pieters should go, if I can get rid of him in March he will be out of my team.

  4. Nothing wrong with choosing Sane, but why not consider a punt, that doesn’t have a large selection, someone like Moura, whom i don’t think as been bought to be a bit part player. At this stage of the season, you may as well have. It could have freed up even more funds for you.

  5. Boy did I get lucky with my 3rd February transfer!!

    Completely forgot about it last night and managed to get it in this morning at 7:30 about a second before the scores reset and the new lot of subs were allocated!!

      1. I’ve ran out of time to put a blog up for it but I can paste my rough notes below. I haven’t had chance to check if they are completely accurate still though:

        Man City (A)
        Palace (H)
        Barcelona (A)
        Leicester (A)

        Man City
        Chelsea (H)
        Basle (H)
        Stoke (A)
        Everton (A)

        Huddersfield (H)
        Juventus (H)
        Bournemouth (A)
        Swansea (A)
        Chelsea (A)

        Man Utd
        Palace (A)
        Liverpool (H)
        Sevilla (H)
        Brighton (H)
        Swansea (H)

        Newcastle (H)
        Porto (H)
        Man Utd (A)
        Watford (H)
        Palace (A)

        Brighton (A)
        Milan (A)
        Watford (H)
        Milan (H)
        Stoke (H)

        As I say – these may not be exactly correct but it’s what I’ve been working from.

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