February Transfers 1 & 2

February Transfers 1 & 2

Really frustrating to see Lukaku start today as there’s a big risk he might hit a huge score BUT his form this season suggests there’s a big chance he won’t as well. With the option of bringing in Cancelo, who might get two games and has scored far more points this season, it’s too hard to resist even with Lukaku starting. I also can’t see the value in keeping Alonso, who is on the bench today and then Chelsea have a gap in fixtures. I’m going to leave Rudiger in for this week as he’s got a chance of a clean sheet and occasionally gets a goal.

Lukaku out, Cancelo in
Alonso out, Dias in

12 thoughts on “February Transfers 1 & 2

  1. Annoying to see Alonso come off the bench to grab the winner. I guess Lukaku only getting the 3 points softens the blow a little mind you.

    1. And some good points for Cancelo and Dias last night. Still can’t decide what to do when it comes to bringing Salah back in and Kane is also looking like a problem. Think I can only have 1 of Kane, Salah and Ronaldo and in that equation it’s got to be Salah.

      1. I know it might make you shudder at the thought of it Paul, but I’m not half tempted to bring Sancho in. 😂

        With Greenwood out indefinitely now I’d imagine plenty of game time for him and fixtures remain decent.

        If I go Silva to Sancho I can JUST afford to go Antonio to Salah. It would leave £0 itb if I do it before Friday but I’d be reasonably happy with the team, albeit with two United midfielders.😬


        1. Did you do it Chris? Had I not put Sancho in a while back I’d have been tempted as well, instant returns if you did.

  2. Quite happy with my team, I made 3 transfers yesterday in digne Richarlison and Jota I have..

    De Bruyne

    Looking to take walker out but not sure who for? Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. leave him in for now.
      next set off transfers I would think about
      Thiago Silva from Chelsea. top defender.

  3. Ronaldo likeley to go down by another 0.2-0.3 in the morning, if Salah gets pts tonight via playing from the start or coming off the bench to score, he’ll rise in value tomorrow, so Ronaldo comes out tonight for Salah. leaving me one transfer on the 19th for Ederson to Mendy who have a double gameweek, & excellent fixtures in March, will probably look at getting Alonso back in with my first transfer in March, alot can & probably will happen before then, agree with Chris B. Silva pts have dried up, but he plays every game, & fixtures remain great, review in March,.Sancho’s form has picked up & a run in the team is likely, short-term maybe, Man utd’s fixtures in March horrific.

    1. Yeah, I’m not looking beyond United’s next 5 fixtures so he’ll (Sancho) be coming out for then most likely. Just hoping I can hop on a wave of price rises for him over the next 2-3 weeks.

    2. I don’t own Ronaldo but if I did I’d be very tempted to hold for one more week. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him score heavily in at least one of those fixtures.

      1. He’s got one more chance for me, almost certain to take him out on Thursday evening if he blanks again midweek.

    3. I’m probably going to remove Ronaldo before he drops further at the end of the week. Fingers crossed Salah doesn’t hit a big score midweek.

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