February Transfers 2, 3 & 4

February Transfers 2, 3 & 4

As we are so close to kick off, I’ll keep this one short.

Sterling/Mahrez/Walker out
Rashford/Cancelo/Wan-Bissaka in

I’ve basically made these choices because Mahrez and Walker are on the bench. Cancelo has been desirable for a long time and Man Utd have excellent fixtures on the horizon. I really didn’t want to take Sterling out based on him starting the game today but his ownership is lower than Rashford’s in the mini league I monitor. Rashford also has better fixtures, more points on the board to date and is a lot cheaper. Sterling will probably make me regret it by the end of the day but it’s a risk I’ve got to take.

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    1. Yeah I could have been tempted to take him out as well. Glad he’s the only Liverpool player I’ve got though

    1. Rodri said after the game he’ll be taking their next pen but Pep then said in his interview it was really lucky and unconvincing and he doesn’t think Rodri will be their pen taker.

    1. Maddison is still a good pick though, he’s key to how Leicester attack and they just keep doing the biz… Vardy now back too!

  1. I’ve noticed of late people considering keeping funds back, to put De bruyne back in the team, when fit, because of his price you may leave a weak link somewhere else in your team, he will probably go straight back into the starting 11 at the expense of B. silva. Providing Foden & Gundogan continue their form & there is no reason to suggest it will dip, their pts per game at least match De bruyne & at a considerable cheaper price, my template for the considerable future will be,
    Gundogan, with perhaps Maddison worthy of consideration, my template for defence will be,
    Maguire, again only a severe dip in form or injury related, will force me to make changes, strikers for me will be,
    Salah, who will be taken out if they go out of champions league early, as they are already out of fa cup, & not in the league Cup final, replacement for him will looked at if & when is necessary, I plan to stick to this starting 11 longterm unless my hand is forced, if I happen to be chasing in my mini league then risks will of course be taken.

  2. How much do you have in the bank DTT. Do you have a plan for when de Bruyne is fit again? Assuming you’ll be making a move for him that is?

    1. I assume he will drop maguire? Go back to 3 in defence. I know it’s uneasy having two utd players at the back long term.

      1. I’d rather move on AWB or Dias but will see how it pans out. Difficult to say at the moment.

  3. I’ve always planned to bring KDB back in the moment he’s fit however I’m now thinking that I may not be so rash… I’m not saying I won’t do it as we all know how good he is and a ‘must own’ when on top form however he’s not been the ‘essential’ midfielder that Fernandes has been this season. I have Foden and Gundogan and perhaps I might just hold back a week or two and see if he immediately starts to outscore them, or if not and they can at least match him for £2m less each perhaps those funds could be better used elsewhere, or just held back. I’m starting to sense that Phil Foden might be a very special player over the next 5-10 years…

  4. nothing goes right when you are struggling for a few points
    did not watch Chelsea last night looked at the paper saw that
    they had won 2 nil that’s handy i thought till I saw that Mendy
    did not play. oh well back to the drawing board.

    1. I think TT said after Mendy is their No.1 and would be restored… maybe await their lineup against Southampton before ditching Mendy?

  5. This is my team so far. Any clues on how I would perhaps get DeBruyne in?
    Wan Bissaka



    I left 2 transfers this month to switch one out to get DeBruyne back. I may have to lose the big value in Cancelo? For a cheaper defender. Are we thinking he is a priority to get back in the team?

    1. I think Cancelo is a priority to keep personally… even if City do concede he always looks involved going forwards. How much do you have ITB? Ederson to Mendy/Schmeichel frees up £1.4m. You’d also need to keep Barnes over Maddison & Foden. Also not sure I’d recommend a downgrade of Kane or Salah. Hope this helps.

    2. There was talk of Cancelo having a knock so he might be injured anyway going into the weekend. Worth keeping an eye on

    1. Been saying this for a couple of weeks now, Tuchel will get the best out of him he’s too much of a good player to not start scoring. I’d want a bit more from him though to drop one Kane, Rashford or Sterling!

  6. Definitely a shout for next month.
    Chelsea 4 fixtures- Everton, Leeds, Athletico Madrid, Sheffield Utd
    Spurs 2 fixtures – Palace, Arsenal.

    An interesting month next month. So few games it’s worth fiddling around a bit I reckon.

    1. Spurs v Villa is likely to be re-arranged for game week 26 due to them both being out of the game cup.

  7. Pleased I still have 2 transfers left, keep an eye on Kane possible injury, & interested to see if Gundogan is a must have, or will he be pushed back into a deeper role, with De bruyne probably starting on Sunday against Arsenal.

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