February Transfers 4 & 5

February Transfers 4 & 5

I’m rolling the dice and using my final two transfers for the month. A little earlier than I’d want to but I think I need to take a few risks at this stage of the season. I need to get Salah back in or risk falling further behind – Jota is also now injured. In an ideal world Jota comes out and Salah comes in – obviously I don’t have the budget for this. As a result, I’m swapping De Bruyne for Sterling – Sterling will rise in value tomorrow and De Bruyne could well drop so it’s an obvious transfer for me that will enable Salah to come in.

Jota out, Salah in
De Bruyne out, Sterling in

I’m making these transfers now as I’m fairly sure I won’t have the budget for these moves in the morning.

2 thoughts on “February Transfers 4 & 5

  1. Just came to discuss this as I have one transfer left and Jota needs to come out. It boils down to Mane, Firmino or Lukaku.

    Top of friend league with a 35 point buffer and second place (the only one who can catch me) has Mane.

    Both Mane and Lukaku have let me down horrendously in the last.

    Thoughts appreciated.

    1. I’d probably go Mane, I think he’s underpriced based on what he’s capable of but he’s also underperformed this year as well so it’s a tough one

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