Final December Transfers

Final December Transfers

I’ve decided to make my final two transfers for December tonight. I appreciate they won’t come into effect for tonight’s game but I don’t want to leave it too late in case I lose them. Here are the changes:

Shaw out, Lindelof in – free up some funds with a like for like swap.

Richarlison out, Sane in – for me it was a toss up between Sane or Mahrez to try and tap into the upcoming cup fixtures. I’ve got no real idea who will get more game time between the two of them, however as Sane is on more points than Mahrez so far this season I’ve decided to go for him. Sane is also more highly owned in the mini league I’m trying to compete in so it carries less risk.

Should Sane get injured tonight, I will reverse this transfer and go for Mahrez instead.

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  1. I’m going to do the shaw -> Lindelof transfer tonigt and then see who starts at the weekend for my next transfer.

    Did you consider having B. silva again? He’s looking good tonight.

    1. He certainly looked off the pace today. First touch was poor.

      Also Kompany just emptied his pockets in changing room…


  2. Well that was a proper game of football. Two excellent teams slugging it out and it could have easily gone either way. Thankful for some decent returns from Sterling and Sane tonight who both were excellent. Got overtaken temporarily in my ML during the game but my boys gave me fifteen point lead by the end. 👏👊

    Aguero looked absolutely knackered at the end but took his goal sublimely.

    1. GK Alisson
      CB Robertson
      CB Stones
      CB Kenny
      CM Hazard
      CM Sterling
      CM Mane
      CM Willan
      ST Aguero
      ST Aubameyang
      ST Lacazette

      Thinking of going for:
      Laca -> Rashford
      Mane -> Sane
      Willan -> Pogba


      1. I’d be looking at Kenny if I were you mate. That Everton defence doesn’t fill me with much confidence and Silva’s teams historically rarely keep clean sheets. Is he even a regular starter?

        Aguero and Aubameyang could potentially match Kane and Salah so maybe you can hold there. Lacazette’s limited minutes has led me to look at Rashford too Jack. Both Sane and Pogba are looking good so can’t argue with those, but as I say, I’d be addressing Kenny before those positions.

        Good luck with your choices Jack. 👍🏻

        1. Only reason I’ve got kenny is to free up funds, he cost 0.5 and doesn’t play so can’t lose any points but can’t gain lol

          I’m going for:

          Lacazette-> Firmino
          Mane -> Pogba
          Willan -> Anderson

  3. Early January transfers dilemma guys!

    Option 1
    Use 1 transfer for
    Laporte to Hazard (funds remaining to be able to do this but only with taking Laporte out)

    Option 2
    2 Transfers used straight away
    Doherty to lindelof
    Richardson to hazard

    1. Who does option 1 leave in your defence Gaz? I can see City going on a decent run again now.

      1. Leaves rudiger Robertson and Doherty Chris so no city defence cover. They surely have to start picking clean sheets up soon but it is for hazard which is defo upgrade it’s just whether to do it with 1 transfer or 2 with those options. Noticed Doherty and Richarldson rising in price too while I think even if Laporte keeps 2 clean sheets in his next 2 games he’ll keep going down in value due to his poor average?

        1. Yeah fair point Gaz. Hazard is pretty essential over the course of a season. Would you not be more tempted to shift Rudiger instead though as Chelsea’s fixtures are pretty touch this month whilst City’s are kinder. I get your point about value swings though but I prefer to look ahead and predict who I’ll think score the most points.

          1. Sorry Chris looked at wrong team it’s actually Luiz Robertson n Doherty so just short to afford Luiz swap to hazard that’s why was only Laporte who could transfer out using the 1 transfer. Otherwise it’s using 2 transfers of Doherty & Richardson for lindelof & hazard

            1. That’s a tough call. I’d probably be tempted to go for the two transfer option as Wolves have a few tough games now and Richarlison’s points hauls have stuttered somewhat (although he does still he decent fixtures). A tough call though like I say. Good luck Gaz. 👍🏻

  4. I was going to swap Laporte for sane/Pogba but City have very good fixtures especially from a defensive point of view, perhaps a chance to finally get clean sheets? which defenders will play is the big question?

    1. Yeah, I’m happy to stick with Laporte for now as I expect City to kick on again with a spring in their step after tonight. With Fernandinho back in protecting that back four, I expect clean sheets to follow once more. He’s such an important player for them.

    2. Laporte has been a mainstay for that defence and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I’d expect Stones to partner him for the majority but the full-back/wing-back slots are a lottery.

  5. Hope DTT has better luck than I did with Lindelof, only played 1 game for me before I had to replace him in November because of injury. Good to have a plan B (replacement lined up or money in the bank) if plan A does to pot.

    I probably would have kept Shaw myself (I never like swapping defenders from the same team) and probably put in Lindelof for Doherty so doubling on the Utd defence. An inform Matic and Herrera could act as a good defensive shield in front of the back four. Doherty’s performances have fallen a bit (maybe a sign of tiredness) and two tough fixtures ahead with them possibly going out in the FA cup to Liverpool. The relatively cheap prices of Man Utd players make them now attractive prospects.

    DTT is having a great season, good position, think the team will finish easily within 1k.

    1. Kepa
      D Silva
      Thinking of doing the Richarlison to Lindelof swap to free up funds and hope that Maddison starts v Newport in the cup. Thinking of swapping out Aubamyang to Aguero going forward. Sitting 4th in mini League and fallen behind a bit. Any views would be much appreciated

      1. Yeah, my patience in Richarlison has run out too (although it wouldn’t surprise me if he did score a few in the coming weeks with decent fixtures). I’ve gone Richarlison to VVD for this week.

    2. Yeah, if I can end up with a points total close to DTT then I’ll consider it a successful season.

  6. Kepa

    Need to make some
    Changes, any ideas? Want to get rashford and pogba in, guys above me in my ML have sane but don’t have sterling

    1. Albrighton is a decent enough player but I think there are better options for Dream Team points hauls. Can you afford Albrighton to Rashford? Not sure how you get Pogba into that team though without a big player being removed. I think I’d sooner have Sane, Sterling and Hazard at this moment in time and stick with those.

  7. I am now hanging on to my ML lead by the barest of threads!! Just this week my lead has been chopped from 55 to just 3 points.

    This is primarily due to the Chelsea clean sheets, Aguero and Sterling,

    I’m reluctant to make any changes just yet given the fixtures/potential rotation that is on the horizon, but what I do need is more City coverage.

    I’m torn over Laporte because he will continue to drop for a few more weeks in spite of any points he may pick up. City may have turned a corner but that doesn’t mean they will start keeping sheets!! They’ll probably to continue winning games 4-1!!!

    1. Probable point scores comes above value swings in my book. I’d be amazed if City don’t pick up a few more clean sheets now. I can tell your brain is about to explode with what to do over Laporte Lee? 😂 I’m the same when it comes to choosing my next keeper!

  8. Out of curiosity, I was looking at the following, but was 0.1m short of funds. Don’t you just hate it when that happens!!….

    Laporte > Lindelof
    Maddison > Sterling
    Anderson > Pogba

  9. Just been reading FFS and it says Laporte was subbed off injured on 86 minutes (I watched the game but didn’t realise he was injured). No news from Ben Dinnery so I can only assume he’s ok? Did a good job filling in at left back. Never going to be great going forwards but played his part in subdueing Salah, Mane etc alongside the imperious Kompany. What a goal line clearance from Stones too! 12mm more and it was a goal!

      1. Mane hit the post, then Stones’s attempted clearance hit Ederson then he cleared it off the goal line. Incredible stuff.

  10. If it helps anyone I can confirm the february transfers wont be available UNTIL FRIDAY 8TH february – I have a direct message from dream team support confirming that and the same with March 8th – so it is indeed a 5 week gap from today until the next transfers so use them wisely and dont blow them too early – hope that helps

    1. But, I have a direct twitter message saying it was the 1st!!! Hate all this uncertainty. Which is it?!?!?!

  11. I’d appreciate any thoughts on the below, which is a risk I know as it used all three transfers, but fortune favours the brave:

    Laporte — Lindelof DEF OR Antonio MID
    Mane — Sane
    Lingard — Pogba

    Both are risky I guess, but is my current lineup strong enough as we enter into a crucial DT period? I guess I could wait a week or so but could risk losing out on points from those I want to bring in. I was concerned that both Laporte and Mane seemed below par yesterday.

    1. How crucial will Aguero be this month, City have some great fixtures.

      I already have Sane and Sterling, but I’m swaying towards bringing in Kane rather than Aguero because of my City coverage

      1. Sane & Sterling are 2 good point scoring city players to have – I definately think aguero and jesus will get rotated on the easier games rotherham & burton for example. All the City players will so overloading your team just on city players could be dangerous as you miss out on some other good players who get more game time

        1. Good advise AJF, I agree they’ll be a lot of rotation. Sane and Sterling should be enough Man City attacking coverage. I also have Laporte.

    2. I’d be tempted to keep hold of Laporte and save that last transfer Stuatt. I’d expect City to go on a decent run again now so I’d expect a few clean sheets amongst them.

      There isn’t that much wrong with your team to be honest. Just note that Pogba has a knock and will be rested for the cup game so hang fire on that one.

      I can understand the Mane one, although Liverpool do have good fixtures so he could do well? City also have good fixtures though so Sane should prosper too. Could you go Lingard to Sane and maybe bring Pogba in for Mane later in the month if he doesn’t improve? Good luck whatever you decide mate.

      1. I can’t afford Lingard to Sane without another transfer as only have 0.1 in the bank – maybe I’ll stay as is for this week and see where the land lies later in the month – injuries may play a part for sure!

        1. Yeah, if Pogba is out for the next game anyway, I’d stick with it. Lingard may well have a cheeky cameo appearance and drag a few points.

  12. City coming up with 2 fixtures in cups this game week against Rotherham and Burton, expecting alot of folk being rested any idea who might play? Thinking of a sneaky differential like Jesus who might pick up big points

    1. I transferred Jesus into one of my teams for December and got me the grand total of 0 points for me 👍

  13. Hoping to get a few opinions for potential January transfers. A bit tricky as I blew all my money in the bank in December to get Pogba!

    Doherty *
    Laporte **
    Richarlison **

    I have my doubts over those I’ve starred.

    Doherty – points machine for his price but Wolves face both Liverpool and City in next two fixtures. Only scored 6 points from last 4 games. Cash in for a cheaper defender (Lindelof)?

    Laporte – swapped him in for VVD around 11 games ago. Huge mistake in hindsight. Looked off the pace and poor yesterday also.

    Richarlison – 9 points in last five games. However relatively “easy” fixtures coming up but potential to trf out for a cheaper player (E.g Lindelof and go 4-3-3)

    My biggest worry this month is City. Their next five fixtures look like points galore and I have very little City representation. Sure, they’ll be rotations but will the absence of Aguero / Sterling / Silva / Mahrez hurt me?

    A huge gamble would be transferring out Auba (less games), Hazard (tough games) and Richarlison (out of form) for Aguero, Sterling and Mahrez/B Silva. I’m top of my mini league so doubt it would be a gamble worth taking, especially given it’s a long month!

    1. you have exactly the same team as me but I have maddison and you have richarlason – I was planning on leaving any transfers this week as have a 90 point lead at top from a guy who has sane/sterling & mahrez and likely to be loads of resting/rotation over weekend so don’t want to waste transfers too quickly but next thursday night planning on swapping maddison & doherty to B Silva & Lindelof . i know what you mean about Laporte but will probably leave him as maddison & doherty are more pressing – he will get points this month I am sure.

    2. Really unlucky timing with the VVD>Laporte sub there Dave!!

      I worked out today that Laporte has actually earned just 3 points in his last 10 games, whilst VVD has earned 66!!

      Can you not do Laporte & Richarlison for Sterling and a cheaper defender to give you your City cover?

      I’m contemplating a similar move myself.

      1. Ah don’t, I’m still kicking myself for it. It was back when I thought Liverpool had an awful run of fixtures but it’s bitten me in the arse.

        Potential transfers to gain attacking City rep are:
        Richarlison > Sterling
        Laporte > Lindelof / Sclupp

        Richarlison > B. Silva
        Doherty > Lindelof / Schlupp

        Will reassess tomorrow but unlikely I’ll make changes depending on lineups

    3. Very strong side that mate but I take your points about Richarlison and Doherty. I’ve gone Richarlison to VVD this week but I’m guessing you may not have the funds for that one Dave?

      1. No funds at all, completely priced out of the VVD move as it stands. Only feasible ways to accommodate would be:

        Richarlison – Schlupp
        Doherty – VVD

        Laporte – VVD
        Doherty – Lindelof
        This would also give me funds to upgrade Richarlison to B Silva

  14. Although also, swaying towards AJF’s consideration of B.Silva because I have reservations about Lindelof’s game time and may need a more reliable defender.

  15. Hi was after some ideas regarding my team about 55 points of top in my mini league!
    £0.1 in the bank
    1125 points
    Schmeichel (tough fixtures want to take out)
    Patterson (Scottish Messi)😜
    Lacazette (want to get rid too much rotation/lack of game time)
    Was looking at getting rid of lacazette and schmeichel
    Possibly for Lukaku and the only decent keeper available due to funds wud be De Gea (hoping for some clean sheets after spurs) any ideas would be greatly appreciated cheers 🍻

    1. I’m pretty sure Lacazette will get some game time against Blackpool Gurdip so I’d hold fire on that one for now. Could you go Schmeichel to De Gea? Not far off being a similar price now and De Gea looking back to his best playing in an in form team.
      Is Patterson here to stay? Whilst he may bag the odd goal and being classed as a defender playing up front, I always fear a tonking from someone is around the corner with Cardiff.

  16. No ones mentioning de bruyne, good fixtures coming up and needs match fitness, tempted to go 442 and lose auba for Jan

    1. Read somewhere that he won’t be up to full speed for about another month. I’d scout his progress in the games he plays and maybe get him in just as he reaches his peak. Could always risk it and get ahead of the curve though?

  17. Hi all,

    Would be interested to understand your thoughts on possible transfer in Jan for the below team. I have 0.9ITB




    I am doing pretty well, total points 1270. Am tempted to do the below straight away depending on Fa cup teams

    Auba > Aguero
    Madderson > lindellof
    Fabianski > Edderson

    Appreciate its aggressive using all 3 but makes then team stronger in my opinion.

    Cheers all

      1. Yeah, I wouldn’t be rushing to offload Aubameyang yet Dan. He’s still bang in form so I see no reason to get rid yet. The other two transfers should pan out well for you though I reckon as long as Lindelof cements his spot.

      1. He’s in the team that is currently top of the leaderboard! Alongside Dennis bloody Odoi. How the hell can this happen?!?!?! 😂

        I agree though Dan, more of an engine room midfielder than a goal scorer/creator.

  18. Got to feel for Tranmere tonight. 6-0 down and you see Kane coming off the bench. 😬 Didn’t take him long either. 😂

    A nice cheeky little 8 points from him though which I didn’t foresee from this one. 👊👍🏻

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