Final February Transfers

Final February Transfers

Laporte being injured is an issue. He will obviously need to come out and I’m also worried about Kane’s return. Both are fairly big problems. I will use my remaining transfers (2 for the month) to address this. The striker to come out will be Aubameyang, however I’m not sure I’ll make this move just yet. For now I’m just looking to be in a position where I’ve got the funds to make this move. As a result my changes are likely to be:

Laporte out, Rudiger in

Sane out, Mane in

My reasoning being – Sane to Mane creates a little more budget for the Kane upgrade. Also I don’t think there’s much between the two in terms of point scoring capability but Mane gets a lot more game time. Laporte to Rudiger might seem like a strange one, however Chelsea have a good run of fixtures. The only regular defender, from Chelsea, I could afford is Rudiger. If I could pick any I’d have gone for Azpilicueta but it’s out of the question. This leaves 2.6m in the bank, with the price difference between Aubameyang and Kane being 2.3m this leaves a little bit of room for price changes.

With regards to Kane himself – Spurs only have 4 games during March. As a result I’m trying to hold out as long as possible when it comes to bringing him back in. The player I’m comparing him to is Aubameyang. If we compare their game week Spurs and Arsenal face each other at the weekend, which is an equally difficult game for both players. We then compare Spurs travelling to Dortmund and Arsenal travelling to Rennes. I’d massively favour Arsenal’s fixture in this circumstance. If we then look at the week after as well, Spurs only have one game and Arsenal have two. For me it just doesn’t quite feel like the right time to put Kane back in – making sure I’ve got the funds to do it is more essential at the moment.  

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111 thoughts on “Final February Transfers

  1. Good changes, i like the sane > mane. I have 2 remaining as well. I had posted this in a previous thread but posting again here as surenothers will contribute. Current team is:




    I am tempted to do Sane > Mane and Laporte > Kyle Walker, Higuain or Azpillicuita

    Decisions decisions, but any feedback or suggestions would be welcome. I feel tempted by Higuain as currently only plying with 2 up top.


        1. I’d agree with AJF on that one. I always tend to play with three strikers and you’d hope that Aubameyang will play against Rennes.

            1. True, Auba is likely to play, but it’s worth noting that he has scored just 1 of Arsenal’s last 13 goals!!

              Is he due? Maybe…

              I don’t usually keep players with poor form for too long, but I agree with DTT and you Chris. Maybe holding off on Kane for a few more weeks might be the way forward.

              The only issue I have is the temptation to blow my balance getting decent players in meaning that to get Kane in March, it would require two transfers.

              1. I could put him in now but it doesn’t seem to make sense on paper. Having said that, it could be a different story if he grabs a couple of goals at the weekend and he’s more than capable of doing that against any team.

  2. Hi guys I’m after some advice. I still have all 3 transfers left for Feb but 0.0m in the bank. My team is currently:





    I am looking at making the Laporte to Rudiger switch which banks 0.6m

    I want to upgrade Fabianski to someone like Ederson but I’m also conscious of saving enough in the bank to get Kane back in.

    Could downgrade Pogba or Sane to a much cheaper midfield or defensive option to free up funds.

    Any ideas / suggestions please??

    1. I think the obsession with getting kane in will ultimately unbalanced your team if your not careful, why dont you dom laporte to rudiger and fab to ederson they are 2 good swaps and keeps your team nicely balanced

      1. Only problem is I can’t do Laporte to Rudiger and Fabianski to Ederson without downgrading someone else too as I have 0.0m in the bank 😞

    2. The other option I’m considering is:
      Laporte to Rudiger
      Sane to Sterling
      Pogba to Pedro

      This will free up enough funds for me to upgrade Fabianski to Ederson as my 1st transfer for March and will also leave me the option to downgrade Robertson to Gomez when he returns from injury at the end of March to raise enough funds to upgrade Aubameyang to Kane ready for April..

      1. Not sure I’m keen on the Pedro move if I’m honest. He can pop up with 8 and 13 points on occasion but they tend to be between quite substantial runs of blanks. I guess he could have a purple patch though? Reckon Zaha could hit a purple patch with good fixtures. He’s the talisman of the team as well.

    1. I was thinking of putting him in as well.
      Quality player n chelsea’s Fixtures mean they should win a few games.
      I was wondering if he would play in the Europa.

      1. He really was superb yesterday. My only worry was against United Klopp left him out. Maybe just down to his recent injury? Should nail down that position now, slightly cheaper option to VVD.

    1. Excellent player with great delivery. Against tougher opponents though he has been benched on occasion. Maybe Klopp doesn’t trust him enough defensively?

  3. Chris, do you have any opinion on Higuain and whether he plays in Europe next week?

    I’m currently on Sane > Mane and Laporte > Azpillicuita, but this could easily be to Higuain.

    Any thoughts would be welcome.

    1. I’ll be honest Dan I’m not really sure. He sat out both Malmo games so maybe that doesn’t bode well for his prospects? At 31 can he sustain a punishing workload? Sarri has shown he’s still willing to deploy Hazard as a false nine as well (EFL Cup final).

      That being said, it’s the latter stages of the competition now so maybe he’ll play with the knowledge that the international break is coming up. Have Argentina got games during this? Maybe he’ll be able to rest up then?

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  4. What would you do with this team?

    Laporte (inj)
    Van Dijk



    1.0M itb

    1. I reckon Kepa will probably come back into the team after listening to Sarri post match, so I’d be keeping him.

      Obviously Laporte has to come out maybe another City defensive asset to have them covered? Or you could risk doubling up on Chelsea with the extra fixtures?

      Maybe consider Sane to Mane as DTT has done? Sane looks out of sorts a little now and appears to be in that City B team again.

      I’d also monitor Son as he’s been quiet of late. I would hold a transfer back though just in case.

    2. Actually, I’d probably keep Sane for now (with that Swansea game in mind) and look at moving on Son. Rashford has a good number of games for the month if fit?

      1. I think Sane has to go, as he doesn’t play enough. Mane is my first choice but also considering Mkhitaryan.

        The Kepa/Laporte situation has really caused me a headache 🤕

        1. If Son wasn’t in the team I’d agree. Just think he’s running on fumes right now. Could roll the dice and make all three transfers?

        2. Son in last 2 matches

          No goals
          No assits
          2 shots
          0 shots on target
          3 chances created

          With ARS, Dort, sou, blank, liv can he reverse the trend?

  5. Any body have any information on FA looking to ban Kane for 3 games for the attempted headbutt against Azpilicueta?

  6. Currently looking at a number of defensive and midfield options and would appreciate others opinions out of the following.

    K. Walker

    Budget midfield options.
    Coupled with the right defender I am looking at changing kolasinac to one of the following.

    B. Silva

    1. Looking at it again I think it will be better to go with Luke Shaw or Lindelof for Laporte as I don’t have any United players in my team. That enables me to go with a more premium Midfielder in Pogba/Mane.

      I think I will go with Mane to save some funds for the 3rd transfer and potentially Kane in April.

  7. I had two transfers left this week and decided to do:

    VVD –> Pogba before the midweek fixtures (facepalm after seeing VVD get two goals!)

    Then when I saw Laporte is out I opted for:

    Laporte –> Lindelof

    So this leaves me going into March with three transfers and 3.5m in the bank, with a 70 point lead in my mini-league. Now, I feel like I should get Kane back in now to replace Rashford, which means I need an extra 1.5m to make happen. I know people are saying its a bad plan to switch out Hazard but I just don’t see much coming from Chelsea at the moment, and my only other option really would be Sterling. Here is my team as is stands:





    Any input gladly welcome 🙂

    1. Sorry just saw the price changes, I need 1.3m extra to go from Rashford to Kane!

  8. I have taken the decision to gamble and go with Kane even thou Arsenal probably have the easier run of games. Have managed to get both Azpilicueta and Van Dijk into the team so currently looks like ..

    Van Dijk | Azpilicueta | Doherty | Lindelof
    Hazard | Mane | Pogba
    Salah | Kane | Aguero

    Currently on 1771 points and top of my mini league (lot of thanks goes to DTT)

    Have 1 xsfer left for the month and £0 left to play with.

    1. Looks like an incredibly strong team to me. I’d be more than happy with that.

  9. It’s interesting to see how people work their team around Kane.

    I too am guilty of this because as we know, he is capable of multiple hatricks when he’s on form and you wouldn’t want to miss those sort of returns.

    However, there is a guy in my mini league who hasn’t had him all season and he’s just a few points behind me (needless to say that his team has been much more balanced than mine).

    Is he so close because Kane hasn’t been as prolific?… presumably not since Kane is still the highest scoring striker in spite of his injury.

    With this in mind, it brings about the age-old Fantasy Football conundrum:

    Is it better to have Strongest/Medium i.e. Kane and a Lindelof/Maddison/Richarlison;
    Or is it better to have a Strong/Strong i.e. Auba and a Pogba/Hazard/Mane

    1. It’s a great question Lee. I think it’s just you know what you are going to get from Kane and he can really punish you if you don’t have him, that being said you are risking it pairing him with a cheaper option like Maddison etc…

      It’s a good debate but those cheaper players can pay off with price rises and chipping away with the odd points.

      I think Lindelof offers great value at the moment though so I wouldn’t class him as much as a risk, United have added some steel to their recent performances which is ideal for us.

      1. Personally I think Kane is an essential player in Dream Team. It’s just now he is £8.4million it’s difficult to get him. My hope is he continues to drop towards 8 over the coming weeks making him easier to get towards the back end of the season.

    2. I don’t think there is a definitive answer to that question in all honesty, it’s just a matter of timing. Both options can outscore the other at any given time. I’d always advise to try and balance form and fixtures for that certain period of time and draw your own conclusions which avenue would be best to travel down.

      The game is essentially making educated guesses as to who’ll score most points. The more informed you are, the better the chance of your guess paying off (sometimes) 😉.

    3. Difficult one to call – I’ve been trying to study other people’s teams across the season and it could easily work either way. I think it mainly comes down to luck. However I’m convinced if someone much more clever than me examined the stats from the past couple of season’s that there must be a formula to score well. I’m yet to discover it though.

  10. I have the same team as you DTT but with £3.6m in the Bank, so could do a Kane for Mane swap
    What do you reckon ?

    1. Would this be possible? If we’ve got the same team wouldn’t that leave you with four strikers?

      1. There you go, shows how much I know about football, and why I rely on you for my team
        It seems that as a mistake, I missed a transfer, but caught up, with somehow £3.6m in the Bank and 1789 points.
        Not only that but for a laugh I said I was a Fulham supporter, and have been bouncing around in 1st place for a few weeks!
        So best to stick with, and continue to shadow your transfers then?

        1. Completely up to you – with that money in the bank I’d be tempted to go your own way. I wouldn’t ever suggest anyone copy my team exactly.

          1. I can never understand why people will copy another team move by move. To me, it’s not really playing the game. Also the reason why I don’t recommend this blog to my mates. They don’t want to do their own research and make their own decisions. They will take the easy way out. I don’t want to be in a mini league with DTT clones.

  11. I really am confused gents.
    Was gonna swap Stones for alonso but am having 2nd thoughts about bringing Zinchenko now.
    Also Should I keep KDB or swap for Pedro/William?
    Thanks in Advance

    My team is


    1. Zinchenko should probably keep his place for now but Mendy is knocking on the door so could be risky?

      I’d also keep KDB for now and see how he plays. I think Gündogan will take over from Fernandinho’s role now so that should allow KDB licence to get forwards again.

  12. Does anybody think A. Young could be a better acquisition than Lindeloff, saving 0.4 in the process, extra funds towards Kane transfer in early April.

      1. Cheers Steve, I would fancy united to come through that tie, if he gets similar amount of gametime to Lindeloff its a possibility, a bit risky as I see Lindeloff being a more secure pick.

  13. I have been chewing over last nights decision all day… had the budget to bring in Azpi and still have more than £2.6m in the bank. Opted to stick with DTT and bring in Rudiger. Got the exact same team and £3.4m banked… am I mad?

    1. Well if nothing else that’s one hell of a wad of cash in your bank account Dean! 💰

      Puts you in a great position to push the Kane button as and when you see fit. Most of us will have to make two transfers to bring him in I’d imagine.

      Just a quick note on predicted team news involving Rudiger, I found this on the FFS site team news section:

      “Andreas Christensen could potentially step in for one of David Luiz or Antonio Rudiger (the German stopper even played in the Europa League last Thursday) if Sarri deems any of his first-choice centre-halves in need of a rest, while Emerson Palmieri could perhaps oust Marcos Alonso at left-back given the Italian defender’s increased first-team involvement (albeit mostly in the cups) over the past month.”

      Probably nothing in it and he’ll start but thought I’d put it out here for you guys to chew over.

    2. I only went for Rudiger because of the budget, it probably would have been invested elsewhere. Got to admire the dedication though.

  14. Any Aubameyang owners starting to get that gut wrenching feeling he’s going to be benched again tomorrow? It could conceivably happen with Lacazette being benched for the last game and also sitting out the Europa ties. 😬🤞

    Don’t do it to us again Emery! For the love of god! 🙏🏻

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me at all – just got to hope if he is dropped that he plays in Europe and does well.

  15. Also found this after scanning through FFS predicted line-ups on United:

    “The Norwegian said that the upcoming match against PSG won’t enter his thoughts regarding team selection on Saturday but the midweek exertions against Palace would – so the likes of Victor Lindelof, Ashley Young and/or Luke Shaw may be handed a rest, with Eric Bailly, Marcos Rojo, Phil Jones (if recovered from illness) and Diogo Dalot options to deputise across the backline.”

    Feel like the Grim Reaper tonight putting all this doubt into your minds (including my own as they predict another Aubameyang benching also). 💀😂

    Really hope the guys at FFS have got these horribly wrong this week for all our sakes!

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me at all – I think Lindelof missed the clean sheet against Fulham for no reason other than being rested.

  16. I might as well put the cherry on the trifle now and say that I reckon there’s a good chance Aguero could be benched as well. I’m beginning to get a bad feeling about this weekend.

    Having said that I’m still pretty happy with this lot for a couple of gameweeks at least:


    ITB: £0.3m

    1. I think that’s an excellent squad Chris, I have exactly the same now lol. Could spread across the key teams as well.

      Fingers crossed for the weekend, some big midweek games as well.

      I think Kun will play, even though Jesus is fit. The pressure is on City still.

  17. Hi All,

    Currently sitting at 1815 1.7 ITB.


    Used last months 2 remaining transfers to get Kane in for Salah and Sane for Mane bagged 8 points with Kane and 13 for Mane and salah pulled a blank which was a relief made me feel like it was a master stroke. Could transfer auba for Salah now but I was curious to hear everyone’s opinions. Thankyou all in advance.

    1. My second Team is –

      1795 – 1.7 ITB


      Thoughts on this team also much appreciated. Thanks again guys/gals.

        1. I was thinking along the same lines for that team, a few things to weigh up and consider. Appreciate the input thankyou !

    2. You must have timed your transfers beautifully through the season Marshy have have a team like that AND £1.7m in the bank! Well played Sir! 👏

        1. Thanks mate, had a good bit of luck with the first team. The second needs a bit of work though lol

    3. Auba has 4 games in the next 2 weeks vs. Salahs 3. I think Liverpool’s are tricky as well or Bayern away and I will the derby will be a close game as well. Maybe save the transfer for a few weeks and hide behind the sofa…

      1. I think will save it, appreciate the input from yourself and everyone Haha nail biting time for the second team !

  18. Just a question to the guys like Chris if you had money in the bank to do auba to Kane in one transfer would you be doing it now?

  19. If I had the luxury of the money to do it in one transfer, I’d wait for the team news later.

    If Aubameyang starts I’d be sticking with him, if he’s benched then I would probably make the move now.

    I’m just hoping to buy some time and get a few sneaky points on the board this month by maximising game exposure between Aubameyang and Rashford (although I’m not ruling out Lukaku if he can find form). This will give me seven games as opposed to Kane’s four.

    Hopefully the value swings will work for me too before I look to make the move for Kane in April. 🤞

  20. If Aubameyang is benched today, do we think that increases the likelihood he’ll be benched for the United game too? Quite conceivable knowing that he’ll be playing both Europa games. In which case do we need to rethink our strategy, and pretty quickly?

    1. I’m now considering Kane today. What you thinking Chris? Can’t be doing with Aubameyang on the bench again.

      1. Aubameyang is a waste of time, had him mid season but soon got rid. Kane is the only choice between the two.

  21. Hi guys,
    Appreciate any input and thoughts on the below team… It’s tight at the top in my ML and want to maximise March from the off. I have 3 transfer but Laporte obviously has to go. My other concerns are Doherty and Son could be drying up and have some tough games this month…





    Stick or twist? Any thoughts welcome…

    1. I’d also be worried about Sane minutes at the moment. They do have Swansea in the FA Cup though so he may bag a good haul in that one. I’d be tempted to tap into that Chelsea defence this month (as Laporte’s replacement).

      Doherty has that cup game as a bonus fixture too, albeit against United. Wolves are a strange team sometimes in that they struggle against some weaker opponents and seem able to go toe to toe with the big boys. I’d stick with him for the season now bar injury.

      Son has looked spent recently so you’re right in thinking of replacing him imo. No doubt he bag a hat-trick now I’ve said that. 😂

  22. Cheers, my thoughts exactly! Tempted by Son to Higuian but not sure he’ll play in the Europa? That said, Europa aside, Chelsea have 4 ‘easier’ fixtures than Spurs… so should still pick up points if they’re finding some form. What do you think?

    1. I am going for him. Currently chasing in my mini league and no one has him so a differential I quite like. Gut feeling (which I think you should always go for) that he could explode soon as he begins to settle down and his teammates become more aware of his movements.

      1. I agree, this month could be a good month to go for him. When Chelsea have easier teams (which they have this month) I think he will play more often than not. Against the tougher teams he may drop to the bench as we’ve seen recently but that isn’t really a concern this month. Could be a great differential as RR says.

        1. Higuain is a massive gamble in my opinion, has hardly done much since signing plus the fact Sarri doesn’t always start with him. Guaranteed first team players only at this stage.

          1. I am not so sure that Aubameyang is a guaranteed first team regular but most people on here have chosen him.

  23. Oh FFS. Aubameyang benched. Again.
    I’m thinking this means he’s likely to be benched v United now also.

    Anyone tempted to twist?

      1. I’m tempted to make my Rashford switch now. For these next two GW’s Rashford should hopefully start all three fixtures whilst Aubameyang may only start the Europa games whilst being benched for the PL games.

  24. Put Kane in IMMEDIATELY.He can outscore anyone in 3 games to anyone’s 5.i like Auba but if he’s not playing what good is he?At this stage we need nailed on starter’s & Kane is one of them.

      1. Had to use two transfers to get Shaw out for Young to be able to afford the Auba to Kane switch. Now have no transfers left for the month 😭.

  25. Anyone slotting Kane in? Seems like Auba is getting benched every other week.

    However I’d imagine he’s going to get the last 20 mins today and the whole of the Europa game as opposed to just 90 mins in the league.

    Psg put 4 past them recently and Betis 3

    I personally think hold for this gw . . . . Annoyingly rashford looks the best option

  26. Mkhi to inconsistent for me Hawks.He’s good for 2 weeks then shite for 8 or injured or not selected.

  27. Anybody currently have Laca? Stuck as to what to do with him, wasn’t expecting him to start ahead of Auba.

    I fancy Higuain but don’t think he’ll play in Europe. Rashford also an option.

    Alternatively, I’m swapping Doherty out next week which frees up funds for Kane.

    1. Doesn’t matter, transfer made. Based on game time alone, Lacazette out for Rashford. Hope Rashford is fully fit!

  28. Rumours that Doherty will be benched this afternoon, If thats the case then im looking at bringing a man utd/man city/liverpool defender in for him. One of those options will play 4 games in the next 2 weeks while doherty plays 2 (Chelsea A + Man utd H).

    1. I think If you can afford stones at 3.9 . . . He’s looking a great option now he’s back fit again.

  29. Laporte to azpilicueta
    Sane to mane

    Leaves me with;





    1762 points.

    2.1m ITB

    Not having Salah makes me extremely nervous!

  30. DTT any thought on the Doherty benching. . . Worth getting Stones in given the fixtures and holding a transfer for injuries

    1. I was thinking exactly the same thing but waiting for teams to be announced. I’m going to make exactly that change.

  31. Seems like am absolute no brainer with the upcoming fixtures.

    Stones and Laporte will be up be first choice long term . . . Seems a good time to jump on at this price coming back from injury and with City still in everything

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