Final October Transfer

This could be a complete waste of a transfer as I may change my mind tomorrow. However I’ve decided to take Leno out, mainly because Arsenal face Liverpool at the weekend and I dont’ see Leno playing in the Europa League with Cech now fit. If I had two transfers my changes would be B. Silva and Leno out for Ederson and Richarlison. However I can’t risk making one of these transfers tonight as the price changes over night may rule the second transfer out tomorrow.

As a result I’ve noticed Leicester have a good run of fixtures for November. As a result I’ve decided to use my final transfer to take out Leno and bring in Schmeichel. Should the double transfer of Ederson and Richarlison still fit tomorrow. I may take Schmeichel back out before he even plays, as stupid as it sounds. Basically I see this final transfer of the month as one left over from October that I didn’t ever need, as a result if it gets wasted I can’t say I’ll be overly bothered.

However for now the transfer is:

Leno out
Schmeichel in

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  1. I get the logic DTT and I think it could be a shrewd move to cover your bases so to speak. I could be one hell of a short playing career for Schmeichel in your team though. Poor chap. 😉

    Hopefully the Richarlison/Ederson transfer will come to fruition after the next set of price changes. Though I’d expect to see both rise in all honesty.

    1. I missed this until this morning and it seems like transfers refreshed today with the start of the game week. The Ederson / Richarlison transfer is still viable so I would assume this is probably the one to go for?

      I’d certainly expect Ederson to bring in more clean sheets than Schmeichel.

      1. Ironically it’s not possible for me so I won’t be making that transfer. I’m happy to hold my transfers and stick with B. Silva with De Bruyne now out.

    2. With some odd price changes, I’m not locked out of this move. However with De Bruyne being ruled out I’m happy to keep B. Silva now anyway. So it looks like Schmeichel will at least get a run out against Cardiff.

      1. I see what you mean about B Silva now De Brunye is out. I think I’m going to go with the Leno – Schmeichel transfer but out of November’s allocation.

        I can only get Ederson if I also switch B Silva and would rather get Leno out of the team now. Gives me one less transfer for November but I’m comfortable with that.

        1. I think Schmeichel could be OK but it’s a bit of a risk. I’ll be moving him on fairly quickly if they don’t start well.

  2. Just checked and Ederson / Richarlison is still possible this morning.

    I assume you had to do that transfer last to utilise the final October transfer as mine uses the updated November allocation?

    1. I used the transfers out of my October allocation and ironically it’s not possible for me now so I won’t be making that transfer. I’m happy to hold my transfers and stick with B. Silva with De Bruyne now out.

  3. Considering there’s not enough money for ederson and richarlison, what about
    Kane -> Lacazette
    Maddison -> Sterling?

    1. Even though I don’t like using all my subs in the first week I’m tempted by
      Kane to Lacazette
      B.silva to sterling
      Schmichel to Ederson

      1. Sterling is very expensive to say chances are he’ll be rotated all season. Scores very heavily when plays though.

  4. What are these price differences based on?! Salah has dropped in price again! Second highest point scoring striker, now £700k less than starting price. Making it easier for teams without him to bring him in.

    1. I think the algorithm for Salah is that if he doesn’t bang in a hat-trick every game his value goes down. Ridiculous. Thought that the patient players would be reaping the rewards for sticking with him now but he’s getting into a position where every man and his dog will be able to afford him soon.

  5. Right all you knowledgeable guys out there, straight choice,
    Option A, 1 transfer left
    Option B, 1 transfer remaining
    Option C, All transfers used for November

    Laporte transferred in also to all options, have chelsea midfield cover in Hazard, person leading my mini league has Chelsea back 5, I currently no Chelsea defender’s.

    1. I don’t quite follow David? Who’s being transferred for who? What’s the difference between one transfer left and one transfer remaining?

      1. Chris, after taking out B. silva, Alonso, & possibly Hart, thats what would be my options, options A&B would mean I have 1 transfer remaining for November, option C would mean using all 3 transfers for November, was a bit vague.

        1. I like the look of Mane and Willian David. Sterling for me though is too expensive for someone who is at the mercy of Pep’s midfield rotation policy. I can David Silva playing more minutes now though as De Bruyne is out for a while. Have you considered him?

          1. Thanx Chris, looked at D. Silva, just think for the extra outlay, Mane can be more explosive, regardless of opposition, have Hazard so maybe that will do from Chelsea midfield, & Stirling you just never know with Pep, love having these transfers, but doesn’t half give you a headache, appreciate feedback, you seem to be having a better season than me, nothing working out for me, long season I’ll stick at it.

            1. Yeah, I’m glad I stuck with both Mane and Salah. Form is temporary but class is permanent. I can remember reading a few comments on here not so long ago saying that Salah was a one season wonder and Mane was a busted flush or something along those lines. Both are excellent players and will have great seasons I’m sure.

              Really hope Kane can begin to repay my patience in him in a similar way. Difference is though I always felt Salah would come good whereas I’m more concerned about Kane appearing to want to be a number 10 with the deeper positions he’s been taking up. Hopefully the return of Eriksen and Alli will help him kick on.

  6. Just been looking at ownership levels in my team and I was amazed to find that Mendy is only owned by 8.5%. I get that folk probably transferred him out when he got injured but that figure is still very low when you consider the returns he’s given when he’s played. He’s almost a differential! 🤔

    1. Just looking at options and think the best I’ve found is:

      Kane to Lacazette
      Maddison to Willian
      Schmichel to Ederson

      This leaves 0 in the budget and no transfers left but it’s the strongest option and leaves only Doherty as a weak link.

      1. I honestly don’t see Doherty as a weak link Zach. The amount of shots and crosses he pummelled in in the last game makes him a great budget choice. Even when Wolves concede there is still decent avenues of points accrual, last week he got star man and was on the losing side.

  7. Any thoughts on my bag of shite, guys?? 3 transfers…





    Shaw obliviously needs to go and I’ve been contemplating getting Mane back in, although not too sure on the timing and logistics of this yet.

    So very tempted to lose Kane…. but then I was so tempted to lose Salah a few weeks ago too. Look what would have happened if I did!!.. 🙂

    1. I think that’s a decent team. It might not be reflected in the points you’ve got on the board so far (from what you’ve said) but that can only be down to bad luck with that team surely.

    2. Shaw is the only one I’d be looking at ASAP. I’d save the other two transfers for now and see how things pan out. Who are you considering as Shaw’s replacement? Also, do you have any funds in the bank Lee?

      1. Thanks DTT/Chris,

        I only have 0.2 in the bank.

        Doherty is looking good from the 25th Nov, but it’s pretty pointless bringing him in before that with Wolves facing Spurs and Arsenal.

        Likewise with Wan Bisaka. Palace have awful fixtures in November, but he might be an option for December.

        Ideally I wanted Mane back, but that will mean sacrificing elsewhere.

  8. Been going backwards with this lot





    Hart must go., and Pedro. I guess sacrifice Kane to free up some money. Any thought most welcome as clearly I’m making the wrong decisions! Thanks

    1. Yes I agree on the two you name. Maybe hang onto your final transfer as it’s a long way to go with no wriggle room if you get any injuries. I’ve gone for Ryan as my keeper as so far so good. What about Richarlison for Pedro?

  9. Maurizio Sarri reports that he does not know yet whether Eden Hazard is fit to play for 90 minutes, but did train yesterday. He can probably play for “40 to 45 minutes”.


    1. Yeh, it’s a frustrating one, but i think most people have him so cannot see many people moving him on.

    2. Annoying that he probably won’t start but think if he’s that close to being fit that he needs to stay in.

  10. It seems to be only me looking for a way to get Mahrez in. With him being rested against Fulham midweek confirms his imoortance in Peps plans. I think he’ll be going in for Doherty in a formation change.

    I don’t really want to lose Doherty and may look to him again for Maddison when Leicesters fixture list dips.

    Chris I think I will take your advice on Ryan as my keeper to Patricio. Although I can’t see a clean sheet against Everton they do have a decent run and look pretty solid defensively.

  11. Ok guys. Not quite sure what I can do. 0m in the bank, on 635 points.





    Was thinking trying to get Gomez in for Doherty somehow. Possibly Mahrez, even a punt on Barkley or Shaqiri . Wilian seems like a must at the moment. Either way 0m in the bank so whatever changes I make I need to do a bit of juggling!

    1. I wouldn’t be in any rush to be honest KOFN as that looks like a pretty decent side to go into November with.

      1. Thanks mate. Was thinking to hold off for a week or two. Kane worries me. But drop him at your peril!

  12. I’ve got Mane as assisting Milners goal on BBC Sport commentary but he’s not been awarded any points on DT? So inconsistent sometimes…

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