Review of Game Week 1

Review of Game Week 1

GW Points: 77
Overall Points: 77
Overall Rank: 5,810
Transfers: None used

Overall a fantastic start to the new season, couldn’t have asked for much more from the game week. Almost a full set of clean sheets, assists from defenders, three goals from midfield and a goal from Salah. Position on the overall leaderboard means very little at the moment but it’s good to be well within the top 10,000 already. It is however very early days, so I’m not getting carried away with this start as I know it could change very quickly during game week 2. It’s also worth noting that Burnley’s game on Thursday will not count for scoring points. Should they get through to the next round, these games will count. I wasn’t aware of this before the season start, I’ve never known a competitive game which kicks off after the season started to not count in Dream Team but either way it’s been a good start.


Clean sheets for Hart and Lowton. It was good to see the two cheaper defensive options get off to a good start. I’d still have question marks next to their names for the long term but points on the board are what matter at the moment.

Clean sheet and an assist for Robertson. Very happy with this performance and selection.

Two assists and a clean sheet for Mendy. Extremely happy that I swapped Otamendi for Mendy. Thought he was very unlucky to not pick up star man with this performance. It was very close between him and Sterling.

A goal for Shaw. Thought he was unfortunate not to get a clean sheet as well. I’d like to see him get a run in the first team but I’m still not sure it will happen. I think one bad game and he will be out. A good performance but still one to keep an eye on in terms of regular game time.

A brace from Mane was a particular highlight, especially as I was close to leaving him out. Fortunately it became obvious from feedback on my team without him that he was essential so I managed to work him back into the team.

A goal for B. Silva was another highlight. I was tempted to take him out for Willian before the season got going, so it was a relief to see him grab a goal so early on.

A goal for Salah. I’d imagine most people have him so these points make very little difference but still good to see.

Despite picking up 0 points, I thought Mahrez looked a threat. He was close to getting rated which would have got him 3 points. Had he stayed on the pitch, I’m almost certain he would have got this. A situation to monitor but I thought he looked more of a goal threat than B. Silva for the long term.

Potential Issues:

There are no real issues after getting off to such a good start. However there are a few observations:

Sanchez didn’t really look like scoring. Although he should have had the penalty which would have made this a very different story. The plan was always to swap Sanchez for Kane anyway so there is no issue. It’s just knowing when to make this move. I’m still inclined to do it before Spurs play on Saturday. I appreciate that Kane didn’t play well at the weekend and looked off the pace. However I want him in before he has that game when he grabs two or three goals, rather than just after. I must admit when I saw that he was starting against Newcastle it was a huge concern so it may be best to get him in sooner rather than later.

Having Mahrez, B. Silva and Aguero could become an issue long term. There will be so much rotation between these positions that I think one of them should probably go. I won’t be making this decision based on one game week though. My personal opinion is that Aguero stays and between the other two Mahrez could still score more over the course of the season. I’d probably look to Chelsea for a replacement. As Chelsea face Arsenal and Man City face Huddersfield at the weekend, I’m happy to let this situation play out further before making a decision.

It was a great start from the backline, but if I was being mega critical I’d say I’m only 100% certain on Robertson and Mendy. It’s just something to keep an eye on at this stage but I’m not convinced having two Burnley defensive options is wise. I’m also not convinced Shaw will hold down a regular place all season (purely because of the way Mourinho is towards him). I want a Man Utd defender so if Shaw does go, I think it’s obvious to bring Young in. With Hart being so cheap it’s probably worth sticking with him – although I read Heaton is now fit so who knows how this might pan out. I’d like to upgrade Lowton to someone like Luiz to have some Chelsea coverage. This could be tricky as changing these positions could require 1.5m. At the moment I’ve only got 0.5m to play with when Kane comes in. It’s merely an observation at the moment rather than an issue though.

Tips for Game Week 2

For me it’s hopefully more of the same. I’m fairly happy with the team I’ve got going into game week 2. The only decision I need to face is whether to bring in Kane or not – I’ll decide closer to the time. With it being so early on, I can’t see me making any transfers other than this, unless someone gets injured in training. If you did not get off to the best of starts. It’s worth looking at the fixtures for the big teams for next weekend:

Man City v Huddersfield
Palace v Liverpool
Brighton v Man Utd
Spurs v Fulham
Chelsea v Arsenal

I’d be looking at City in particular and also Liverpool. With Chelsea and Arsenal facing each other it probably wouldn’t be the right time to bring in any of their players. Both Man Utd and Spurs could also have a good game week. There are so many players who could do well from these teams during the game week. It’s just too early to tell but I’d be keeping an eye on:

Man City: any defender, De Bruyne, Aguero, Mahrez, B. Silva
Liverpool: any defender, Mane, Salah, Firmino
Man Utd: any defender, Lukaku
Spurs: any defender, Eriksen, Alli, Kane

As always, feel free to share your own progress in game week 1 below, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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114 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 1

  1. I think I have to bring Kane in for Sanchez before the weekend as a lot of friends in my mini leagues have him, plus I thought both Sanchez and Utd looked average on Friday night.

    I’ll also be praying that Burnley progress on Thursday night!!

    1. Yeah I think the Kane transfer makes sense. Also hoping Burnley progress for those extra games.

        1. For me there’s two important pieces of information we need before making a decision:
          – How Burnley get on in the Europa League
          – Who starts for City on Saturday.

          Should Burnley do badly in the Europa League, I’m likely to ship out Lowton. Should Mahrez not be starting for City, he’s likely to go as well. So those two could be coming out and in terms of who comes in – there’s plenty of options (Richarlison, Pedro, Van Dijk, Stones, Laporte, Maddison, Keita)

  2. Sanchez needs to come out for me. Common sense approach would be to replace with Kane – it’s a case of when, not if, with regards to a Kane scoring!

    Alternatively could drop to a 4-4-2 as there’s plenty of good midfield options, but my primary instinct will be Sanchez for Kane!

    1. I think Kane makes sense if we’ve got the funds and don’t want to fall behind if he scores well and others have him.

  3. Like you DTT, any game after the premiership has started, should be pts up for grabs, that extra game cld of meant a chance to cement a good start, tend to agree with you looking at weekend fixtures to stay as we are, only Kane to consider, but I wld suggest looking to see if B. silva & Mahrez start, De bruyne will probably start, then their is Sane & D. silva waiting in the wings.

    1. Yeah they’ve got a lot of options at City. I think only having one of their midfielders would be ideal. Hopefully Burnley progress so we still get the extra games.

  4. Do you reckon the curse of Kane not scoring in August will end then DTT, considering the 9 seasons Kane has being in and around the first team squad at Spurs, he’s sensationally scored zero goals in the premier league.. it’s gotta end at some point and I have a feeling he will bag at least one this weekend…

    1. It’s hard to say but I think he’s more likely to break the curse than it continue.

  5. Where does it say that Burnley’s game isn’t included? I wondered why the gameweeks in my head to head had been finalised! I won, but still annoying as I picked 2 of them at the back precisely because they had the extra game. I hope they get through.

    1. I’d picked them for the same reason. It’s on their website somewhere but I’ve not seen it.

  6. I’m in a mini league with mates at work. I’m top with 82 points and 2nd place has 29 points! It might only be gameweek 1 but I’m dishing out the banter already lol. I’m still pretty sure I’ll be bringing in Kane for Sanchez before the weekend. Even being a Man Utd fan I feel uncomfortable having Sanchez in my team with Kane in the starting lineup for Spurs whether he’s 100% or not. Don’t think any other transfers make sense right now so I’ll keep the other 2 transfers in the bank for potential injuries etc. Hopefully more of the same this weekend!

    1. That’s exactly how I see it. Kane makes sense and everyone seems to agree on that.

  7. I thought I read somewhere on this blog that there would be some guest posts by other contributors, nice to get different views. Any news on this?

    1. Top of my mates league with 72 points for my GW1 from:

      Mendy Shaw Robertson
      Mane Jota B.Silva Arnautovic
      Salah Aguero Sánchez

      I know it’s early doors but I’m looking to make two transfers from this line-up. Like most of you I’ll be bringing in Kane for Sanchez due to reasons already discussed. Also, all being well, im going to draft in Richarlison for Jota. Limped off at the weekend but nothing to worry about from what I can gather from what I’ve read. Just feel with Everton’s fixtures early doors, he could really do some damage now that he’s up and running. I’ll leave the transfers till the last minute though to make sure. Thoughts welcome.

    2. No ones put their name forward to write any. Any volunteers more than welcome – more content the better in my opinion.

    3. Put something up RR, always find your views very knowledgeable and informative

      Would be very interested to read about your strategy for increasing funds through clever transfer dealings early in the season.

          1. No blog from me but have written a few bits and bobs in the last few years. Sometimes I write things down just to clear my head. I do a lot of reading on football in my spare time, so it can helpful to bring large range of information together to help in decision making processes related to fantasy football.

            It would be more difficult to make big budgets this season due to the small increase of player values by 0.1m each week. One of the ways I enjoy the game is buying low and selling high. Last season I was able to have a team with a value of 70m by November, now if I am lucky I probably have a team valued at 60m (realistically I think at 55m). The value part of the game is not the most important aspect of the game, but it does help and does allow you to construct ‘superstar’ teams with all the top players. I think a lot of people couldn’t grasp how the algorithm worked and so would end with relatively poor budgets. They then would be bored with the game and leave it as they could not longer be able to bring the most expensive players. Therefore, the variable pricing of 0.1 per week is not something that excites me, I much prefer the larger pricing of 0.3m or 0.6m. The best players in the game do adapt quickly to rule changes.

            1. What’s your thoughts on bandwagon type players? If you don’t already have Richarlison are you likely to go for him because his value is almost certain to rise? I think it’s easy to get carried away with players who have a couple of good games but it’s hard to resist bringing him in at that price – I’m just not sure his point scoring form will last and I’d be surprised to see him in the top 20 point scorers at the end of the season.

              1. I already have Richarlison in my team and yeah without European commitments it would be very difficult for him to be in the top 20 point scorers at the end of the season. I brought him because my pre season research was in his favour (pre season form, fixtures, gut feeling) but it is in the back of my mind that he is really a short term prospect. He doesn’t rate highly in my list of midfielders. I spent pre season listing all players out of 10 and he is 88th on my midfield players, maybe slightly harsh but his performances for Watford for the second half was pretty awful so he was downgraded quite a bit.

                The game has changed now so there is no need to jump on bandwagons. It can be frustrating if you go chasing yesterday’s points. maybe that bandwagon is gone but don’t worry there will always be another one but they mostly don’t last for long. The price changes don’t matter now, only the points gained count at the end of the season.

  8. What about changing formation , Richarlison in , Lowton out? Same price , Everton have pretty good fixtures coming up and surely he’ll outscore Lowton even with the extra potential game ?

    1. Yeah I’d looked at taking him out but he could get 2 extra games should Burnley progress in the Europa League qualifying round. Also we would need to take out either Mahrez or B. Silva, which one?

  9. Good point made going with a change in formation. I could potentially go with a three man defense, take out Sanchez for spurs for Richarlison as a extra midfielder then I can put Kane straight in for probably Firmino.

    1. No I’m 0.5 short, yes it would be a question of picking between Mahrez and B.Silva. It’s a real shame that spurs play before city. I can’t see B. Silva being dropped currently on his form though.

  10. We wouldn’t need to take out a midfielder though would we?
    Go 3-4-3 instead of 4-3-3, Lowton out ,Richarlison straight in ?

    Is that right ?

    1. That is right, I thought you were picking up on the comment about getting a City defender in as well. I’m not 100% sure about taking Lowton out just yet. It’s very early days and they do have extra fixtures. Richarlison had a good game week but there are others who were tipped to do well that didn’t pay off – Jota and Arnautovic come to mind. It was only one game so I’m happy to wait and see how things pan out over the next game or two first.

  11. An excellent review and overall assessment at this stage. What a start!

    As I’ve already posted . . . I completely agree in terms of the Kane move. He’s the long term plan and probably the only player we do not own that could really hurt us from an ownership perspective at this stage. Let’s get all our money on the pitch earning points.

    Feel it’s key to retain transfers early on to remain flexible however it’s vital to get on the KEY players going forward before the point start exploding

    Wouldn’t be in a rush to remove City attacking assets this weekend before Huddersfield. B.Silva has been exceptional in both pre-season and last weekend. Feel he’s going to be nailed for 4-5 weeks after the performance, managers comments and with D.Silva struggling with a slight injury.

    Agree Mahrez over the likes of Kdb/Sane looks the value city attacking option. Was interesting to see him on alot of the set pieces as well. For his price I feel he’s fairly assured of game time and we know if he playing he will score the points.

    Fingers crossed for Burnley on Thursday, they should do the business at home. I think we stick by them for the extra fixtures at this stage, especially as they are scoring well and fixtures are favourable.

    Moving forward I think Willian is one to monitor for Chelsea coverage. I however would be concerned regarding his game time when Hazard returns. Will be interesting to see who Sarri favours between Pedro/Willian. Pedro’s had an exceptional pre-season and has recently signed a new deal. I worry Willian might see some rotation after a long summer at the world cup and no pre-season.

    I was impressed by the 3m Keita on the opening weekend. Looked to get into advanced areas beyond the midfield and to play the big 3 in behind the defence. I feel in a high scoring attacking side he could reach double figures for assists alone. It will be key to monitor how his role change a against the better sides and away from home.

    I’d also monitor the Arseanl midfield options with an excellent run of fixtures coming up. It’s hard to judge anyone against City but Ramsey looked to be playing an advanced midfield number 10 role . . . He always offers awesome points per game value when fit and playing. Ozil/Mikhi looks anonymous at this stage.

    Defensively, Luiz appears to be in favour with Sarri last weekend and in pre-season. My only concern would be I don’t think he scores enough goals and I’m yet to be convinced to the Chelsea defence/keeper at this stage. They looked clueless against City and Huddersfield are the worst team in the league. Luiz has demonstrated he’s struggled to play as part of a central two defenders in the past. Big test against arsenal this weekend.

    Feel at the 3m mark D.Sanchez looks a fantastic option. Looks nailed as first choice and a massive attacking threat ending up with 2 assists this weekend alone.

    1. Useful input Ryan – all great points. Agree with everything you’ve said. Kane is the only transfer that I think is worth making at this stage. Then look to review after game week 2. I think ultimately one of the City midfielders needs to go at some point just to balance the team but as you say we’ve got plenty of options. Could even drop down to a cheaper alternative and then upgrade Lowton to another City defender but I’m waiting to see out their additional games before this happens (should they qualify). I think the important point is that we’ve definitely got plenty of options – the team is set up to be flexible enough that changes are going to be easy to make at this stage.

  12. what about Neves for Lowton – he seems to have settled in quickly – go 3-4-3 , he takes free kicks, he will add goals to your team and I think is a good differential as most people will go with richalson who is a good option true but neves will offer something different perhaps, the downside is it’s an extra 0.5 to spend?

    1. I wouldn’t be looking at this move just yet. I like the thinking behind going for one of these cheaper midfielders but I think it’s too early to make the move. They’ve only played one game and for me on paper Jota looks likely to score more than Neves over the course of the season. Richarlison could be another one to look at but again he’s only had one good game. I think we need to hold tight for now – it’s been a good game week but everything can easily change in a week.

  13. Good opinions RR. I too was impressed with Keita. I’m putting both Kane and Richarlison in I think for this weekend (for Jota and Sanchez. Leaves 0.5m in bank.) Richarlison is my short term option with favourable fixtures coming up but I may look to switch to Keita moving forwards if he continues to impress.

    Having Hart in goal, I’d like to keep that 0.5m in the bank so I have the option of upgrading my keeper at some stage should circumstances dictate.

  14. What are people’s thoughts on Sterling? Looked quality the other day. I’m considering 4-4-2, with the view to bringing Kane in after Spurs play Man U, or dropping Aguero after his blank and going Salah / Kane up top.

    Just playing with a few possibilities in my head and would welcome your opinions

    1. Sterling looked like he suffered no ill effects from the World Cup and looked in excellent form. I was surprised to see Sane benched to be honest and I’m hearing murmurings that Sane is not in Pep’s good books at the moment for whatever reason.

      I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on Sterling over the next few weeks.

    2. He played well and can’t argue with points on the board but at the moment I couldn’t prioritise him. Salah, Kane, Aguero, Mane, Hazard and De Bruyne all need considering and he would probably be next on the list. However it would be impossible to have a team with them all in.

  15. Cheers CS. Like the transfers . . . All over the Kane to Sanchez move.

    Richarlison certainly has the form and fixtures to do will as a budget enableler. Jota does look a player but I’m always cautious regarding newly promoted teams and players as there is often a significant downturn in returns. Wolves fixtures do look poor in the short term as well.

    It admittedly would be a tricky call between himself and Keita if I were in your position

    As you say it’s important to remain flexible with the Burnley lads/Shaw/B.Silva as things can change very quickly

    I’m cautious about BOTH Chelsea and Arsenal atm as both are very much alerting to new systems and a work in progress.

    Sterling did look good but at 6m he’s a tricky price. It’s looking like he’s completing with the likes of Mane/Hazard for a space in my team. Ultimately I think the likes of Mahrez/B.Silva offer better value and I’m on Aguero to outscore him.

    Could be a consideration should aguero get injured/dropped and we find a way to get Auba in . . .who another on my radar

    I’m also monitoring Palace. Defensively going back to the end of last season they have been exceptional. After Liverpool they have a run of 8 very easy fixtures. I think the likes of PVA (2.5) will be very advanced and would pick up a hat full of goals and assist. Also Wan-Bisska at 1.5 for those that like a bargain.

    I do normally like to cover the top 6/7 sides, however if Burnley get knocked out and budget became an issue they could be a decent option

  16. Hi, first time on here

    Any tips would be great fully received!!!

    My teams
    Joe heart
    Mendy, Robertson, Shaw
    Fred, de Bruyne , hazard ,Keita
    Sanchez , Kane , Salah

    Should I put mane in? It seams that everyone is tipping him up as a must for this season?! Thinking of dropping Sanchez & Fred? And bring in a defender?

    1. Personally I favour Mane over De Bruyne and Hazard but I think this could change quickly – both outscored Mane last season. I can’t see Fred doing very well from a Dream Team perspective as he’s quite defensive. I’ve also got Sanchez and I’ll be looking to take him out.

  17. I had 82 from the opening fixtures
    VVD, Robertson, Alonso, Shaw
    Fred, Alli, Mane
    Salah, Aguero, Firmino

    My only concern is Fred, will his price rise enough to replace and maybe looking to swap Alli for Hazard

    1. Looks like you got off to a fantastic start – I think Fred would be a concern for me. Do you have any plan to get Kane in as well or are you not bothered about having him at the moment?

      1. I’m not to sure how I’m going to manage getting him in, Firmino would be the better option to replace.
        Will have to wait and see what I can do come September

  18. 82 points from the opening weekend

    Shaw, Robertson, VVD, Alonso
    Mane, Fred, Alli
    Salah, Aguero, Firmino

    Do I use 2 transfers for this week
    Alonso – B.Silva
    Fred – Keita

    I can’t see Chelsea keeping a CS v Arsenal
    And not too sure Freds price will rise much throughout the season.
    Keita looks the better option going off his performance v West Ham.

    1. Looks a good move to me – i think alonso is over priced in the system Sarri prefers as he won’t be as marauding as he was – this move also gets a way into the Man City midfield and frees up some cash

    2. Looks a decent move to me too. Think it might take Fred a while to get up to the pace of the premiership whereas Keita appears to have hit the ground running. Think I might just keep scouting him for now though personally as I want Richarlison in for now.

      Pep has been saying good things about B.Silva lately so I can see him getting a decent run in the side. With all of City’s midfielders though, nobody is guaranteed a place in the team. The quality they have is those positions is phenomenal. I’ll be sticking with B.Silva into September but on a constant review basis should Pep start rotating.

      I’m avoiding both Chelsea and Arsenal defenders/keepers for now until they begin to settle into the season. Better value elsewhere imo.

    3. I’d say those two transfers look like an improvement based on the upcoming fixtures.

  19. DTT I’m not sure about the Burnley game, I think we will get points for this qualifying game on Thursday don’t quote me on it but I’m sure I read somewhere points will
    Count….. can anyone clear this up?

    1. I read this but it’s cryptic to the fact it doesn’t actually state (Europa qualifiers)

      ELIGIBLE MATCH means a football fixture commencing on or after 10 August 2018 and continuing throughout the Season that any English Premier League club plays in, including the English Premier League, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the Carabao Cup (also known as the EFL Cup), the Champions League and the Europa League. International competition matches are not Eligible Matches.
      GAME PERIOD means the set of Eligible Matches designated by the Promoter for each Weekender Competition that occur from the kick-off of the first such match in that designated period to the last Eligible Match in that period.

      1. In my opinion it’s an absolute joke but I’ve just found this:

        “ELIGIBLE MATCH means a football fixture commencing on or after 10 August 2018 and continuing throughout the Season that any English Premier League club plays in, including the English Premier League, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the Carabao Cup (also known as the EFL Cup), the Champions League and the Europa League. International competition matches are not Eligible Matches.
        UEFA Europa League qualifying round matches do not count towards Dream Team points and therefore is a non eligible match. However UEFA Europa League Playoff round matches played on or after the 10th of August will count towards Dream Team points.”

    2. Apparently the game week has finished so it shouldn’t count. I’ve also seen in the match centre that this game wasn’t on the list.

  20. Hi I’m team
    Mendy vvd rudiger Robertson
    Mane hazard Keita
    Aquero firmino Lacazette
    Fairly happy but Kane is a concern

        1. I’m really undecided what to do. I’m considering staying the same for gw2.
          Any thoughts welcome, I’m considering Kane but I’m also thinking about switching Mahrez depending on city line up?
          D. Sanchez
          B. Silva

          1. Having exactly the same thoughts. Can’t decide about Kane, I’ve got the budget for him but it’s still a tough call. Thinking the same about Mahrez – if he’s dropped I’d fancy having a City defender but it would take quite a lot of shifting around to make this happen.

  21. I think it’s a good team and perhaps only thing could be lose mahrez if he isn’t starting but to be honest they are playing huddersfield so would be good idea to keep him in.

    1. Yeah I planned to monitor Mahrez – if he’s not starting I’d be tempted to take him out. But who for is the big question. I’m going to have to make a lot of assumptions but assuming we do bring in Kane, assuming Mahrez is dropped and considering the possibility that Burnley go out of the Europa League. I could do this:

      Lowton to Stones
      Mahrez to Keita
      B. Silva
      Sanchez to Kane

      I’m only thinking Keita because Liverpool play after City. Otherwise I’d be tempted by someone like Richarlison but he will have already played before we can check City’s line up. At the moment this is based on too many assumptions. If Burnley progress in the Europa League qualifying I almost certainly won’t do this but it’s good to have a rough plan. Using three transfers so early for me is rushing into things a little as well when it’s very early days.

  22. Is it worth making any changes to this team please?
    Currently 69 points and £1 mill in bank – 2nd in my league

    VVD, Shaw & Mendy
    B Silva, Mane, Jota & Moura
    Aguero , Kane & Salah

    Know all about kane in august but holding him in for now as he will hit it off soon and hard to get in once out?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Moura would probably be the only one I’d look at. There may be better options at 3m but it’s very early days.

      1. Thanks DTT – could swap moura & jota to keita/ richarlson or pedro and stay 3-4-3 or go 4-3-3 with richarlson/kieta or pedro for mour and lose jota for a good £3 mill or £3.5 mill defender in for example

        rudiger/stones/Luiz/laporte if i go to richarlson/kieta or pedro for moura and lose jota in a 4-3-3

        B Silva


        make sense? Opinion please?

        1. Looks fairly solid to me, it’s not far off where my team might be heading. It’s just whether you want to use up those transfers yet or give them another week to see how players get on this weekend. It’s a tough call.

  23. but bringing pedro and keita in this week not sure as they have arsenal and palace respectively – not easy games , whereas richarlson & moura have fulham and southampton at home, possible easier games ??

  24. I’m currently on 49 points with a team of

    Lovren Rudiger Sanchez
    Mane Sane Sessignon Richarlison
    Salah Kane Aubameyang

    Im thinking of going all in with 3 transfers after week 1

    Cech – Hart
    Lovren – Mendy
    Sessegnon – Keita

    Thoughts anyone? Sensible moves or too risky to use all 3 transfers? And have 2 Liverpool midfielders?

    1. It’s always risky blowing all transfers at once but lovren is injured cech will probably get dropped and keita could well outscore sessegnon and only 2 games left before transfers reset and 49 points is about 20 points down from where you want to be so it could elevate you up straight away

    2. Sensible moves but a little risky using up all three transfers but at least you’ve already got Kane and Salah in.

  25. I think I’m going to leave Kane for now. Currently I’m sitting 74 points at the top of my mini league, 2nd place is 50 odd points. I’m the only player with Firmino and Mane so hopefully they carry on the form. I will have an eye on the city line up of course in case of Mahrez being dropped? Personally I think he will start.

    1. I’m hoping he will start. Do you not think it’s a risk going without Kane if you want to keep up the momentum?

      1. It is a risk I believe Firmino might have or potentially have a decent game to. I may go for Kane in the end though… Tough decision!

    1. I just saw that too. That will cause a few people a headache. One of the most picked players.

      1. Would never celebrate an injury but this does make things a lot easier when it comes to team selection.

  26. Just a quick question about transfers guys.

    I want to transfer Jota and Sanchez out for GW2 for Richarlison and Kane respectively.

    How late can I leave it before I make these changes? Some people are of the opinion that I could leave it a minute before kick-off (of the respective players’s teams). Can anyone confirm this please?

    1. Personally I think the latest you could leave them is just before 3pm on Saturday as that’s when they all play other than Sanchez. I’m not 100% sure but that’s how it’s worked in previous years. I’ll personally be leaving it that late if I bring Kane in.

    2. Sutton_Chris,

      You will have to do those substitutions before 3pm on saturday as 3 of those 4 players kick off at 3pm that day.

  27. At least with De Bruyne out Mahrez may get a longer stint in the side. I agree though I was worried with him back he would start them assists!

  28. The Man City midfield positions are a minefield in terms of who plays and who gets dropped. I’m hoping Sane starts to get some game time, which is at least a bit more likely now De Bruyne is out.

  29. this is my team after GW1
    B silva

    nice start of 68 pts after GW1. don’t see much wrong with my team right now and shouldn’t have to change it for GW2. any suggestions will be welcome.

    1. The only change I would consider is Aguero.

      I have a feeling he is going to be benched this weekend so losing him for Lukaku could be a potential option.

      City play first, so you will have the benefit of seeing the team sheet.

      You could always draft him back in if he’s in the starting line up for Wolves because City play first again before Utd play Spurs.

      Means using two subs, but if the rest of your team is strong you might as well utilise them if possible.

      1. thanks for the suggestion lee, i think if aguero was to be dropped id rather drop to 442 and have sterling ( would have been KDB but for his unfortunate injury) man city have the best fixtures from now until the end of September so will be having 3 or 4 of them right now. lukaku is a very good choice but id rather have a man city attacker vs huddlefield and wolves rather then brighton and spurs.

  30. Whilst it can be tempting to make subs after GW1, people should remember that August is a long sub month. You will not get your next allocation of subs until 7 September, meaning that you can use your August subs right up until midnight on 6 September.

    I too am tempted to bring in Kane asap, but realise that this would be purely for the Fulham game. I don’t expect him to do much away to Man Utd.

    1. I think I’ll end up going for him – too much of a risk not to have him based on his ownership. I can’t see people taking him out who have already got him.

      1. I probably will too.

        I was referring more to those who are talking about making all 3 subs this weekend.

        I’m also considering swapping Jota for Richarlison. I don’t usually like to take players out before they’ve had a proper chance, but the fixtures for each team are swaying me a bit.

      2. Hi good gw 1 for most people was after a bit of advice on my team have
        Thinking of switching to 442 taking out Sanchez and bringing in an Everton/Leicester def due to fixtures and price restraints, then change mahrez to sterling, Willian to hazard any thoughts opinions would be greatly appreciated!

        1. Think the team looks pretty good as it is. The only change I’d want to make is Sanchez for Kane but I’m assuming you won’t have 3m in the bank?

    1. Gurdip. Could you save some cash by downgrading your keeper to a budget option also? Goalies pretty much only ever earn points from clean sheets whereas defenders can earn points via clean sheets, assists and goals. Of course both positions can get Star Man awards.

      The point I’m making is that whilst it’s important to have a keeper in there who can chip in with his fair share of points, I’d put the outfield positions way ahead in terms of point scoring importance.

      Something to think about?

  31. I think the Fulham press conference has just confirmed my Kane IN transfer this weekend.

    Fulham massive injury/suspension issues at CB with Ream, Mawson, Odoi all out this weekend.

    Manager also interestingly intimating he expects an open end to end game. He stated he had no intention of sitting back and will stay true to the sides attacking style.

    I was already massively in favour of the Kane IN move for reasons already sighted. But I feel this is a further boost in relation to his potential heavy attacking returns.

    1. Thanks for the info Ryan – useful to know. I’ll almost certainly be putting Kane in as well.

  32. Chris cheers for that back to the drawing board will have another look at it! Wanted some sort of Man City coverage keeper/defender as I think they will get a lot of clean sheets and have got really enticing fixtures coming up!

  33. My teams on 84 points:
    Robertson Daniels Shaw Mendy
    Mane B.Silva Willian
    Salah Aguero Laca
    I’m thinking going for laca out, Kane in and Daniels out, Richarlisson in. Just have to change to a 3-4-3 which would leave 0.5m in bank
    Any opinions on this dtt? Cheers

  34. Anyone know why I’m not getting points for my Burnley players even though they’re playing in europa league tonight?

    1. Apparently this game doesn’t count – which wasn’t very well communicated before we picked our teams.

          1. Up until GW9 only Man Utd are the really tough fixture. Conceivable clean sheet possibilities with the rest. Fixtures get tough at GW9 though so will transfer out then.

            1. Agreed – at this point in time they’ve done nothing to suggest they need to be transferred out.

  35. Quick query guys. When are my dream Team mini league opponents able to see my transfers? For example if I made my transfers now, (I’ll probably leave till last minute though) would they be able to see my new team instantly it as matchces start? Want to keep my cards close to my chest.

    1. Id of thought they can see them when the players are actually eligible to play. So if you put someone in they will appear soon as they are eligible to play. Basically they can see the team you have that is set to play.

      1. Correct. They will not be able to see your transfers until their respective matches kick off.

        Had you made them before midnight last night, they would be visible today.

  36. I’ve gone with the Kane transfer to, to tempting with that Fulham news to. Kane is a striker who will get you 20plus goals a season. As no one owns Firmino in my league I don’t see it as much of a negative situation. I changed my keeper to Hart aswel, as I would rather keep Sanchez as a defender.

  37. Also do we reckon Laporte will get the nod for city again? As I wouldn’t mind doubling up on city defense.

    1. Reckon Laporte will start again for what it’s worth. Pep has hinted at trying 3-5-2 again so if he does, Laporte should easily keep his place. Even if it’s 4-4-2 again, Laporte should still start.

      1. It would be hard to see why he would change it now but who knows with all the options they’ve got.

  38. My Team going into the weekend barring any last minute injuries etc:

    Robertson Mendy Shaw
    Mané Arnautovic B.Silva Richarlison
    Aguero Kane Salah

    Want to see something from Arnautovic this weekend. I’ll forgive him the Liverpool game due to the strength of opposition. As ever, thoughts most welcome.

    1. Identical to mine, except I have Mahrez and Jota in place of your B. Silva and Richarlison.

      Your two had the better of the points in GW1, but I’m hoping for some points from my two this weekend.

      Contemplating swapping Jota for Richarlison if he doesn’t pick up in the next week or two.

  39. No spare change for Kane if I get rid of Sanchez so sticking with him. Should pick his game up against Brighton!

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