Review of Game Week 10

Review of Game Week 10

GW Points: 48
Overall Points: 596
Overall Rank: 342,751
Transfers: None used

It’s been another fairly disastrous week. Falling behind so early on is making it virtually impossible to play catch up. Looking at my team I’m fairly happy with the players I’ve got, they just aren’t performing from a point scoring perspective. If we start from the front, I believe I’ve got the three strikers who will score the most goals over the course of the season. I’ve then got Hazard and Salah who should be up there as the highest scoring midfielders. Mkhitaryan is on a poor run of form but I’d imagine he could make the top 10 midfielders over the season. All in all this is a strong well balanced front 6. Defensively the team obviously isn’t as strong, however Valencia and Cahill should be solid choices. Having said that Cahill has been a huge let down since I transferred him in. Hopefully over the course of the season he will come good as I don’t plan on removing him unless he gets dropped or injured. Everton aren’t looking likely to turn a corner but I’m hoping they will at some point – he’s a weak link at the moment but surely they must improve. I’m relatively happy with Foster as a budget keeper in a mid table team. This then leaves me with Pieters who is obviously a weak link compared to say a City defender. Looking at the team I’ve got, I still can’t see what more I could have done without being able to see into the future at the start of the season.


Clean sheet for Pieters and Valencia. It was good to see Pieters as my budget defensive option picking up some points at the weekend. Valencia also grabbed a clean sheet be missed out on a second in the Champions League.

Hazard had another good week – picking up 16 points. He had a good month overall during October and swapping Eriksen for him seemed like a good move. Had I had the funds swapping him for Mkhitaryan would have been a better move but this wasn’t possible within budget.

Salah grabbed another goal and remains as the highest scoring midfielder in the game.

It was disappointing to see Aguero benched for the Premier League game, however he grabbed a goal in the Champions League.

Potential Issues:
Neither Kane or Lukaku got on the score sheet during the game week. I don’t really see this as an issue, but just thought I’d highlight it. I still think these two will be the top goal scorers over the season.

Mkhitaryan picked up zero points again. This is becoming a real frustration, however with the speed in which prices change it’s almost becoming impossible to ship players out when they are on a run of bad form. The system almost favours managers who get off to a good start – without a bit of luck early on it’s becoming very difficult to catch up as teams who got off to a great start have grown more budget to spend on getting better players.

Baines once again failed to pick up any points and Everton are now out of Europe. His value has dropped so low that there’s no real point in replacing him. Fortunately they have a decent run of fixtures in November so if they are ever going to turn a corner hopefully November will be the month they do.

Cahill didn’t play when Chelsea kept a clean sheet at the weekend and then played when they get thumped by Roma in the week. This pretty much sums up how my season has gone to date. I will have to hold onto him and hope that Chelsea improve defensively.

Tips for Game Week 11

Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and Arsenal all face each other in game week 11, so it may be worth holding off making any moves for their players. However once this game week is over they all have relatively straightforward opposition.

Spurs play Palace on the back of defeating Madrid in the Champions League. This could be a potential high point scorer for some of their players. I’d be looking at the likes of Kane, Alli and Eriksen. Their defenders look relatively cheap and could also be worth a look.

Liverpool travel to West Ham, neither team look very solid at the back so it could be a high scoring game. I’m sticking with Salah who seems to be the main point scorer for Liverpool. However Coutinho and Mane are both worth a look should either return from injury soon.

Thinking further ahead I’d like to replace Mkhitaryan with Sane for the rest of November. I’m struggling to see how this is going to be mathematically possible without downgrading another player. However my point is that it could be essential to double up on Man City attacking coverage with a midfielder and striker while they are in such good form.

November tranfer options

I think I’m left with two options for starting the month. The only player I want to remove is Mkhitaryan but I want to upgrade him to Sane. This isn’t possible within budget. I think I’d need to make three transfers to make this move. Here are the two options as I see them:

Foster – happy to keep

Valencia – want to keep
Cahill – happy to keep
Pieters – happy to keep (no value in changing him based on his current price)
Baines – happy to keep (no value in changing him based on his current price)

Mkhitaryan – want to transfer out for Sane
Salah – want to keep
Hazard – want to keep

Kane – want to keep
Lukaku – want to keep
Aguero – want to keep

Option 1:

With only 0.2m in the bank the only option I can think of is:

Mkhitaryan out – Sane in
Valencia out – Bailly in
Foster out – Pickford in

I’d be forced to free up funds by cashing in on Valencia. I would still be sort of funds so the only position I’m not bothered about is the goalkeeper. I could swap Foster for Pickford to accommodate these changes. However this is using up all three transfers in one go, when I only really want to take one player out.

Option 2:

Make no transfers. If Mkhitaryan is starting against Chelsea, I could just do nothing. There is no real value in taking him out when his value has dropped so low. He’s more than capable of scoring a good amount of points over the season and I’d like to think if I kept him in that naturally his value would rise at some point. He’s not injured so I’m debating if holding the transfers until at least after the international break may be a better move.

I’d be interested in hearing other peoples thoughts on this.

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46 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 10

  1. Hi DTT,

    I have a similar predicament to yourself. I to need another City mid as Mikhi is killing me.

    Was going to take Valencia out for a Spurs defender (Sanchez) but with Toby A and a Lloris out it seems less of a good idea.

    My team is as follows:

    Valencia, Baines,Stones, Luiz
    Mikhi, Salah, Hazard
    Lukaku, Kane, Jesus

    For me it seems the only route to take is either:

    1 ) Valencia, Mikhi > Sterling, Bailly with a spare transfer


    2)Valencia, Mikhi, Foster > Sane, Bailly . . . . Pickford 🙈

    I figue Foster and Pickford are somehow almost on the same total points anyway . . .if I really want Sane it seems the only option . Seems like we’d be all in on Everton improving but I think Sane will massively outscore Sterling over the season and get far more minutes

    1. Ryan, i think for most of the season we have had the same team, i was also looking at Stirling & Bailly, but really wanted Sane, & also looked at spurs defender Sanchez of Rose, keeping the 3rd transfer back for possible Jesus upgrade, but i don’t like not having man utd defender, hadn’t considered taking out Foster aswell, what’s ur gut telling u, Jesus has to be in starting 11 at week-end, to do the three transfers.

    2. I agree with Sane over Sterling. I’m considering just sticking as I am. It’s not like Mkhi is injured. I know he’s out of form but he’s certainly capable of scoring a decent amount of points. Getting rid of him now at such a low value may be a bad move. Can’t decide what to do about this myself.

    1. The only change I want to make is Mkhi out for Sane but obviously can’t afford this. Currently considering staying as I am for this week. Any thoughts on what you would do? I’ve put some more detailed thoughts about this into the blog above now.

      1. DTT, will their b a price change next week, a good chance of Mktharian dropping even lower, is it possible to take out Mktharian & Valencia for Sane & Sanchez, spurs weakened, but more than capable of matching man utd in November for clean sheets, still 1 transfer left for remainder of month, cld still b achievable of getting Bailly back in.

        1. There will be a price change on Friday, but then not the week after due to the international break. I’m not sure I fancy Sanchez in comparison to Valencia.

      2. I have a set of rules when doing transfers:

        You bring in a big player that not everybody can easily afford, you may need to do two transfers to do this. However, if you can achieve this with only transfer used that is brilliant. Three transfers to just bring in one player you really want is not ideal.

        So that applies to option 1 as you really want Sane but less keen on Bailey and Pickford.

        Hold your position – sometimes you don’t need to tinker and use transfers, you might have a good team already or be lucky with injuries.

        This applies to option B as you have no injuries. So does Mkhitaryan have to leave even Man Utd have good fixtures coming up?

        1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking Mkhi has surely got to start picking up some points again soon, it’s not like he’s not playing. For me making three transfers to take out a player who is currently low on value but still capable of scoring well is a bit of a risk. If you had to make the call, which way would you go?

  2. Further DTT By Unsworths admission Everton are certain to make a magerial appointment over the international break.

    The only two managers in the running ate big Sam and Dyche. I personally can’t see how both won’t massively improve Everton defensively and with the good run of fixtures upcoming . . . I may just dump Foster for Pickford afterall. Especially given WBA have both Chelsea and Spurs in November

    1. I’d like to think they will improve but I don’t think we can rely on it at the moment. Over the season they surely must do or they will get relegated but I’m not keen on doubling up on them at the back.

  3. Decided to hold fire on transfers for a week.

    The games this week are hard for most big clubs and likely limited points. If I can hold off and a big name (hoping aguerro) gets injured on international break I would have saved myself from a disastrous transfer.

  4. I think I’m going to make the 3 changes pending both Sane and Bailly starting 🙈. It’s a short month and a calculated gamble

    The issue for me is I can afford the above with absolutly no funds to spare.

    Personally I see City at home to Arsenal being a high scoring game. If Sane he starts could be in for a double digit haul.

    On the other hand Mikhi and Valencia away at Chelsea . . . Is far from straightforward and Mikhi couldn’t be in worse form

    I think with the price rises and falls . . . A few falls and a Sane rise could see me unable to afford these changes after Fridays price rise.

    By that logic if your making the changes before Friday and the international break anyway . . . I’d bank on Sane outscoring Mikhi this weekend evertime. What was your plan for this issue?

    I think this year the price rises are harsh . . . If you don’t get on players early enough they start to become unobtainable. Looking at City and Sane . . . I think he’s a key player and a season keeper in a team scoring for fun

    I know it’s a slight risk using 3 transfers, but if someone picks up a knock they have the whole of the international break to recover. You’d also like to hope the chance of players getting injuries/risked in friendlies would be minimal as well

    For me Everton plays are not going to lose money at this point. With the upcoming fixtures and a new boss . . . I fancy them to generate a decent profit before getting shipped out.

    You were asking how to catch up and the only way is to buy cheap and punt on decent fixtures before the rises. Just on the keepers alone I can’t see Foster outscoring Pickford with Chelsea and Spurs this month.

    The other option is I get Sterling in, I appeciate he’s in good form but to me he’s not in the same league as Sane for gametime certainly and overall points in goal and assist long term.

    I feel id be saving a transfer just for an injury as I don’t wish to make any other changes.

    I think Sanes going to the highest scoring city mid in a team that’s probably going to win the league. . . For me do anything and everything to get him in!

    1. I completely see where you’re coming from. My concern is someone picking up an injury over the international break as well. I’m not sure City will completely blow away Arsenal but agree this is an easier fixture than Chelsea and Man Utd. I’m not sure I want to have both Pickford and Baines as well considering how bad Everton’s form is. I’ll have to have a think about it over night but at this stage I’m favouring holding the transfers.

    2. If u go for the three changes, Foster plays Saturday, come Sunday Bailly & Sane might not both start, rendering the keeper transfer as irreversible, unlikely that Sane & Bailly won’t start.

  5. I want Sane in but who do I take out for November…


    Or do I opt for sterling instead. I’m intrigued about going for a Sane and sterling double for aguero out? But that is a more worrying thought tbh…

    1. I thnk Bailly is a rotation risk. Smalling seems to have come back into the reckoning and Lindelof seems to be slowly integrating back into mourinhos thinking.

  6. Guys current team
    D Silva

    Defo changing coutinho for Sane and Morata for Aguero but I wanted to ask – as 3rd tranger do I take out Valencia for Cahill/Luiz which leaves 1.1m in bank or do I keep Valencia and change ogbonna for Pieters as ogbonna is the highest value he will ever be ? That leaves 0.5 in bank ? What’s the better option ?? Thanks guys

  7. I’ve decided to swap Valencia for Sanchez, Mkhi for Sane.

    This leaves my team as;





    I pretty happy with that team, ideally I would like Aguero in there but the only way I can do that is change Lukaku for him, leaving both Jesus and Aguero in the team. Think I’ll wakt to see the city line up before I make a decision on that, hopefully Jesus starts.

  8. Ultimately for me it comes down to moving this week to secure Sane. The only way of realistically doing so is the plan outlined above. I feel hesitation will leave him unobtainable by Friday and the Mikhi problem becomes all the greater. I am certain you will want Sane in and Mikhi out but risk having nowere to go.

    Sanes on 90 points already and hes been stupidly unfortunate not to be on more. He’s 2nd top point scoring midfielder and I think he will end the season top. He’s even outscoring Aguero at 5.9 million. The best of the City midfield assets who’s been getting far more certainty of gametime since the Mendy injury

    This secures in my view the best front 6 avalible in the game. Two city attackers with the goals they are racking up seems essential. Front 6 is priority and where the big consistent points are scored. Nobody is coming close to matching City in terms of offensive output and stats. This leaves me with City, Man U, Chelsea cover defensively and an ideal front 6 listed above.

    Everton will make an appointment imminently. . . And I only see and upturn in there fortunes making now the best time to get aboard. Can’t do any worse than Foster anyway and theres nowhere to go in terms of prices falling.

    Bailly may suffer some rotation but is no doubt first choice along with Jones.

    Personally I think capturing Sane rather than saving a transfer is more of a priority. Will leave me with a front 6 I want long term.

    If anyone picks up a knock they won’t be risked in friendlies and most players will only be playing 45 mins in what are an non competative game. Clubs will be putting massive pressure on the rest players.

    I accept taking a risk . . . But to secure such a premium asset that will soon be unobtainable. . . I feel it’s more than worth it

    1. I completely agree but for me it’s three transfers to swap one player. I hadn’t really thought about prices rising so you could be right that Sane could become unreachable. It’s a very difficult choice to make.

      Anyone else got any thoughts on this? Not getting much feedback around options this time around.

      1. Hi DTT,

        I defintely agree you need to think about price rises. Sane’s price will go up next Friday by around £0.2 at least regardless of performance. Noone knows the pricing algorithm but i think it is best on an average of a player last few gameweeks, not just the week before if you know what I mean. MKH’s price will definitely decrease which could leave you 0.6m swing potentially to work sane back in which could mean losing your strong forward line.

        I would suggest going with the changes this week, hope there are no injuries during the international break.

        If you were to push me for another option I suggest:

        Valencia -> Sanchez
        Mkh -> sane

        This would leave you with a transfer and a bit of money in the bank. Yes it leaves you without a manchester defender but sanchez due to fixtures will keep some clean sheets also so its a case of hoping spurs keep just as many clean sheets as man utd.


    2. Ryan have you considered Smalling rather than Bailly ? he is 0.2M cheaper and seems to be a nailed on starter at the moment.
      Like you I need to replace Mikhi with Sane so Im planning to replace DDG with Pickford which will allow this and give me a lot of options to upgrade elsewhere in Dec.

  9. Yeah they go up this Friday as a result of this weekends performances….
    Luiz and ogbonna or
    Valencia and Pieters??

    1. I would personally keep valencia and ogbonna. I think the difference in points would be small, sounds like a waste of 2 transfers. Whats the rest of your team like and how much you have in the bank?

    1. Still undecided. I’ve added some ideas on the post above and it’s worth reading the conversation with Ryan. Any thoughts on these options?

      1. Agree with both of you, and have always tempted to keep a transfer in the bank. However, it is time to start taking some risks/

        Believe that Ryan has analysed the situation perfectly. You’d be hard pushed to find a front 6 better than Sane, Hazard, Salah, Kane, Lukaku, Aguero… It is worth sacrificing a couple of clean sheets where Bailly is left out for this front 6 now.

        We have a lot of points to catch up on!

        1. I agree, so you’d go with the changes then?

          We’ve got a couple of options.

          – Stay as we are.
          – 3 transfers (Mkhi – Sane, Valencia – Bailly, Foster – Pickford)
          – 2 transfers (Mkhi – Sane, Valencia – Sanchez) saving a transfer but losing Man Utd coverage at the back.

          1. Its a real tough one… I think 2 or 3. Would be nervous to lose Man Utd coverage as Mourinho has them set up to keep clean sheets! I can’t chose between the 2… Like yourself though, I like to keep a transfer

            1. I’d be uncomfortable losing a Man Utd defender as well so it looks like we might have to use all three transfers. I’m not completely sold on Sane and could see Mkhi coming good at some point and rising back up in value. However no one else seems to agree that we can just do nothing so it looks like we need to go for it.

              1. I think Manchester United have too many options in attacking areas, and players would over shadow Mikhi…. I also think with Pogba and Ibra due back in the next 6 weeks… he could get pushed out completely.

                1. Lets go with it then. I’ve been convinced it’s a good idea. Everyone seems to be in favour.

              2. Losing man u defence does come with risk, but as they say, no risk no reward! Either way, what is clear is the fact that you need to make that transfer, i dont see mkh doing much and you have lukaku as coverage – whilst man u scored goals early in the season, mourinho is notorious for 2-0, 1-0 type of games so having one mid/strkr from man utd will suffice, whereas city will always go for goals, so having 2 mid/att is vital!

                ‘stay as you are’ in terms of no transfer is out of the question. With the 2 transfer option, at least if you are not convinced with sane or any other team members you can perform minor surgery on the team.

                The 3 transfers option is good also as you keep a man u def, get sane and the only way pickford could go is up in terms of performance. however, if someone gets injured you have no changes left, although it is a short month yet again.

                Its a tough one, you might almost need to flick a coin to decide on this!

                1. I’m sold on the idea of making all three changes. I’ll put a post up to confirm this.

  10. For me by your own admission you don’t plan to make further changes this month and are happy with the team like myself. . . So why save a transfer.

    Saving a transfer just for an injury that might never come at the cost of getting the side you actually want long term seems pointless if it’s means you missing out on Sane and its then going to cost you more transfers down the line getting unwanted players out.

    The only other option for me is the Sterling and Bailly in for Mikhi and Valencia and bank a transfer. But Sterling is not even in the same league as Sane as a fantasy asset and what’s the plan for this other transfer if there are no injuries?!

    Everton are ultimately a top 8 club, any half decent manager with the players they have will see a significant upturn in form with those fixtures. Prices are rock bottom and jumping on at the right point there are rises to be gained

    An additional City attacker and United representation defensively should be a priorities this month. Don’t like the Spurs options with rotation of the wing backs and no Toby A and Lloris.

  11. Guys,
    I had another idea regarding my team and want some advice.

    My team is:
    foster, hegazi, valencia, davies, luiz
    hazard, kdb, salah,
    jesus, lukaku, kane.

    I have 738 points with 1.5m in the bank

    I am thinking:

    opt 1 – kdb -> sane, jesus -> aguero, foster -> pickford
    opt 2 – kdb -> sane, jesus -> sterling and hegazi -> sanchez —– this option strengthens my defence and problem of having 2 westbrom gk/def, but wont have aguero


  12. Well, I’m all in for my three transfers and im convinced it’s the best way to get Sane in.

    I’m happy to accept the abuse that is normally aimed at DTT by those passing judgement with the benefit of hindsight. . . . But in certain we are going to benefit long term

    After the start to the season we’ve had . . . We might even be due a bit of luck with injuries 😂😂

    1. Not convinced Sane will score every week… but when he does…. he scores big! He will be in the top midfielders at the end of the season! He might be a frustrating player, but the good outweighs the bad and a better option that Mikhi for sure

    2. Lets go with it then. I’ve not heard anyone make a case for sticking with what we’ve got and every seems to favour making the changes. Thanks for the feedback – really useful comments.

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