Review of Game Week 11

Review of Game Week 11

GW Points: 56
Overall Points: 652
Overall Rank: 249,859
Transfers: Mkhitaryan out, Sane in
Valencia out, Bailly in
Foster out, Pickford in

Overall the game week can be seen as a success. Despite only scoring 56 points, the team jumped almost 100,000 places in the overall leaderboard. We are once again some way off where we want to be but at least this game week was a move in the right direction. My main concern is that all three transfers were once again required at the start of the month to accommodate one player. The dilemma was the need to transfer out Mkhitaryan, whose form has been awful. My main target was Sane. To accommodate this move I had to free up funds elsewhere by swapping Valencia for Bailly and Foster for Pickford. I see both of these moves as like for like swaps in terms of point scoring capability, so I had to use three transfers to make one upgrade, which was a little frustrating. Fortunately November is a fairly short month so hopefully we can get through to the end of the month without any long term injuries.


Until the very end it looked like another terrible performance from Everton. Luckily Baines scored the winning penalty and Pickford saved a penalty resulting in them both picking up some points.

Cahill secured a clean sheet against Man Utd.

Salah once again got on the score sheet. I’d probably put him down as my player of the season so far from a Dream Team point of view. He was cheap to buy initially and has been a consistent point scorer.

Aguero grabbed another goal and 8 points.

Potential Issues:

Kane and Lukaku once again drew blanks. This is a slight area for concern as I’ve invested heavily in my front line. They’ve all scored well for the season to date but recent form is looking a little worrying. I’m not looking to change anything at the moment but hopefully this trend will change shortly.

My back line is still an area for concern. Doubling up on Everton coverage is a worry based on their current form but hopefully they are good enough to turn things around. Pieters is also a concern but every team has weak areas. In my opinion my front 6 is probably the strongest combination possible.

Tips for Game Week 12

It’s the usual suspects again for game week 12. Man City appear to have a decent run of fixtures coming up, so I’d be looking at the likes of Aguero, De Bruyne and Sane. It would also be a good idea to get in one of their defenders if possible. Chelsea also have some favourable fixtures so the likes of Cahill, Hazard and Morata could all do well. I’d probably avoid Spurs players as they face Arsenal and Dortmund.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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53 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 11

  1. Cahill is priced well, but I’m not sure that has a regular first team place anymore. In any case, like Hazard, he seems to have picked up a niggling injury. Neither seem to be serious and I suspect they will be both be fit the weekend, but I’m not convinced Cahill will start.

    1. It’s hard to tell at the moment, they don’t seem to have a settled back line. Luiz isn’t looking like he’s in favour either though.

    1. Definitely not considering another Everton defender. I didn’t really want to double up with Baines and Pickford.

  2. My front 6 were as follows.
    De Bruyne, Hazard, salas, Sterling.
    Kane, Lukaku.
    I have just changed De Bruyne for Aguerro.
    It pains me to lose De Bruyne but to get Aguerro in that was my only choice.
    People’s thoughts please.

    1. I’d rather have Aguero over De Bruyne personally. However I know he fainted at half time during an international game last night, might just be something to be wary about.

  3. Andrea’s Christenson a bargain at 2.8 for Chelsea. One transfers left how would you use it

    1. I’d try and get rid of Mkhi if you have any funds left over to upgrade him to add another striker.

  4. Christensen would be a bargain if he was guaranteed starting 11, which he is not.

    I’d keep my eye on Jones injury or look to lose MK.

    1. I think Conte has a slight problem with Luiz and Christensen hasn’t let him down. Chelsea have always been leaking the odd goal all season so i think Christensen is in for the short stretch at least and if not is an excellent sub to come on. I have made the change and hoping to see his stock rising!!

  5. Any advice on a long term defender?

    For now Ive got,
    With 0.9 in bank

    Thinking of cashing in on Davies at 4.9 which gives me 5.8 to play with.

    1. You could downgrade Valencia to someone like Bailly to free up more funds. I’d be tempted to bring in a City defender if you could afford it.

  6. I’m currently sat with 3 Everton Defenders – Pickford, Baines and Williams. I have 1.3m in my leftover budget. Look at my team below and let me know of some good options! I did want to get aguero in there but he fainted during half time in his international game so I’m not sure whether he’ll be out.





    1. If you’ve got three transfers left, you could look to downgrade Valencia to free up more funds. Then swap out Williams or Baines for a Chelsea defender. You might still have enough to bring in Aguero as well if he’s fit.

      1. I’ve gone for Valencia > Cahill, Williams > Walker. This leaves me with 0.6m leftover, so unfortunately wont be able to get Aguero unless I swap out Lukaku or Kane, however that would leave with Aguero and Jesus up top.

        Not sure about Cahill though so this will probably change before Saturday..

        Thanks for the advice.

  7. Yeah was thinking Walker, tempted at Cahill just because of the price at the moment.. he’s bound to be up there at the end of season with good amount of points.

  8. DTT you have no money available in bank right?

    I decided to put Smalling in after your advise as i couldn’t afford Bailey.

    So we might start differing on points, which is a shame as i’ve followed you throughout the season so far.

    Would be really grateful if you could drop 0.1 plus the extra (if in bank) required to put us on same transfer budget again haha

    1. Haha I’ve got 0.1m in the bank. We should be close to being on a level playing field. Jones being injured has probably done you a favour with regards to Smalling.

  9. Proper Football is back at last! 🙂

    As I have said before, my contribution to this blog is solely based on DTT Team, and although I do enjoy reading EVERY post, I tend to only getting involved in the conversation when we are talking “our” team! (I have a team in a mini league which I mirror DTT teams, so always have a vested interest!)

    With that said, the last couple of months have been a bit dry… a couple of International Breaks, and usage of 3 transfers at the beginning of each month, means there has not been a great deal to discuss surrounding the team. So I thought, to spark some interest, I would have a look at the team, and have a guess how it will perform this coming match week:

    – Everton have 2 games this week, away at Palace and a Europa Cup tie at home against Atlanta. Both will start at the weekend, but it is very hard to guess what team Everton will put out on Thursday night. Having limped out of the competition already, and still struggling in The Premier League, potentially both players will be rested. On a plus side, there is huge potential of a clean sheet against a misfiring Palace side. Palace are on the rise, but they have still only scored 4 goals in opening 11 games. Admittedly Palace seem more cohesive with Big Woy at the helm but with Benteke an injury doubt, they are relying on midfielders for goals.

    – Chelsea have to travel to WBA and Qarabag in the week. The dreaded Qarabag lol! Last time DTT made decisions specifically around this fixture the blog went into meltdown!! ha ha…. Back to Cahill. I think it is unlikely he will start both games. I dont know what is happening at Chelsea at the moment, but things are not right, and Conte appears to have issues with Cahill and Luiz. One bright note for our team – David Luiz has a bit of a knock, which will probably mean a start for Cahill at the weekend. On paper, 2 clean sheets – its just wether he is selected.

    – Manchester United face Newcastle and Basel. Again, two favourable fixtures. Phil Jones’ injury will almost certainly mean game time for Bailly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he started both games. A rotation risk when we transferred him in at the start of the month, but Jones’ injury couldn’t have come at a better time. With their record you would expect at least 1 clean sheet from the 2 games.

    – Seems odd to say, but I think Stoke travelling to Brighton on Monday night is probably the trickiest fixture our back line face. On current form I cant see them getting anything there. Chris Houghton has his team organised, are playing some good football and creating chances. The opposite can be said about Stoke this season, who look a bit of a shambles and dont have any balance to their side. I see a Brighton win to nil here! Any points for Pieters this week will be a bonus (although I have that feeling every week!)

    – Man City are away at Leicester, a fixture that has not been that kind to them in recent times. Sane has done enough in previous appearances to make the Starting XI, although with the array of talent City have going forward it is always very difficult to predict their line up. There are arguments for all of them to start! For me, Sane is a player who will be explosive with his point scoring or mediocre. With so much talent to compete with, that is kind of how it goes (the opposite can be said about Salah!). This is a hard one to predict, an unpredictable point scorer, playing in a potential banana skin fixture! Lets cross our fingers and hope he lights up the King Power Stadium!

    – Still not back to his fighting best, and nursing a small injury from the week, I half expect Hazard to be rested this weekend. WBA are a combative team, and with a fixture midweek in the Champions League, I think Conte might take a cautious approach. That said, Hazard has been at his best this season in the Champions League. There is potential in the week for big points being scored for Hazard against Qarabag. Without falling into The DTT Trap, goals, assists and MoM are well within him against the minnows from Azerbaijan.

    – Our main man! Has been head and shoulders our best player this season, and I expect his good form to continue. Saturday, Liverpool travel to a very dysfunctional Southampton outfit, who look a shadow of their former selves. That defence is there to be got at, and Fraser Forster is in the worse form of his career. I can see this being a high scoring game, and Salah being the central attraction. Liverpool also travel to Seville in the week for a much tricker test. Not quite the powerhouse they have been in Europe in recent seasons, but still a stern test. Not expecting much in terms of point scoring.

    – I am worried that Kane will be rushed back from injury this week in the North London derby, which may effect him in the away match in Dortmund. Two very difficult away fixtures for Spurs. I am not holding out much hope for Harry this week. I think it has come one week too soon. Of course he is always a goal threat but he and his team would have wanted him at the peak of his powers to face 2 of the hardest games of the season!

    – “Lukaku cant play in big games” – well, with no disrespect, a home tie against Newcastle and away at Basel against a very inexperienced goal keeper are hardly box office fixtures. Coming off the back of the international break where he broke the all time Belguim goal scoring record, I am hoping this week will revive his season.

    – It’s still not 100% clear what happened in the week, when Aguero was rushed to hospital following the game against Nigeria, but I have a sneaky suspicion that he will be rested this weekend against Leicester. He always has the potential to come on and influence a game, but as per my previous comments about Sane, I don’t think this is going to be a blistering high scoring week for City this week – I will be more than happy to be proven wrong if Aguero and Sane are involved!

    Summary: I think we could have a really good week in defence this week. On paper, there are a handful of clean sheets to be had. Only concern would be rotation, however, I think all have at least 1 game in them this coming week. The midfield could score big! We have goalscorers, assist makers and Star Man potential in all 3. With favourable fixtures and a total of 5 games between the 3 of them, we could be looking at a very good week. The attack is where I am more concerned. Lukaku is coasting at the moment, whilst Kane and Aguero are lacking fitness. It is a shame that all 3 are down at the same time, as I still believe at the end of the year, these are the 3 best strikers in the game. Having 3 mis-firing strikers isn’t going to climb us up the table very quickly though!

    1. I’d completely agree with your analysis – nice to see such an in depth post. I’m hopeful of a good game week, I think we’ve got the best front 6 possible and the back is looking a little more steady. Fingers crossed Everton can turn a corner. I think Lukaku will come good at some point as well. He will have to start scoring before long otherwise face being dropped for Ibra. Aguero is a bit of a concern after the incident when on international duty so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets rested.

  10. My player of the season so far

    No doubt Salah has been great this season but he’s not my SDT player of the season so far for these reason: he was cheap (4m) but he has been in all of my teams and been in the vast majority of my mini league rival’s teams so whilst he has been a consistent point scorer, his impact on my mini league position has been neutralised by his vast selection.

    My player of the season so far is De Bruyne. At the start of the season, I thought he was underpriced by 0.5 at 6.0 and in a list I complied in pre-season, he was the highest point scoring midfielder for the past two seasons combined. He was also highly selected in my mini league.

    The reason why he is my player of the season and has made a big impact on my team is that by September, a lot of people were removing from their team in vast numbers. In my league, deals from De Bruyne to Pogba, Mane, Mkhitaryan and even his City team mate David Silva were closed. I must admit my finger was twitching: I didn’t want to get left behind but deep down I knew De Bruyne is a quality player and will pick up points and could be in the top 3 midfielders by the end of the season so really saw as a season long pick barring injury. Also I knew that by doing nothing, I could have a very good differential in my team. So I decided to keep him. First game after international break, he gets 12 points and Star Man award. He then picks up more points than any other midfielder in September. My mini league rivals are upset and texted me I got lucky with De Bruyne. I just replied he repaid the faith I have in him. I read somewhere someone saying on fantasy football ‘If I do well, It is down to my genius and skill and if I do badly it is down to (bad) luck’. I don’t spend time on the luck factor or research into it, it is out of my control. I know I will make good decisions and bad decisions over the season in player selection and tactics and generally hope I can make more good decisions than bad. I reflect back on all of my decisions and feel the way to improve in fantasy football is to learn from the bad ones and make them better.

    It also helps that whenever I watch City play I am always focusing on De Bruyne. I enjoy watching him play and last game week even though I had a poor one I dread to think if I didn’t have De Bruyne’s goal and star Man points. He has been my saviour in times of need and therefore my player of the season so far.

    1. I don’t think you can spend time on the luck factor or research it. It’s luck after all, without being able to predict the future there would be no way you could swing the luck factor in your favour. I’d be interested in knowing what percentage you would place on the “luck factor” for being successful? I agree with your analysis about Salah – everyone went for him because he was so cheap so almost makes his points redundant. The De Bruyne example is a perfect example of the fine margins between success and failure. I took him out, at the same time you were considering making the same move, this panned out pretty badly for me but as you were considering it yourself, you could clearly see the logic as to why I made that move. One small decision that can change the whole course of a team, I personally believe the research into players, fixtures and form can only take you so far and doesn’t guarantee success.

      1. To me, making those decisions that determine success or failure is the fun part of fantasy football. I like making those 50:50 calls but then again if I find it too difficult to choose between two players (Jesus or Aguero – both rotation risks) I look elsewhere (Morata – Chelsea’s main striker). Like you said, I considered similar moves to yourself but then again I have considered so many players to bring and take out. I am constantly looking at my team and looking at how I can improve it. Sometimes I make transfer moves and sometimes I wait for others to make moves first (like the De Bruyne move mentioned above).

        You could say there is logic in every transfer decision. Someone mentioned on your blog that they swapping a non regular player for another bench player. I thought where is the logic for that? They mentioned that by doing this move they bank 2m to strengthen elsewhere. So logic is applied but it is not really a move I would do myself as I like all my players to score points.

        I have been following your moves since the start of the season but I am not one of those that will simply copy your every move. I will question them in my mind and sometimes I will disagree. I have my own way of playing the game – my own rules and player selection criteria gained from experience and reflecting on past mistakes. Yesterday I brought Pickford for Foster, Cahill for Stephens and Morata for Alli. I didn’t really want anyone from Everton but thought I was not losing much on Pickford (his price can only go down to 0.5m plus Everton fixtures a whole lot better than WBA)

        Then next Cahill for Stephens – Cahill I was thinking of bringing him at the same time (October) as DTT but he was valued at 4.8m which I thought was too much on the expensive side for my liking. I could afford the straight swap but it would leave me with no money in the bank. I generally keep a million in reserve so that I have flexibility and don’t need to make three transfers for the one player I really want. I did consider the cheaper David Luiz at around 4.2m but I find to be a bit hot headed for my liking. So I carried Stephens for another month and so waited for Cahill’s price to go down. Cahill went on to pick up -3 points in October and so once Chelsea showed they can keep a clean sheet then he comes in for what I consider to be a bargain price of 3.6m.

        The next move was the most difficult. I just brought in Alli just after his stunning performance against Real Madrid but then he got injured for the Palace game. Meanwhile, Morata scored against Man Utd from yet another Apzilicueta cross. One of the aspects that I like of Morata is his heading ability as well his movement off the ball. Plus he brings back happy memories of his hat trick in game week 6 which helped my rank shoot from 55k to 18k. He then scored for Spain. At the same time, Chelsea’s other striker gets injured (and not much in favour of the manager anyway) so Morata might have a chance to play against Qarabag – a team that beat at home comfortably and Conte will be going all out to win is order to qualify for the knockout rounds. Now Morata is very appealing but hard to fit in my front 6 with KDB, Salah, Hazard, Alli, Lukaku and Kane. Now the first three midfielders are going nowhere along with dangerous Kane. Weigh up Lukaku but his desire for goals remain as evident with Belgium’s recent friendly games. So that leaves Alli as the weak link but reluctant to take him out, by doing so I have wasted a transfer and got to admit to a mistake. Normally pride comes in the way and I would keep Alli but deep down, it feels the right time to bring in Morata and his point scoring potential is greater considering his good relationship with Azpilicueta and good supply from Alonso, Hazard and assist machine Fabregas. I always wanted the Hazard-Morata combo but injuries have prevented that unity for long.

        1. I wasn’t really questioning your decision making – you’ve obviously had it spot on. I was just curious about how much you think luck plays a part? I’m a fairly firm believer (especially after seeing how my season is panning out) that luck plays a fairly big part. If success was purely based on research and investing time into planning, I think I’d be much further ahead.

          1. I know you weren’t questioning my decision making. I just gave my thoughts. Nothing wrong is questioning them, nice to get a different perspective. Any feedback is better than no feedback.

            I have the opposite view to yours, I am a firm believer that with research and effort will triumph in the end and luck will play a side role. I don’t believe that the fantasy football is a game of chance, if I did think it was then I would not spend hours and hours doing research or reading every match report or watching as much football. Every good or bad decision can’t be the result of luck. With 30 transfers, I know they will be good decisions made, bad ones and yes some unlucky ones. Without boasting, I think I am quite good at SDT so a good deal of my decisions will fall in the good category but I am not deluded enough to think that I won’t make bad ones where I pick the wrong player or buying overpriced players. I will make mistakes which altogether is not a bad thing if I learn from them. The unlucky ones yes will impact my team performance but I believe they will be small in number and so I can’t really learn from them so do tend to ignore them and move on.

            Your current plight reminds me of my first season of SDT. I kicked off the season with 4 points on the opening game week. So my first ever go at this game my only single got 4 points. Well then I thought I will do better next time, it can’t worse than that. So at next set of 10 league games at the following weekend comes along and I get 0 points. My mini league rivals are now 70 points in front and saying I should not play the game and take another hobby. I carry on and by November, after a poor game week score of 11 points. I am lost, I feel like quitting. My team needs more than three transfers to make it better (different game then with less transfers and four windows in which they can be done). In the international break, I go through my team and against each player I decide whether they should stay or go and then decide how my team will line up for the rest of the season (can plan transfers months in advance as player prices were fixed). I decided to work harder, introduce new tips and rules in my game, learn from my mistakes (unable to distinguish good advice from bad) and decided that I will try my bad team into a good one. So from November that season, I went from 76th to finishing 13th in a mini league full of the very best fantasy football players (some national winners in this league). From that period only the winner scored more points than me. So did luck change my season?, I don’t think, so my effort shone in the end.

            1. I agree with what you’re saying to a certain extent. Last season I was very much of the opinion that all of my hard work was paying off which is why I finished in the top 500. However this time around I’ve put more time and effort into my research – my knowledge is still at the same level so that’s not changed. The only thing it can really be put down to is my luck has changed this season. Football is very difficult to predict, I think the research can only take you so far and the rest is basically a roll of a dice.

              1. Now this weekend, I decided to get rid of WBA players as upcoming fixtures were difficult and I had Hegazi in my weakest team. I had funds available and picked Zouma. Why? because I did a lot of research on him, his stats were good and he is a good player. He has played every game for Stoke expect Chelsea game. I then read about the manager’s thoughts and Mark Hughes was saying Stoke were lucky to have Zouma and he would be worth 40m. Then read a piece from Shawcross who said Zouma really good defender and said ‘he’s quick, he can jump really high, he can pass the ball, he can shoot, he doesn’t get beat one-v-one. He’s like the ultimate defender.’ So I put in him and then he scores and gets seven points. My cousin who I am chasing in our mini league then texts me that was lucky. I know it is early days but i think he is a good acquisition and in my notes, I wrote that Zouma gets forward with the ball, a big strong presence in the air and can be a threat at set pieces with good delivery from Shaqiri. Lucky goal and points? maybe but I put it down to doing the research and picking the right player.

                1. It’s a good example but he is playing in the same team as Pieters who hasn’t been great for me, so clean sheets could be few and far between. I do think when lucks on your side it’s easier to go on a good run. Last season for example, I put in Ozil just before his hat trick in the Champions League, I purely put him in for that game and it paid off instantly. It seemed to go that way a lot for me last season. This season is the complete opposite. I’m following the same principles but not doing any where near as well.

  11. Any help appreciated please – I have all 3 transfers left for November. 753 points and going well but want to make sure I keep going well, with phil Jones injury I wanted to make sure I put right person in.

    Current defence

    Pope – made me 1.5m profit
    And jones

    I have 400k in bank , was thinking of bringing alonso in for Jones – he’s guaranteed starter every game for Chelsea , takes free kicks , assists and scores . That frees up 1.1 million putting pot up to 1.5 m and hold on to see how rest of month goes Or use some of 1.5m left cash to swap Baines for Gomez – still leaving 600k?

    Rest of team



    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    1. Looks a decent team and you’re obviously going along very well on 753 points. I’d probably swap Jones for a cheaper Chelsea defender, I’d then try and free up funds to consider replacing Jesus at some point. I wouldn’t look at taking him out just yet though, with the form City are in he could just be having a slight dip in form. Even though I have Aguero, I don’t think there’s too much between them.

      1. Appreciate it. The cheaper Chelsea defenders worry me a bit – Luiz, Cahill, rudiger are they regulars ?you never know the line up with them like you did last year . My preference is to go on Christensen and free up £3.2 milk and maybe upgrade Pope to courtois as he is in Europe and that leaves 2.8 surplus to use for Aguero if need be . But again is Christensen going to play ? What do you think – alonso is a safer bet

        1. Like you say I think they are all a rotation risk apart from the likes of Alonso. However someone’s got to play in the middle without bringing in new players. For me it’s worth the risk to free up funds for elsewhere in the team but I don’t place much emphasis on my defence, which has been my downfall to a certain extent this season.

          1. Thank DTT I am gonna plump for Cahill for Jones freeing up 2.6 mill giving me a pot of 3 mill going forward with 2 transfers left to see how the week goes

  12. Typical. I just pick in Pickford 5 minutes before Kick off and Everton concede within the first minute.

  13. Selected Morata for Alli in my main team today. With Bats out injured, thought Chelsea might need Morata in midweek.

  14. I don’t believe my stupid decision, just before kick off 3pm, took out Dwight Gayle in my best team & replaced with Lookman…..i keep having these crazy moments !!!

    Not many would have gone with Gayle, i put him in before the break & now i stupidly got a crazy thought & replaced him with a striker that hasn’t shown any form & is not a guarnteed a starting place.

    I think the most ridiculous & annoying decison i’ve ever made, in all the time i’ve played the game ! What the hell was i thinking !!! ???

      1. Just chanced on him, because budget left over was leaving me on a player for 3.9m. I just didn’t fancy any of the options, for forward or midfield. So decided to take a punt. The stupidity wasn’t so much Gayle, but to then take him out for Lookman. Really need to try & get a decent replacement in, during December, which means i’m going to have to drop a high priced defender, possibly ?

        1. To be honest Anthony, it will benefit you much better to have a 2-4m defender and a stronger midfielder/striker than it would the other way around.

          1. What makes it even worse is that i had Willian initially in a 442, before i had the crazy decisions to go with Gayle > Lookman.
            Some repair work in December !!!

  15. With Stones out for 6 weeks, Vincent Kompany looks a bargain at 3.5. Cheapest route in Man City defence.

  16. DTT, current backline.
    Baines upturn in form leave
    Bailly shorterm injury leave
    Luiz regain place in team leave
    Stones, why put Kompany in, price may increase, but back on bench in December, Walker guaranteed starter, slight save of funds, Tarkowski, if hadn’t got Baines wld consider, 2nd transfer possibly Jesus out for Morrata, rotation with Aguerro costing pts, remainder of team leave barring injuries, Pickford, Sane, Hazard, Saleh, Lukaku, Kane, advice wld be welcomed thanx

  17. Great blog dt, keep up the good work and glad your team has started to pick up some points. Most of your rationale and reason behind your team / transfers is coming to fruition now.

    Anyone got any idea on what influences a players rise or fall in value?

    Trying to second guess the price changes is a nightmare, Kane just seems to keep on rising yet Jesus just keeps falling!?!?

    Making second guessing my transfers for next Friday very difficult

    1. I’ve got no real idea how the values are worked out to be honest. There was talk about it being based on a five week period but I’m not sure how this works.

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