Review of Game Week 12

Review of Game Week 12

GW Points: 78
Overall Points: 730
Overall Rank: 197,983
Transfers: None used

Another successful overall game week with 78 points scored and another 50,000 odd places climbed on the leaderboard. This is still no where near where I want the team to be, but after a very difficult start we are hopefully moving in the right direction. With only one game week left in the month, I’m also fairly comfortable with the players I’ve got in the team. Hopefully avoiding any long term injuries we will have some transfers to play with in December.


Hazard had a fantastic week with 27 points scored. I think we moved for him at exactly the right time as he’s scored a decent amount of points ever since, whereas Eriksen has done very little.

Salah once again consistently picked up a good amount of points and grabbed a couple of goals.

Two clean sheets for Cahill was another success. He made a very slow point scoring start when we bought him in but is starting to pay off now.

A goal each from Kane and Lukaku was very welcomed after a slow couple of weeks. If I’m being honest I’d have probably hoped for a bit more from both of them over the game week but it was a relief to see them score.

A goal for Baines was a silver lining in another poor performance from Everton.

Potential Issues:

Bailly missed both of Man Utd’s fixtures with an injury. Luckily they failed to keep a clean sheet in both games so he didn’t really miss out on many points. Hopefully he’s back quickly as I’d rather avoid using a transfer to take him out.

Pickford once again picked up minus points with another poor Everton performance. On the flip side, Foster scored even lower so it’s still proving a positive move.

Pieters also picked up minus points. He’s certainly the weak link in the team. He’s a budget option and it allowed us the freedom to have the front 6 we really wanted so I’m happy to take the hit on his points. His value has dropped so much that he would be almost impossible to replace at the moment.

Aguero was a disappointment this week. He obviously missed the Premier League game at the weekend and then failed to score in the Champions League. The third striker has been an issue all season, I’ve always wanted it to be Man City player due to their form but I’ve never been able to decide between Aguero or Jesus. With game time being split it’s proving problematic. It’s something I may look at during December if I’ve got the luxury of transfers that aren’t essential. It could be tempting to free up some funds by moving for Jesus or Morata permanently for the rest of the season (as long as they don’t get injured), we could then invest some funds in upgrading Pieters.

Tips for Game Week 13

With a double header of Premier League fixtures in game week 13 it could be a great opportunity to pick up some big points. If you’ve managed to save any transfers it would be a great time to use them. Chelsea and Liverpool face each other at the weekend but other than this each of the other top 6 teams don’t meet over the game week. As a result I’d be tempted to avoid moving for Liverpool players. I’d also question if it’s wise to move for any Chelsea defenders at this stage. Teams with better fixtures are Man City (Huddersfield, Southampton), Spurs (West Brom, Leicester) and Man Utd (Brighton, Watford). Players who may be worth considering are the likes of any regular Man City, Spurs (Sanchez looks a good price) or Man Utd defender. Sane could have a decent game week for City but I’d recommend checking their starting line up first. Alli, Kane and Eriksen may have a good week at Spurs. Lukaku is a little out of form so I’d be tempted to look at someone like Pogba who is sure to get plenty of game time in the future.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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55 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 12

  1. Still got 3 transfers left….

    Valencia, Davies, Gomez, Kolosniac
    Hazard, Salah, Silva
    Jesus, Lukaku, Kane.

    Tempted to do…
    Lukaku > Morata (free up funds)
    Jesus > Aguero
    Valencia > £3.6 defender

    1. I’m personally going to hold onto Lukaku unless he gets dropped. I know his form hasn’t been great but I’d imagine he will still score well over the season. Your team looks pretty solid as it is and there’s not much between Jesus and Aguero in my opinion so it may be a waste of a transfer to swap one for the other. I’d personally probably look at Silva ahead of Jesus.

      1. Yeah i know what you mean, I can see Morata matching him though and is 1m less.

        Silva is a worry…..

        What worrying me is Aguero could explode at anytime.

        Aguero played 13 – 90pts
        Jesus played 18 – 77pt….. that 5 more games!

        1. I really hope he does, but he’s not been great for me. Mainly because he’s not consistently getting a game.

  2. Great summary as every DTT.

    Just one thought regarding something you wrote about Sane ” I’d recommend checking their starting line up first”.

    Given that there are two games for each team in this gameweek my thinking is that even if he’s benched it should not put us off bringing him in. He’s more than capable of scoring off the bench and if he is benched there will be every chance he’ll play midweek.

    The Pep comment about Sane playing while Mendy is out have made me very keen to to get him into my team.

    1. Yeah that’s a fair enough comment. It’s just difficult with how much rotation happens at City. I certainly won’t be looking to remove Sane but if I didn’t have him and he wasn’t starting at the weekend, I’m not sure I’d move for him just yet either.

      1. Pep made a statement not too long ago about this and the general consensus is sane is as nailed as kdb and Silva until Mendy returns

  3. Heard Mourinho saying Bailly out injured for Brighton game. No details on the extent of injury or long he is out for? Seems Mourinho not in a rush to bring him back in as he has Smalling, Rojo and Lindelof available. Not got Bailly myself in my teams as seems to be a lot of competition in the Man Utd defence and Bailly’s impact at United has been affected by a few injuries.

    1. Yeah it’s a difficult one. Hopefully it doesn’t develop into another Kompany situation where no one seemed to know when he would be back.

  4. I wouldn’t get rid of Aguero. He’s your secret weapon. Not many have got him or can even afford him. Even with restricted game time, Aguero is a dangerous player not to own.

    1. Yeah that’s exactly why I wanted him. But he’s just not picking up enough points to make a difference at the moment. I’m not really thinking about taking him out, it’s just something to consider when Decemember transfers become available if he has another poor game week. I’m sure come December there will be bigger priorities though.

  5. DTT, currently sitting 3rd in my mini league, but with issues to address, 2 transfers initially in December, Stones out & probably Jesus, the rotation with Aguerro costing pts, my competitor leading has Ottemendi, Walker, & Eddison in his backline, so feel I need one of those, looks like I mite just be short of funds for Morrata & Walker, we all know the history of Kompany, is it conceiveable he cold play a big part in December, hopefully increase in price, then drop him when Stones returns, a man city clean sheet means i”m in defecit of minimum 15pts every game, like urself hoping Bailly back mid-week, Rojo only 3.4, but when everybody fit will he play regularly, will have to check lineups in January fixtures, ur insight appreciated.

    1. I’d probably swap Stones for one of the cheapest Man City defenders that he’s got just to ensure you don’t fall too far behind. Not sure I’d risk Kompany myself – it back fired on me massively earlier in the season. I can’t see Rojo holding down a regular place for the duration of the season. It’s tricky without seeing your whole team and budget available.

      1. Thank 4 getting back to me, 0.3 million in bank, jesus & stones out, Walker & Morrata in, I’m in budget at present by 0.1, but cld easily change by next Friday, Jesus scored in a cameo role last week, & goes down by 0.3, strange, other than perhaps Danilo, I can’t c another defender other than Kompany who is affordable to warrant putting in, check next two lineups, & make decision, it is only 4 the month, surely Kompany can manage it, I think he realises 1 more injury, cld spell the end of city career, alot of games in December, Stones & Mendy out so Guardiola will expect Kompany to step up.

    1. Not sure when they become available to be honest. I’d have guessed when the first game in a game week is played but that was last night.

      1. From what I have seen transfers become visible once they are cemented. So if I transfer a liv player for man u you will not see it until one or both (not sure here) have played.

        I think it’s to stop people copying each other, this way it’s too late for the game week at least

        1. I suppose the fairest way is to reveal when all teams have played. I’ll keep a look out and see if it updates after the 3pms

  6. Baines out ‘for a period’
    Bailly still crocked
    Lukaku out of nick
    DTT may i suggest the following
    Morata alonso in
    Chelsea have favourable fixtures dec….. then replace baines with anyone from a leics or watford dec
    Anything better than having a crock……pts are starting to flow now…..picking chelsea players in dec could rise us a lot more !

    1. This suggests three transfers in one go…risky in the long month of December. Difficult to replace Baines with anyone decent without funds available.

    2. I’m going to wait and see how the mid week games go. Obviously ideally need to replace injured players but I won’t be rushing into anything hasty like taking Lukaku out. Haven’t really decided what to do yet.

  7. My closest rival dropped Lukaku about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I thought it could be a great move for me, thinking he is due and bound to pick back up, but no…..

    Seems when I take out an uninjured player who can be dangerous, it comes back to bite my backside, but others do it and get away with it!

    Still on the fence with Luakaku and he’s dropping dramatically in price!!… :/

    1. I’d prefer Morata simply because he’s a striker who is going to score more goals than Pogba.

  8. I was at St Mary’s yesterday…. Everton are one of the worst Premier League Teams I have seen! I think that it is time to admit defeat, they are just not the sum of their parts. First half their only tactic appeared to be, no matter where they were on the pitch, give the ball to Pickford to hoof it up to Calvert-Lewin. Now, dont get me wrong, Pickford’s distribution and accuracy of long range passing is second to done…. but VVD was just eating it up! Second half they started to play a bit, but there is no cohesion – none of the players seem to know what their role is. Southampton played very well… but it wasnt difficult!

    Problem is, as has been mentioned above, who is better? I am struggling. Pickford is now the cheapest keeper in the game, and Baines at £1.5m…. There is an argument that it is better, at that price to keep a player who isnt scoring, rather than draft in someone scoring minus points!

    1. Can always dowgrade bailly for a decent spurs chelsea or arsenal defender and free up funds to remove baines ?
      Having 1 everton player is bad having 2 is just stupid !
      Bailly also seems to get constant niggles
      Limiting his game time

    2. Hopefully things have got to change at Everton or they could face relegation. I’m hoping they bring in a new manager who can shake things up a bit. Obviously Baines and Bailly being injured is not ideal however things have been going our way quite a bit recently so I’m not overly concerned at the moment. Will be reviewing what moves to make after the mid week games.

  9. Hi guys, my currently team is:
    Pieters Walker Cahill Baily
    Hazard Salah Sane De Bruyne
    Kane Lukaku
    I think to swap Baily and Sane for: Otamendi and Pogba/Otamendi and Morata/Azpilicuete and Pogba. Not shure which option will be the best. Anyone help? Maybe something different?

  10. DTT or dean any equations on how to remove baines or pieters this friday ?
    Dowgrade bailly lukaku sergio ?
    All thoughts would be great

    1. I’m not overly worried by either player. We’ve had Baines for weeks and he’s mostly scored minus points. It’s worth checking to see how long he’s likely to be out for but if it’s weeks rather than months then I can’t see the point in taking him out. He’s not really been getting us many points anyway. We’ve managed to rise over 100,000 places in the past few weeks with Baines, Pickford and Pieters so there’s no need to rush into anything.

  11. I’m currently sat 2nd in my mini league. Current team:


    Danilo Baines Cahill Walker

    Hazard KDB Salah

    Lukaku Kane Jesus

    I really want aguero in the team, so I’m thinking KDB>Sterling to free up some funds to swap Jesus>Aguero.

    However, Kane and especially Lukaka are being lacklustre at the moment and I’m questioning whether to cash in on either of them. What’re people’s thoughts?


    1. Hi Jack,

      I assume you have surplus in the bank for that swap as KDB for Sterling wouldn’t give you that much change at the mo!! This weekend Sterling is likely to rise to 6.1 and KDB could drop to below 7.0.

      The difference between Aguero and Jesus is currently 3m!

      If you’re considering using your front two, leave Kane well alone and lose Lukaku! He’s done hardly nothing in 10 games and is set to lose his position to Ibra soon.

      1. Strangely enough I don’t think lukaku is a bad player but is lacking service forcing him to play deep as well as wife of where he wants to be.

        Before someone jumps on me for saying this I just want to point out this is not my analysis but a joint effort by shearer and Ian Wright

  12. Just read on the net that Eric Bailly and Phil Jones are not in the squad to meet Watford tomorrow.

    Serious question marks now on Bailly’s future in DTT’s team.

    1. Yeah Bailly is a bit of a worry, I don’t really want to waste a transfer to replace him but I can’t really afford to stick with him as it could cost us the momentum we’ve built up.

      1. If indeed he’s out for a while or we have a long running saga like kompany when we dont know when he’s back and we keep putting it off and putting it off i’d plump for alonso come friday

  13. Hi all, My team is
    De gea
    Baines holding Davies Matip
    Salah hazard sterling sane
    Lukaku Kane
    I’ve got 0.6 in the bank and think it’s time for Baines to go. He’s injured (so no more minus points) he only gets points from penalty taking (which would involve Everton getting the ball and attacking) I think I can swap holding for christiansen and have enough to swap Baines for a Watford defender but it’s a long month 7-8 matches! With only one transfer in reserve.
    Does anyone think Everton will improve? I see big Sams back in the frame, but the team look shot.

    1. I think they can only improve. Early days but last night was a step in the right direction. If Baines looks set to return any time soon I’ll be keeping him.

  14. Another good week DTT, things are on the up.

    Will you be doing a look at the fixtures segment for Friday? I look forward to those

    1. I will be, it might not be in any detail as I’m struggling for time. However I’ll certainly put up Dec fixtures.

  15. Hi any advice on what to do with last transfer for november tonight.

    currently on 959




    £3.7 mill in bank

    Thinking Pope reached his maximum now at £3 mill and now stopped scoring points – cashing in on him and based on Allardyce coming in and last nights upturn in performance Pickford in at 0.6 mill freeing up £2.4 mill giving me a pot of £6 mill + to store for December or put Courtois in for longer term game and more gaurenteed clean sheets? If went for pickford it means I could upgrade baines to maybe Alonso and still have nerly £3 mill in bank. Any advice from the experienced guys on here would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I’d agree with your own analysis, you could even stick as you are for now. You’re in a great position. The only player I’d worry about at the moment is Jesus but his former could change quickly.

      1. top man DTT as always – I am actually going to use my last transfer for November tonight on Baines out for Matip as matip is likely to play in the last champions league game whereas baines probably wont play in the last europa game. That will leave £1.6 mill in bank and tomorrow put pickford in for Pope probably putting another £1.7/1.9 back in – leaving 2 transfers and £3.3 mill ++ in bank if needed – the move is an improvement – matip for baines is an upgrade and argubley with allardyce coming in pickford will pick up . Pope has been a god send and a bargain but not sure how much growth he has left – doubled in price for me. I agree with your analysis of Jesus – his value will go up and form pick up I am sure

      2. DTT, looking 4ward 2 ur blog 2moro, as ur team is my 2nd team.
        My defence is in tatters.
        Baines, hopefully short-term injury
        Luiz, transfer out.
        Bailly, hopefully short-term injury
        Stones, transfer out
        List of options, 2 from 5.
        Kosceilny, good value defence tightened up
        Majip, improved defence, still a worry.
        Walker, is it essential to have a city defender, he’s affordable & best option.
        Cahill/Christenson, can afford Cahill, but Christenson secured gametime, & a saving of funds.
        Rest of team Jesus out, already have Sane, is their a case to put Stirling in as well, or wld Morrata be better option.

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