Review of Game Week 13

Review of Game Week 13

GW Points: 83
Overall Points: 813
Overall Rank: 185,856
Transfers: None used

Overall the week has been fairly positive. We’ve climbed again in the leader board but I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t have a bigger week. I was hoping for more from the likes of Aguero and Sane. We also missed out on a clean sheet for Baines due to him picking up an injury in the previous game. Bailly missing both games through injury was another frustration.


A clean sheet for Pickford was very much welcomed considering how poor Everton have been.

Clean sheet for Cahill who is starting to pay off since bringing him in.

Goal and star man award from Kane was good to see, his points continue to rack up.

Salah grabbing three goals over the course of the week once again proves his consistency this season.

A star man performance from Hazard was another highlight. Disappointed that he was rested midweek.

Both Aguero and Lukaku picking up 8 points each was a good sign, however I expected a little more from both players over the game week.

Potential Issues:

Sane had a fairly poor week and was left out of the squad in midweek (rested I assume). I’ve been fairly disappointed with his points return since I transferred him in.

Baines picking up an injury meant he missed the clean sheet Everton picked up midweek. I’m not keen to replace him while he’s only valued at 1.7m and with big Sam coming in, I’m hoping a few more clean sheets will follow. If he can return from injury quickly, I can’t see me replacing him yet.

Bailly missing another two games through injury was a disappointment. I’m tempted to transfer him out as there are a few good options at his price tag. The likes of Walker, Smalling or Alonso could be a good move.

Tips for Game Week 14

With a new set of transfers available for this game week I’d firstly suggest thinking carefully about rushing into anything. December is due to be a long month, I’ve previously used all three of my transfers straight away but I’m unlikely to do so this time. In terms of game week 14, I’d firstly avoid making a move for Man Utd or Arsenal players in the first instance as they face each other over the weekend. Other than that Chelsea, Man City, Spurs and Liverpool all have decent fixtures. They’ve all also got their final Champions League fixtures to play. I’d personally be looking at some Chelsea representation if you don’t already have any, they’ve got decent fixtures for the whole month and their defenders are reasonably priced at the moment. Hazard and Morata could both have a good month. Man City are another team who are hard to ignore and should also have a decent month, my main issue with their players is that they are rotated so often but it would be easy to make a case for Sane, Sterling, De Bruyne and Aguero being included in any team. Walker also looks like a decent price if you wanted one of their defenders. Spurs are on a bad run of form at the moment but I think Harry Kane is essential, however if you’ve not got him already it’s going to be difficult to get him in now. In terms of my team here’s how I see it currently:

Pickford – keeping, I’m not overly bothered by my keeper and it would take significant funds to upgrade.

Bailly – needs replacing if his injury problems aren’t resolved quickly. Keeping if he’s back soon

Cahill – keep

Pieters – keep, not performing well but every team has to free up some budget somewhere and he is my weak link

Baines – tempted to wait this one out, hopefully the injury isn’t long term. I can’t see anyone worth swapping him for at his price.

Salah – keep

Hazard – keep

Sane – keep for the time being. His form is a little concerning already

Kane – keep

Lukaku – keep unless he gets dropped

Aguero – keep for the time being, He’s not picking up as many points as I’d hoped and gets rotated too often for my liking.

Overall I’m happy with my team and if everyone was fit I’d be making no changes.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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41 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 13

  1. going for a Chelsea revolution this month, as I currently have no representation.

    I’d love to hang on to 1 transfer just in case of injuries, but I need to get them in before the weekend as I predict a thumping against Newcastle.

    my team will be then:

    Foster (donkey)
    Valencia (keep)
    Cahill (new transfer)
    Davies (keep for December)
    Baines (keep for now)
    Salah (Keep)
    Hazard (new transfer)
    Sterling (keep)
    Lukaku (keep)
    Kane (keep)
    Moratta (new signing)

    1. Looks like a strong team. I think it will be a close call between Aguero and Morata in terms of who scores the most points in December so think he could be a good addition for you.

  2. Whats everyones thoughts about Lukaku ? I thought most ppl would take him out for Morata as he has been useless for 6 weeks now but looks as if the concensus is to keep him in ??

    What about Ozil ?? he is cheap as chips at mo and Arsenal look like they may have a good month ?

    1. I’m not keen on Ozil just don’t think he will have the consistency. I’m keen to keep Lukaku personally. He’s the type of player who could easily grab a hat trick and with Pogba returning I think he should get more chances.

  3. Good week for you DTT, i also feel your Sane pain!

    This is where i’m at;


    Main area of concerns are with Stones being injured and Jesus/Aguero being rotated and earning little points.

    Plan for December

    Stones – Joe Gomez (Cheap option)
    Ogbonna – Christensen (Finally get rid of Ogbonna – Chelsea have good fixtures)
    Which free’s up cash for;
    Jesus – Lukaku / Morata / Sterling / Pogba / Erikson

    Would love to hear peoples opinions / advice?

    1. personally I would swap jesus for moratta – that would give you a well balanced mix between chelsea and man city both whom have the most favourable month – good luck

    2. Looks like a strong team to me. Could you not swap Stones for Walker and then Jesus for Morata? This would keep some Man City defensive representation.

  4. Strong Team mate.. its a tough one, Pogba is a points machine but united are not looking there self at the moment, Morata should score big over the month, Sterling is flavour of the month but I don’t see him consistently getting points over the season, Eriksen has dipped in form – you could consider Mane – He is looking dangerous for Liverpool and gets goals and assists in abundance ???

    1. I didn’t see Sterling keeping it up either, but you have to consider that we are now in December and he has scored more goals than Lukaku, Morata and Jesus!! (not combined… obviously).

  5. I have a budget of 4M to upgrade one of my defenders. Who would you go for at that price? I already have Christensen and Sanchez. I think it’s come down to Kompany at 3.6M or Rojo at 3.2M. As we know, Kompany is a big injury risk, but then Rojo isn’t a nailed on starter.

    1. Bret,

      Who are you other remaining defenders? You could look at Walker depending on price of defender you are replacing him with. Or you could go for Joe Gomez who is cheap and looks secure.

      Kompany will be rotated heavily I imagine, injury prone and fixtures come quick and fast. Rojo too much competition

  6. DTT, do u intend 2 make any transfers 4 this weekend, I also have Bailly & Baines, but will keep 4 now, I have 9.5 for 2 defenders, which do u think will be the best moving 4ward,
    Alonso 5.2
    Cahill 4.2
    Christen son 3.4
    Kosceilny 4.4
    Matip 3.9
    Walker 5.3

    1. I’m in a similar position with 9.2m to spend on 2 defenders.

      Ideally I wanted Cahill and Walker but .1 short!!

      Think I’m going to go Cahill and Alonso but was tempted by kompany. Great price if he stays fit but will most likely only be back up once stones is back fit.

      Only other option is dont swap Jesus for morata up front for me to leave me extra money but really want to get morata in this month

    2. I’d personally stick with Baines as he’s that cheap it’s hardly worth replacing him. I’m considering swapping Bailly for Walker if his injury drags on.

  7. It’s a good option and have considered it but think I’d much rather prefer Cahill, can’t help but think over the course of the season he will get more game time and points. When Moses is back think Cesar asp will end up playing in the back 3 putting pressure on Christi place.

    Might just get Cahill in for now and hold fire on the other two transfers.

    Thinking it might be worth leaving Jesus in for this weekend at least with city playing West Ham at home, he’s due a few goals. Plus I’m selling him at a very low value and ideally I like to sell high for profit and buy cheap.

    Still tempted by kompany at the price as if he gets a run of games his value should fly up too.

    What your thoughts on morata v pogba v Jesus??

    1. That’s a valid point on Aspilcueta possibly moving in2 a back 3 with moses returning, I am just trying to save funds to get rid of Baines in January, I have Lukaku, so not tempted by another utd offensive player, I will be taking Jesus out for Morrata, to much rotation with Aguerro, Morrata vs Newcastle cld b profitable game, tough champions league fixture but need to win to top group, Morrata should play in that game as well, u just can’t 2nd guess Guardiolas team sheet from one game to the next.

  8. Totally agree with your reasoning for morata for Jesus however if I was you would advise waiting till after this weeks fixtures.

    City have West Ham at home Sunday and think pep will go with Augero and Jesus up front and then a meaningless champ league game which I think Jesus will start with Augero rested for the derby next weekend. West Ham look awful at the moment and fancy Jesus to have a good week. If he does and morata don’t score Jesus will rise and morata drop further so your quids in. If morata has a good week just make the transfer before Friday and it makes no difference.

    Good luck whatever you decide.

  9. Having looked at todays fixtures the only transfer I’m considering making this game week is Bailly out and Walker in. I think Walker will get more game time over the season even when Bailly is fit so it could be a good long term choice.

  10. Thoughts on my team plz on possible transfers


    1. 2.5mil in kitty,Was thinking go abit different do mkhitaryan,lukaku,Valencia, out and put in Gomez,aguero and alexia Sanchez.
      Or mhikataryan out- morata in
      Then Cahill and Sanchez in for Baines n Valencia

        1. MKH out for a striker. I think you should look at Morata or Aguero/Jesus.

          Alonso out for Walker – for man city representation. Baines for Gomez – Not sure if the maths works out for these changes but thats what I’d be looking at. Even with Big Sam, Double everton representatives is a risk, plus it might take him half of December to sort out the defence and Baines is injured.

  11. My review of game week 13

    A great week, really enjoying fantasy football right now. My top team scored 126 points, just passed the 1,000 points mark and now ranked 729 and with a healthy budget of 71.3m. The good news is that this team is top of DTT’s mini league.

    My main team scored 129 points, also passed the 1,000 points mark and ranked just outside the 1k mark. Interesting observation is that it’s team value is only 65.2m and is 8 points behind my top team with a value difference of 6.1m. So guess this shows team value may not affect a big effect on team progress. My other teams scored 99-112.

    Now hoping to finish the season in the top 500.

    1. Any thoughts on transfers for my team? Currently only looking at Bailly out and Walker in for this game week.

      1. DTT,

        I have to agree with your change of Bailly out for Walker. How much do you have in the bank now and after this this transfer?

    2. Same with mine. I only have one team, which is around the 65m mark, but I’m almost at 1100 points, so it does show that higher value doesn’t always necessarily mean higher scoring.

  12. I would have thought Bailly would be fit by now – I heard he had a knock in training before Newcastle game. Seems to be more serious and heard no news on when he will be back. Hate to remove as seems to be a waste of a transfer with no points or value gained but sometimes it can’t be helped and it might be beneficial to cut losses and bring in Walker for the long term. Another option is to bring in a cheaper defender (Sanchez) to generate funds to upgrade Pieters who I would replace as he seems to be on target for a similar points total of last season (50 points).

  13. Any advice lads?

    i have 0.7m in the bank.

    Foster £0.9m

    Walker £5.3m
    Luiz £3.9m
    Davies £4.4m

    Salah £7.3m
    Sane £6.2m
    Hazard £7.4m

    Kane £10.6m
    Lukaku £6.2m
    Aguero £7.6m

    My main problem areas are the double west brom defence coverage and the Luiz injury (who could be out for whole of December). Also Sane has dried up the moment I put him in and Lukaku.

    Im thinking:
    Option 1
    Lukaku-> Morata
    Luiz -> Cahill
    Hegazi -> Joe Gomez

    Option 2

    Aguero-> Jesus
    Luiz -> Cahill
    Hegazi -> Christensen

    Option 3
    Luiz -> Cahill/Christensen (save 2 transfers for now)

    It frustrates me that i need to use practically all 3 transfers to sort out my defence, but this is the situation I find myself in.

    Would appreciate any advice, cheers!

  14. Bailly Wallker transfer seems logical. Even when fit I think Walker will start more games

    1. I won’t be doing it until just before Man Utd kick off later but it’s quite likely.

  15. Bloody Arsene Wenger !!! Says that Lacazette would miss today’s game….and his playing. Transferred him out for Morata. I would have kept him.

    1. Where possible, I always wait to see the team sheet before transferring anyone out… unless of course I want to capitalise on the price fluctuation before Friday. Is that what you did Anthony?

  16. Scrap that… just remembered that Chelsea were the early kick off. At least Morata scored too, so you didn’t lose out on points.

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