Review of Game Week 14

Review of Game Week 14

GW Points: 68
Overall Points: 881
Overall Rank: 176,308
Transfers: Bailly out, Walker in

Another improved game week with progress being made on the leaderboard in the right direction. However this week we only moved up around 10,000 places. For me this isn’t enough, I’d put the week down as a positive result but not a good/outstanding result. Fortunately we were able to hold onto two of our transfers for December and seem to have come through the week without any more injuries. December is going to be a crucial time and I think we need that run of good fortune, for example an Aguero hat trick.


Good to see another clean sheet for Pickford considering Everton’s recent form. It’s just a shame Baines wasn’t also playing.

Hazard and Salah once again performed consistently well. I think both players are essential. I believe we moved for Hazard at exactly the right time as well, around some suggestions that it was too soon and that Eriksen wasn’t the right player to replace.

Lukaku grabbing a goal was a positive. There’s been talk around transferring him out, for me he stays. While he’s getting regular game time at Old Trafford I can’t see the value in using a transfer to swap him out.

A late goal for Aguero in the Champions League was welcomed however I have expected more from him in recent weeks.

Potential Issues:

Baines being injured and so low in value. It’s hardly worth taking him out based on his cost.

Stoke have been poor and Pieters is a player who has suffered because of this. However again due to his value, I can’t see the point in downgrading anywhere else at the moment just to take him out.

Sane’s form since we transferred him in has been a huge disappointment. At this stage I plan to give him a little more time before thinking about transferring him out. Possibly until the end of this game week.

Aguero’s point scoring form is a little concerning. As many other managers aren’t able to afford him I was hoping he would be the player to make the difference but this hasn’t really happened yet.

Tips for Game Week 15

For the week ahead Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool look to have the most favourable fixtures. I’d be looking at players such as Hazard, Morata, Coutinho, Salah, Alli, Eriksen and Kane. Man City and Man Utd play each other at the weekend so this could be a close game and potentially low scoring.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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43 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 14

  1. DTT, your team has done well recently but thinking maybe you need to take it up a level to make those big strides up the rankings maybe acquisition of Coutinho as he is capable of big scores and relatively low ownership.

    1. He would be a good addition but the only player I’d want to swap him for is Sane and I don’t have the funds for this.

  2. Looking based on form he’s better taking Sane out for Coutinho providing the funds are available…

      1. I’ve gone back to 4 man midfield of sterling,hazard,salah and de bruyne with morata and kane up front. Thinking of switching sterling for coutinho. What u think?? I have 1073 points

        1. If I had the funds, I think swapping Sterling for Coutinho would be a good upgrade.

  3. When you going to wake up & drop lukaku. He is shocking at the moment. You’re getting left behind hanging onto poor performing player’s. Time to take a chance & be bold.

    1. I’m not actually getting left behind, I’m behind because I had an awful start. In recent weeks I’ve only moved up the leaderboard. I agree his form hasn’t been great but there aren’t that many better options.

      1. I dropped him and went to a 442

        I have to say I live in fear of what he may do, so much so I have a transfer left and refuse to use it as I’m holding for if he hits form and I have to bring him back, the top players in my ml have him and I can’t afford to drop points.

        Currently my move has only paid off a total of six points so it’s yet to be seen if it was worth it

        Strike force is kane and morata

    1. Lukaku has played every minute in the league and is guaranteed 20+ goals. Who’s your bold transfer? Alexis? Son? Siggurdson?

      1. Agreed Phil, he might be out of form at the moment but he’s going to play a lot and will get 20+ goals. I’d take him out if he got dropped or injured.

    2. Yeah agreed, but can’t see a better option at the moment. If you’ve got any suggestions they would be welcome.

      1. Sterling looks as nailed on as they come for a man city side.

        Mahrez and Ramsey gaining form for cheaper options.

        Not sure any of those are actually upgrades though, to do a real upgrade will cost as you need someone like cot, he’s on form with great fixtures but very costly.

    1. I see Sane and Sterling as being on the same level. I’m not sure Coutinho is an upgrade for Aguero either. Both benched for big games yesterday

        1. Jesus hasn’t been in good form either though. I don’t think he favours one over the other.

          1. jesus has not been on great from but imo the team and the front line works better with jesus in rather than aguerro.

            Obviously this is only while aguerro finds his feet but for now this seems the way of things for me.

            1. If Aguero doesn’t start midweek, I’m likely to take a look at him and consider transferring him out. I’ve still got two transfers in the bank for December.

              1. I’m exactly the same as that, I really don’t wanna get rid of Aguerro but if he’s not starting then I have no choice, I’m gonna have to see who’s the best fixtures up until after xmas.

  4. Might be time to downgrade Aguero to release funds to upgrade Pieters. Picking up minus points every week is not good for fantasy football progress and Stoke’s defence will now be weaker with Zouma’s injury so less hope for Stoke clean sheets.

  5. The problem this year is to be in the points there’s only a certain pool to pick from,

    Strikers – Aguero, Jesus, Lukaku, Morata, Kane, Firmino

    Midfielders – debruyne, sterling, Hazard, Salah, Coutinho

    Anyone else atm is a risk of going on barren runs or being inconsistent. I’ve looked at using my last transfer on a front 6 of Aguero, Lukaku, Kane, Salah, De Bruyne, Hazard but really its just a sake of using one.

    Also for the guy on here who mentioned Tarkowski a while back deserves a bow

    1. I recommended him at 2.5 but went for pope instead. I don’t know what it is about Tarkowskis game but it suits On the official fpl game he didn’t register any bonus points over the last couple of games, but won star man comfortably in sdt. Could be flash in the pan, but could be a Leicester-esque story again

      1. It was you, yeah I stuck him in for Ogbonna a while back. Yes they seem to rate him, I mean last nights game according to whoscored he was shoulders above everyone on the pitch (rating wise)

    1. I’ve done all I can. The same principles as last season haven’t paid off this season. It’s a game of chance in most cases.

  6. Would anyone think I am insane if I switched Cahill for Ashley Williams ? Frees up £2.1 mill giving me a pot of £4.3 and 1 transfer left for the month, allowing me to have the Jesus to Aguero swap up my sleeve if need be . I know it’s a transfer I dont need to do but Chelsea are rotating as well as not keeping clean sheets and I have Courtouis in goal for the Chelsea coverage. Williams looks like big sam loves him – guarantee starter, they are keeping clean sheets and have favourable fixtures . Any advise or constructive criticism/help would be gratefully received. Looking to consolidate my place at the top of my mini league – rest of team is;

    K walker




  7. DTT, I’m thinking maybe. Sane out for Silva, that’s an upgrade, depending on injuries etc for the rest of month, Pieters or Baines out for Sanchez after ban, gomez or trent arnold or is Bardsley part of Burnley back five on a regular basis.

    1. I think I’m going to give it another week, unless Sane is dropped for the weekend. I don’t see Sane to Silva being an upgrade.

  8. One transfer left? Any ideas? 2.5 in kitty


  9. One transfer left? Could go baines for Cahill ? A defender for maximum 4.2 available as Baines 1.7 n 2.5 spare

    1. Don’t really see it as an upgrade. If I wanted Silva, I’d have gone for him when I went for Sane. Agreed Sane hasn’t been in the best of point scoring form but there was a reason I went for him in the first place.

    1. Only if Sane doesn’t start for City. May then swap him for Silva. That would give budget to swap Baines for another Everton defender if he looks like he’s going to be out for a while. Any thoughts?

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