Review of Game Week 15

Review of Game Week 15

GW Points: 53
Overall Points: 934
Overall Rank: 228,187
Transfers: None used

Game week 15 was very disappointing. It’s the first week in a while where the team has dropped in the overall leaderboard after building some good momentum recently. Fortunately there are still two transfers in the bank for December, however I’m not confident this is enough to save our season. We’ve had some good results with the likes of Hazard and Pickford. However I think we’ve been unfortunate with Baines picking up an injury and Sane performing poorly from a point scoring perspective since we bought him in.


Another clean sheet for Pickford, good result considering how poor Everton have been.

Another goal for Salah and 13 points to add to the weekly total.

A goal for each of our strikers was a positive. However I expected more with a double header of Premier League games during the week.

Potential Issues:

Pieters continues to pick up minus points and his value has dropped as low as 0.6m. This makes him very difficult to replace.

Baines is still injured and has already missed out on a few clean sheets.

Sane has been poor in terms of picking up points since we transferred him in. This has resulted in a drop in value.

Aguero seems to be getting rotated a lot, however does seem to grab a goal when he does play.

Tips for Game Week 16

With two transfers remaining for the month but only one game during game week 16, I’m tempted to hold onto them for another week. However players I may take a look at are Sane and Baines for the reasons outlined above. I could swap Sane for Silva and Baines for Williams, but I don’t really see this as an upgrade so could be a complete waste of transfers.

In terms of players with good upcoming fixtures for the game week. Chelsea face Southampton, Man Utd face West Brom and Liverpool face Bournemouth. These could all be high point scoring games for the bigger clubs. Man City and Spurs play each other so it may not be wise to make a move for any of their players at this point in time.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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49 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 15

  1. Pickford
    Alonso Otamendi Pieters Davies
    Hazard Salah Sterling Sane
    Kane Lukaku

    Solid week, but agree Sane has been disappointing, and Pieters shocking. Could downgrade Sane to get rid of Pieters but not sure if that’s worth it. Two transfers left for December

  2. With silva im such fine form ans sane not having a great month paired with baines out for the forseable everton looking solid and swansea at home next
    Indeed DTT i think it is an upgrade
    Salah hazard
    Lukaku kane sergio
    No need to change
    I think thats a very wise transfer choice
    Cant wait for baines he looks long term and theres no guarentee he’ll get straight back in either

    1. Martina is poor only reason he’s playing is because Baines is injured.

      I’m sure big Sam needs Baines back asap but I haven’t heard anything when Baines will be back

  3. Which of these do you reckon would do best over the rest of the season:

    Valencia Otamendi Tarkowski/Christensen/Moreno Ogbonna
    Valencia Stones/Trippier Kolasinac/Rudiger Ogbonna
    Valencia Matip Stones/Trippier Moreno/Schindler


  4. I didn’t transfer Walker for Bailley because I had Smalling. So I’ve got 3 transfers.

    Any advice of 3 transfers for this month?

  5. Current team with 3 transfers in the bank….

    Davies, Kolasniac, Gomez, Christiensen
    Silva, salah, hazard
    morata, kane, agureo

    Im thinking if Aguero isn’t in the starting line up tomorrow i’m going to do……

    Aguero > Lukaku (pogba back soon which i feel help united attack) Annoying Aguero gets rotated….how are you meant to get into a scoring rhythm if your rotated every other game??

    Possibly….. Davies/kolasniac > Otomendi, but maybe this can wait a week.

    1. Only if Sane doesn’t start for City. May then swap him for Silva. That would give budget to swap Baines for another Everton defender if he looks like he’s going to be out for a while. Any thoughts?

      1. Strange you are still happy to keep Pieters (picking up minus points every week), Baines (not sure when he is back but possibly out for the whole month of December), Aguero (plays 60 minutes or nothing). Transfers in hand is good but points are what matters.

        1. I’m far from happy with Peters, Baines and I’m questioning Sane and Aguero. But I didn’t want to rush into taking Sane out for Silva to free up funds – turned out to be not a bad decision. You said on Friday you were surprised I hadn’t made this move before prices changed. Based on the team selection yesterday it was a good job I didn’t. You’ve also said in the past not to take Aguero out as many others don’t have him.

          Happy to hear suggestions? The reason I’ve held the transfers is because I see no obvious moves at the moment. I don’t like to make quick decisions on impulse. Take Sane for example, there were suggestions to take him out yesterday and he played well. It will be Aguero now. I think you’ve said yourself in the past not to take out a good player who isn’t injured.

          1. The forwards have been shocking this year in general. I dropped kaku and went 442 with kane and morata as I didn’t fancy aguerro.

            I ended up picking up a mid and it has at least for now gained me more points than playing a 433 would have.

            Will likely go back to 433 in Jan but it’s worked well so far.

    1. Potentially to free up funds. I just can’t see another player worth bringing in at the moment. No other striker is consistently scoring.

      1. Firmino isn’t a terrible option but your right no good options available for strike, I like the idea of changing formation and getting in premium mids as they seem to be on fire at the moment.

        Even city with their prolific scoring seem to score alot from midfield rather than the forwards, the kids have accumulated a good amount of points while we have been holding on to aguerro while he blanks. He can only lose value here while the mids are climbing nicely.

        Kdb has been amazing of late and sterling constantly looks to be a goal threat, could easily have had a hat trick last night

        1. Yeah I see your point. I just think Aguero is always capable of having a really explosive week and grabbing a hat trick. I can’t see Sterling continuing to score as regular. The strikers will surely pick up at some point. But it’s proving a difficult decision.

          1. Did you know kun is injured and playing through the pain? This may well explain his poor performance

    1. I prefer KBD, purely because he gets a lot of game time. My biggest mistake this season was taking him out when I did.

        1. Lol. Haters gonna hate. Kdb was playing as a defensive Midfielder and did nothing in the first 3 games.

          1. This is my observations (taken from my fantasy football diary) on De Bruyne after City’s first game of the season vs Brighton (away).

            MID: De Bruyne = On corners and free kicks. Shoots from distance and plays a wide range of passes including a number of crosses. No doubt if City score, he will involved.
            Fantasy football Asset: Yes

            That’s why I kept De Bruyne all season in my team.

          2. Agreed and one mistake shouldn’t cost you an entire season but it seems with the way prices rise and fall that it’s almost impossible to catch up when you fall behind.

  6. Shame there’s only 2 formation options!

    My midfield is Hazard, Salah, KDB, Countinho, but I wouldn’t mind having Sterling in there for a 4-5-1 formation (currently have Lukaku and Kane as my strikers).

    I don’t fancy moving any of these four just yet!!…

  7. Dilemma guys! Kyle walker 4.8m been losing points and is Defo going down 0.3m in value this Friday but has decent fixtures where I think he will pick up points but still yet value will go down due to last 5 appearances. So do I transfer him out now for alonso who wil defo be going up 0.3m in value but then would have 3 Chelsea defenders until January transfers. I don’t want to rely on Chelsea defenders especially having 3 but believe I will increase the value of me squad then put walker back in January when value begins to increase leaving more funds to improve other areas of me squad?

    Basically would prefer to keep walker due to his fixtures but thinking sacrifice rest of December for alonso n having 3 Chelsea defenders (which are generally decent defending anyways) just to try create extra funds until January?

    1. By transferring alonso now for walker would technically mean my team being 0.6m higher value cone after Friday due to walkers immedent -0.3 value this Friday and Alonso +0.3?

      1. That sounds like a good swap to me, I prefer Alonso to Walker anyway. He’s more of a goal threat and I believe Chelsea have some pretty decent fixtures over the Xmas period.

      2. Just double checked and they have Bournemouth, Brighton and Stoke all at home in the next 3 out of 4 games. Triple up and enjoy the clean sheets mate.

        1. That’s what I was thinking mate just not a fan of doubling up never mind triple and means have no Man City defence cover and they too have good fixtures but it’s only till January transfers come available and overall means have roughly 0.8m if I decide to use one transfer to transfer back.
          It’s difficult trying to balance gaining points aswel as trying to increase the value of ur team.

        1. I know points is number 1 pripority it’s just trying to second guess if Alonso can get similar amount of points as his value is going to rise. So would you keep walker despite the prospect of him going down -0.3 and even maybe the following Friday? As well as if I don’t change now can’t get alonso in future due to his imminent rise of +0.3 come Friday? I would ideally like to keep Man City defensive cover but feel with alonso price rise it gives me more options when January transfers arise and I can put walker back in if needed as well as keeping some left over funds.

          1. i think alonso will outscore walker over the course of the season. if your team doesn’t need any major surgery then it seems a good way to ‘earn’ 0.6m.

  8. Unsure how long Valencia is out for but have 1 transfer and can’t be doing with carrying him over Xmas- 5.4 budget any recommendations on who to bring in? Walker?

  9. Two late goals in the cup cost me and you ddt clean sheet points for Walker and Cahill, very disappointed with that but at least hazard got an assist

  10. I’m also looking at this Walker to Alonso swap…. I would also have 3 Chelsea defenders for the rest of December. The majority here seems to be leaning towards Alonso.

    1. I would like to keep a Man City defence cover with their upcoming fixtures, but taking a gamble and hoping Chelsea keep same amount of clean sheets as City as well as alonso being more of a goal threat. His value is going to go up whilst walkers is going to drop come Friday which is main reason for dropping walker. If doesn’t work out at least it’s not long till January transfers are available and due to the price rise and fall of each of them, I will be able to transfer walker back in if needed whilst gaining extra funds for elsewhere.

    1. I’ll put a review of the game week up tomorrow but at the moment I can’t see me making any transfers. Any suggestions?

  11. Dtt city and Chelsea playing 7 each next month I believe to man u and Liverpool’s 5 each.

    You thinking about loading on the teams with more fixtures?

    1. I’ve still got two transfers left and at the moment I can’t see what to do with them. So potentially could do this but I’ll need to look at the fixtures in more detail.

  12. Guys need a decision Tarkowski is banned for 3 so I was going to transfer him for either smalling or azpilicueta, I already have Cahill and Christensen already.

    1. I’d have gone for Smalling but you would have kept a clean sheet if you went for Azpilicueta

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