Review of Game Week 17

Review of Game Week 17

GW Points: 145
Overall Points: 1,119
Overall Rank: 160,533
Transfers: None used

Overall the game week was a big success. The team climbed significantly in the leaderboard and most players in the team contributed well. There are a couple of areas that may need looking at, most importantly getting rid of Baines who could well be a long term injury. I spotted Keane as a decent option but unfortunately this came after Everton had kicked off against Chelsea. Had I spotted it before the game I may have made this move prior to kick off but either way we missed out. Pieters being injured wasn’t a concern as he rarely picks up points anyway. Sane and Lukaku both had a disappointing week. However overall I’m happy with the team which is reflected by still having two transfers in the bank.


Kane picked up a huge number of points. He’s a player I wanted from the start of the season and have no intention of changing this.

Aguero had a good game week. This is where I feel the real difference was made in terms of climbing the leaderboard as not many people have him.

Pickford grabbed two clean sheets. This has been a successful transfer since swapping him for Foster.

Walker and Cahill both scored reasonably well.

Salah once again achieved a decent score with 15 points over the week.

Potential Issues:

Baines and Pieters both need looking at. I think Baines is fairly easy to resolve by opting for Keane who should ideally rise in value. I would have made this before prices changed on Thursday however I wanted to see if Baines was on the horizon for a return. Shortly after it was announced that he had another set back so this transfer now looks inevitable. Pieters value is so low it’s going to be difficult to shift him but this may be something I look at after this game week.

Sane drew a blank this week. His lack of consistency is a real problem. When I bought him in it was a choice between him and Sterling. At the time Sane looked the better option and since this decision was made Sterling has pushed on to achieve many more points. This is another one of those toss of a coin decisions which has gone against us. I’m going to stick with Sane for another game week and review this next week when I should have one transfer left. I still think Sane is a good option for his price range.

I’d have a slight concern over Lukaku. His goal scoring form has clearly dropped but if you look at the points table he’s not far behind De Bruyne and many would argue De Bruyne is having an outstanding season. I’m going to stick with both Sane and Lukaku for another week and monitor them both.

Tips for Game Week 18

Man City, Spurs and Liverpool all have favourable fixtures during game week 18. Some players who could be worth looking at for this week include Aguero, De Bruyne, Sterling, Kane, Alli, Salah and Coutinho. If you are thinking more long term Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal all have additional EFL cup fixtures during January. This could be worth considering if you think they will field strong starting lines up.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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13 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 17

  1. Are you not a bit concerned about efc fixtures? Have 3 tough games after Bournemouth. I’m debating putting in Keane or rojo

    1. Absolutely but he’s the only decent option at 1.7m or less. I’m not keen on making more than one transfer today but feel Baines needs to go.

  2. To allow Baines out I’m looking at transferring Smalling (Which is your Walker) for Rojo and Lindelof.

    I want to keep ManU representation and think they will both play looking forward.

    Anyone with any advice/thoughts?

    1. I’d check which one of them gets in the starting line up tonight and go for that one.

  3. NEED A QUICK REPLY PLEASE: Are you going to be swapping out lukaku and salah cause i think Lukaku is set to return in Man U’s next match against Derby. And i think salah is going to miss the next game but be back against man city. So are you keeping these 2 ????


    1. I’ll need to make a decision tomorrow but I doubt I’ll take either of them out if they look likely to return at the weekend. I’ve not really put much thought into it yet.

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