Review of Game Week 18

Review of Game Week 18

GW Points: 62
Overall Points: 1,181
Overall Rank: 158,882
Transfers: None used

Game week 18 was another fairly average week. We didn’t see much of a rise in our overall rank on the leaderboard but also didn’t drop either. I’m still far from happy with our position, it’s nowhere near where I’d want to be at this stage of the season. With the way the game weeks a strong start looks essential, having had a difficult start to the season it’s now almost impossible for us to catch up. Strangely I’m quite happy with the team as it is and can’t see many obvious areas for making changes. Other than Firmino, we’ve got the best performing strikers. Salah is essential and Hazard is in my opinion the next most important midfielder in the game. Sane is a good option based on the rest of the budget we have left in midfield. Defensively I’m happy with Walker, Cahill and Pickford. Pieters is obviously a very weak link and Keane is a decent cheaper option. Based on the value of our team, I believe we’ve currently got the best line up we can achieve.


Hazard and Salah both put in good performances to score over 10 points each.

Sane contributed only four points but did look in good form, making me optimistic going forward.

Walker and Cahill both managed to pick up over 5 points each.

Despite losing, Pieters managed a positive points total for a change. I still identify that it’s far from ideal having him in the team.

Aguero got on the score sheet again. With Jesus picking up an injury, he should got a lot more game time.

Potential Issues:

Injuries seem to be mounting at a crucial time. Walker, Keane, Salah and Lukaku all have minor injuries. Salah is certain to be out of the FA cup clash with Everton. Lukaku is fit but may be rested against Derby. As a result I used my last transfer of December to replace Salah with Sterling temporarily for the start of January.

Tips for Game Week 19

With three new transfers available for January many will be looking to gain an advantage early on in the month. I’d personally be looking at players from Chelsea and Man City. Both clubs have additional fixtures due to the EFL cup semi final games. It is worth noting that Man City have easier opposition in Bristol City, as Chelsea face Arsenal. It’s also worth considering that Chelsea are likely to get knocked out of the Champions league as they face Barcelona in the next round. The latter stages of the Champions League should present good opportunities to pick up extra points towards the end of the season.

As a result with Hazard and Cahill already in my team, I’m fairly happy with my Chelsea representation. Given the more difficult EFL cup games and tricky Champions League tie, I’m not overly bothered about getting more of their players in. Also they may well rest players in the EFL cup.

As Salah is certain to miss the Everton fixture at the weekend, I thought this would be a good opportunity to use my final December transfer. City have two games over this game week and Sterling is their highest scoring midfielder. As a result I opted to bring him in for the time being. This leaves us with 3 transfers for January. There’s a temptation to replace Lukaku with Morata, however Morata isn’t certain to play in the FA cup or EFL cup. I’d imagine he should start one game but probably not both. If Lukaku starts against Derby this evening (I’m not convinced he will) then I will leave him in and save a transfer. If he doesn’t it’s going to be a big decision. I prefer Lukaku over Mortata as a long term option. However the thought of gaining some additional points from Morata with their extra games this month is appealing. My concern is that this would leave us with only two transfers with injury question marks against Walker and Keane. But also two players who I’d want to bring back in with Salah and Lukaku. For me this is too much of a risk and is almost certain to leave us playing catch up again with transfers.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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32 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 18

  1. I would say Alonso is an essential defender despite Chelsea meeting Barcelona. Recently he has been having three shots at goal per game.

    1. If it’s possible to make a complete defensive block, be it Chelsea, or another team, this is the time to do it. I’ve managed to get a complete Spurs defensive block, with Kane, although it’s currently not my best team.

      1. Problem for Spurs is that everyone wants to score at Wembley and some teams/players rarely play there so they give that extra effort making it tough on Spurs.

        1. True, but that was the way it’s worked out & there won’t be too many complete defensive Spurs blocks, with Kane, Lukaku & Aguero.

  2. If lukaku does not start tonight i’d snap up morata
    Utd have only 3 more fixtures in jan two are which burnley and spurs……i have a gut feeiling morata will outscore lukaku month january….. ths would still leave us 2 tranafers in the bag of which we could slip salah back in and monitor keane and walkers fitness

  3. I feel bringing Salah back once the month is likely a priority but kaku can wait. Unless he picks up form you wouldn’t be missing many points and to be fair may well exceed what he scores with new players.

    Logical as always dtt, good ideas in my opinion.

    1. As Lukaku isn’t playing tonight I thought it was worth the risk in terms of taking him out. Especially with Chelsea having two fixtures this week.

    1. Delighted to be back, who actually are you & what is your personal problem ? No doubt you’re on Fiso ?

  4. DTT, while we r waiting on lineups for man Utd, will smalling or walker be a better option for January, taking everything into account, Rojo don’t think will get enough gametime.

  5. Really struggling with what to do here. See my team below.




    I have 1m in reserve. I need to get rid of Jesus as he’s injured, but only worth 3.8m. I also want to get rid of morata as his performances have been questionable.

    I currently have 3 transfers (January). I’m currently looking at Jesus > Pedro but not committed to that.

    Any recommendations?

    1. Tricky one, I’d ideally want Aguero if I was you but I guess he’s out of reach. I’d consider taking out Salah and Jesus for Sterling and Sane maybe? Then bring back in Salah once he’s fit again.

    1. Hadn’t really thought about it yet. I think it will depend on how City get on against Bristol City.

      1. So the plan is to take Sterling out for Salah ?

        I didn’t take out Salah, thought long and hard about it but the problem I had was when to put Salah back in my team and also don’t want to watch any Liverpool matches if Salah is playing.

        1. If all goes to plan I’ll put Salah back in. Not sure when yet but with City playing Bristol City twice I’m hoping Sterling will get some game time against them and obviously Salah won’t have these additional fixtures.

  6. Mike i would go for morata i think this month he will outscore both lukaku and pogba and theres are funds available to upgrade in other areas
    No brainer

  7. Quick one lads. Should I take a gamble on walker starting for city or double up with Chelsea, I have alonso and stones but stuck with last defender. I have 4.4m

  8. Lukuku on Bench but I say keep.

    We had a similar choice when Aguero was coming back from injury and was on the bench and I think we made the right choice.

    If we had a choice of Fermino fair do but to swap him for Morata :/

    1. I just think with extra games Morata has it’s worth the risk. But completely take your point, it’s a bit of a risk as Morata might not even play all week.

  9. Put in van dijk and kept Lukaku turned out to be a good decision! Although Liverpool have man city next.

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