Review of Game Week 19

Review of Game Week 19

GW Points: 63
Overall Points: 1,244
Overall Rank: 142,328
Transfers: Salah out, Sterling in
Lukaku out, Morata in

Overall the game week was a good result as we once again climbed in the overall leaderboard. Having said that I think we’ve wasted a transfer by bringing in Morata, he didn’t get much game time in the FA cup and drew a blank in the EFL cup. On top of that Lukaku picked up 10 points against Derby in the FA cup. This was a complete disaster, we would have been 10 points better off by sticking with Lukaku and also a transfer better off. Bringing in Sterling for the injured Salah has been more successful as Sterling picked up 8 points over the week and the transfer was left over from December and was not really needed. I was also very happy with the team as it stood going into January so felt the transfer was almost a free one.


Kane grabbed a couple of goals in the FA cup, a game which I wasn’t even sure he would start in.

Aguero picked up 21 points over the game week. Another positive result.

Sane and Sterling both did well over the game week. A decent result considering both games were cup games.

Potential Issues:

Pickford scored -1 point but I don’t see this as a big issue as we plan to stick with him regardless.

Pieters didn’t play as he was injured. However I think it’s more of an issue when he does play so I wasn’t overly bothered by this.
I was very disappointed with the Chelsea player. Hazard and Morata hardly got any game time in the FA cup but also didn’t pick up many points in the EFL cup either. Cahill played in the FA cup but missed out on a clean sheet in the EFL cup.

I think our main issue for the month is knowing what to do with our final two transfers. We could swap Sterling back to Salah and Morata back to Lukaku. This would put us back to where we were at the start of the month (a team that I was happy with). Or we can risk holding Morata for the return leg of the EFL cup semi final. My concern is that Man Utd play Stoke at the weekend and it would just be our luck that Lukaku grabbed a hat trick. I’d be interested in everyone’s thoughts on this, so my questions are:

Do we swap Morata back for Lukaku, if so, when? Here’s their upcoming fixtures:



Morata could potentially feature in four games while Lukaku only has two. I think it’s more likely that Morata will play three though.
We probably all agree that we need to put Salah back in for Sterling, but again when should this be done? I’d hope that Sterlings price will rise this week and Salah’s should stay the same. Here’s their upcoming fixtures:

Bristol City

Man City

With Sterling having an extra game over the next two weeks, it makes sense to me to risk keeping him in. The question is, who will score more over the course of these games? Salah is one of those players who could easily score big in any game.

The difficulty with both decisions is that Lukaku or Salah having a good week (when we’ve not got them) could price us out of bringing them back in. It’s already inevitable that Lukaku will rise in value this week and Morata could drop.

Tips for Game Week 20

I’d be tempted to look at Chelsea players with an FA cup replay coming up during the next game week. Although they are likely to rotate quite heavily and a lot of their big names had a poor week this week. I’d avoid moving for Man City or Liverpool players this week as they face each other. Man Utd play Stoke which could be a big point scorer. Spurs play Everton which should be a relatively straightforward game for Spurs despite Everton’s recent better form.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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105 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 19

  1. Tough choices for you DTT – I would personally put Salah back in before the weekend, I think with Coutinho going he will step up again , I would hold fire with Morata I think he will outscore Lukaku this month putting you back on courseI
    What advice would you give , I have cahill and I am beginning to worry as he very rarely gets 7 but does get clean sheets when he plays but he gets rotated along with rudiger and christensen whom also rarely get the extra 3 points. I am 24 points ahead in my league with 1438 points and my team is



    0.6 mill in the bank

    I have all my transfers left for January and the guy 24 points back has
    Butland alonso, walker, christensen & Michael Keane and has used all his transfers – his midfield is Salah, Sterling & Hazard & Aguero, Kane & Morata. I feel I need to get alonso in or azpiculeta as that will nullify him (as they get regularly 7/8 out of 10 and extra points ) to swap with cahill but to do that I will need to transfer out another defender – I was thinking with Jan & Feb in mind and champions league coming back – cahill & Gomez out & Alonso & Rojo in – disappointed to lose the Liverpool coverage Gomez gives but he is also rotated often. Alonso is an upgrade for Cahill and Rojo is stronger than Michael Keane(in 2nd places team) going forward with the extra games in Europe & Fa Cup – it will only leave me 0.1 in bank but I feel it strengthens my team.

    The 3rd place team in my league is 51 points back with the following team

    luke shaw



    I am less worried about the 3rd place and think my defence even after changes is better than his. I am loathe to take KDB out he’s a points machine, plays virtually every game – gets starman every other game and scores goals I think he will outscore sterling over the season and Courtouis is 2nd best behind de gea so loathe to downgrade. I think it’s getting to the point where its less about money in bank and more about points as I could virtually swap any player in the game with the players values how they are. I would then still have a spare transfer, Rojo for Gomez is uncertain but with Man Utd still in FA Cup and Champions League he is likely to get some playing time maybe and comparing him to the 2nd places other defensive player – Michael Keane I think there won’t be much points between them, certainly not enough to worry about?

    Wait to hear your thoughts thanks – you , Darren & RR help a lot with your discussions and have played a big part in my decision.

    1. I’d just replied on the other post, but I’d suggested:

      This is a horrible tactic but I used it quite effectively last year. I was in a good position like you are now and always had transfers in hand over second place. I generally just blocked his moves by mirroring his team to keep my lead. I think you’ve got a better front 6 so I wouldn’t worry about changing those. You’ve also got a stronger keeper, maybe stronger than you need? I’d consider bringing in Alonso to ensure he doesn’t gain on you there. If you were to change Courtois, I’d bring in Alonso and Christensen to block any points gain. Gomez should outscore Keane so I think you would be stronger all round. However it’s a bit of a risky strategy as we aren’t that close to the end of the season just yet. It worked very effectively for me last year though.

      1. Thanks DTT

        I agree it’s too early and I am not looking to totally nullify him really as like you said there is too long to go it’s just I am looking at how I can not only hold my advantage but gain a few points not only over the 2nd place but the 2 or 3 below me – Alonso for cahill is a big improvement almost 3 points a game maybe more as Alonso scores so that’s a no brainer but to find the other £1.3 to do that I have to make 1 more transfer (risky but only 2 weekends left after this for the month) changing keepers is a risk – where else can I find a quality keeper like courtouis who again is virtually an 8 points a game keeper? Any keeper suggestions around the £2.5 mill mark?
        – what are your thoughts on Rojo – he is cheap. Will he be another Cahill for me ie not sure to start etc? At the minute Gomez & Cahill earn me I suppose an average of 8 points between them – alonso likely to match that but will rojo grab me those few extra points? As I said it’s more about utilising the transfers correctly for points rather than having loads of cash in the bank now as I can swap players with anyone due to the value of my players

  2. I wouldnt use a transfer again to bring Lukaku back in out of spite that you’ve used your first transfer for them both, however morata will more than likely drop 0.3m in value tomorrow morning while I’m guessing lukaku will either stay the same or rise maximum 0.2 as his average over the last 3-5 games isn’t too high. So worth thinking about whether you have the funds to put him back in Feb, if your swapping sterling for salah wait till after the price changes tomorrow morning then make the switch as you will gain 0.3m rise from sterling whilst salah will remain the same. If I was you I would keep sterling in this week as fancy City more than Liverpool and then transfer him for the following week when Liverpool play Swansea, although city do play Newcastle that same weekend.

    1. I think I will stick as I am for the same reasons you’ve said. It looks like I’ve got 1m in the bank even if I made the transfers today so hopefully won’t have to worry about being priced out of bringing them back in whenever I want them.

  3. I wouldn’t want to take out Sterling – his stats are very good – he has had the most touches in the box and most dribbles. He has really surprised me this season and thought he was overachieving but he seems to get in the right places and scores those rebounds.

    Also Alonso looking very good. Very impressed with his performance last night – was really eager to score. Averaging three shots a game in current form and looking essential in any dream team.

    1. I agree on Alonso he’s a must have for me – Wouk you advise taking Cahill and Gomez out to get Alonso and Rojo in?

      1. I would have Alonso – For me he is the best defender in the game, clean sheets, goal threat (more shots at goal than any defender by a mile) and takes free kicks – quite good ones as well. With Alonso in your team, you have the possibility of not just a good front 6 but going to the next level of a good front 7. I think every competitive team needs Alonso, he is in all of my fantasy football teams.

        Rojo I am not too sure about, I tend not to go for cheap defenders (only cheap goalkeepers I tend to go for – not great but can do a decent job i.e. Pickford). I do start with at least 1 cheap defender at the start of the season but tend to quickly upgrade them when I have turned over a decent profit. Had Southampton’s Stephens at the start then upgraded him to Cahill in October. Now my cheapest defender is Christensen at 3.9m. I generally see that the good defenders I want start at 3.5m. Rojo looks good value but there is a lot of competition in Man Utd’s central defence, rotation is an issue and think he is behind Jones, Smalling and Bailly (when fit) and doubt he can do the job at left back. For cheap defenders, I would look at Bournemouth’s Ake (decent player with a goal threat and still in FA cup with replay to play) or Jagielka who could be rotated but I think he is in very good form right now and Michael Keane has had a few injury problems.

    2. I think I’m going to stick with Sterling as you say. Ultimately I’ll get Salah back when I want him as he’s been very consistent all season but don’t see the need to make this change now..

  4. I’d be tempted to leave things as they are to be honest. Morata certainly has favourable fixtures, although I understand that it is currently frustrating!

    There are still 3 weeks left in the month – I think it is a bit early to revert back and use all of our transfers now.

    Sterling also has better fixtures than Salah. Its been a frustrating week, but I think that any transfers now would be a knee-jerk reaction.

    1. I’m with you on this one. Happy to stick as we are for now. We could comfortably bring either play back in whenever we want so there’s no rush. I do worry about Lukaku against Stoke though.

  5. Does anyone understand exactly how this price rise works?! I thought I had grasped it but obviously not! Lukaku went down 0.2m I know it goes of last 3 and 5 game average and his point average over this time wasn’t the best but I wasn’t expecting him to go down in value of 0.2m and then you have Pickford who has average rating of 0 points in last 3 games and only 3.2 average over 5 games yet rises 0.3m? I know the lower the player valuation the higher the £ so price rise goes of this too. But surely Pickford getting 0 points in last 3 game average doesn’t warrant a maximum price rise of 0.3m surely? Anyone fancy explaining how this valuation game works as every time I think I have it sussed out, it baffles is a few weeks later.

  6. Price changes make little sense to me too Gaz. Not only that but I had 1m available to spend yesterday, and having made no transfers, I now have 1.9m available. Not complaining on that front though!

    1. AB I believe that it is an error in the app I had 1.2m now I’ve got 2.5m… it normally does this when players prices are changing around 7am Friday. It normally reverts back but it hasn’t this time.

      1. So the question is, do you make a sub(s) and utilise the gift of funds before the error is noticed and they are retracted?

  7. I need to get a cheap keeper in to free up cash to get alonso in my back line – take out courtouis and replace with either Lossi/Foster/Begovic/Butland( although cheap less keen on him as Stoke struggling) – all advice welcome what keeper would you people go please? I appreciate it

      1. Pickford too pricey the four I mentioned are the price range I am looking at 0.7 mill / 1.8 mill + two at 2 mill – it’s just which one will be best in terms of points / damage – lossi / foster & begovic still in FA Cup but will they play ?

  8. What’s people thoughts on Swapping courtious for Butland – ( after Man Utd they have a pretty good run of games and new manager coming in could help) raising £3.6m which will free me up to put alonso in for Gomez – that will give me a team of

    Plus leaving 1 transfer and £1.4 in the bank remaining ?

      1. No I could get begovic Hennessy lossi or foster in and still be able to get alonso in but those keepers just reduce my cash left in the bank

      1. I’d question Cahill. He seems to be in a rotation battle with Christensen at the moment. There’s many defenders for his price who will play more games.

  9. DTT, no disrespect, but i think your decisions are quite often rash decisions, we can all be guilty of that ! I’m no exception !
    I think taking out Salah, might have been a mistake & you’d taken out Lukaku too & now think of bringing them both back in ?
    Did you bring Sane in for Salah ? I wouldn’t get rid of Sterling. Sane could outscore Salah. He might not score so well with Coutinho gone ?
    I’d hold fire for now, i think.

    1. Salah > Sterling swap was made because of the number of fixtures this month, and with City having fairly favourable fixtures!

      Man City have 6 games vs. Liverpool’s 4
      – Liverpool playing a Merseyside Derby, an unbeaten City and 2 away games.
      – City had 2 games against Bristol City where they were likely to field a strong side and home games against Burnley, Newcastle and WBA – there only tricky fixture being Liverpool.

      There was no rashness about it. It was documented that it was not ideal taking Salah out, as alongside Kane he has been the standout player this season, but a move made to be made to try and get up the leaderboard.

      I think DTTs frustration at Morata was valid, and the comments made about reverting back within the first week of the month were rash. But even with Morata, who would have thought that Chelsea would have 3 0-0 draws in a row? They still have Brighton, Bournemouth and a Cup semi-final this month. Lukaku could bag a couple against Stoke tonight, but then face Burnley away and Spurs away. Morata could easily outscore Lukaku this month.

      I don’t see where any of the decisions made were rash, and the decision to stick (in my opinion) was the right one.

      1. Thanks Dean, appreciate the comment and agree completely. I think Anthony is just on the wind up sometimes with his comments.

        1. Honestly not DTT. Just an observation over the season, one springs to mind so obviously, Morata, earlier in the season…..brought him in if i recall for CL game, didn’t play, so you took him out, it’s a famillar recurring theme.
          Have you kept him this time ? Did you decide to take him out ? I hope so !

          1. I obviously can’t win, stuck with him this time and look what happens. So I’ve experimented with both approaches and it didn’t work either time. Regardless other than his hat trick, it was the right choice to have Aguero rather than Morata for the months after that event. But of course you never mention that part. As everyone else says, every decision is documented and logical.

            1. Sorry “Spock” , for forgetting your Aguero move, you bought him in, AFTER A 28 point haul from him… just missed the boat, on that occasion !!!

  10. Not that Kane holders should complain, but why should he automatically get star man as soon as he scores ??

    1. Have you not got Kane I take it? He did have a fantastic game I would’ve only put Son in with a chance to pip him but he was a constant threat.

      1. I’ve got him in my best team, that doesn’t mean to say, i think it’s right he gets star man, the second he scores !

  11. Salah’s back. Transfer him in now or at the end of the month?

    Think ManC will dominate as usual but will Sterling get more points than Salah? I think he might.

    1. Nope, after trying to pinch a few points with a couple of proactive transfers I’d have been better off sticking as I was and I’d still have a transfer in the bag. Not sure why I’m bothering this season.

      1. To be fair, the logic was completely sound.

        When you put Sterling in, he had two games to Lukaku’s one, which he was starting on the bench, so it could be argued, two full games Vs 20 mins!!

        If it’s any consolation this happens to me EVERY time I make a sub!

        Every time I remove a striker, he scores in the very next game(s) too. I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail again about removing Kane last year and missing out on 5 hatricks and a brace (17 goals) in 7 weeks!!!!

        Even happens with defenders. A month or two back, I took out Tarkowski who then went on to get:

        Clean Sheet/Star Man
        Clean Sheet/Star Man
        Clean Sheet

        ……31 points in 3 games…. thanks for that.

        I suppose I have to remember that in spite of the above, I’m still winning all my leagues and sitting on over 1600 points, so maybe just noticing the bad more than the good.

        1. Lee, that’s a great score, I’m around 1400 but losing ground in mini league, team is
          No transfers left in January, looking ahead baines out & probably Hazard from the 20th February onwards, if funds allow VVD & Pogba in can’t go Lukaku rivals have him, hoping Morrata picks up & rest of team perform well, can you see other options, losing heart, need to take a risk on at least one player that nobody else has & can come good, but who.

          1. It’s a very tough one, I think Pogba could be a good one but I’m concerned about Morata myself. His recent form hasn’t been good and I’m thinking I need to get rid of him as soon as possible. Are you not concerned about not having Salah either? Because I’m thinking I need him back in as well.

          2. Yeh, it’s a good score, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious as to how good it could be without my rotten transfer luck!!?

            I guess that the guys at the very top are not experiencing such issues with bad fortune!

        2. It’s a nightmare when it doesn’t go your way, everything I touched turned to gold last season. This time around it’s the complete opposite. I’d be happy if I was you on over 1,600 points.

          1. That’s the way it goes, DTT, one season “Midas” the next ?…..but at least you’re always “logical” Spock.

            1. I really haven’t got the time to respond to such comments. Everyone else on here generally wants to pull together and share thoughts/tips. It seems like you’re only here to cause trouble, never with anything positive to say.

  12. DTT, despite the criticism, I think that the front 6 we have at the moment a decent enough to see us through until the end of the month. They are all playing regularly for top clubs and have nice fixtures….

    What do you think about making a proactive move on the defence for this week?

    We currently have 2 players not playing, and although Cahill has picked up a decent amount of points being in and out of the side, I feel he is going to be spending more and more time on the bench – plus there is no return date for his injury.

    How about…
    Cahill > Vertonghen
    Pieters > Smith (BOU)

    Bournemouth have a nice set of fixtures coming up (WHU, Chelsea, Stoke, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Leicester). Smith is an almost ever present in the Bournemouth side and is good for the odd goal going forward as well.

    This does leave us enough in the bank to bring Salah back in for Sterling… but only just! There is a risk that price changes could mean we need to make more changes to facilitate the move.


    1. Have you factored in the likely price changes on Friday Dean? I would say looking at the 3 and 5 game averages for both Sterling and Salah Salah is likely to go up by 0.3 and Sterling will go down by 0.3, meaning another 0.6 difference and possibly even more the following week, the February transfers are still 3 price changes away, at worst that could mean a further difference of 1.8m on todays prices between the two leaving Salah 2.7m more expensive than Sterling by the time the transfers get replenished in February

      1. Yup, that was the caveat at the end. It is a risk! The other option is to play it a bit safer and take Keane out who is still injured rather than Pieters. This gives us an extra £1.3m safety net

        1. Have you got the same team as DTT, Dean, because the term “we” is often used, like DTT, always says “we”, in his write ups. Is it the Royal We ??

    2. Dean….not bad i might be tempted to keep pieters however…..there next 4 matches are not too shabby and i’m sure lambert will work from the back upwards first couple of weeks
      I like your thought proccess i think next season you me anthony lee DTT should work together preseason to get the perfect 11….this season has been a write off Big time! Cant do anything now just see the remainder out and gather as many pts as possible
      We’ll get all our heads together pre season post our final 11 then thrash out and disect a perfect 11…then each transfer have a committee to authorise transfers i reckon 4 or 5 knowledgable heads can really go far next term
      What do you think dean ?

    3. I’d just worry about being without Lukaku and Salah. I’m convinced we would be short of funds in terms of bringing them back in. I need to put some thought into this over the next couple of days but it’s really useful to have your thoughts on it.

  13. I have Vertongen and he’s doing well this month but gonna take him out after Jan. In Feb Spurs play United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Juventus in a row so worth keeping that in mind

  14. Bobby with the sun dream team you start off poor and if your not up there by november….i’m afriad your just making the numbers up thats what DTT is doing now….however you juggle 3 transfers around each month 200+ behind ur teams price is lower than the leaders and you have to take risks….its been a total disaster this season no other way to ‘sex’ it up….

    1. I totally agree.

      I won my mini league last year and currently in 4th (out of 92) on 1451 points. The 3 in front of me all had Sterling and i didn’t, so i also made the Salah transfer to limit damage control, I also swapped Lukaku to Pogba and Christensen to Stones.

      Apart from Pogba, i’d have been better off not making any changes, so far, however if i want to catch the leader i need to have a different team.


  15. No a negative comment…it happens when the breaks dont go your way early doors……
    Lets just see this season out and come up with a pre-season plan with as many opinions on this site as possible declare each team discuss and come up with the ‘perfect 11’ then go from there have a transfer commitee
    Too many times this season DTT has asked views on transfers nothing posted back (this includes me by the way) and when its gone wrong people are quick negative things….season 18/19 lets get this thing going….

  16. Anthony dean lee
    And myself and whoever posts reguarly on here need to post pre season 11 and we can thrash out a perfect 11…..and go from.there on transfere dealings
    At no time as DTT just posted transfers and neglected our own thoughts..i really think each of us with our knowledge can disect the perfect team next year…..not been negative but the remainder of this season is ‘damaged limitation’

    1. Darren, I have been following DTT all season, when asking for advice he has invariably always got back to me, with sound reasoning, I am falling 110/100 pts off the top 2 positions in my mini league, it is tough to make up that defecit, if things don’t change rapidly all they need to do is block/nullify chasing rivals, then ur left with having punts on players that may come good, but more often than not don’t, last season I finished just outside the money positions, putting in a lot of time, to try & get higher up leader board, sitting 3rd & 9th currently with a lot to do, need to improve when to sell a player & when not to, building up team value, & not making to many rash transfers at beginning of months, leaving me short at backend for injuries, suspensions, & unforseen circumstances, want to win my mini league not just take part, so wld be up for adding input pre-season, for the start of next season.

    2. I think it’s a great idea to share more thoughts on getting the right team for next season, the more people who contribute the better in my opinion. I’m hoping to carry on the blog next season but I must admit I’m struggling to find the time on occasions to keep up with documenting everything. Regardless I’d imagine I will still keep it going even if I struggle to reply to every comment but with more people contributing opinions that should help.

  17. The Jan transfer window this season might hold some surprises, there might be some new players that may change the game?

    Possibly Sanchez going utd just as an example then Arsenal will surely do some business? Will Walcott be useful? Just some new factors that might give us more opportunities etc.

    1. I’m struggling to get away from just putting Salah and Lukaku back in at the moment. Especially with Morata getting sent off.

      1. With Morata suspended, then this negates my comment about the defence yesterday. Priority one is replacing Morata – ideally tomorrow because his price will drop!

        I think if United sign Sanchez, you will see Lukaku playing more like he was at the start of the season, and for Everton, upfront and central, with Sanchez doing the work in the whole. Could be a major turning point for Lukaku in the game. Coincidently, I dont think he has been playing bad, just not playing the role that gets big points in this game!

        1. Yeah as soon as Morata got sent off, I thought the only obvious replacement is Lukaku or maybe Salah and go 4 4 2 until we take Sterling out.

    1. Sums up our season. Makes it worse that I don’t think he should have been sent off. Not a dive but also maybe not a penalty.

  18. Are you doing any transfers before Friday ? Salah for Hazard and Pogba for Morata. That way you keep Sterling ?

  19. Hi folks,

    Just a thought here although this depends entirely on when the transfer happens.

    Anyone thought of putting in both MKH and Sanchez into their teams?

    I have a front six of: David Silva, Hazard, Salah – Aguero, Morata, Kane

    I want to replace Sanchez with Morata but to afford it im thinking of swapping Silva to MKH, freeing funds for Morata to Sanchez

    Morata is banned this week anyway now AND his price will go down by 0.3m – his average points over the las 3 and 5 games is negative values, so his price will go down by 0.3m every friday and the fact he is so cheap right now means being stuck with him forever until he finally hits form

    What do you guys think.

    1. If the transfers go through this could be a really good move. Both players will want to hit the ground running at their new clubs and should get a good amount of game time.

  20. I think Morata will come good and although sanchez would be a great swap for him but I think MKH is a drop down from David Silva – couldn’t you swap Silva for Pogba? Haven’t you got any ££ in the bank – what’s the rest of your team?

    1. My team is as follows:

      Ederson £4.3

      Walker £4.1
      Hagazi £2.9
      Christensen £3.9
      Davies £4.1

      Silva £6
      Salah £8.8
      Hazard 7.5

      Kane 10.8
      Morata 4.6
      Aguero £7.7

        1. Hi Steve
          Great team
          I would swap pogba for silva and Lukaku for Morata personally . You could then downgrade your keeper for extra cash if you wanted Sanchez if his transfer to Man Utd happens

  21. Last week I was contemplating taking courtouis out for butland to free cash up to buy alonso as I was worried about the guy in 2nd place in my league who had alonso – thankfully all I did was swap gomez for christensen as he also has christensen and it worked as I have gone from 24 points ahead to 51 ahead – here are the 2 teams – mine and his (he has used all his Jan transfers) – I have 100k in bank and 2 transfers left and a 51 point lead – any suggestions, thinking of either doing
    1) the courtouis to butland switch which then allows me to swap cahill for alonso – covering the bases and putting nearly £2 mill in the coffers for Feb) or
    2) cahill out for ????(suggestions please) and allowing a transfer still to see how rest of jan goes.

    Me him

    Courtouis Butland
    walker walker
    cahill Alonso
    christensen Christensen
    smalling Keane

    hazard Hazard
    kdb Sterling
    salah Salah

    kane kane
    lukaku Morata
    aguero Aguero

    If cahill wasn’t injured I would probably leave a transfer this week (and he may be back at weekend not sure) – all advice welcome. Thanks

    1. I think Cahill to van dijk could be a good shout. Liverpool have swansea west brom and huddersfield this month and is a nice differentiator potentially from your mate in 2nd place.

      I would keep courtois due to the number of fixtures and potential price rise. You might want to wait and see how solid Stoke become under lambert before you put someoone like butland in.

    2. Keane for smalling
      Alonso for cahill

      Courtois will smash butland
      Kdb will keep pace with sterling
      Lukaku will take morata

      Game over !!!

      1. Thanks – VVD is one on the radar that will put me to a £1 mill in the bank and one transfer to hold onto as still 2 or 3 games in January for most teams . Darren losing smalling worries me – he will outscore Keane I think as Man Utd look solid again . I agree that holding courtouis is sensible thing with games to come
        I can always swap for Butland nearer the end of the month if need be for cash . Plus holding onto courtouis could counter act Alonso defensively against 2nd place team. Was considering Keane for Cahill instead as an option as that would free up £2 mill

    3. If you were trying to avoid risk and only focused on beating this person, I’d probably just block his team like you’ve suggested. It would leave him with very little chance of catching up you.

      1. There are 2 teams 14 points further back and still 65 points behind me that I have to be aware of. I think I will leave courtouis in this week and see how stoke settle under lambert and can do it next Friday if need be . Therefore it comes down to if I swap Cahill for anyone to free up some
        Cash – do you think van dyke will go up or down in value tomorrow DTT. ?

  22. Need to do transfers tonight
    If they involve the likes morata lukaku salah due to price changes
    Whatever we do now anyhows were seeing the season out making the numbers up….start vital in sun dream team

    1. I’ve just done the change, Morata out and Lukaku in. Thinking about leaving Sterling in for now. Thoughts?

  23. Anyone think VAn Dyke will drop in price tomorrow – went down .3 last week despite score in fa cup the week before ?

  24. I still have 2 transfers left, 0.5 in the bank. I still have salah and lukaku in my team which most of this weeks comments are about. Also have the injured cahill. Only seen one comment on this of possibly switching for Stones but unsure. Any other opinions?

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