Game Week 20 Transfers & Captain Choice

Game Week 20 Transfers & Captain Choice

I’ve decided to make a couple of fairly safe transfers this week. There are a few players who have served their purpose in my team so I’m looking to move them on. Watkins hasn’t delivered the points I’d hoped so I’m going to move him on. If Haaland was definitely fit I’d be bringing him in but De Bruyne seems to be a better pick at this stage. I’d imagine he will be a popular transfer as well. The next player I’d like to take out is Colwill, he’s done well for me but with Chelsea’s fixtures taking a turn I think it’s time to move him on. Estupinan seems to be a popular pick so I’d rather stay with the pack given the position I’m currently in. I don’t need to do anything too drastic given my overall position on the leaderboard. Captain is a tougher decision there are a number of players who could score well but I’m going to stick with Palmer despite some tougher fixtures as he’s done well for me up until now and will hopefully get a lot of game time.

Colwill out, Estupinan in
Watkins out, De Bruyne in

Captain: Palmer

Boosters: None available

3 thoughts on “Game Week 20 Transfers & Captain Choice

  1. Interesting that you went Palmer as captain.
    Foden potentially has easier fixtures
    Jota , although not nailed on for both, likewise

    1. My thinking was Palmer is more assured of game time. Might be wrong but Jota, Nunez and Foden (who were the others I was choosing from) could potentially not start one of their two games.

      Palmer might not either or all 4 of them might start both games but Palmer is certainly in point scoring form regardless. Let’s face it though, it’s a lottery this week.

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