Review of Game Week 21

Review of Game Week 21

GW Points: 112
Overall Points: 1,386
Overall Rank: 109,014
Transfers: None used

Game week 21 has probably been our most successful week this season. Pulling in over 100 points and jumping significantly on the leaderboard can only be seen as a positive. Shaping the team to include players involved in the EFL Cup semi finals certainly helped with big points being picked up by the likes of Aguero and Hazard. I think this emphasises the importance of opting for players with the best short term fixtures. The concern is that this run of good point scoring form could come to an abrupt end with no extra fixtures for these players over the next few weeks.


Aguero (36 points) and Hazard (30 points) both scored big over the game week. Hopefully both players can continue this good form.

After a recent dip in form Sane had a good game week with 15 points.

Pieters getting a clean sheet and 3+ rating was a good result considering Stoke’s form this season. I can’t see this being a turning point but still pleased to get the points on the board.

Another goal and 8 points for Kane.

Potential Issues:

Cahill drew a blank this week after picking up an injury. He made the bench in the EFL Cup but at 4.2m I think it may be time to move him on. The obvious replacement is Van Dijk, who is available 1m cheaper.

Keane again didn’t play for Everton. I’d read this injury was a cut on his foot so had hoped he would return to action sooner.

With one transfer left, we are priced out of bringing Salah back in. This can be easily resolved by making the Cahill to Van Dijk transfer. The decision is whether bringing Salah back in is the right move in February or not.

Tips for Game Week 22

Game week 22 is a double header of FA Cup and Premier League fixtures. This could be a good opportunity to pick up some additional points. The difficulty is knowing who is likely to play in the FA Cup fixtures with squad rotation very likely for many teams. It’s also worth noting that Arsenal crashed out of the FA in the last round and as a result only have one game this week. Out of the top 6 teams I’d personally favour representation from the likes of Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool. Man Utd and Spurs play each other in the Premier League which could be a low point scoring game. Spurs then have a run of very tough fixtures.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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29 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 21

    1. Thanks – hopefully it will be onwards and upwards but not sure I see the good run carrying on much longer.

      1. Over 100 points this game week is a very good score. I mostly scored 90s in my teams but had a fall in rankings. My best team scored 98 but did rise but only by 6 places. Now rank 401 overall.

    1. Will do with the next batch of transfers. My differential unfortunately let me down. Not easy to transfer in Sanchez as is quite expensive.

    2. I was tempted to put him in for Lukaku but didn’t want to rush into it. It would also price me out of getting Salah back in.

      1. I could have brought Lukaku but i think Sanchez is more explosive and makes a very good differential (around 8% but will surely rise) compared to the heavily owned Lukaku (who is around 50% owned). I couldn’t afford Sanchez with my last transfer so made a short term move bringing in a differential whose price was going to increase (hopefully by a million) so i could easily make the switch to Sanchez in feb (chance that Sanchez might fall to 6.4). Anyway, my plan did not work, the move cost me 0 points as player got injured in first game and unlikely to play for my side. The only silver lining is that i made 0.6m profit on the player.

  1. What’s Liverpool vs ManC Fixtures?

    If you had the transfers would you make the change of Cahill to VVD n Sterling to Salah?

    I think Lukuku is going to benefit so much from Sanchez. With Sanchez doing the work Lukuku wiĺl be able to stay up field as much as possible. It’s going to be a great relationship but I wouldn’t transfer Lukuku for Sanchez because I think Lukuku will get more goals with Sanchez help

    1. Yeah I plan to stick with Lukaku for now. With Sanchez starting last night it was just tempting knowing that I could have bought him in but I’m glad I didn’t. Liverpool and Man City have roughly the same difficulty of fixtures coming up. But City do have an additional game in February. If I had the transfers I’d probably go with Cahill to Van Dijk and Sterling to Salah but unfortunately only have one.

    1. If I only had two transfers and could change any players I wanted without worrying about budget then I’d take out Pieters and Keane for a Man Utd and Spurs regular. This would give a back line of Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs coverage. However this is never going to be possible.

    1. I think it’s going to have to be Cahill for Van Dijk. So no rush to do it before Liverpool kick off this evening. Any thoughts?

  2. I think virgil for cahill wise choice
    I’m with you on this one
    However if virgil does not line up for pool today i would risk temptation as cahill most likely will play tmrw

  3. A potential problem could be if Salah price increases again and Sterling drops before the feb transfers can take place. Not sure if DTT will have the funds to do a straight swap from sterling to Salah.

    1. I’d left more than enough for the straight swap in the bank, however if they change by 0.3m in both directions at the end of the game week it could be difficult. I think I had like 0.3m left over if I swapped them now so it could possibly go wrong.

    1. Looking likely, but I’ve got no idea what to do at the moment. What would you do?

  4. If city don’t go buy Mahrez or sane replacement, I think for your feb transfers should start with B Silva for sane, check tonight’s game and obvs after window shuts to see who he plays etc. He is low value and is going to rise in price. You gain extra minimum of 2.1m on top of the 2.3 you have, that gives you 4.4m to either upgrade your defence or if desperate to do so swap Sterling for salah. You could upgrade your defence by taking Pieters and Keane out which would then give you total of minimum 6.8m (expect Pieters to rise after Fridays price change therefore maybe have a lil bit more.) I would put in Swansea’s Mawson at 2.2m might scratch your head but Swansea have turned abit of a corner they have quite decent upcoming fixtures and Mawson is going to rise in price for sure after giving you more funds and options come March transfers. This leaves you with 4.6m for to go for plenty of decent CBS you have new Man City defender at 4.0 John stones is going to drop in price so could hang on abit and add him. There’s a couple spurs and Chelsea defenders you could get (although they have difficult fixtures coming up.) Gomez for Liverpool at 3.0m. By doing this it gives you 11 players and your not carrying nobody.

    (Roughly anyone up to 4.6m defender here)

    B Silva


    You could of course change one defender and get salah in for sterling.
    B Silva for sane gives you more choices to go forward and believe Mawson is best cheap choice which will benefit more come March transfers.

    1. I was thinking about this earlier and had started to consider B. Silva. He’s surely going to get some game time with Sane being out injured. My only concern is that he’s not been outstanding so far this season and not got many points on the board. It could certainly be a good risk though. I can’t see many good options from the likes of City, Utd, Liverpool or Chelsea in midfield for less than 5m so it’s going to be a punt on whoever I go for. I like the idea of seeing who starts tonight and taking it from there.

      1. If he’s starting and City don’t buy no one to replace sane, I would put him in if I had your team. Even if it’s just for February as he’s going to go up in value due to his low price and decent points average in last 5 games, plus it benefits you in other areas such as more money and options to improve your defence. Let’s see what deadline day brings.

  5. As things have not gone your way this season this may raise some eyebrows but I feel this could help in a weird way. Kane to Salah with your remaining transfer for January. Then Sane to De Bruyne in February. Leaves you with 1.3 after De Bruyne price rise hoping Sane doesn’t drop if not 1 ITB. Keane to Mawson as Gaz said or even Naughton for 0.4 less . Hoping Pickford gets more Clean sheets with Mangala now on loan. As I’ve mentioned before about B.Silva I feel he won’t bring enough to the team as what we need right now that’s why I thought bringing De Bruyne and Salah would be best going forward in this teams current position. Obviously if you where nearer the top Kane would never be leaving this team.

    1. Apologies thought we had one transfer left for January but we haven’t my bad. So no transfers left after what I said previously in February.

    2. It’s a tricky one because Kane can be so explosive in terms of points. They also have a reply against Newport this week and he may play in that game. I’d definitely leaning towards De Bruyne as a good option but not sure about taking Kane out at the moment.

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