Review of Game Week 22

Review of Game Week 22

GW Points: 73
Overall Points: 1,459
Overall Rank: 115,992
Transfers: Cahill out, Van Dijk in

Game week 22 wasn’t an overly successful game week, this is evident in the slight drop in position on the overall leaderboard. The transfer didn’t go to plan and the injury to Sane has created a huge problem. The plan for the start of February was simple, take Sterling out for Salah and retain the two transfers remaining. The Sterling to Salah transfer is still probably mathematically possible, however take out Sterling and Sane and the team is left with no Man City midfield coverage, which is far from ideal. There have been various suggestions thrown around in the comments but I’m not convinced the best solution has been reached yet. With prices changing tomorrow, it’s going to be a waiting game to see what’s possible before the weekend.


A late goal for Aguero last night and 11 points for Kane over the game week helped to build the points total.

15 points for Sterling and hopefully a price rise.

8 points for Hazard over the week is a good sign despite a heavy defeat to Bournemouth. I do wonder if it’s worth cashing in on him given Chelsea’s recent form though.

Another clean sheet for Pieters can only be seen as a good thing.

Potential Issues:

0 points and an injury to Sane is an awful outcome of the week. It’s created a big issue as mentioned above.

Bringing in Van Dijk, who played in the defeat in the FA cup and then didn’t play when Liverpool kept a clean sheet in the league was a disaster.

Only 5 points for Lukaku. If Man Utd didn’t have a favourable Champions League tie I’d probably consider taking him out.

Tips for Game Week 23

Man Utd have a decent looking game against Huddersfield at the weekend. Spurs face Liverpool but also have the FA cup replay against Newport during the game week. Should some of their bigger names play in this game it could be an opportunity to pick up some extra points. Unfortunately we won’t be able to check the line up for this game before making transfers as we will be locked out from the weekend. Man City travel to Burnley which I’d probably expect them to win. Chelsea travel to Watford. It’s worth noting that the first leg of the Champions League last 16 come into play during February. Man Utd, Man City and Liverpool appear to have the most favourable fixtures. Chelsea (Barcelona) and Spurs (Juventus) have the most difficult fixtures.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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65 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 22

  1. I thought you were looking at the prospect of bringing in B. Silva for Sane and bringing in Salah for Sterling thus retaining a man city midfielder. Think Liverpool have got good fixtures in feb and now Salah has added another weapon (penalty taking) to his profile. The longer the Salah transfer, the more expensive he becomes.

    1. I was considering him and still am. But realistically he’s not the best option. Doesn’t look like a big scorer. Any thoughts?

      1. I’m stuck here as well. I need to get Sane out tonight as I still have one transfer left before tomorrows reset… thinking….

        Alli or

        Any other options? 5.5 is the limit

    2. Was Salah pen a one off ?? B. Silva is a talent, but at the moment not convinced he is a goalscorer ? I know you’re just addressing, DTT, on that score, RR.

      I am toying with dropping Salah, when i’ve had him all season, very very risky, i know, but i’m thinking of making my Spurs block of 6 of their players into an 8 Spurs man team.

      I just hope they add plenty of the new players tomorrow, which knowing SDT, they won’t !

      1. I’d agree about not being convinced he’s a goalscorer. I’ve got a few options:

        Sane, Sterling for Alli, Salah
        Sane, Hazard for Pogba, Salah
        Sane, Sterling for Eriksen, De Bruyne

        And various other options, just trying to work out which is best.

        1. Hi DTT

          I think the 3rd option is the best , that’s what I would go for – eriksen & De Bruyne.

          Good luck

        2. Bernando Silva = 4th highest point scoring midfielder in January after KDB, Hazard and Sane and that was with limited game time. So i think B.Silva has potential to do well with Sane out injured. A good differential with only 1.5% ownership and allows funds to strengthen other areas.

          1. I think he’s got the potential but I also think it could go either way. He could be poor from a point scoring point of view for weeks on end and then you’re stuck with him or he could be explosive given the opportunity. It’s just difficult to call.

  2. Would taking out Alonso be a good idea considering chelsea have Barcelona. I have 0.2 in the bank also and hoping martial rises to 4.8 so I can then upgrade him to aubameyang. My team De gea Alonso walker christison otamendi salah sterling hazard lukaku martial kane

    1. I’d recommend keeping Alonso for a few more games, he scored big points recently which means his price is likely to rise. Maybe after 2-3 games transfer him out where you’ll cash in even greater on him. I think Chelsea’s fixtures are alright until the second half of the month anyway.

      1. I’d agree, probably worth keeping Alonso for now. Chelsea have decent fixtures until they play Barcelona.

  3. I need to get Sane out tonight as I still have one transfer left before tomorrows reset… thinking….

    Alli or

    Any other options? 5.5 is the limit

      1. I went for B.Silva in the end believe it or not. Risky!

        Might come good with some full match time and I needed some extra money to upgrade Chrisitensen to someone else as erikson would of left me with 0 funds and Christiansen went down to 3.5

  4. When will the sun ever get the positions right?

    How is Walcott a Striker??? Rarely ever played up front in his whole career!

    1. Tempted by him to. Bit of a worry when Morata is fit though, going to see some rotation there unless Giroud smashes it over the next few games!

      1. I could see Giroud scoring more than Morata but as you say, it’s if he’s given the game time.

      1. Planned this for a while: put in Arnautovic for Morata after the red card. Went the left field choice of Arnautovic as he was a differential (2% ownership) and listed as a midfielder in the game but playing up front for West Ham and they had good fixtures in jan and feb. He looked a bargain at 2.5m and one i could profit from. It was a shory term pick as i had Sanchez in mind. Not a biggest fan of Lukaku as I believe Sanchez is the better player. Anyways, my differential did not work as i hoped with first Lanzini getting injured (important part of west ham attack) and then Arnautovic being injured. I still was able to make 0.6m profit and now can just about afford Sanchez now as his price has fallen. Some forward planning that could out better but was ok in the end.

    1. I agree! First and the Last season I play the Sun Dream Team! – total shambles!

      Premier league one is much better. Players in right position as well.

      In the sun dream team how is it right that you get clean sheet points if you player comes on in the 93rd minute of a game?? or if he gets injured in the 4th minute and gets taken of – team has a clean sheet – full clean sheet points – crazy rules!

      1. I agree that it’s not perfect.

        You only need to see my comments below regarding the price fluctuation to realise that certain aspects of it are flawed, but the Premier League one?? That is the worst one. It’s absolutely awful!!

        In the premier league one, it’s impossible to look at the weekends results and know roughly how many points you’ve earned since points are based on all sorts of ambiguous stats such as minutes on the pitch, number of passes completed, etc!! And as for all this ‘captain’ nonsense!! Give me The Sun any day!

        The Telegraph on the other hand is a cut above the rest. It’s simplified, it flows and it’s fair.

        1. You don’t like the double points captain idea. I think is a good. Makes it exciting of you get it right. If you player defender subbed after 60 mins then the team conceed then he still gets clean sheet points because the goal wasn’t conceded when he was on the pitch which i think is fair.

          Also you get subs if your players don’t play like in real football. A player comes off the bench. Why are there no subs in the Sun?

          1. The captain is similar in some respects to The Sun’s star man award.

            I’d prefer not to mess about with subs as well as your normal team, but that’s just my preference.

            1. Yeah thats fair enough mate, each to their own. The star man is the same as the bonus point system rather than the captain. Captain is just double points.

  5. Boy is this price fluctuation a flawed system!! Lol…

    Trent Alexander Arnold goes UP 0.3 having played his first game for a month, where he conceded 3 to West Brom and earned -2 points.

    He also earned 0 points against Everton before that and 0 points against Burnley before that…

    So why I hear you ask having earned -2 in his last 3 games is he going up? – Well, it’s simple… it’s because he scored 13 points against Swansea on Boxing day, of course… silly me!!

    Utterly ridiculous how a player’s rating can still be going up based on events from Xmas!!

  6. Also, Otamendi has kept back to back clean sheets with 7 ratings (16 points), yet his price went down 0.3 based on his minus points against Liverpool 3 weeks ago!

    This isn’t sour grapes as I’m winning all of my leagues and this stupidity can and often does work in your favour, but it’s hardly a decent system!

  7. Nobody considering Aubameyang at all? I know it’s arsenal but he has played successfully with Ozil and Mkhit before and his goalscoring record is ridiculous. I expect Wenger to treat the europa league as mourinho did last season, Arsenal dont have a chance for top 4 really so route into champions league is Europa and they play some crap teams early in the knockouts – I expect him to play his stronger team than group stages

    1. Is he allowed to play in the Europa League? I heard he wasn’t because Dortmund are also in it.

    2. Personally, I’d sit tight on Aubameyang for the time being.

      He has recently been ill and needs to have his fitness assessed before their game with Everton.

      As Arsenal are the late kick off tomorrow, I’d suggest waiting to see if he’s on the team sheet, assuming that is that ‘player locking’ from earlier games doesn’t restrict your move.

      1. You have a point and I think with him not getting Europa league games I’ll bore him off.
        I’m doing “OK” in general points but been hit by injuries and need to bring in either Salah or de bruyne really too.
        Need to bin Christensen and Sane aswell as probably Mane, got 1.6 in bank. Thinking Sane and Christensen out for de bruyne and van dijk then monitor mane and keep hold of 1 transfer waddaya reckon?

          1. You could bring in VVD and Sterling (assuming you don’t already have him) for Christensen & Sane.

            1. My team is –
              Walker Christensen Hegazi Alonso
              Sterling Hazard Mane Sane
              Aguero Kane

              1.6 in piggy bank. Feel like I’ll sacrifice my soul to get We Bruyne in, Salah too expensive

  8. If you’re aiming to get KDB, i’d be inclined to do it asap as his price is likely to go up for a couple of weeks based on recent performances.

    The only way I can see you doing it is by downgrading Alonso, but he has been earning decent points in spite of Chelsea’s up and down form.

    Failing that, you could take a change on Christensen and Sane for Keane and KDB. Keane is now back for Everton, who are looking a better side, but it’s worth noting that they only have 3 fixtures in February and the first of those is away to Arsenal.

    1. what about alonso out for aspilicueta? big saving there and with christensen out for a month aspi will play every game i reckon, he played practically every game before he was out. Alonso is first choice but could rotate a bit more with that lad they’ve bought from Roma?

    1. Hey guys, some thoughts would be appreciated if anyone has any?

      Another topic, who do you prefer for sane:

      A) Lukaku
      B) Sanchez


      1. It’s a difficult one because it’s hard to tell how quickly Sanchez will settle and where he will play. If he’s stuck out wide he may not chip in with as many goals so I’d favour Lukaku slightly at the moment.

  9. DTT, an option for Sane replacement, if funds allow, Lingard, playing higher up the park in an influential role, in good form & decent fixtures, after much deliberation, my option is
    Giroud, Valencia, or
    Firmino, Dawson/Evans
    Reason for Valencia doubling up with Smalling, guys ahead of me gone big on Man city, at present none have Firmino. Giroud can he hit the ground running, very tough fixtures from 20th onwards, appreciate advice.

    1. I like Lingard as an option but I wonder if he will be rotated quite a lot with the signing of Sanchez. Also Man Utd only have two fixtures over the next two game weeks, whereas Spurs have four.

  10. Hazard out to free up funds?…. does he score as big as some of the other players really? wont be up front now either …

    1. I’m tempted to take him out. They’ve got a couple of good fixtures coming up but after that they face Barcelona. City, Utd and Liverpool all have better fixtures in the Champions League.

  11. Risky one but think it could be a good move:

    OUT: Sterling and Baines
    IN: Eriksen and Van Dijk


    1. Tricky one, unless you really felt like you needed to, is it worth it? Not sure Eriksen is an improvement on Sterling. I’d imagine Van Dijk would be an improvement on Baines but it could even out.

      1. Spurs potentially have 6 games in Feb, which should include 2 FA Cup games they should easily win. That’s my thinking?

        1. Yeah that’s my thinking as well, considering Eriksen myself but City also have the EFL cup final. I’d imagine Eriksen will be rested at some point though.

  12. Might leave it for this first weekend. I do already have Walker, De Britney and Aguero, so plenty of Man City coverage.

    1. Spurs do have that FA Cup reply this week though so if you did wait it could backfire.

  13. DTT I think just forget about Salah he’s way too expensIve and I personally think him and LPool wil slow down soon.. Sanchez is a sleeping giant and he can be a huge points machine, he is only 7.4% owned thus meaning he can be the differential for Feb with United having good fixtures. What you could do is take Sane out and replace with Mkhitaryan giving you funds to replace imo Lukaku for Sanchez and if you want KDB it will leave you with enough funds to swap for hazard

    1. I’m far from convinced by Mkhitaryan though. He’s one of those players who could keep drawing a blank week after week. I’ll double check the maths but I’d probably still be able to afford Sanchez with things as they are. If Sanchez is out wide Lukaku could still be the one who sticks the ball in the back of the net though.

  14. Agree with Frank’s post although i personally dont think Liverpool will slow down. Klopp likes to attack and their defence cant keep clean sheets so he has no choice if he wants to win games. Salah’s finishing is very strong and Liverpool do tend to get many penalities so that helps. Think Liverpool have got good fixtures in feb. Think Sanchez is a time bomb ready to explode and will want to have a very good home debut. Two goals and star man will do.

    1. I agree as well, I should have enough in the bank to make whichever transfer I want. Whether this be Sanchez, Salah or De Bruyne. I’m not overly bothered about Salah because it’s so late on in the season.

      1. With DTT ruling out Salah, what are the next moves for this month? Time to rid of Sterling after his shocking miss and upcoming price fall? Time to get rid of Keane as not ideal to have two everton defensive assets and he has only picked up only 2 points since selection. So far these players stand out and may need replacing.

        1. I could do Sterling to De Bruyne and Keane to Rojo but to be honest after this weekend I may as well throw in the towel.

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