Review of Game Week 23

Review of Game Week 23

GW Points: 23
Overall Points: 1,482
Overall Rank: 128,136
Transfers: Sane out, Eriksen in

Game week 23 was an awful game week. Only picking up 23 points was a really bad result. Fortunately the team didn’t drop too far down the overall leaderboard, however I’m quickly getting to the point where I think I may as well write off this season. Call it bad luck or poor decision making, or a combination of both but it’s just not gone my way this season. I had little options when it came to taking out Sane. Eriksen didn’t have a good game week. Equally neither did any of the other players I’d considered apart from Mkhitaryan. Teams above have too much of an advantage to catch up now. They have more freedom for getting the players they want with more points on the board and a bigger budget. This makes playing catch up almost impossible.


I wouldn’t say there were many positives to be take from the game week. Hazard getting 8 points was a good result considering the score line in that game and Lukaku getting on the score sheet was also a positive.

Potential Issues:

After slightly turning a corner Everton were poor against Arsenal. This cost the team -8 points. Keane could be a difficult player to replace due to his low value.

I’m currently without De Bruyne and Salah. It’s mathematically possible to get one of these in the team however it will come at a price. I’d have to lose Hazard to accommodate Salah (might not be such a bad thing given Chelsea’s form).

Tips for Game Week 24

Man City, Spurs and Liverpool all benefit from an extra game this week as they are all in action in the Champions League. It may be worth having a look at some of their players.

For me personally, I’ll be looking to bring in either De Bruyne or Salah with the following transfers on the cards:

Sterling out, De Bruyne in

Hazard out, Salah in

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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