Review of Game Week 24

Review of Game Week 24

GW Points: 128
Overall Points: 1,610
Overall Rank: 102,318
Transfers: Hazard out, Salah in

Overall it was a decent game week, 128 points were picked up and a jump on the overall leaderboard is always good to see. It’s obviously still not a position I want to be in however climbing from over 300,000 on the board a few months ago is definitely progress in the right direction. I believe the team is too far behind to finish anywhere near the top 1,000 but the only thing to do is keep plugging away.


Aguero picking up 43 points is a huge positive. He’s a player I wanted right at the start of the season (when many others didn’t have him) unfortunately due to Jesus picking up an injury I believe most other managers now have him so it almost makes these points useless. Having said that I’d still rather have him than not.

Kane getting a couple of goals was another good result. Especially considering Spurs were 2-0 down in a game I didn’t expect them too get much from.

Salah grabbed 18 point, in a similar way to Aguero this is almost pointless because most other people have him. However I believe if he’s going to carry on scoring more than anyone else it’s worth having him regardless of this.

Eriksen picked up 11 points, this was probably the most satisfying points out of the lot. I couldn’t decide who to bring in to replace Sane. I felt going for Eriksen was a bit risky with Spurs having a difficult Champions League tie so it was great to see him get a goal.

Two clean sheets for Van Dijk and a clean sheet for Walker was another positive.

Potential Issues:

I don’t overly have any potential issues with the team. Obviously it’s not ideal to have Pieters but that’s been covered in the past. It’s also not ideal to have double coverage for Everton defensively. However I did think they were unlucky not to get a clean sheet at the weekend. I obviously looked at potential replacements for these players when bringing in Salah as I appreciated this move would leave me with no budget. However I couldn’t see any real better options even with a bit of budget for swapping Keane. I’d only really want to swap him for a defender playing for one of the top 6 clubs who I think will progress in Europe and this simply wasn’t on the cards. I do however have one transfer in the bank for February, I’m currently looking at Mkhitaryan as an option. I noticed that he played in the Europa League last night, should he continue to get this amount of game time he could be a very good cheap option and worth taking a big risk on at this stage of the season. This would free up enough funds to upgrade Keane to one of this more premium defenders. The problem would be who to take out for him, from looking at the team it can only be Eriksen, Sterling or Lukaku.

Tips for Game Week 25

Chelsea and Man Utd benefit from the extra game in the Champions League during game week 25 so they could be ones to look out for. I’d probably favour Man Utd players over Chelsea players as they face much easier opposition. Arsenal could also be a team to keep an eye on, they fielded a fairly strong team in the Europa League last night. They have the return leg during game week 25 and also have the EFL cup final shortly.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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28 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 24

  1. Could be a low scoring week coming up with many teams out of FA cup and rotation coming into play. Heard Kane is doubtful in FA cup.

  2. Hi DTT, even though i have been critical in the past i think the past few months as seen a great level on consistant goes to show with the new sun price rules the start is key…start poorly and your team values decrease to that of a front runner whose goes up two fold i like the mikth idea and upgrading keane…..would you do it this weekend as mikth will play thurs not sun as i am sure he’ll be cup tied for the final or indeed wait
    Till after weekend matches ?
    I again will be donating to the blog in the summer…..your logic is still great i admire your thought process its a great shame you got off to a stinker as your holding your own points wise now even with a smaller budget than most
    Christ knows if u had a even average start to the campaign
    Keep the good work up its a great blog love it…and like the rest if i ha ve offended in the past appolgises
    Thats the last thing any of us want to do

    1. Thanks Darren, no need to apologise – no ones ever offended me on here. I’m not sure about the Mkhitaryan transfer just yet as Arsenal are out of the FA cup anyway so think it’s worth holding off for now to see how things develop. The only player with no fixtures this week is Salah but I don’t want to go through taking him out again, although it could be a good opportunity to pinch some points. I’d imagine we would find ourselves priced out of bringing him back in so I’d rather not make the same mistake twice.

  3. This evening I thought I will add another differential to my best ranked team so went Mahrez for Hazard so it is nice to see Mahrez get star man. Already have Mane who did well for me in game week 24 helping my best team to get 168 points.

    My other differentials Maguire and Cahill did well in my two teams in mini leagues. So a good start in a potentially tough week.

    1. Are you in the position where you’ve got plenty of transfers? I’m assuming you’ve not got any urgent changes required when we hit March and plan to take Mahrez back out at some point?

      1. Yeah, had three transfers left in my best team. My team is De Gea, Azpilicueta, Alonso, VvD, Vertoghen, Salah, Sterling, Mane, Mahrez, Kane and Aguero. Just thought I needed to mix up it a bit to get in a higher position and Mahrez on his day is capable of being explosive and Leicester’s best player. No urgent changes required, happy with the defence. Already planned on which date to take Mahrez out, probably bring back in Hazard or look elsewhere (another differential) . 3.2m left in the bank makes life easier.

        1. 3.2 in the bank with the team you’ve listed there? That’s incredible, you can surely build any team you want now.

          1. Also interested in why you went for Mahrez rather than Sanchez with Utd having two games this week?

            1. I did went with Sanchez with my second transfer but now kinda wished I went with lukaku. Oh well, maybe Sanchez has better game next time.

              1. Lukaku hasn’t been a consistent point scorer so he could have easily drawn another blank today. Virtually impossible to tell with him at times.

                1. My findings see Lukaku as a consistent point scorer (and agree he does get blanks as well) but not a explosive one. I seen Lukaku play a lot this season on the telly and he has had a up and down season. also, I feel that there have been times when the Man United shirt appears to have weighed heavily on his shoulders. Might he struggles to perform on the bigger stage (his record of scoring against bigger sides is noted to be poor) I see Sanchez as a more explosive player and towards the end of the season these are the one I seek the most as time is running out to chase down others. Usually, forwards playing off on the left is seen is a negative and no go area but with Sanchez is one I like to make an exception. He is generally a star man favourite, good at assists, has good finishing ability, create chances for himself, pretty dangerous at free kicks and might be on penalties. He missed the last one but scored the rebound so stick on them (united like Liverpool have a rolling rotation, miss one and then penalty duties then switched to another team mate). Lukaku has taken one and missed one all season but Mata might be next although Martial is pretty good. I’m not totally discarding Lukaku, the work rate of Sanchez might bring the best out of him so he is one to monitor. Certainly not after one game, not regretting my decision and thinking of replacing Sanchez with Lukaku but now another option could have both in my team. Anyways, happy that Lukaku got DTT a good score, he is overdue some good fortune.

                  1. I’d agree that he’s consistently scored points but I think I mean’t exactly what you’ve said. He’s consistently scored an OK number of points but hasn’t been outstanding. It was good to see him get a couple yesterday as a few people around me have taken him out, it’s just a shame it wasn’t a hat trick because that could have made a real difference.

    2. I was very tempted to bring in Mahrez for Hazard, but decided against it because i’d just be using up a transfer next month to bring him back in.

      1. Barca, Utd and City games coming up might make it a good short term move. It’s coming to the stage of the season where I need to diversify my team and introduce differentials. Mahrez has 3% ownership in the game.

  4. I’m 50 points head of you due to doing things a little different, one being I didnt take Lukaku out when you swapped him for Morata. Lukaku is a player that can get multiple goals when he has a decent game. Feel like you might regret it again if you do take him out and with his extra “easier” champions league game I’m sticking.

    I don’t mind the two Everton defence players just hoping they get a clean sheet more than once in awhile.

    I’m actually looking at swapping KDB for Salah for the remainder of Feb due to ManC extra games, what you think?

    1. Oh yeah I’m not going to take Lukaku out until after the extra Champions League game. To be honest out of the three he would probably be the last one on my list to take out. It’s a difficult one regarding Salah because as you say they don’t have a game this week. If you think you’ve got enough transfers to get him back in then I don’t think this would be a bad move (if KDB plays in the FA cup).

  5. DTT, out of transfers this month unfortunately, so looking ahead to March options, the differentials I’m looking at r.
    Mane, favourable league fixtures, all but thru in champions league, out of Fa cup, front 3 scoring for fun.
    Erickson, other than Chelsea back end of month, all potential big pts opportunities in league, great chance to go thru champions league, will surely go thru in Fa cup.
    Ramsay, excellent league fixtures, cld go long way in Europe league, & will play a strong team for remainder of competition.
    Pogba, needs to play further up the field to be more influential, can be a explosive pts scorer given better role, should still be in Fa cup & champions league.
    In order of 1st to 4th, what do u think.

    1. It’s a difficult one, I’d probably say:

      1st Eriksen
      2nd Mane
      3rd Ramsey
      4th Pogba

      But I’d also throw in Sane (if he returns to the starting line up) and Mhkitaryan who I’d probably favour over Ramsey who looks great value.

      1. Thanx for reply, noticed Sane back from injury in midweek, have b. Silva, so hopefully he won’t get less gametime, tend to agree with ur 1st to 4th options, have 2 teams might go for Erickson in one & Mane in other depending on funds.

  6. I plan to lose sterling or hazard for eriksen as my first March transfer and do hazard to KDB for extra fixtures next week.

    My thoughts are manc city will soon have Sane in full flow and Jesus back meaning game time risk to Sterling whereas KDB is a banker.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    1. I’d agree with your analysis. I know it’s not a given but I’d imagine Barcelona will knock Chelsea out of the Champions League. This should give the likes of De Bruyne extra fixtures over Hazard for the remainder of the season. I’d also agree that with Sane and Jesus coming back in that Sterling would be more likely to be rotated than De Bruyne so makes perfect sense to me. I’m not sure about Eriksen, think it will depend on if they can get through in the Champions League.

  7. Sterling wasn’t really getting rotated with Sane in the side.

    Maybe early on in the season he was on occasion, but more often than not, both Sterling and Sane were being played on the right and left respectively with the rotation being between Aguero and Jesus.

    Agree that there is certainly more risk than KDB though.

  8. DTT, was watching the match report on game just played Wigan vs Man city, as soon as Wigan scored almost every one of their players was given a mark of 7, its a flawed system, & as for getting 2pts for an assist, say a defender passes to team player in his own half he goes on to beat 6 players & scores, the defender gets 2pts, assists should only be for defence splitting or killer passes, needs to change next season, just thought I wld have a moan.

    1. It can be a frustrating system, although I don’t suppose that the ratings of Wigan players matters too much, given that nobody can benefit from those ratings/scores.

  9. The reality of that actually happening though is slim. In other fantasy leagues points are consistent ie the most common one FPl you get 3 points for an assist.

    Personally think this is fine, unless you have a better suggestion? the bigger focus needs to be on price changes.

  10. DTT, looks likely Sane will be a first team regular again, how do u access him & in form Willian, in terms of fixtures, guaranteed gametime, pts scoring etc, I think u wld favour Sane, but what wld ur thinking be behind it.

    1. I’d prefer Sane as I see Man City going further in the Champions League. Considering bringing him in for Sterling if Sterling is out of the cup final.

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