Review of Game Week 25

Review of Game Week 25

GW Points: 23
Overall Points: 1,633
Overall Rank: 106,649
Transfers: None used

Game week 25 was a little flat with FA cup fixtures dominating the weekend and only two English clubs in action in the Champions League. Lukaku contributed the majority of the points with a double against Huddersfield and Kane chipped in with a goal. Positioning in the overall leaderboard dropped slight but we pretty much maintained.


Lukaku getting two goals was a positive. After a a good start to the game week I was hoping this was going to carry through into Europe but this didn’t happen.

Coming off the bench and grabbing 5 points with a penalty was a bonus for Kane.

Potential Issues:

This isn’t an issue in terms of transfers required, however Man City crashing out of the FA cup with Aguero and Walker picking up 0 points was a big frustration. It looked like a game where Aguero could have scored well and Walker could have easily grabbed a clean sheet but it wasn’t to be.

Despite a fairly poor season, based on the budget available to me I’m ironically quite happy with the team as it is currently. With the upcoming fixtures, I’m not overly bothered about changing my front 6. In an ideal world, I’d replace Pieters and Keane but without a really low valued attacking player to free up funds this won’t be possible. However with one transfer in the bag it’s something that will be worth considering perhaps after this game week.

Tips for Game Week 26

Only Man City, Arsenal and Spurs play twice this week, Man City and Arsenal face each other in the EFL cup final and then face each other again in the Premier League and Spurs have their FA cup replay. I’d be tempted to go for an Arsenal midfielder based on them progressing in the Europa League, however their form is so inconsistent that it’s hard to know who to go for. Chelsea and Man Utd face each other this week so it may be worth avoiding them. Liverpool play West Ham and Spurs play Palace.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 25

  1. Erikson for Sane
    Lukaku for Firmino

    When next months transfers come in? I’m sure Erikson and Lukaku will make be regret it but would like your thoughts


    1. What about Sterling for Sane? If Sterling is potentially injured. Think I’d favour Lukaku slightly over Firmino

    1. I’d heard the same so might be forced into taking him out. Looking at Sane as a replacement

    1. I’m thinking that Sterling needs to be monitored. Could possibly replace with Sane if he’s out and free up some funds.

  2. Any thoughts?. My team with 2 transfers left this month…

    Walker Davies Gomez Smalling
    hazard B.Silva Salah
    Aguero Kane Lukaku

    Was thinking….

    Hazard out – De Bryne in – Hazard has a few tough fixtures and De Bryne has 2 fixtures this week
    B.Silva out – Willian in – I was thinking Mykitarian but not sure he will start the cup final.

    Then when new tranfers come in…… Lukaku out – Firmino in for liverpools nice fixture bunch?

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