Review of Game Week 26

Review of Game Week 26

GW Points: 82
Overall Points: 1,715
Overall Rank: 91,364
Transfers: Sterling out, Sane in

Game week 26 can only be seen as a success after climbing further up the leaderboard once again and finally breaking into the top 100,000 teams. I wouldn’t say this is anything to celebrate as I’d never imagined I’d be this far behind at this point in the season but considering the position we were in a few months ago it’s good progress.


A couple of clean sheets for Walker resulted in 18 points for the game week. Which was a great result. Although he was the only defender to keep a clean sheet in the team.

Salah continues to consistently pick up points. Despite not really wanting to put him back in, I’m glad I did as no one else is outscoring him.

Taking Sterling out was both to free up funds and because he was injured. This move didn’t look like it had panned out well after the cup final but paid off last night with 10 points for Sane.

Aguero, Kane and Lukaku all had a decent game week with 10 points or more each.

Potential Issues:

I’ve got 2.2m in the bank to improve the defence during March. I’m fairly happy with the rest of the team so this is an area I will be investing the funds in. I’m likely to look to replace Pieters or even Keane depending on who I can get within budget.

Tips for Game Week 27

Man City, Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal are all in action in Europe this week. I’d favour City and Liverpool but it’s difficult to know if they will rest players or not, as they are all but through to the next round. It’s hard to recommend any Arsenal players at this point in time but they do have more and quite favourable fixtures in March. This is especially true in the Premier League, had they not drawn Milan in the Europa League, I could have been tempted to opt for one of their players.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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36 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 26

  1. Congrats on the move up the leaderboard and on this blog.
    I’ve been a silent follower since the start of the season and always look forward to ( most ) the comments.
    Although I don’t copy your team or transfers exactly there’s always some good advice here, which for a novice like myself is most welcome.
    I’m finally ditching Pieters but to make this worthwhile I need to lose Alonso aswell. I’ll have 8.5 mil to make replacements. Any ideas?
    I’m thinking maybe two of Stones, Maguire, Azpiliceuta, Sanchez, Christensen or Danilo.

    1. I like bellerinat 3.3. There fixtures are good and he will play every week.

      Game time risk for stones and Danilo, I would like a Spurs defender but difficult to chose a nailed on choice with injuries. Perhaps Sanchez is the best choice there.


      1. I’d agree with that, Bellerin is the one I’m looking at within my budget.

    2. Bellerin looks good value. There’s also Matip as a cheaper option. I like Sanchez as an option, if Spurs progress in the Champions League.

  2. Is anyone thinking of taking sterling out as his form has dried up of late and with Sane Jesus back there may be more rotation.. you could replace with Firminho as liverpoools remaining fixtures are easy ?!

    1. I took Sterling out when he didn’t feature in the EFL cup final. Put Sane in and happy with the transfer as it freed up some budget for upgrading the defence.

  3. Advice please ? Current team
    Ederson, Walker, Pieters, VVD, Vertonghen, Sterling, Hazard, Mkhi, Kane, Aguero, Sanchez. What’s the better moves
    A) sanchez->firminho

    B) 442 Sanchez->Mane
    Pieters->Davidson Sanchez/azpilicuta

    Thanks boys ??

  4. Well done for breaking into the top 100.000, DTT. Yes, i think you need to try & address your defence if possible, with budget ?

    At this moment in time, i’m risking taking out the odd Aguero & replacing with Kane. I’ve also taken out a few KdB’s, replacing with Mane & taking out Hazard in one, replacing with Salah.

    Will very likely panic for the rest of the morning, chopping & changing, between 2pm & kick off.

  5. Good morning all
    DTT transfers today ?
    Just to throw it out there as a suggestion
    Morgan (leics have nice run of fixtures)
    Just food for thought….

    1. With Everton playing Burnley, how about just swapping Pieters for Bellerin? Arsenal will surely start taking the Europa League seriously this month and have easy fixtures in the PL.

      1. I think any side meeting Arsenal will think it is an easy fixture. Fancy Milan to go through in the Europa league tie. Arsenal confidence at all time low.

        1. I still think on paper they are a better team than someone like Leicester and have more games.

          1. I would have gone for Robertson myself if I had your team but all the best. Although, I went Tottenham defenders for my teams. Davinson Sanchez in my main team. Vertoghen and Davies in my highest ranked team.

            On another note, well done in the last game week. Team looking up now. Keep up the good work.

            1. I’d have probably gone for Sanchez if I had the funds. Interested in your thinking behind Robinson? I just thought I’ve got Liverpool coverage in Van Dijk. Bellerin should get more game time but that’s not necessarily a good thing based on their recent performances

              1. I am more of a form vs fixtures kind of person in terms of tactics, Arsenal got the fixtures but I got serious doubts about the form. Other teams will notice the confidence of Arsenal and even if they are poorer sides will fancy having a go.

                Robertson and Liverpool looking good, high confidence, Robertson in form as ranked in top ten of February highest scoring defenders (9th) and I feel in my opinion he has higher goal and assist threat plus as a bonus his price is likely to go up. Plus Klopp praising Robertson a lot recently.

                1. Where do you get your information about highest scoring players on a monthly basis? Do you create it manually?

                  1. I create it manually. I do a lot of work in the background like categorising players into groups, ranking them in terms of consistency and explosiveness point scoring. Then I look at form and then finally fixtures in that order. That’s why no Arsenal players made it on my shortlist. I watched both games vs City and they failed the eye test. I watch a lot of football which can help in fantasy football.

                    My information then helps in deciding which players are on my shortlist and which differentials could do well. Like I recommended Bernando Silva here on Feb 1st as he was 4th highest scoring midfielder in Jan and continued his form in Feb where he was ranked 5th.

                    For me, looking at seasonal scores can give a false impression in some cases as the majority of point scoring might be achieved in the early stages of the season. I like to look at recent form and coupled with the right fixture(s) it could prove to be advantageous.

  6. Hi all.

    Looking for some quick advice if possible

    Team currently:


    Thinking of hazard to eriksen and pieters to bellerin.

    Thoughts would be appreciated.


    1. Good changes. You could also look at Alli or Sane if you were considering alternatives for Eriksen.

      1. I like Sane as a player and love that he’s back, any idea how long Sterling is out for? I think eriksen offers more game time security. What do you think?

        1. You could probably toss a coin between them. I’ve currently got both. I agree Sane is a rotation risk but I think City will go further in Europe so it’s a tricky one.

          1. I’ve gone for Hazard > Eriksen and Pieters > D Sanchez!

            Did you make a change?

            Good luck!

            1. Went for Bellerin to replace Pieters. Risky considering Arsenal’s recent form.

  7. Current team:

    Walker – Stones – Cahill – Gomez
    Sterling – hazard – silva
    Aguero – Kane – Sanchez

    Option 1
    B Silva – Mane
    Stones – Robertson
    Gomez – Bellerin

    Option 2
    B Silva – Mane
    Sterling – Eriksen
    Stone – Van dijk

    Any thoughts guys?

      1. Cheers! Gone for it. Just hoping Gomez gets some game time.

        Thanks for the blog as usual DTT!

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