Game Week 3

GW Points: 61

Overall Points: 182

Overall Rank: 16,526

Transfers: None used yet, but I’ve got two left that must be used by the end of the game week

What a difference a game week can make. Last week it felt like my season was over after only two weeks of the new season and then suddenly the team is right back on the path to where I’d want it to be after just one round of Premier League fixtures. I’ll keep the review fairly brief as I’m writing it up on my phone in a hotel room but I’m delighted with how the weekend has gone. A massive jump on the leaderboard, gaining around 60,000 places is a great result. Players such as Torres, Tanganga and Son really made the difference this week and I’m fairly happy with the shape of the team. I will however use my final two transfers to tweak the team further but I’m not sure who to bring in just yet.


Wan-Bissaka finally came good with 8 points against Wolves.

8 points from Tanganga is a huge 8 points from a player who is dirt cheap. This should ensure he gets a good rise in value on Friday.

20 points from Torres was another brilliant result. I had reservations about him after last week but you can’t argue with a City midfielder playing as a striker who costs less than 4m. If he gets good minutes I can see him being a bargain for the season.

3 points for Traore isn’t much to celebrate, however he was on for star man again which justifies his selection. I think he could potentially get it most weeks if he continues to start games.

8 points for Salah was OK but he’s got high ownership so it doesn’t make much difference. 

13 points for Son was another big highlight. I’d imagine a lot moved him on to bring Kane in so this played into my hands.

Potential issues

It’s not a big problem but Alisson is probably going to drop in value on Friday. I did plan to swap him for Ederson at some point anyway and there’s currently 0.6m between them. It’s so tempted to make the switch now as Ederson is likely to rise. The problem is, Liverpool’s fixtures are better so it’s not straightforward. Ultimately for around 4m I’d rather have Robertson than Alisson though.

Moura is the other player I’d be tempted to take out as he started on the bench. However, I could see him getting a lot of game time in the lesser Europa Conference League. I’m not sure I’m patient enough to wait to see how that plays out. Benrahma could be a good replacement with West Ham in the Europa League.

Son did well today but ultimately I think he will need to come out. I’m waiting to bring in either Ronaldo or Lukaku as either should be within budget.

Tips for Game Week 4

Game week 4 seems like a long way away with an International break approaching. My main advice as usual is don’t rush into using those new transfers. Definitely use what you’ve got left in August to set yourself up for September but be careful when using September’s allowance. It’s worth checking the fixtures below to spot teams with a favourable run. I will post what I plan to do with my remaining transfers before Thursday but I’m still going to be away so it will be a brief update at some point.

26 thoughts on “Game Week 3

  1. Nice one Paul.
    Not only did I sell Son for Kane but also Torres for Benrahma. 34 points down the drain just for bloomin price changes! I feel like you did last week🤮

    1. Christ Phil! I feel your pain mate. Been on the end of a few of those over the years. Kane will no doubt be a long term choice looking forward though and Benrahma was unlucky not to score again himself. Could have easily flipped the other way.

  2. Well played Paul. 👏 A very satisfying GW, especially with the Torres haul after last week’s disappointment.

    So relieved to get the United CS this week. After being unfortunate to conceded last two game weeks, United had their fair share of luck today. Still think they need a decent holding midfielder to shore them up a bit more. Fixtures remain decent though so it’s a hold for now.

    Think I’m getting on the Traore train myself with one of my final two transfers. I’m also thinking about Tanganga too. Could Dier be a better shout at this moment though as he’s more likely to play PL AND Europa?

    1. Still hearing Romero is still struggling with pain in his knee from injury as well you see.

  3. Just watching MOTD 2. Pogba dead as an option now it seems if he’s playing in a deeper position again.

    Maybe Sancho needs time to adjust too?

    1. Are there any players you’re looking at bringing in that you don’t already have?
      What players are looking like a must have for September?

      Most people are looking at Salah, Kane, Ronaldo as a front 3, but the likes of Son, Greenwood, Antonio, Calvert-Lewin all looking impressive!

      1. I have both Kane and Son now and I’m happy to sit with Son for now whilst Lukaku has tough fixtures and we haven’t seen Ronny play yet. Will he be on pens and free-kicks?

        1. Chelsea have Villa then Zenit at home next. Gets tougher towards the end of the month.

          He’ll probably swap around with Bruno, depending on where the free kick is. He may get pens though.

    1. I honestly don’t know what to do about Ronaldo. Does he play most games? OGS recently said “he’s not come to sit on the bench”. But surely Cavani, Greenwood etc get game time as well? £7.5m is a lot of money in the game for someone who’s not guaranteed starting most games.

      Short-term fixtures are good also.

      I’d be interested to know what everyone’s strategy is going to be with this one. Get it wrong (either way) and it could be disastrous.

    1. I presume it’s still about as much use as a Viking helmet with the horns on the inside?

  4. A fantastic week for you, Paul. Well done 🙂

    Your patient approach seems to be working well, so I hear you loud and clear when you say “be careful when using September’s allowance”.

    To date, so many of my transfers have been influenced by potential price changes but, as the SDT algorithm seems to be broken, I’m now wary of second guessing which way prices will go.

    One move I made last Thursday night was to dump Maguire (before the Man U clean sheet) and bring in James for his red card LOL. Reason was Maguire was going to drop and James with a 20-point haul under his belt was “guaranteed” a couple more price rises. I was also keen to get a foothold in the CHE defence as soon as I could.

    Of course, if SDT now base their price changes on the previous gameweek, James’s price could be dropping. Still, I’m very happy to own James for the long-haul (hopefully).

    I also did the ill-fated Son to Kane switch like another poster on here 🙁

    You posted some guiding principles last July ( )

    Number 8 was “Don’t worry too much about team value”….. Oh my! Why don’t I listen? lol

  5. Finished 5th in my euro dreamteam, if I had put Ronaldo in for all group games, instead of just against Hungary would of won, I think September gives us another opportunity to be a little more proactive being a short month, October being a five week month, I think I’ll be in budget pending Friday changes,
    Martinez to Sanchez
    Buendia to Azpilcueta
    Greenwood to Ronaldo
    Wan bissaka
    Walker, monitor game time, transfer to Dias if need be. 4 regular defenders set & forget for what should be 4 best defences in league.
    Bruno to Debruyne when proves fitness
    Moura monitor game time move to Benrahma, Lingard if goes back to West ham, or Mount if price comes down
    Come October hoping that will be very close to my team, then just strategic/injury transfers thereafter, only concerns would be Sanchez, but more than decent keeper, on 11pts after 3 games, & risen 0.3 already
    I would expect Bruno’s pts to drop significantly, but a fit again Debruyne will cover him, & no Lukaku, but you can’t have everybody.

    1. Good analysis as ever David. 👌🏼

      I don’t think I’ve got the balls to go without Lukaku come October however. Chelsea’s fixtures just look too good and I can see him having some of those defences on toast. United’s fixtures also stiffen up around then but the choices this season are so tough.

      1. It’s a tough call Chris on the strikers debate, you could say will Kane play in the europa conference, I’ve seen some of the teams in it, I haven’t even heard of some of them, but if he plays pts galore, Spurs are due to play on the 16th in that competition, lineups will tell us alot, & that includes Moura, who I am monitoring, some weeks will go well, others won’t strikerwise, rough with the smooth I guess, that’s why I was hoping Ronaldo would be a midfielder, then I would of gone with the big 4, adding 2 enablers in midfield, I’m hoping tonight Lingard goes back to West ham, he was great for them last season, in the same way Willock was for Newcastle, I think he’s only 2.8 at present.

  6. Tottenham Hotspur have completed the signing of Brazilian right-back Emerson Royal from Barcelona.

    The 22-year-old joins Spurs in a deal believed to be worth up to £25.75million, having successfully passed a medical and agreed personal terms on transfer deadline day.

    Does this mean Tanganga’s game time drops or does he switch to centre-back?

  7. So Ronaldo is priced at 7.5mil forward position…. blimey. Always looked like he would have a very high price tag.

    1. I’m really torn on Ronaldo. Surely he plays that first game at home to Newcastle in front of a packed Old Trafford? If it was a tougher fixture I’d be happy to wait at least a week, being Newcastle though has made this decision so difficult. He could quite easily smash in a hat-trick against that porous defence. I’ve even considered switching out Kane short-term for Ronny to avoid the inevitable price drop and keep Son in as Spurs cover for that fist GW after the break.

      I’m really enjoying these tough decision moments though and as troublesome as it is to manage, I love the challenge it brings as it means very few two teams will be alike. Do any of you guys and gals have a plan on how you’re going to bring him in?

  8. So with my last two transfers here’s my thinking:


    Everton failed to land a right-back before the deadline and Coleman’s only competition is Jonjo Kenny. Coleman obviously doesn’t get the Euro games which is a shame but Everton have BUR,avl,que,NOR next. Obviously he might miss the Carabao game. With Coleman being £1.9m currently (and with a rise on the cards) it’ll give me the budget to be able to go Son to Ronaldo after the break.

    Just seen Ronaldo has scored two goals tonight for Portugal so he’s up and running for the season.

    1. His ownership is going to be huge as well you’d think. I’m not normally one for following the crowd for the sake of it but I think I’m making an exception for him. Likely to go Son to Ronny after the break and use a transfer early doors.

      1. This may be the only time to get Ronaldo in, if he starts banging the points in he may become out of reach. Whereas I feel Kane is more likely to drop in points, as Tottenham I feel will lose more games.

        1. Tottenham have lost more games than the big hitters in the last few seasons though Steve and Kane still manages to be one of the highest points scorers in the game. Be careful.

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