Review of Game Week 3

Review of Game Week 3

GW Points: 37
Overall Points: 185
Overall Rank: 29,779
Transfers: Lowton out, Van Dijk in
Mahrez out, Pedro in

By far the worst game week of the season so far for me. Awful points return, although I can’t imagine there were many particularly high scores. I was a little surprised to see such a big drop in the overall leaderboard given there were very few clean sheets around and not many of the big names scored well. From looking at the team, I’m not sure there was much else I could have done to prevent it.


Transfer decision went to plan (kind of). I made a couple of key decisions with the transfers this week. It was obvious Mahrez and Lowton had to go. Bringing in Van Dijk over a City defender paid off straight away with a clean sheet for Liverpool. Although bringing in Pedro resulted in 0 points, the other option I’d considered was Richarlison who got -3 points and a 3 match suspension for a red card. Moura would have been a better option but I didn’t expect two goals against Man Utd.

Goals for Salah and Kane. To be expected really but glad to see they are both racking up the points.

Clean sheet for Liverpool was good with Robertson and Van Dijk. However I think a lot of people have full Liverpool blocks which may have gone against me.

Potential Issues:

After a clean sheet during game week 1, Burnley have gone downhill very quickly. This puts a big question mark next to Hart for me. The difficulty is finding a better replacement for him.

I’ve also got a question mark next to B. Silva and Pedro. I can’t see either of them being huge point scorers or overly consistent this season. I’m happy with them while they keep their place in the team but appreciate that they both may need to come out. Hazard is also a big worry but it’s very difficult to accommodate him at the moment.

I’m fairly happy with my backline but I’ve got a tricky month for Liverpool in September at the back of my mind to consider. I may end up swapping Van Dijk back out after seeing the Champions League fixtures.

Tips for Game Week 4

As I’ve got no transfers left, I’ve not looked too much at game week 4. If you’ve got remaining transfers it would have made sense to use them before prices changed this morning. However if you are still looking to use some before the weekend, the top teams with the best fixtures are:

Cardiff v Arsenal
Man City v Newcastle
Chelsea v Bournemouth
Watford v Spurs
Burnley v Man Utd
Leicester v Liverpool

As a result if you’ve got Arsenal players I’d be tempted to keep hold of them for this week. I’d also favour Man City players as they’ve got a decent run of fixtures in September. Although Liverpool have started well I’d probably avoid bringing in any of their players at this stage due to a very tough month approaching in September.

I was also interested to see prices change by up to 0.3m today. I’m not sure many of us expected them to rise by this amount. Last season prices changed by 0.3m per week but we didn’t see a 0.9m increase in the first change back then. Fortunately I don’t think this will affect many of us that much. I’m not sure if this has been done by mistake. From looking on Twitter they’ve suggested it might be an error but do we expect values to be readjusted?

As always, feel free to share your own progress in game week 1 below, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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126 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 3

  1. this is my team after GW3
    D sanchez
    B silva

    my team is on 172 its and i also fell down in the leaderboards this week due to a poor showing from my midfield. i have 2 transfers left and at the moment I’m thinking sanchez and mane out for hazard and luiz. i know swapping out mane is crazy but liverpool have much harder fixtures then chelsea during September and i already have salah. any other options would be welcome and thoughts please share.

      1. i do agree that arsenal have good fixtures upcoming but i don’t think they are better then chelsea next two. also hazard is far more important to chelsea’s team then mkhi is to arsenals. if i was to pick the main man for arsenal it would be aubmeyang. thanks for the suggestion tho, hows your team?

        1. decent start cheers on 213 so far:





          Will be looking at Hazard in next and maybe Tarkowski out. I really want Alonso too!

          What do you reckon?

          1. great team in my opinion mate, yeah would get tarkowski out as burnley have no europe now. do you have any transfers left and/or money left?

    1. I thought about losing Salah for Hazard as Mane seems to have had a better start. Not sure I can bring myself to do it though.

      1. I’ve gone 3-4-3 so i can’t move salah to hazard, i did think about this but for me salah has to be the main man still? just he will score one more points then mane for one and will he score enough to justify the 2m(1.7m now) gap.

  2. What do you guys think of transferring Salah to Aguero?

    Liverpool’s got a tough month of fixtures coming up and with aguero being 1.2 m cheaper even with the price increases, frees up cash for other areas of the team.

    At the moment my team is as follows

    B Silva

    1. Salah can score against anyone and has picked up where he left off last season from a stats perspective. He also has high ownership so not having him is dangerous and could see you plummet down the ranks.

      I have a similar team to you and will be holding him but trying to find a way to switch robertson to alonso

    2. I thought about taking Salah out myself – for Hazard. Despite the tough fixtures, I’m not sure I can bring myself to do it just yet.

  3. 3.3m to spend who should I bring in. Best options I have are Lucas moura or Pedro atm imo. Dtt any advice ?

    1. Both may be rotation threats but I went for Moura as looks great value. Looked excellent and playing as a forward with decent fixtures.

      Maddison is also a good option at a very cheap 1.6m and both Fraser and Schurle have had great starts if you fancy a punt

  4. Shame about Richarlison as he looked great.

    Both may be rotation threats but I went for Moura as looks great value. Looked excellent and playing as a forward with decent fixtures.

    Maddison is also a good option at a very cheap 1.6m and both Fraser and Schurle have had great starts if you fancy a punt

      1. Cheers mate ended up sticking in moura over Pedro because I have Willian already and had to some how get rich out the team

  5. For some reason the transfers have been reset already, Not sure whats going on i have 2 left to use for august but sure the deadline was September 7th lol. The price changes are still the same, They’ll do well to sort this out before the 12.30 KO

  6. Something not right… all my transfers have been replenished. What’s going on thought it wasn’t until 7th September?

    1. yeah actually something is wrong with it, I’m getting unlimited transfers on the app right now it’s not costing me any transfers…

    2. I thought the same, I’m personally just going to treat it as a mistake that should be corrected.

  7. I’ve got reset transfers as well is it worth doing any transfers even though I’ve got none left for this month?😜

    1. Personally I think not – it’s got to be a mistake and surely will be put right. My understanding is that we shouldn’t get transfers until next Friday and any made from now should be pending until then. Obviously something has gone wrong but based on the rules surely it will be put back?

    1. The whole team haha? I’ve got no idea what’s going on, everyone’s got unlimited transfers. But I won’t be doing any today on a serious note – International break coming up and September is a long month.

  8. This game is an absolute shambles. I was assured yesterday by dtcustsupport that I could still use my August transfers today and the new transfers would be available on friday and yet here we are we 3 new transfers for September. Absolutely shocking

  9. Will the transfers go through I wonder? Is there a way that it can be reset by them! It’s such a big mess this game full of technical problems! Can’t sort anything out! Sun game is a shambles! Anyone else making transfers hoping they go through?

  10. I have 3/3 transfers remaining some how ? After I used my final transfer last night. Should I use these transfers or will they count towards this months

    1. No idea what’s going to happen at the moment, if it’s resolved quickly we should assume that we can’t use our September transfers yet and if we can they will be pending until next Friday. I know this isn’t what is currently happening but I’d imagine anything outside of this should be reset.

  11. Y don’t we use these transfers dtt? Unlimited up until kick off, and then we could get rid of hart and maybe even b silva to Cech for the arsenal fixtures and moura

    1. Personally I think they will be trying to sort the mistake out to align with their rules. Which basically means if we’ve got no transfers left for August anything we do with the current system will be reset. Can we really see everyone being able to change their entire team and this then being carried forward?

  12. Why not bring the Hazard transfer forward, they have an easier game than Liverpool,
    Van dijk
    B. silva
    Van bissaka
    Still got half million left.

    1. I’m personally doing nothing – surely the problem will be put right and anything we do this morning will be reversed?

  13. Should we change our teams then if unlimited transfers ? Loads of other people in my league are doing it , is it cheating ?? Hopefully they’ll be able to reset it all, But what if they can’t ?!

    1. I don’t think it is cheating if you can do it as well. It’s just taking advantage of a situation presented to you.

      1. I don’t think it’s cheating either. I just can’t see the point spending time changing the whole team around for it to be reversed. Or worse still… imagine if you make three transfers and they come out of your September allowance and then you have none for the whole of September?

    2. I’m just going off the rules and assuming it will be reset. Can you imagine the uproar if everyone makes unlimited transfers and people miss out on this? It’s almost like starting again, I can’t see it happening.

  14. I think we should make the most of the unlimited transfers. If we don’t its going to cost us as everyone else is

    1. I’m personally not doing anything, got to assume that they are going to try and align the system with their rules. I’ve used all of my August transfers so I’m assuming I’ve got none to use and the system will be reset.

  15. What if they can’t fix the problem? They said sorting out the price changes was a priority but nothing changed there after a whole day. Should really take a few minutes on their computers. I think they really messed up and no solution.

    1. Yeah I agree, it’s a difficult one to know what to do. Are you using as many transfers as you want then? Or just staying as you are?

        1. Someone in a group on Facebook (from a credible source) has said they are all going to be reversed.

      1. Ive done 3 transfers on 2 of my teams moura, Pedro and cech In for hart, Willian and b silva. I just can’t see the game being able to reset all of these transfers. Some people have changed their whole teams

        1. Someone in a group on Facebook (from a credible source) has said they are all going to be reversed. Not my personal advice but just passing on their thoughts.

  16. You shouldn’t really make more than 3 transfers, I’m just bringing mine forward a week, it may pay off it may not, they cld just go down as pending for next week.

    1. Someone in a group on Facebook (from a credible source) has said they are all going to be reversed. Not my personal advice but just passing on their thoughts.

  17. I can’t see them making the transfers pending. They can’t punish the people who have made transfers as it’s their fuckUp. If they are going to change it they will just change back to normal transfers imo

    1. Someone in a group on Facebook (from a credible source) has said they are all going to be reversed. Not my personal advice but just passing on their thoughts.

      1. My transfers have reset to 0/3 so it looks to be the case. Waste of a morning but interesting to see how many changes I would have made if I could have!

  18. My unlimited transfers have gone but the players I actually transfered in have stayed in. So will have to wait and see what happens.

  19. ⚽️ DREAM TEAM UPDATE ⚽️ 1⃣ We are currently fixing an issue regarding player price changes and transfers. 2⃣ We will be reversing any extra transfers made today and teams will be reverting back to normal. 3⃣ We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  20. What a mess, tried making 3transfers a week early, took out
    Van dijk
    B. Silva
    Van bissaka
    Since Van dijk has played, Van bissaka down as pending, that’s fine, tried to reverse Hazard & Cech, in case I change my mind, now have gone back to B. Silva & Hart, with zero transfers left, hope it corrects itself, currently have zero transfers for September, having only made 1.

    1. My understanding is that we should not have got the September transfers until this coming friday so any transfers you have made beyond your 3 for August will be reversed at some point. When that will be I don’t know

      1. Cheers Nick, today I have received 4pts for Van dijk, who I took out for Wan bissaka, I am now receiving 13 pts for him, maybe everybody has to play this weekend before they sort this mess out, I love the strategy for this game, but this is a big error, possibly have to look at something other than sundream team next season.

        1. My team has just reset back to before I made the extra transfers so I would imagine yours will have too

  21. Another clean sheet for Alonso, a much better choice than Van Dijk 👍👍

    B Silva, Hart and Shaw next for the chop.

    1. Come the end of the season I don’t think there will be much between them in terms of overall points. Alonso is 0.5m more expensive as well so I’m not sure he’s a “much better choice”. I’d say it’s 50/50.

        1. Not sure I can bring myself to drop Salah. It’s a very difficult one, got plenty of time to ponder though.

  22. One of my teams that I made 3 changes in hasn’t changed back and Pedro got me them 8points. Not sure y they haven’t changed my transfers

    1. Think I jinxed it as my Pedro just got swapped by Willian ffs😂back to my old team with no transfers remaining

  23. ‘The maximum a Player’s value may increase or decrease per Game Week is £0.1m’
    (direct quote from the rules).

    1. I thought they were only going to go up by 0.1m. I thought they were looking at fixing this as well but it’s no happened yet.

  24. Everything back to where it was, relying on Kane again to do some damage tomorrow, I thought a Mendy clean sheet was a cert today, Hazard in next week, will take 2 transfers but a weaker defence, using the half million for last transfer Hart to Cech or keep in reserve, DTT any other way to get Hazard in & not weaken defence other than taking Salah out, short of ideas at the moment.

    1. Not that I can see. Can’t personally see a cheap defender that looks appealing either to be honest, can you? Not sure Hazard will play in the Europa League either. Liverpool have a tough September but it would be a brave move to take out Salah.

      1. If we took a risk on taking Saleh out, Aubamayang must start scoring soon, also take out B. Silva, leaves 6.3, Hazard in, leaves us 0.6, 1 transfer left, Hart out Cech in, hope that Shaw keeps his place in starting lineup, & we don’t need to take out Van dijk, europa competition aside Hazard still scoring 20 plus pts in last 2 games, got a few days to decide.

        1. Plenty of time to decide, I’ll put an update about this in the next blog post. Can’t decide what to do at the moment.

  25. Hi All,
    I was looking for some help, sadly I have been away for the last few weeks and have not been able to keep up with the games or my dream team and I was wondering if you good folks might suggest any changes?
    Ederson / Bailly / Robertson / Sanchez
    Mahrez / Zaha / Pedro / Arnautovic
    Aguero / Salah / Aubameyang
    I wasn’t able to make any changes before the new month, so have 3/3 and £1.5 budget.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. The ones I’d probably be looking at taking out are Bailly, Mahrez (depending on when if he starts or not) and Arnautovic. In terms of replacements, you could go for Hazard if you downgraded Bailly to Shaw and then took out Mahrez or Arnautovic.

  26. The hazard conundrum is the biggest challenge this month for me i am 11 points off top in my league and the guy at top has hazard aguero mane and kane but I have mane aguero salah and kane , really tempted to swap salah for firmino thinking the mane and firmino pairing counteracts not having salah , that then allows me to get hazard in for VVD and go 343 , although the 3 at back will be Gomez Mendy and Shaw but 0.2 in bank to perhaps swap Bernardo Silva for rudiger or Luiz? What you think, taking salah out seems unthinkable and won’t be able to get him back in unless swaps for kane. Or lose salah for auba , b Silva for hazard and VVD for Robertson or rudiger giving team.of
    Rudiger / Robertson



    Any opinions?

    1. I’d reconsider after the international break. For all we know someone might get an injury between now and then. Although I think whatever you do won’t be an easy choice. I’m in the same boat and I’m not sure what to do about Hazard yet.

  27. David K , I’m thinking leave hart in?
    We need hazard in the team and Salah , just have to accept to do this there will have to be 1/2 weaker players, who if they pick up points we take it as a bonus?
    We just need to work out a way to do it

    1. It’s a puzzle Ian, & now there’s Lukaku to consider now, Hart will continue to fall in value, where we get to a point we are playing with 10 men every week.

  28. DTT, I think we all agree, next set of transfers will be B. silva + one other out, if that one other is Saleh, we can keep strong defence, get Hazard in & if Utd have turned a corner put in their spearhead Lukaku who is capable of matching Saleh on weekly basis pts wise, if that one other is Van dijk, I’m struggling to see a viable option, we can have one lame duck with Hart but not 2, an observation today watching Spurs, normally Kane wld be more single minded & ruthless in front of goal, but on occasions was looking for Moura, an outlay of 8 million he has to be scoring almost every week.

    1. Agree that we need to think about it but there’s no rush to come up with a solution before the international break. I’ll be working through the options over the next week or two. I agree about not wanting to go too weak at the back but I’m also very concerned about taking either Kane or Salah out.

  29. Dangerous to get rid of either Salah and Kane. Very high ownership and can be the most explosive players in the game (certainly last season with hat tricks).
    Also could prove difficult to buy back if funds are redistributed in the team.
    This could lead to more problems than answers.
    Sometimes the right move can be to do nothing.

    1. Completely agree – there’s no need to rush into anything. I’m fairly happy with how my team is set up. Have you managed to accommodate Kane, Salah, Mane, Aguero and Hazard?

  30. I’m in agreement. Whilst none of the “big 3” strikers have set things alight just yet (barring Aguero’s hat-trick of course), all three are capable of scoring big at any time. As David points out, I’m a little concerned that the introduction of Moura may have taken away some of Kane’s single-mindedness but I’m happy to see how it plays out for now.

    With regards Hart, I have a gut feeling it would be wise to stick with him for the moment. The international break has come at a good time for Burnley and with no European football to factor in anymore I expect to see their results improve over the coming weeks. I expect Dyche to be working extra hard to get them to tighten up at the back.

    I’m also re-thinking my desire to bring in Wan-Bissaka as part of my plan to get Hazard in. Palace are without Tomkins at the moment not to mention Zaha and those are huge players for them. If either of those are struggling to be fit after the break I may have to look elsewhere for my £1.5(ish) player. B.Silva and Arnautovic are going to be making way from my team to bring in Hazard and an enabler. I’m really put off by City midfielders for the moment as it’s a complete lottery to know who will start games. West Ham’s up coming fixtures are just horrendous.

    Any suggestions for enablers (either midfielder or defender) would be greatly appreciated. Nothing over £2m.

    1. The only ones that spring to mind (since I’m in a similar situation) is Maddison, Pereyra, Holebas or doing the unthinkable and dropping Salah for the likes of Mitrovic, Murray or Wilson.

      As far as Pereyra and Holebas goes, it’s worth noting that whilst Watford have looked strong, they have Utd, Spurs away and Arsenal away in their next 4 fixtures!..

      1. Coming away from beating a strong Spurs side, I can see Watford getting good things out of them games. Arsenal are leaking goals, Man u are far from reassuring atm. Worth thinking at least.

          1. Thanks for your input guys. Anyone given any consideration to the Wolves lads. I read this from FFS:

            “Matt Doherty (£4.4m) was eye-catching from an FPL perspective: the Wolves’ right wing-back had two attempts on target and created as many chances for his team-mates, one of which was a sitter that Raul Jimenez (£5.5m) fluffed when unmarked eight yards.

            Joao Moutinho (£5.4m) excelled in midfield and from a Fantasy perspective, given his set-piece deliveries and passing ability, could prove to be as productive as the more widely owned Ruben Neves (£5.2m) this season. No Premier League player has taken more corners than Moutinho in 2018/19, with the more experienced of Wolves’ midfield pair also creating more chances than any player on show in east London on Saturday.”

            Moutinho has come onto my radar after reading that. Fixtures not too bad and good chances of assists. Only £2m as it stands too.

            Doherty could also be another shout. They have a good keeper between the sticks so could get a few clean sheets and assists? Anyone know anything about these guys?


            1. I started with Jota after all the good things I heard and read about him last season and had to lose him after GW2 because he wasn’t scoring any points!

              Even now after GW4 he remains on 0 points!

              To be fair Wolves had some tough fixtures but you’d still expect them to get points for ratings.

              Moutinho was another that didn’t score anything in his opening two games.

              I would personally opt for players who have earned points, primarily because it proves that their style of play ticks boxes with

    2. Finally someone with my thinking, the Man City midfielders are a lottery. I’ve already dumped Mahrez for B. Silva now he’s got to go.
      Hazard is the must have player right now, would rather lose a top defender than a top attacker though.

      1. Your right Steve B

        The only way to get Hazard in for me is to lose Mendy and or VVD as that frees up 8.5 mill and together with binning out B Silva I could get Hazard, robertson & maybe Ban Wissaka and still have 700k in bank rather than lose salah , however that would leave me with a back 4 of ban Wissaka, Gomez, Shaw & Robertson not the best.

    3. Maddison or Janmaat for me. Although I can’t see either of them hitting over 100 points. Although that may not matter if Hazard gets close to 300 again. Agree with you about Hart and I’m not overly keen on touching the front 3 at the moment.

  31. So am I right on assuming prices will change again at 7:00 this Friday plus we get our transfers for September? Still a bit confused why the changes were greater then stated. Will be a challenge getting in some players.

    1. Yes. I think that this Friday, the player prices will be adjusted/corrected, so you may find players that originally rose by 0.3 actually going down to 0.2 to accommodate 2 x 0.1 rises.

      1. Thanks Lee I hope so as the big rise in prices kind of threw me after reading the rules. I know this has been discussed but is it to risky to trade Salah for Firmino? I really don’t want to cheapen out my defence to accommodate Hazard although I believe he is a requirement to get in for this season? I’m very hesitant to drop Kane to.

        David Luiz looks good value with Chelseas fixtures, Sarri has given him starts in defence. Also would it be wise to stick with Richarlison still? (for people who got him)

        1. I’m personally going to stick with Richarlison for now and see if he can continue his early form when he returns.

          I wouldn’t feel comfortable dropping Salah myself as I feel he’s a potential 30 goal season striker whereas I never feel like Firmino will hit that. I may be wrong though I guess.

          As you say Hazard is increasingly looking like a must have now. Even as a bit part player in the early stages of the Europa League, his potential for consistent points hauls in the Premier League alone warrants having him in your team. The route i think I’m going to take is to remove both B.Silva and Arnautovic for Hazard and Maddison. He looks a player and after a few weeks to get used to the Premier League he could start to earn consistent points with pretty decent fixtures on the horizon. He also takes most of the free-kicks and corners I’m led to believe and will be second choice on pens should Vardy be off the pitch for any reason. Enough potential there for me to take a punt.

          Good luck with whatever you decide Marc!

          1. You defiently have a point in Maddison with this in mind I can keep Salah. This will then provide me with a front six
            Defence is weaker obviously but still contains starters so that’s only a good thing.

            1. That’s exactly the same as my front six will be post transfers.

              My defence in Hart, Robertson, Mendy, Gomez.

              Who’s in your defence Marc?

  32. I must admit, losing Salah for one of the cheaper strikers who are on form (Mitrovic, Murray or Wilson) has gone through my mind several times.

    The extra 5m would strengthen the rest of my team in so many ways, but after the season he had last year, I am of course apprehensive and leaning towards utilising 1-2M bargains to accommodate Hazard.

    If you do decide to drop Salah, I’d consider using the funds to bring in Alonso rather and Luiz who is injured fairly frequently and loves a booking!

    I’m desperate to get Alonso into my team, but in order to get both him and Hazard, I’d have to lose Salah or go ultra cheap on the defence!! … like 2 or 3 1m players!

    1. Janmaat’s a good shout for a bargain defender. Good points and Watford look solid so far.

    2. I’d also love Alonso, but at this moment I’m prefering Mendy and Robertson given that they are scoring well and are cheaper. I also have Gomez in there as I’ve been very impressed with him and at a good price. Just hope he keeps Lovren out when he’s back. I wouldn’t be dropping him that’s for sure as I reckon he’s even outshone VVD.

    3. I’ve decided I won’t be ditching Salah now, I have found a realistic way of getting at least Hazard in my team without being to drastic. I strongly believe Sarris got Hazard playing his best and will be sure of a few star mans this season.

      1. Hi Marc,

        Interested to see how you have found a realistic way to get hazard into your team without losing salah – very keen to see. If I can get hazard in to my team without too much weakening I firmly believe I will wrap up my league – currently before sept transfers I am ;



        B Silva


        No money in the bank unfortunately

        1. Well my team is actually weaker in defence then yours, B. Silva could be swapped out for someone who will at least play each week. Maddison for Leicester with decent fixtures coming up looks good for 1.6 then it’s probably a question of perhaps cheapening a defender to get the funds for a Hazard and Mane midfield?

          1. Marc

            I think only way for me is to lose VVD (gomez still gives me liverpool coverage ) for someone low key like janmaat which gives me nearly £3 mill to play with and allows me to swap B Silva for Hazard – that way I retain Mendy , Gomez, Shaw in my defence , I think it’s a step too far to lose mendy & VVD unless I lost mendy, VVD & B Silva for Hazard, Luiz & a 2.5 defender who will play regularly????

    4. I’ve been thinking about losing Salah as well but it’s a tough call. I’d want to replace him with Lukaku and then wouldn’t have to downgrade at the back to get Hazard in. This would however use 3 transfers to make the move.

      1. Saleh 8 million, B. Silva, 3.5, 0.5 in reserve, = 12million, Lukaku 5.8, Hazard 6.2 = 12 million.

        1. As the price changes will be occurring in thinking Lukaku will probably rise by 0.1 Hazards price should be the same as taking into account he was 6.0 so two price rises will make up the 0.2 addition(when corrected). Salah and B. Silva will probably remain the same maybe?

          1. I think The Sun confirmed that no changes would now be made in respect of last week’s rises and that they will just continue with the 0.1 from this week.

            If that’s true, Hazard will be 6.3 this week.

            I reckon that B.Silva could potentially drop 0.1 given that he hasn’t done anything in his last 3 matches!

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