Review of Game Week 4

Review of Game Week 4

GW Points: 44
Overall Points: 229
Overall Rank: 23,149
Transfers: None used

Another fairly flat game week for me, although overall I’m fairly happy with my position on the overall leaderboard (for the time being). I’d rather be well within the top 10,000 teams at this stage but it’s a long season ahead so I think it’s been a fairly solid start. In relation to this game week, I was hoping for a big performance from someone like Kane. This would have really pushed the team up the leaderboard but it didn’t happen. I’m hoping my faith in the big players will pay off shortly but with the international break approaching I’m fairly happy with the team I’ve got at the moment.


Considering Burnley conceded, 5 points for Hart was a bonus with a penalty save from Pogba.

It was good to see Shaw pick up a clean sheet. I’m really hoping he gets an extended run in the first team this season as he could be a season long pick for me if he does. Great value as well if he can keep his place.

Despite Liverpool and Man City failing to keep clean sheets it was good to see Mendy and Robertson getting an assist each.

A goal and star man for Mane was another highlight. After not having him in my team initially to start I’m glad I went back on this decision before the season got underway.

A goal for Pedro was another positive after seeing him benched to start the game.

Potential Issues:

This isn’t an issue more of an observation for me. It wasn’t ideal to see Salah, Aguero and Kane only pick up 5 points between them. I don’t see this as an issue as we all know what each player is capable of at any point in time.

Silva being benched after a couple of flat point scoring weeks is definitely an issue. He may be a player I look to move on early on in September.

Despite scoring, it was also a concern to see Pedro benched so early on after I’ve bought him into the team. I can see this happening quite often.

Other than players within my team, the biggest issue I can see is not having Hazard. He’s instantly hit form and is a magnet for star man most weeks. He’s already looking like he could become essential however it’s difficult to justify a plan for getting him in place. For me the options are: risk it without him, drop Salah or Kane to free up funds or go very cheap defensively. I’m not going to explore this too much now with the international break approaching. I’m also waiting for values to change on Friday before starting to plan what to do about this. But there will be a blog shortly to discuss this in more detail.

Tips for Game Week 5

Game week 5 seems like a long way off but assuming there are no big injuries during the international break, here are the key fixtures for the game week:

Chelsea v Cardiff
Man City v Fulham
Watford v Man Utd
Newcastle v Arsenal
Spurs v Liverpool

Young Boys v Man Utd
Man City v Lyon
Inter v Spurs
Liverpool v PSG
PAOK v Chelsea
Arsenal v Vorskla

I’d favour Chelsea in particular for the Premier League fixtures. However Man Utd look like the best bet in terms of the overall game week. Lukaku could continue his good goalscoring form with an easier fixture in the Champions League. Liverpool and Spurs are probably teams to avoid as they face each other and then have more difficult games in the Champions League. With regards to Arsenal and Chelsea in the Europa League – line ups could be a complete lottery so it’s hard to say which players might do well in those games.

As always, feel free to share your own progress in game week 1 below, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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27 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 4

  1. Utd could struggle away at Watford on the current form of both sides.

    I will certainly trying to get Hazard in at all costs.

    1. How far have you got with getting him in? I only see a few options an none are ideal:

      – Very cheap defender in place of a 4m defender
      – Swap him for someone of the same value (Mane, Salah, Kane or Aguero)
      – Use three transfers instantly in September and go slightly weaker at the back and in midfield.

      1. My options are:

        B.Silva & Arnie – Out
        Hazard & Maddison – In

        Salah – Out
        Hazard – In

        The second option will give me ample funds to strengthen other areas of my team, but I’m swaying towards the first option rather than losing Salah!!

        1. Feel a bit apprehensive at losing Arnie to be honest, because I feel he has 15 goals in him this season, in spite of WH’s poor start, but their fixtures for the next month or two are dreadful!!

          I’ll be very surprised if we get to November and they have 5 points on the board!

        2. It’s not an easy choice. I’m struggling to see a case for putting Hazard in immediately – possibly no Europa League action for him? This could mean he plays 3 games rather than 5 or 6 that some might play during September?

  2. Shaw is the only Utd player I have, Lukaku is worthy considering but sticking with my current forward line.
    Got to bring Hazard in, but would rather sacrifice a top defender than an attacker.

    Anyone looking to do the same, or is anyone brave enough to dump Salah, Kane or Aguero??

    1. I have been tempted. Salah hasn’t hit top speed yet and Liverpool have some nasty fixtures, but my logical mind tells me what he is capable of at any given time, so I’m trying not to get swayed by the fixtures!

      I’ll probably be sacrificing other midfielders.

      B.Silva and Arnie are worth a combined 7.7 so I’m looking at a Hazard & Maddison swap (I have 0.5m in the bank).

    2. I’m looking at all options but none are ideal. I’ll be having a much more detailed look over the international break after prices have changed again.

      1. Would it not be best to look when you get your subs on the 7th? as I assume that the prices will go up once again on the 14th?

        1. I don’t think prices will go up on 14th as no game week has been played. Prices should stay the same now until the next games kick off (after this mornings change).

  3. I think Steve B is right , getting hazard in as quickly as possible is a must , for me losing B Silva is a must as man city midfield is a lottery, which then means I have to sacrifice VVD or Mendy or both to get hazard in and the price rises are the key. Any opinions on defenders at 1mill to 1.4 who are likely to get 50 points plus and not get spanked every week?

      1. I’d wait to see if Tomkins is back before you go for those though. Both him and Zaha are key players for Palace and both are injured.

        Janmaat has started well and is cheap. Watford do have some difficult fixtures though.

        Doherty at Wolves looks good too. Wolves have a good keeper to support their defence too so could be worth a punt?

  4. DTT are you not tempted to transfer B.Silva and perhaps VVD out to get Hazard and a cheap enabler in?

    I would say Hazard and say a Maddison type player would have much higher returns than VVD and B.Silva although it sounds like he’ll be transferred out on way or another from what you say. I know you’ve not long had VVD but it’s hard to even consider removing Robbo or Mendy with how they’ve begun.

    Great report by the way as always. 👍🏻

    1. I’m very tempted but September is a long month. Potentially using three transfers immediately wouldn’t be a wise move in my opinion but it certainly needs addressing. I’ll be having a more detailed think over the break coming up.

  5. For my situation I will be going with Maddison to get Hazard in. B. Silva defiently has to go. My defence is not great but I have starters. Although Sanchez for Spurs looks suspect to be dropped. Long term I see having Liverpool defence is a good choice however their next fixtures look like they will concede… Perhaps a few?

    Spurs away
    Psg home
    Chelsea home
    Chelsea away

  6. I like the thinking on Maddison & Hazard – just transferred our B. Silva and Miki to get them in. Also trying to keep some cash in the bank to go Auba to Kane if he starts pushing on, although ARS have some good fixtures and will need to score goals to cover their dodgy defence. Have most people got Kane already?

  7. Is Hazard going to play in Europa league? I usually go for players that are in champions league myself.

    1. Are you not overly bothered about getting Hazard in? I can’t say I am myself, as you say he might not play in the Europa League anyway.

  8. I enjoy getting feedback on here.
    My team so far
    I can either change Richarlison for a defender, with the money I have it’s either Luiz or Gomez. Anyone seen Liverpool next fixtures? Are they likely to keep many cleansheets this month? Worth noting.

      1. Not a lot (0.3) purely because of having the big offense and not so much the defensive players all in. I much prefer to keep Salah, Kane and Aguero for now. Not sure to get Gomez in now purely as a future move… Although I can see Liverpools defensive players having trouble with clean sheets this month?

    1. Don’t like the look of Liverpool’s fixtures. I’d probably stay as you are for the time being as it looks a solid base.

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