Review of Game Week 7

Review of Game Week 7

GW Points: 39
Overall Points: 451
Overall Rank: 277,607
Transfers: None

It was another fairly flat game week for the team. Only picking up 39 points is not going to help with climbing the leaderboard. This wasn’t helped with Aguero missing the Chelsea game with injury. We need a couple of really big weeks to get back in contention, otherwise we are likely to be cut too far adrift.


Kane scored twice (again) and has already passed the 100 points mark. I’ve had him since the start of the season and despite some tricky fixtures in October, I’ll be sticking with him. I can only see me taking him out of my team if he picks up an injury or suspension.

The same goes for Lukaku who found the back of the net again and continues to consistently score goals.

Another clean sheet and 8 points for Valencia.

Potential Issues:

Foster and Pieters both failed to secure clean sheets despite winning. Very frustrating result, I don’t think Foster needs addressing but Pieters could certainly be looked at with Everton defenders not being much more expensive at this stage.

Kompany injury continues to drag on. This situation has cost us a lot of points and there’s almost nothing we could have done about it. Yes Kompany was a risk but at the time he was picked, he was fit to play and had played in every game City had played. The logic of identifying City getting off to a good start and being likely to keep a good number of clean sheets was absolutely spot on. The problem has been the lack of information around the injury, had they said he was out for the month I’d have instantly taken him out. However it’s just dragged on and on, he’s been declared fit to play and then suddenly he’s not again. I think this has cost us around 40 points. Unless he’s starts or at least makes the bench for their next game, he’s coming out.

Ogbonna gets dropped again. This is another massive frustration. He gets a chance against a tougher team in Spurs then gets dropped and West Ham go on to keep a clean sheet. He’s missed three clean sheets for West Ham purely because of this inconsistency of his selection. When he plays they’ve conceded and when he hasn’t played they’ve picked up clean sheets. You could argue this explains exactly why he’s been benched, however I don’t think it comes down to that. He looks to have had a solid couple of games against tougher opponents, and I think they would still have kept the clean sheets they have kept if he had played in them. It purely comes down to Bilic not knowing what he best back line is and it being constantly changed. This has cost us around 24 points. Regardless of this, he’s not getting a game and almost certainly needs replacing.

Aguero now faces a spell on the sidelines with a broken rib. Ideally he would be fit to play in City’s first fixture in October. This would save us a transfer. However this doesn’t look likely and we may have to consider replacing him with Hazard and going 442.

Spurs have an incredibly tough run of fixtures during October and having both Eriksen and Kane is a little overkill for me considering these fixtures. I’m happy to keep Kane but wanted to replace Eriksen with Hazard. However due to other priorities this may need putting on hold. We will have three transfer for October and I’m already looking at Kompany, Pieters, Ogbonna and Aguero as players who potentially need replacing. Both Kompany and Aguero being dependant on when they recover from injuries.

Tips for Game Week 8

Both Chelsea and Man City begin October with favourable fixtures. This trend continues throughout the month. I’d be tempted to bring in the likes of Hazard, Stones, Aguero (dependant on speed of recovery), De Bruyne, Jesus or even Batshuayi (who should cover the injured Morata). Depending on who you favour most from this list.

Spurs start the month with a decent fixture at home to Bournemouth but then face Real Madrid in the same game week. I personally won’t be making a move for any Spurs players I don’t already have but equally I won’t be dropping Kane either.

Equally Liverpool and Man Utd face each other during game week 8 and then both play Spurs at some point during the month. If my team was in better shape I’d be tempted to look at Coutinho who has been in great form since returning to the side.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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79 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 7

  1. I would definitively not take Kane out of the team at this point he seems to be the most inform striker in the world and against Bournemouth (GW8) who only have 4 points and are 19th place in the premier league this season and have let in 11 goals in 7 games

    and against Liverpool (GW9) who have let in 12 goals in 7 games I can see Harry Kane in the form he is in having a chance of getting a brace or even a hat trick in both of these games.

    1. I’ll be leaving him in despite their tough run of fixtures. I think he’s capable of scoring anytime.

  2. I think they just added Tarkowski to the game they other burnley defenders are

    Mee 3.9M
    Lowton 3.5M
    Tarkowski 2.5M

    Burnley have picked up 3 clean sheets in their last 4 games against

    Crystal Palace (Home)
    Huddersfield (Home)
    Everton (Away)

    I think I might get him

    1. i think he’s been underpriced at 2.5. he rates well – 5/7 games he would have rated, including one star man. he’s scored more points than bailly. i wonder whether he will rise immediately given he has theoretically scored more than teammate mee at 3.9

  3. Batshuayi transfer could favour the brave… It will be interesting to see what you decide. I also have Erikson however my defence apart from Valencia is defiently causing concern atm.

    Will be keeping an eye on your site and others thoughts

  4. Have the same midfield and thinking of going eriksen to hazard. Have to replace Mendy and thinking of stones though how about Cahill (4.8m) and luiz (4.2m)? Surely great value there though luiz is suspended for one more game.

    1. Really good value but if I had the choice between a City or Chelsea defender, at the moment I’d go for a City defender.

      1. DTT I love all of your articles but I have a point to make

        you said you wanted a discussion so lets have one about City defenders they have done well so far and I saw you say in this article that Man City have “favourable fixtures” I would most certainly disagree with this so lets look at the fixtures.

        Stoke – Had had a difficult start to the season and many injuries in defence valid to say weak but are normally a very solid team with injuries I can see this being seen as favourable but not a certain clean sheet

        Napoli – Pep Guardiola said that Napoli are “the third best team in the world” next to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in Peps eyes this is one of the hardest fixtures in the world

        Burnley – Have won against Chelsea away won against Everton away drawn with Tottenham away drawn with Liverpool away they are a very solid defensive team and currently 6th in the Premier league higher than Liverpool.

        West Brom – away to West Brom is a very tough place to go last season at home West Brom won against Arsenal and got a draw against Tottenham on the 16th of may 2017 Manchester City had their 2nd to last game against West Brom and failed to keep a clean sheet

        1. Also you said Chelsea have good favourable fixtures but they go up against Roma who are a very good team they have Radja Nainggolan in their team trust me he is Alexis Sánchez level he is one of the best Midfielders in the world that is why Manchester United want to sign him

          1. I think the majority of teams in the Champions League are going to be fairly strong to be relative to others, I don’t see Roma as a team who will go that far. Of course it’s only my personal opinion but I don’t recall seeing them in the quarter or semi finals in the past 7-8 years.

        2. I can’t disagree with your points but it’s just my perception and when I say favourable I mean relative to other teams. Spurs play Madrid twice with in my opinion are much harder fixtures than Napoli for example. If they are the third best team in the world, I’m not sure why they never get to the latter stages of the Champions League. If City want to win the Premier League they will also be looking to beat the likes of Stoke, Burnley and West Brom. But I agree they aren’t “easy” fixtures, just easier than the likes of playing Chelsea, Spurs, Man Utd, Liverpool or Arsenal.

          1. Ok I get your point now if you are saying relative to other teams in the world but yes Pep is a giant admirer Juventus got to the final last year and in Serie A this year the betting odds are very close as to who will win Serie A between Juventus and Napoli they are definitely two of the best teams in the world.

          2. and also I am not saying that Manchester City will not beat Stoke Burnley West Brom we were talking about stones who is a defender I was rising the point of would they keep a clean sheet compared to a player like Cahill who I think is currently a better option than stones at 4.8M

            1. I think you could make a case for both, agree Cahill is a good option but I favour Stones marginally.

              1. The reason why I am getting Cahill is because I know he is reliable and he is the Captain of the team he was in the starting 11 36/38 games last season and he was the 2nd highest point scoring defender last season.

                1. Yeah I’m considering him now because I could start with:

                  Kompany (holding out a little longer for his return)

                  I’d then have a transfer to hold onto so I can see how things pan out for the rest of the month.

                  1. Lol, give up with Kompany already!!

                    Even if he does return, how long do you think it will be before he’s crocked again!!..

                    1. I agree, and how likely is it that he will even get back in the team. But at the same time if it’s a choice between him and Baines (which it is for me), it could be tempting to hold onto him for a little longer and hope he gets some game time and his price rises. Just something I’m considering at the moment.

          3. Is it viable to transfer in Cahill at 4.8, saving 0.2 on Stones, of late zapercosta & Rudiger, have been getting gametime, also probably down to luiz being banned, Stones seems to b cemented in team now, & only a ban or injury will prevent his absence, also is it worth keeping Erickson for 1 more game, home to Bournemouth, Hazard away to Palace.

            1. I think I’d prefer Stones to any Chelsea player. Also think I’m stuck with Eriksen either way as there are other players I need to address first and three transfers won’t be enough for the month.

  5. Luiz is back from suspension. He looks good value over the coming month. I think he’ll play more than rudiger, also 4.2m

  6. Tarkowski is looking like the Ogbonna replacement to me.

    For 2.5mil it’s looking like a promising swap. Leaves me with getting rid of Mendy.

    1. I got Tarkowski looks like a grate option and destined to rise in value. Burnley are a very good defensive team and Sean Dyche is one of the most underrated managers in the premier leauge.

  7. I have 4.9 mil to use on a defender… I need to replace Mendy any thoughts? Is Cahill back as a starter? Or Luiz perhaps?

    1. Cahill/Stones are the most popular picks at the moment for a 5.0M defender I picked Cahill

  8. Pickford
    Hazard,De Bryne,Salah
    Lukaku, Kane,Jesus

    0.7m in the bank 3 transfers now for October.

    What would you be looking to do with this team. Brought holgate in at the end of September to get rid of Stephens and free up a little cash already made 0.2m off that but now need to think where I need to strengthen. I don’t like Lowe but it’s how do I best get someone worth bringing in?

    Thoughts please

    1. I’d look at Stones for Davies for sure. Then Southampton have some good home fixtures. Soares for Lowe. Not sure about Holgate I’d probably leave a spare transfer.

  9. Need help with this team can’t decide what to do. £1.4m in the bank. If anyone has got any suggestions please let me know. 3 transfers for October

    De Gea



    1. Think I’ve decided Stones for Davies and Hazard for Mkhitaryan. What do you think to that?

      1. Mkhitarian has a harder PL but a better champions league fixture. I think he’ll get more points v benfica than hazard v roma. Basel put 5 past benfica. I’m tempted to wait a week and hazard could continue to fall another 0.3 if he has a quiet week.

  10. Right so after lots of thinking I’ve gone
    Mendy out Cahill in
    Ogbonna out Tarkowski in

    Erikson out Hazard in


    I’ve just literally been forced to use all three to create a much stronger side.

    1. I’m in a very similar situation to you and have been debating either

      Mkhi to kdb
      Eriksen to hazard
      And mendy to Cahill
      Bank bust


      Mkhi to sterling
      Eriksen to hazard
      And mendy to stones
      This leaves me just over 2 mill in the bank

      I don’t fancy mkhi at the moment with tougher fixtures coming up and him not playing the 90 much I think I would have better luck with sterling for a few weeks

      1. Not sure if Sterling is rotation risk? I believe Mkhi will play prem and champ league at least.

        1. I think sterling and sane will flank Jesus until aguerro returns.

          His game time while kuns away should be as good as mkhi is getting now at least

  11. One player that I haven’t seen mentioned here is Christensen. He’s played in the last 6 Chelsea games in a row and started in 4 of them. His value is only 3 million.

    My only concern is that David Luiz only has 1 more suspended game in the league, so he might knock him out of the starting line-up once he becomes available again. However with a lot of fixtures and an EFL Cup game he’s bound to continue getting time, especially since he’s been performing well. Surely a great option as his price is bound to rise. What do you think?

    1. Forgot to mention that I have 5 million to spend on a defender so I could go for Stones, but I’m only looking for a temporary defender for October. My priority is someone that can rise in price, Christensen might be a better option for this.

      I’m looking to transfer in Aurier next month to free up some funds to finally fit Kane into my team. He’s cheap at 3.2 million and I reckon he’ll replace Trippier as starting right-back. However, he’s still suspended for 2 league games this month & Spurs have Madrid in their European games so that’s why I’m holding off for now.

      Who would be your suggestion to fill that spot until next month with a 5 million budget?

      1. With 5mil I reckon stones. That’s who I would select for October if I had that amount unfortunately I’m below it.

    2. Hasn’t Luiz now completed his suspension ? According to he is available this weekend.

      1. Yeah, just had a look on Fantasy football scout, gives u all the probable premiership lineups, & he’s in the starting 11, i thought he was due back on the 28th, so what do i do keep Davies home to Bournemouth then away to Madrid, then put luiz in, or put him in now, next 2 away to Palace home to Roma, what do you reckon, also got Kompany down as injured.

    1. I reckon I’ll go with Stones then, that would be the safe bet as he’s guaranteed to play.

      Jesus is a good one to have in for October, City have a decent set of fixtures and he’ll be leading the line alone with Aguero on the sidelines. He could see a nice rise in price after this month.

  12. I think Christensen is a good shout especially at only 3m. I know Luiz will be back next game but i can see Christensen getting some game time. I’m pretty sure that if a defender comes on at any given time during the game they will automatically receive 5 points and will retain those 5 points if the team keeps a clean sheet.

    1. With mustafi out injured playing for Germany surely holding at 2.5 million looks a great option playing in a back 3 for arsenal!!!

    2. I agree, I think he’ll get quite a few minutes as has been the case in September even when all centre-backs were available.

      Yeah, that is the rule. I’m not sure how I feel about a defender coming on in the 94th minute and then claiming a clean sheet, but may as well take advantage of it.

  13. Hi their DTT, I have decided that, Mendy out, Stones in, Erickson out Hazard in, then the dilemma, leave Davies in for Bournemouth game, a rise of hopefully 0.3, then liverpool & Real madrid 2 follow, take out on the Thursday to avoid price drop, replaced by Luiz, or leave Davies till November then add Luiz, leaving the the 3rd transfer option of Mktharian out, next 4 gameweeks, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, & a choice of Sane, Stirling, slightly favouring Stirling, guidance required. Team is.
    Davies out 28th, or November Luiz
    Mendy out, Stones in
    Erickson out Hazard in
    Mkhtarian, poss: Stirling/Sane

    1. I personally wouldn’t worry about Davies too much, they’ve got tough fixtures but he’s a decent option long term. Mhki is also a good option at the moment. So I think you’re doing the right thing by holding onto the transfer as I don’t really see Sterling/Sane as an upgrade. I’d keep hold of it for the time being and see how things pan out over the next couple of weeks.

      1. Appreciate response, how’s transfers shaping up 4 week-end, anyone definitely transferred in, 442 or 433, or is it a question of waiting 4 lineups on saturday.

        1. I’ll put a blog post up tomorrow, I think I’m nearly there with what I plan to do. Might go Ogbonna out, Cahill in. Aguero out, Jesus in.

          1. I’ll look out 4 that, no Hazard scored 2 goals 2nite, i thought a man city defender was essential, Kompany injured according to fantasy football scout, not in starting lineup.

            1. I think a good defender is essential, don’t think there’s much between Stones and Cahill based on fixtures. But still deciding

    1. I personally won’t be – purely because my defence is a mess and needs sorting. I want to bring in certain starts so I don’t have to fiddle around with it too much going forward.

  14. Ahh okay yeah that’s fair enough. So what will your transfers be for October? Apologies if you have already said this, i didn’t want to comb through every comment.

    Many thanks.

    1. I’m thinking Ogbonna out, Cahill in and Aguero out, Jesus in at the moment but still undecided really.

  15. Need some inspiration here.

    Hazard,De Bryne,Salah
    Lukaku, Kane,Jesus

    0.7m in the bank 3 transfers now for October.

    What would you be looking to do with this team. Brought holgate in at the end of September to get rid of Stephens and free up a little cash already made 0.2m off that but now need to think where I need to strengthen. I don’t like Lowe but it’s how do I best get someone worth bringing in?

    DTT what would you be looking to do with this team???

    1. I just did

      Out Davies
      In Cahill

      I think this transfer makes a lot of sense because Davies is a rotation risk when Rose comes back into the side and Tottenham have terrible fixtures for clean sheets for the next mouth and a half and Cahill started 36/38 games last season and was the 2nd highest scoring defender last season and barring suspension/injury you will not need to replace him all season.

      1. Why Cahill over stones?

        Who’s your pick for city mids?

        I have been leaning towards sterling but he seems an unpopular pick despite his decent stats and aguerro missing

        1. I think Cahill will score more points than Stones over the course of the season he was the 2nd highest point scoring defender last season.

    2. I don’t think I’d be in a rush to do much with that team – it’s fairly strong already. But if you really wanted to use your transfers, I’d probably swap Lowe for Evans and Holgate for Baines. Slight upgrades in my opinion and should be within budget.

    1. I heard that on the radio as well. Not sure he will be back for a few weeks yet though.

  16. Player Total shots Shots in box Minutes per chance xG
    Sterling 19 14 20.4 3.02
    Sane 10 8 31.8 1.53
    Silva 12 9 50.3 1.19
    De Bruyne 14 2 43.2 0.69

    Thought this may help people make a decision on city mids as they all seem good.

    Kun is training with a physio so don’t expect him back on pitch for a few weeks at least, don’t think he’ll play october

  17. Hazard put two away last night, granted, not the best team in the world but wouldn’t it be silly not to get him in the team now? Especially at the price he’s currently at. DTT what are your thoughts?

    1. At the price hazard is now I would say yes.

      I’ve gone for
      Cahill in Mendy out
      Tarkowski Ogbonna out

      Hazard in Erikson out


      Going for this in October. Is Aguero definitely short for return this month?

    2. The risk is that he will have a good game week but I don’t see his price rising for a while. If you save a transfer I don’t think his price will change until Friday 20th October at the earliest, I’m assuming prices won’t be changing this Friday.

    1. I’m not absolutely certain, you just never know. But as no one has played I don’t see how they can change.

  18. There is actually an option on the Dream Team website once you have logged in to speak to an online representative. Having spoken to someone, I can confirm that there will be no price changes this week.
    Hope this helps guys!

  19. I’ve just read that Morata & Aguero are back in training. Can anyone conform that ? I hope it’s true ! ?

    1. Morata and aguero are both in light training and unlikely to start the games this weekend, aguero is still supposed to be 2/3 weeks ago morata touch and go as hamstring injuries can be longer than expected

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