Review of Game Week 8

Review of Game Week 8

GW Points: 45
Overall Points: 496
Overall Rank: 314,782
Transfers: Kompany out, Cahill in
Ogbonna out, Baines in
Eriksen out, Hazard in

Despite feeling that the team has been strengthened significantly, I can still only class this as a bad game week. The team has dropped further in the overall leaderboard. The transfers were not necessarily unsuccessful as I’ve replaced the two defenders who were getting no game time and also picked up some Chelsea coverage going forward with Hazard. However this still didn’t contribute a significant difference in terms of points. Thankfully Hazard outscored Eriksen for the game week, this was the main concern as I wasn’t overly keen on making this transfer so early in the month. I felt forced into it if I wanted to free up some funds when removing Ogbonna. If I had the opportunity to start from scratch I think my team would look very similar to what I have now. So in terms of the players I’ve got I’m very happy with how the team is balanced. I’m just hoping this starts to pay off in terms of points, as it’s starting to feel like it’s never going to happen.


Hazard and Salah both grabbing a couple of goals in the Champions League was a definite highlight after a terrible weekend.

Valencia picked up another couple of clean sheets.

Potential Issues:

Foster could be facing a spell on the sidelines due to injury. There’s nothing that can be done about this with no transfers left for the month so I plan to just wait and see what happens.

Aguero making the bench on Saturday caused a bit of an issue. Had he not made the bench I’d have just swapped him for Jesus (who didn’t have a bad game week). By trying to hold onto Aguero, it’s cost points in the short term. Hopefully this evens out in the long run.

Stoke getting torn apart by Man City was not ideal and once again highlights Pieters as a weak link. However I’m still hoping Stoke will be a mid table team who will get the odd clean sheet. As a cheap option I’ll probably hold onto him for a little while longer as they have more favourable fixtures coming up.

Kane contributed no points over the game week and their fixtures get tougher over the next or so. Again nothing can be done about this due to a lack of transfers. I don’t see it as a long term problem as I plan to keep him in my team anyway.

Tips for Game Week 9

I’m going to assume most teams won’t play a full strength side in the league cup, so will mainly focus on the upcoming Premier League fixtures for the game week.

Man Utd probably have the most favourable fixture as they travel to Huddersfield. Anyone thinking about taking Lukaku out may want to take this into consideration.

Chelsea and Man City have slightly more difficult home games. Chelsea host Watford and Man City host Burnley. It’s hard to overlook City players as they are absolutely flying at the moment and seem capable of beating anyone heavily.

Spurs host Liverpool this weekend, which could be a tricky fixture. If we ignore the league cup then they face Man Utd and Madrid next week. I wouldn’t personally recommend taking Kane out but I’d also suggest not bringing in any of their players at this stage.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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100 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 8

    1. I’ve only got 0.2m in the bank. I’ve also set up the mini league we were discussing on the other thread. It starts from this game week so feel free to enter your best team as we all start on 0 points. I do think you need to get the team in tonight though. The PIN is SGSZAX6X

  1. I’m thinking of transfering Mhkyitarian to either Silva or Sterling……cant afford KDB …..

    Any idea… Silva likely to get more game time?

    1. It’s either/or when it comes to City’s attackers as Pep likes to rotate, Silva plays more often though

    1. Hopefully, can’t stand seeing him sat on the bench for much longer. I’ve set up a mini league for us, it starts from this game week so you can enter your best team if you want to join. Here’s the PIN SGSZAX6X I think you need to enter before kick off tonight as it starts this game week.

    2. Lee I think you’re the only person who expressed an interest in joining the new league who hasn’t joined. Be keen to get you involved, I think you should be still able to join. The PIN is SGSZAX6X

      1. Would I be joining with my current team or choosing a new one? Not sure how it works joining a league at this stage?

        1. You could have picked any team and joined. We all started from zero at the start of this game week.

  2. Does anybody know if November transfers will b on Wednesday 1st, or Friday the 3rd, Wednesday cld b better if it’s going to be tight for funds.

      1. Thanx bodie, i’ll just have to hope that the 2 players i’m taking out, Mktharian, & Baines go up in value, & the 2 i’m thinking of putting in Sanchez & Sigurdson come down, currently 0.1 short.

        1. I personally am staying away from Everton players, their form is awful with very little sign of improving

          1. Yes, and as well as the poor form they are also likely going out of the Europa League and Carabao Cup in the next two gameweeks. So that spells the end of any extra fixtures for them.

  3. What do you reckon on taking Erikson out for Coutinho?

    My team so far



    Any opinions please?

  4. DDT I have just joined the mini league. I am happy with my team I have one transfer remaining for the month, 2m in the bank , team is as follows: –
    Dawson, Valencia, Baines, Davies
    Sterling, hazard, Salah
    Kane, Jesus, Lukaku

    Foster or Davies will most likely be transferred out depending on injury, any suggestions on who to come in?

    1. You can’t really get a decent keeper with 2.0 possibly cech really? Not sure if he’s gone up. Probably look at Davies for either sanchez or man city (stones) or a utd?

    2. I’d probably be more worried about Davies. What about a Chelsea defender? They are fairly cheap at the moment.

        1. No I know, I was more concerned with their fixtures and Danny Rose returning from injury.

  5. I think you’ve done as good as you can with the changes, DTT. See out October & take it from there…
    Could kick myself, with my “Llorente” team, initially changed him for Pedro, then did a last second change to Willian, because Pedro wasn’t starting in last match.

    1. I’m just hoping to avoid any injuries until November. Chelsea have been disappointing defensively since I’ve had Cahill. Could really do with Hazard doing something in the second half to get the game week off to a good start.

  6. Keeping on eye out on Chelsea defenders. Luiz and Cahill on my shortlist for November as their price might go down. With Kante back, Chelsea will be solid again.

    1. RR, i can’t remember, if it was u or tech, that gave a lowdown on Sane vs Stirling issue, wanted in November to put in spurs defender, Sanchez followed by either sane or stirling, but due to funds that looks very unlikely, so c the midfield as a more key area, is it getting near to almost a must to have one or the other, current midfield Mktharian, Hazard, Saleh, the former to b transferred out, will have 5.0 5.4 to spend, approx, is their a formular guardiola uses for these 2, it’s all about the most gametime, or is their another potential midfielder out their who can match these pts wise, only 28pts off the top in my mini league, rival out in front has 2 city defenders + keeper, to my stones, it’s a 10pt defecit at least almost every week, he also has stirling & Aguerro, to my Jesus, i know everybody is concerned about their own team , wld appreciate any feedback, i read ur blogs as i do others, u always make sense.

      1. It was Tech that gave the rundown on the City midfielders. I avoided the Sterling vs Sane issue just like the Aguero vs Jesus debate, uncertainty about Man City players is a problem. So in these cases, I avoid them (not ideal given the amount of goals scored) or pick both midfielders or both strikers. Although picked Jesus when Aguero when he got injured (thought it would be long term).

        Now with more information onboard, I would pick Sane over Sterling mainly he has been more explosive in points scoring (gained some big hauls and seems secure on the left side of attack whereas Sterling could be rotated with B.Silva and Jesus could even slot in that position. Sane likely to 5.9m by the next transfer opportunity.

        Mkhitaryan is a weak link in your midfield (I wrote a piece on DTT’s blog on whether he should stay or go from my team) I finally decided he should go. So sold him for 5.2 and now some poor performances later he is probably be worth 4.4m by the time November calls if his points display doesn’t improve. Maybe need to look at two transfers to upgrade him.

        Now winning mini leagues depends on a large range of factors: the strengths and weaknesses of your team compared to your opponent, their ability of fantasy football, their experience and past performances. How many points do your team have? Does the opposition seem lucky or do they have a knack of choosing the right player at the right time. Right now, I am not looking at my mini league leaders, I don’t know the points difference, I am just concentrating on my team and trying to make the best I can at picking up points. In February, I will consider my mini league rivals and play safe or risky (look at differentials) depending on my position and aims.

        1. Cheers RR, ur probably right about looking at rivals teams far too soon, sitting on 664 pts, not to shabby, weaknesses in the team, Baines, pts drop every week, Jesus will leave, but worried about Aguerro outscoring him heavily, Mktharian to go, hopefully price will improve by end of month, outside of injuries & suspensions will leave Foster, Valencia, Stones, Luiz, Saleh, Hazard, Kane, only leaves me Lukaku to transfer & gain funds, he’s been poor of late, wld mean in November taking out baines, Mktharian, & lukaku, in one fell swoop ver y dangerous for a whole month, replacements d. sanchez, & any 2 from, Sane, Stirling, Silva, Erickson, switching to 442, any input wld b great, can assist with any issues u may have, but pretty sure u don’t need any help, this dreamteam malaki doesn’t half take up alot of ur time, thanx.

          1. 664 points is a good score, my main team is on 683 points and my best team is on 692 (but with three transfers left). I would say you know what are doing and just carry on. I tend not to ask for help, I play the game my way. My mistakes are my own and I learn from them. I keep a fantasy football diary so I wrote my thoughts on paper – helps clear my head with lots of information to process. I only been playing dream team for two years now and feel I am getting better at this game now. All the best in your mini league. No need to panic on being behind – just keep with striking distance. The season is a marathon not a sprint.

        2. I’d completely agree with RR, I’d tried to avoid these players due to rotation risk but would certainly favour Sane. I considered him at the start of the season as he was a good price but with so much uncertainty around team selection I decided to give him a miss. I don’t know if they follow any particular formula but I get the impression that Sane is favoured slightly ahead of Sterling.

          1. Thanx DTT, my 2nd team is predominantly urs, what have u got up ur sleeve, cld we possibly look at taking Lukaku out to make an all round stronger team, obviously Mktharian & Pieters need to go, any thoughts yet.

            1. Difficult to say at this stage but obviously looking at Mkhitaryan and Pieters. I’m less bothered about Pieters, I’d imagine Stoke will pick up before long. The problem is, to make any significant changes we would need to downgrade another big name player. I wouldn’t personally remove Lukaku, I think he’s just having a slight dip in form. I’d only take him out if he gets dropped or injured. If I get absolutely desperate to free up funds I’d rather consider Jesus instead of Aguero but I’m not sure I’m keen on that either at the moment. Will need to evaluate towards the end of the month.

    1. Indeed he is and so is Cahill really. However Hazard exceeding Eriksen for the month is a positive.

      1. I always thought Baines would be a huge risk, I am looking to bring him in in November, hoping his price will fall closer to £1m, optimistic I know!

        The good news is Koeman has been sacked and they have some great fixtures around the corner. The new manager syndrome will mean they should keep some clean sheets for sure!

        Meanwhile I swapped out Eriksen for Jesus on Friday and now regretting it. Man city players come with a huge risk. I am hoping as jesus came on for alittle bit on Saturday he will start the cup game and fill his boots, although the sentimental option will be to start aguero at home to beat the city record.

        1. Everton aren’t in the best of form but you like to think they can only improve. I don’t really see it as a huge issue at the moment as I don’t plan on taking him out for the time being. It’s only really a problem if I wanted to move him on.

  7. That should put to rest any thoughts of ditching kane.

    On a side note DTT this site is now too result for “dream team tips” Google search. Seems all our constant checking is having some impact

    1. That’s useful to know, it’s certainly building some momentum and all the comments help as well. I’m a digital marketer so I’m always keeping an eye on traffic levels.

  8. My gameweek 8 review comment about Harry Kane

    “and against Liverpool (GW9) who have let in 12 goals in 7 games I can see Harry Kane in the form he is in having a chance of getting a brace or even a hat trick”

    I predicted this 🙂

    1. Game week 7 review*

      2 Goals 1 Assist
      20 points

      I am happy that I have the evidence to tell everyone that did not belive me at the time they were saying ditch Harry Kane I mean come on Thierry Henry one of the best strikers of all time just said

      “Harry Kane is on my level” Thierry Henry

      1. It would have been a brave move to take him out. I don’t think I entertained the idea but joined in with the conversation around the implications around it. I can’t see me taking him out of my team unless he gets injured.

  9. The Hurricane strikes again I would not be surprised if he scores 35 goals this season braking Alan Shearers Premier League highest goals scored in a season record of 34.

  10. Since when did players being subbed on in extra time count for clean sheets?

    I’m sure it only ever used to be up to 90 minutes?

    1. I think that’s always been the way ? What if someone had scored in ET, they would have had the points, bringing on a sub is no different.

  11. I understand why shoot-outs don’t count.

    I just seem to recall points for clean sheets only being up until 90 mins? I could well be mistaken.

    Nevermind… it gives my chasers a little something to be happy about, chipping another 5 points off my lead.

  12. Yes Lee. Unless i’m going mad, did City make 4 substitutions ?? If they did, is this a new thing for cup comps, or this cup comp only ?

    1. You’re not going mad Anthony. It’s a new rule that was introduced last year and applies to extra time in cup matches although I was under the impression that it only applied if you had made all 3 subs prior to the 90 minute whistle, which I don’t think City did?…

      1. Just can’t predict it. Late Everton goal did no favours at all. Over the season I’d like to think both will outscore him.

  13. The Ogbonna faithful… And he nearly had 2. Will be looking at my defence next month defiently

  14. Dilemma guys! Got Alexander Arnold and he isn’t playing prem games but then is for champ league. I’ve got 1 transfer left for this month. Would you leave him in as he’s playing maribo again midweek next week and chance of clean sheet and another goal possibly (wishful thinking) or would you transfer out, if so for who at his price or less? Thinking baines but will Everton turn a corner now they’ve sacked the manager and I can see them conceding against Leicester and then Lyon midweek. But it leaves is with extra money to transfer kolasinac out start of next month for a Man City defender if I do? Or again leave it this week lose that extra transfer and use 2 at start of next months?

    1. Preferably like you say is it worth having him for one game or try go for someone for longer term, who plays in the league regularly…

    2. He is the weak link in my team too, but I’m just going to leave him for now!!

      Changing him would would mean weakening my team elsewhere, which I don’t really want to do.

      Sometimes I think that as long as you have 8 or 9 strong players, the weaker ones aren’t a huge deal. After all, it’s rare that all 11 players will score you points in any given game week anyway.

      I’ve had him for a couple of months now and am sitting on 726 points, so until someone comes into my price range, I’m happy to keep him. Certainly better than Baines who is losing points hand over fist every week.

      1. Yeah get what your saying that’s one way I’m thinking but then it’s just I don’t have any Man City defence cover and with kolasinac currently at 5m I could do with extra money to get likes of stones or walker in for him meaning dropping Alexander for someone less value. Baines has been losing points a lot but with koeman getting sacked whether they might start hitting form.
        It’s basically
        Kolasinac and Alexander Arnold
        Stones/walker and baines

        1. I have Valencia and kolasinic. With current values (will inevitably change) I could drop them both and grab walker and stones with no extra cash needed.

          Something like this is porbably better in my opinion. Will hopefully get this off in a week as my first two transfers of the month.

  15. I’ve got kolasinac playing prem games but no europa so once a week same as Alexander, while could have stones who plays prem and champ league and baines who plays prem and europa so getting extra 2 games a week to gain points?

    1. True, it would be helpful to get some City cover.

      I have Otamendi and will be removing Valencia this weekend for Stones, but my decision is more strategic than anything else!

      Utd have a couple of tough fixtures compared to City and it’s also to act as a block to my nearest competitors who have two City defenders.

      What keeper do you have? have you considered Edison for City coverage (funds permitting, of course).

  16. Just noticed that Baines actually earned some points (2) last night for the first time in about 8-9 games!!…

    1. I have de gea who is my only united defence cover so abit reluctant to drop him. I do prefer city’s fixtures so understand why to have Ederson instead but preferably I’d rather keep de gea and lose kolasinac as arsenal have a couple of tough games coming up in November and again he doesn’t play in europa league meaning I would have to gain funds by dropping my weak link Alexander Arnold for someone lower and atm can only think of baines.

  17. My front line is Lukaka Kane and Jesus. Having 0.1m ITB. Thinking of swapping Lukaku for Aguero anyone’s thoughts?

    1. Also been debating dropping lukaku for aguerro or morata depending how things look next month.

      It’s worth noting that lukaku will likely score more with pogba back in the mix.

      Personally I’m not sure about having both aguerro and jesus, specially with city mids at better prices. If I got aguerro would likely drop Jesus for morata or just drop lukaku straight for morata if I feel Jesus is getting enough mins

      1. With Lukaku & Mktharian on the wane, is anybody thinking of bringing in rashford in November, currently 2.4 million cheaper than Lukaku & only 12pts difference, maybe need some utd firepower till Pogba comes back.

          1. Thanx lee, i noticed that , but if he is good to go, do u think it’s worth a punt, he seems to get as much gametime as Lukaku, my 2nd team is languishing in mid-table, need to try something different.

      2. Suppose I maybe don’t need to transfer just doing it for the sake of it as only got one left this month. Teams looking ok 715 points.
        De Gea Azpilicueta stones simpson otamendi hazard bayayoko salah lukaku Kane and Jesus just didn’t know what to do which the transfer left and 0.1 itb. Any ideas or just stick with what I have.

      3. This crossed my mind too, but I’m not convinced that Aguero is going to start this weekend after his two hour stint against Wolves!

        I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts on the bench and with Utd in the early kick-off, it’s a gamble putting him before you see the line up.

        Kane is out and Lukaku is due having had a few lacklustre games, but then City have been blistering! Tough decision.

  18. I really like the look of Cahill’s price now – 4.2m seems good value. Luiz at 3.9m seems decent as well so could double up on Chelsea next month to replace Stephens (still carrying him) and Kolasinac (brought him for 3.8m, now at 5.2m so right time to cash in and reinvest).

    1. Aguero for Kane for me this weekend then 1 spare transfer. Then get him back as soon as he’s back . Can’t see him be available for Madrid either.

    1. Personally, I would leave Kane alone. He is rumoured to only be out for one game.

      You have another week (3 Octoober) to use your last sub, so maybe see how this weekend pans out.

        1. Yes, you can, Gaz. They’ll count as a “pending” transfers and you’ll get your new player(s) at their current value.

  19. Thanks Lee, it does seem a waste of a transfer, especially when i’d want to bring him back in. I had brought in Sanchez, but i think i’m now going to use that final transfer on a defender.

  20. DTT, here’s my team at present & my plans for November.
    0.4 in bank, option1 Mktharian out, Sigurdson in good fixtures after Lyon game, money left in bank for remainder of month.
    Option two, is also an option for ur team.
    Valencia & Mktharian out, replaced by Bailly, or double with Luiz & Cahill, with no man utd cover, add to that Sane, what’s ur thoughts.

      1. Tech, it would depend on how this weekends results go, mite just fall short on funds, with kante due back maybe even for champions league, will surely help shaw up Chelsea defence, & enable me to keep funds in reserve for possible Jesus upgrade later in month.

  21. Changed my mind & decided to take Kane out. Thinking of Sanchez, but he probably won’t play midweek ? Other options Morata or Firmino….?

    1. I’ve been away most of the week. Can only access the blog briefly so haven’t had time to do it. Back tomorrow so will have to post it then.

    2. Yes, would like to see.

      I’ve narrowed my Kane change to Sanchez or Lacazette ? Quality of player says Sanchez, but have a gut feeling Lacazette could score at least a brace today.

      Who do i go for ?? Time running out….

        1. That’s the logical & calculated move, but just got this gut feeling that Lacazette is about to show his true colours today ? He really hasn’t settled in quite yet & his proven in the French league that his a proven goalscorer.
          At this point, i don’t know if i’m brave enough to go with him ! ??

  22. Cahill left out last season he played 36/38 premier league games in the starting 11 and has captain the entire season then they go and get a clean sheet without him I give up.

    1. I put Cahill in a couple of my teams.

      I also plumped for Lacazette to replace Kane, at the last minute. So that was a complete cock up, because i will have to use a transfer to bring Kane back in & if he’s price goes up & Lacazette drops, i may have to use two transfers ! ?

      What a lemon !

    2. Yeah it’s typical really but it’s how the season seems to be going. It’s very annoying.

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