In depth analysis of last season’s overall winner

Towards the end of last season my attention was drawn to a website ( which somehow pulls together all sorts of stats around Dream Team. It’s not something I’ve been personally involved in but as the information is available, I thought it might be worth looking at. The tool allows us to dissect the overall winner’s choices throughout the season to see what we can learn from it. Here are some of the key facts I’ve taken from it:

Point totals

Total points: 2,568

This works out at an average of 73 points per game week

To achieve this total each position needs to score roughly 233 points across the season.

If we break this down further, it works out at 6.7 points per player per game week. 

These stats really put into perspective how much you need to achieve on a player by player basis or per game week to win the whole thing. It’s a huge amount really and in my opinion can only be achieved with a mixture of strategy and luck.

Player selection trends

View the tables below to track player selection across the whole season. Or follow this link to see the raw data:

I would add that I compiled it manually so it’s not 100% accurate but it’s pretty much there. 

Here’s a breakdown of each position:

Goalkeeper: A cheaper goalkeeper was used for most of the season in Patricio. When more funds were available the winner moved to Ederson.
Points generated by this position: 110

Defender 1: Alexander-Arnold was the first choice and then the winner bought in Laporte. Presumably due to Liverpool being out of Europe.
Point generated by this position: 226

Defender 2: Robertson was the first choice and then the winner bought in Wan-Bissaka. Again, presumably due to Liverpool being out of Europe.
Points generated by this position: 174

Defender 3: The third defensive position was initially occupied by Maitland-Niles (a player I also chose to start with), he was then swapped briefly to Otamendi and then to Maguire for the rest of the season. 
Points generated by this position: 232

Defender 4/ / Midfielder 1: The winner started 4-3-3 with Azpilicueta as his fourth defender. He quickly changed this to a 3-4-3 with Mount coming in and then eventually put De Bruyne in until the end of the season.
Points generated by this position: 203

Midfielder 2: De Bruyne started in this position. The winner then swapped between Mane, Traore and settled on Bruno Fernandes. 
Points generated by this position: 278

Midfielder 3: This position was generally filled by Sterling. Although Mane came in briefly and Pulisic had the FA Cup final game.
Points generated by this position: 314

Midfielder 4: The final midfielder was Pepe with Mahrez then finishing the season here.
Points generated by this position: 167

Striker 1: Strikers were very much rotated within this position. In the following order: Kane, Aguero, Jesus, Abraham, Salah, Rashford and Lacazette. 
Points generated by this position: 239

Striker 2: Again strikers were very much rotated within this position. In the following order: Martial, Abraham, Rashford, Firmino, Jesus and Giroud.
Points generated by this position: 256

Striker 3: Again more rotation in this position, in the following order: Salah, Kane, Salah, Kane, Aguero and Aubameyang. 
Points generated by this position: 319

Some key trends regarding player selection:

The winner used the 3-4-3 formation for the majority of the season. As did the winner last season. This gives us a big clue about the ideal formation to use ourselves. 

At no point did the winner have the template front three of Kane, Aguero and Salah. This illustrates that we can’t class too many players as absolutely essential. 

The winner only had Kane for 10 game weeks and Salah for 15 game weeks. Granted Kane was injured but owning Salah for less than half the season was a risk that certainly paid off. It certainly proves that previous stats don’t mean everything. 

Another key takeaway is that the player never selected a player outside of the top 7-8 teams in the league. The majority of his team was made up of players from Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd. He rarely used players from Arsenal and Spurs and didn’t pick a single Leicester player for the whole season.

Other than Patricio the team wasn’t set up to target Wolves additional Europa League fixtures at the start of the season. Either the player chose to ignore these games or wasn’t aware that they counted. Regardless it made little difference to his overall performance, which suggests targeting these games may be a little overrated.

The player used very few transfers on his back line. This suggests going strong at the back from the start might be a good strategy with a pick and stick approach working well. 

The goalkeeper position was the lowest scoring position in his team. This suggests to me that we shouldn’t invest too much in it.

The winner appeared to use the majority of his transfers to swap around his strikers.  

The winner generally had a well balanced team. At no point did he put all his eggs in one basket with a full defensive block from a single club.

I thought Van Dijk was overpriced at the start of last season and the winner must have thought the same as he didn’t feature in his team at all across the season.

The highest point scoring position for the winner was his strikers. These positions scored on average 271 points. For me, it’s worth investing in strikers who are likely to score the most points regardless of their value.

It wouldn’t have been possible to pick a team within budget at the start of the season that would have beat this team in terms of points. This proves that getting the right players at the right time is absolutely essential.

A more detailed look at the statistics

The average points scored for each position was as follows:

GK: 110
DEF: 21
MID: 240
ST: 274

The percentage of total points scored by each position:

GK: 4%
DEF: 25% 
MID: 38%
ST: 32%

This does suggest to me that the attacking positions still pull in the most points. However there’s a big but… The gap between the positions is definitely shrinking and the big advantage of the defensive positions is that they tend to be much cheaper. Traditionally it’s fairly easy to pick up a premium defender for 4.5m or less. We would never be near a premium striker or even a midfielder for this value. This could make them a wise investment. For me the big takeaway from the analysis of last year’s winner is getting a balanced team with players from the big clubs. I think it’s rare to find a bargain player – for me it looks more important than ever to have a well balanced team and potentially leaving out a couple of the big names for cheaper alternatives. I think what the analysis also drills home is that we will all need an awful lot of luck to get anywhere near the top 100 teams. We can do our best to have a strategy and look at upcoming fixtures but the rest is out of our hands. Football can be very hard to predict at the best of times.

I’m not sure this really tells us anything we didn’t already know or what we can really take from it to apply to our own game. However, I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts in the comments below as I’m sure I’ve missed some key trends.

113 thoughts on “In depth analysis of last season’s overall winner

  1. Thanks for the effort, Paul. It’s really interesting. I believe a balanced team is SO important & because of the pricing you may have to sacrifice a Van Dyke type. The thing is those defenders that did well last season will go up in price this season.
    I think EVERYONE, me definitely included doesn’t stick to their guns & too hastily changes players. I think i’m going to try & be patient this year.
    The winner made the right choices at the right times, but that is always the case. It’s an awful lot of points to finish with, so that’s what we all have to aim for.

    1. No problem Rob – it’s certainly interesting but not sure how much it tells us given the changes to the game for next season as well. You’ve hit the nail on the head with the right choices at the right time – so important.

  2. Nice read. Excellent piece of work

    Interesting to note that his team changed significantly between game week 28 and 48. Also the choice of Mahrez stands out as well he was a player that scored well but with limited minutes. Surely there were other non rotated midfielders out there. The choice of Firmino stands out.

    One thing I have learned is that I will likely move away from my expensive goalkeeper strategy and go for a cheaper option.

    1. Thanks RR. It was an interesting one to put together. Just shows you don’t have to play the perfect game to win it.

  3. Superb piece DTT and it’s given me plenty of food for thought. What I do find unbelievable is how someone who held onto Pepe for so long managed to win the whole thing! 😳

    I definitely need to look at this some more and rethink my approach. *hastily scribbles out the Leeds full-backs from my shortlist…😂

    1. Thanks Chris – I know there are some questionable players on the list, such as Firmino briefly as well. Just shows you don’t have to be perfect throughout the season to win it though.

  4. He was even able to bring in Pulisic, Lacazette AND Giroud (already had Aubameyang) for that Cup game too. I doth my cap.

    Reviewing his initial team and that over the early game-weeks, I’m now thinking that rather than look for those cheap enablers from the lesser clubs, it’s probably best to target those cheaper players within those top 8 teams. This is where monitoring injury news can pay dividends as I remember it was Bellerin’s injury that gave AMN his game-time early doors and DTT was very quick to identify this.

    The transfers trend is also interesting with so few being made with GK and defence. I’ll be taking this onboard too. I wonder if the five transfer rule could be a bit of a poisoned chalice this season. Sometimes the correct thing to do can be to do nothing for a few game-weeks, but with 5 transfers burning a hole in our pockets, are we in danger of “over-using” those transfers to the detriment of our teams?

    1. In fact, I’m now tempted to sit down and look at the (likely) cheaper players of the top 8 teams (who could get game-time) and put them down in another article maybe. I’m thinking the likes of Saliba, Justin (if Pereira still injured) etc…

      1. I’ll start thinking about it and when the game launches I’ll put something together. I guess there’s no real point doing before the price reveals.

        1. It would be nice to get the price list early again like last year, granted a few still changed but at least it gives us something to discuss!

      2. That would be a really interesting article Chris. I’d certainly be interested as I think we are going to need to find a few of these.

    2. If the 5 transfer rule comes into play and the price rises and falls are bigger, I can see it being a very different game next season

  5. I like the look of Leeds but that might be because I am watching a Leeds United documentary on Amazon Prime during my lunch.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been reading about them and whilst I think they will be a decent side next season, I don’t think they really have any stand-out individuals from a FF perspective. Very much work as a unit by all accounts.

      1. Yeah, Leeds I am looking as they interest me for TFF prospective rather than Sun as that game allows to take more risks. Different rules require different approaches and selection of players. Having said that I might be willing to take more risks than last season in the Sun game if it is 5 transfers a month. The players selected will have to pass their risk assessment though.

        It’s all about timing and conditions (strategy) as to make a safety shot or the difficult long range shot or do you want to adapt a safety approach or play aggressively with the transfers.

        1. Timing is the key to dream team as far as I’m concerned. I seem to forever get rid of a player only for him to immediately score heavily (Vardy after the restart immediately springs to mind, 4 blanks, I get rid, 2 hours later he has 18 points 😂)

          I always say one of the hardest things to do in dream team is to do nothing, and that is going to be far more difficult with 5 transfers.

          If its back to 0.3 price changes I for one will be adopting a completely different strategy

          1. I had that Vardy play as well District… still hurts!

            Out of interest, what strategy will you adopt if the price change is up to 0.3?

            1. If as rumoured the price changes are 0.3 I will be using my first 2 or 3 months of transfers to build team value. It wasn’t really worth it when the price changes were 0.1 but last time it was 0.3 it worked well for me.

              It could be complicated by the price changes being based on only 2 weeks but that could well be negated by the extra transfers.

              All hypothetical until the rules are actually released of course

              1. Interesting. I’ve only played SDT for 3 seasons – 2 meaningfully (the first was a step learning curve!) and think possibly it was 0.3 in my first year but I didn’t pay any attention to team value/strategy then as was only playing for fun whilst my main focus was FPL. If it is 0.3 price changes every 2 games and with 5 transfers in hand then your above plan sounds like a very good idea!

          2. I remember I didn’t adapt very well to those prices changes last time and had my worst season to date that year. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this year.

  6. What do we think about Everton this season? I was wondering if any of their assets may be worth considering but I’ll be honest, I’m a bit non-plussed about their assets. Possibly Digne at a push?

    They have to get busy in the transfer market imo. Shame though because they have a top coach at the helm.

    1. Unless Richarlison is reclassified as a mid (which I’m sure he won’t be) i’ll be steering well clear

    2. Digne is on my radar – he’s scored well consistently since being at Everton. Other than that I’d want to see a bit more from them early doors.


    Excellent piece on the prospects of Werner for the coming season…👆👆

    I’m really keen to learn his price as he’s one I’m going to be targeting if he’s reasonably priced. I’ve been burnt in the past with PL newcomers (Pepe anyone?) but I’ve got an inkling this guy come really hit the ground running. I think the transition from Bundesliga to the PL isn’t as difficult compared to some of the other European leagues. Throw the impressive Pulisic and Ziyech into the mix either side of him and I think Chelsea can be a match for anyone going forwards (the same can’t be said at the back mind you…)

    1. Ironically, now that he has a season under his belt, I will be paying close attention to Pepe early doors as he could be one to get on nice and early if he shows form……especially if Lacazette leaves and Auba plays through the middle.

      1. Werner £4m apparantly… Can’t see me touching Everton in answer to your original question.

        1. Re Everton: Yeah me neither at the minute Brad.

          If Werner is £4m that could be the bargain of the season! Straight into my main team if that’s the case.

          1. Indeed at that price although striker slots will be even more competitive this season as leaked coding implies Stirling & Mane will both switch from midfield…

            1. Yeah I’ve heard that confirmed too.

              Listening to a few podcasts already, I’m keen to hit certain price points within my team(s) to enable ease of flexibility with transfers.

              For example, presuming I play 3 strikers, I’m currently thinking 2 premiums plus 1 mid-priced striker.

              Let’s say I start with Salah, Sterling and Werner.

              With those options, Salah and Sterling can easily become Mane, Kane or Aubameyang (presuming they’re similarly priced). Similarly Werner could easily become Jimenez, Son and dare I say Vardy?

              Obviously we have to wait for those valuations before we can pick out those price points though.

              1. You’d also think those United strikers would be amongst the mid-priced range?

                So much choice up front now it’s ridiculous…

                1. Guess that’s where we need to be clever with the extra transfers to use toggling between the big guns depending on form & fixtures etc.

                  1. I think it might be a case of using the extra transfers to rotate the front three to accommodate good fixtures.

              2. No mention of Aguero, that is a bit of a shock. In my opinion, I think he will be the best differential.

                1. I’m only giving an example of the price points my friend. He’ll be in a number of my teams. 👌🏼

                  1. 👌 I know you got covered but if Sterling is becoming a striker, Aguero will largely ignored by many others which could be a fatal mistake.

                2. Courtesy of Adam Hopcroft:

                  Minutes per goal/assist 19/20 season

                  Aguero 66
                  Fernandes 74
                  Mahrez 77
                  KDB 78
                  Jesus 92
                  Mane 98
                  Salah 99
                  Martial 101
                  Pulisic 101
                  Vardy 101
                  Sterling 102
                  Son 103
                  Abraham 105
                  Rashford 105
                  Giroud 110
                  Ings 116
                  Aubameyang 116
                  Greenwood 118
                  Antonio 126
                  Foden 127

                  This certainly backs up your Aguero statement RR! 👀👌🏼

              3. What do we think the template front three will be this season? Kane, Salah and Sterling? Or maybe there won’t be one given the number of options available.

    2. If he’s as cheap as the prices suggest he could be a bargain but at the same time if Mane and Sterling are strikers – who do we leave out? Going to be very difficult.

  8. @Dreamteamrating must have some insider knowledge as he’s revealing of lot of the prices for the new game:

    A few to wet your appetite:

    VVD £6m (ouch! ££££)
    TAA £5m (erm…..yes please!)
    Robbo £4.5m (very reasonable)
    Rashford £4.5m
    Jimmy £5m
    Pulisic £4.5m (very nice price imo)
    Antonio £3m (re-classified as a striker though 😕)
    Foden £3.5m (👀 welcome to the team Phil!)
    Bruno £5m (literally everyone are having him aren’t they?)
    Greenwood £3m (could be a very astute choice if Sancho or anyone else doesn’t arrive)
    KDB £7m
    Salah £6.5m (pleasantly surprised)
    Kane £6.5m
    Traore £4m

    That’s it so far…

    1. I’m going to resist putting a team together until they are officially released but I can’t see it being easy at all this season.

  9. Moving Mane and Sterling to strikers will actually make the game more interesting this season as it forces people to have different teams due to the choice of strikers, I would literally be happy with any 3 of about 12.

    On the other hand it’s left a big gap in quality mids, de Bruyne at 7 then Bruno next most expensive at 5.

    After a quick scan it’s hard to ignore Alisson, Robertson, TAA, Bruno and Salah

  10. One I’ve noticed is that Vinagre has been re-classified as a defender (midfielder last season). With Jonny out injured for the foreseeable and if they don’t sign a replacement, surely that left-back slot is his? Could be a nice cheap enabler at £1.5m?

    1. Yeah i’ve noted him, strange that Saiss hasn’t been moved to a defender too tho, I had my eye on him hoping he would be a defender, I think he would have been on about 140 with clean sheet points last season

    2. He’s certainly on my radar now. Any cheap enabler early doors would be a big advantage. Worth noting some teams might have extra fixtures in August as well for Europa League qualification.

  11. Started to have a look, anyone else think they’ve dumbed down these prices somewhat?

        1. Yeah, we play the hand that’s been dealt I guess District. Just a shame we’ve not been given much opportunity to be a bit more creative, especially in the early stages of the game.

          Hopefully the price swings will spice things up a bit once the game starts.

        2. I’ve not tried pulling a team together but it looked fairly difficult to me 😂 but I always struggle at the start because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I don’t like leaving certain players out.

  12. Great work Chris, I must admit it’s arguably my favourite part, deliberating on my starting team, so many options, no time to waste, let’s get started.

  13. Think we need to get some clarification on the price swings. Some tend to think it ranges between 0.1 and 0.3, others saying it’s a flat 0.3 on Twitter. Anyone any wiser? 🤷

    Going to be so important navigating those swings this season.

    1. It is a range between 0.1 and 0.3. Apologies for any confusion and thanks again to RR for clearing it up again alongside dreamteamrating.

  14. The more I think about it, the more I think the price swings this season could be wild and huge, especially in those striker positions. Added to the fact that it’s based on two games weeks worth of games as opposed to five, it’s feeling like a very different game to last season the more I ponder it. If your premium striker blanks for a couple of weeks he could be
    -£0.6m in the blink of an eye.

    After seeing the prices and how easy it was to field a very strong team from the start, I initially wrote off my Vinagre idea. Why get him when I can get someone more accomplished fairly easily right?

    When I thought about the price swings however and how to achieve team value, having someone like this in my team (ie a cheapie playing for a good team), he could really gain a decent amount of value fairly easily. Because his starting price is so low to start with, a few decent results (or more importantly clean sheets) for Wolves could see his price rise very nicely. Conversely, if Wolves don’t get off to a flyer he probably won’t drop a great deal in value because his price is already so low. A low risk but potentially big reward option in terms of value?

    Am I barking up the wrong tree here guys or is there anything in what I’m saying? I can’t make my mind up myself and it’s me saying it! 😂

    1. If it is based on the same rules as previous seasons then the higher priced players need more points to gain a price rise so it makes perfect sense to me to have cheap players in your side from a monetary gain perspective. I like the bigger price changes, it completely changes how I play the game and adds in another layer of game play

      1. I think the aim should be to chase points not monetary gains given how the initial starting prices of the players. In previous seasons, I have been more pre occupied with gaining value that I lost sight of what really matters: points on board. I lost mini leagues in the past where my team was considerable richer than my rivals.

        With 50 transfers, that’s over 61 decisions to made for a single team. X10 that is 610 for the full quota of teams. That’s too much for me especially as I have to play other fantasy football games and do a fair amount of research and watching games. So more room for errors to creep in. I read a quote ‘Football is a game of mistakes. The team that makes the least mistakes wins’. That could certainly be the case here in deciding mini leagues.

        These prices on Twitter I see are they 100% correct? Surely the price of TAA and Fernandes are a mistake. To tell the truth, I don’t trust the people at the Sun Dream Team one bit. To me, they are renowned to make last minute changes. I also heard that the player values in the Sky game have changed in the past few days since leaking before the launch. It happened before in TFF years ago when a reserve goalkeeper moved to another club to be first choice, then the organisers moved his value by 1.0m.

        1. It’s a fair point RR and I guess we do have to take these prices with a pinch of salt. As you allude to, those at DT Towers have previous when it comes to screwing things up.

        2. I think it could be a bit of a balancing act. Chasing the points should rightly always be the main aim, but having the odd “value chaser” in your team might serve a purpose further down the line? As District has alluded to, you can easily get out-priced later down the line if you have some bad luck.

      2. Yeah I can see these price changes being pretty chaotic at times. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of chaos eh? 😉

        1. Certainly wouldnt surprise me to see some of the prices change. I sometimes wonder if they release the prices on purpose to monitor the reaction on social media to then change some of the prices. I then think it’s the sun dream team we are talking about and they can barely run the game as is without that extra work!

          The first year of 0.3 price changes I got absolutely battered on the prices in the first 2 or 3 months, by Xmas I could barely afford anyone decent. the second year I was far more astute with my selections, and yes I will not just base my selections on gaining team value but I think it is essential that it is taken into account and plays more of a factor than when it is only 0.1 price changes.

          If I pick a 1.5m defender and after 2 weeks he is on 0 and another is on 20 I will swap them to gain the price increases over the next weeks, that 0.6 or 0.9 will make a massive difference later on in the season.

          I’m only talking about the first 2 or 3 months, personally I think it is a massive part of the game.

          1. Yeah, I’m going to have to lean on you guys for a bit of guidance with these new price swings as I’ve only ever been used to the 0.1 format. Definitely tempted by Vinagre to try and get some early value into my team.

            All fixtures permitting of course. Anyone know when the fixtures are being released?

            1. Fixtures to be released on Friday but if the first week fixtures that have been rumoured are to be believed Wolves are playing Leicester first up.

              I’ll be happy to help, I’m just offering up one view of how to play the game this year if the price changes are different to last year, RR quite rightly points out that there are other methods and I think everyone playing the game will use many of the same strategies but it’s just how weighted the individual is towards that part of the game. I favour gaining team value in the early months, others won’t, some favour stats others prefer eye test, no one method is right or wrong and what worked last time may not work again this time.

              Gaining team value means bringing in a player who has scored well in terms of dream team points. Now this does not necessarily mean they have played well but that would also be taken into account, the price gain is not going to be the only thing I will base my decisions on, there will be people who do that, just as there will be people who completely ignore it but most will weigh up all factors.

              I see a position or two in the team as mostly money making players at the start, if they get points then great but if not as long as they make money I see it as contributing to the team and the money will hopefully equate to points later in the season when it affords me a greater choice of player.

              I’m probably boring everyone now banging on about team value but just sharing an alternative approach to the greater price changes.

              1. I certainly don’t find you boring, District. You make some great points in all your comments. You got a good plan and ‘I love it when a plan comes together.’

              2. I think it’s definitely worth considering – it cost me last time we had big rises and falls. I’ll certainly be paying more attention to it this season.

              3. Not boring at all my friend, it’s what we’re all here for. It would be a boring old site if we all had exactly the same idea about things. Your input is up there with the best of them on here mate.

                Ok, I’ll be the first to come out…..“I’m a Fantasy Football Nerd AND I’m proud!” Group hug everyone! 😉

    2. I think you’re along the right lines Chris. For me it’s going to be a case of trying to get players in who make a good point scoring start, this should see an increase in value. If I get off to a bad start – I’m likely to bring in players who are almost certain to rise to build value.

  15. I wonder if it might be worth looking at any points scoring patterns with some of the players to maximise playing those fixtures.

    The sort of thing I’m thinking about is:

    Sterling scores decent hauls away from home.

    De Bruyne tends to score well in the home games.

    Salah can really haul against the “lesser” teams.

    That kind of thing. Might help us navigate the fixtures with those premium assets.

    Might look at putting something together over the coming days if I can.

    1. Juggling family time with decorating my youngest son’s bedroom at the moment but I’ll do my best to come up with something.

      Lovely day with the family at Saltburn-by-the-Sea today (first time). Great beach and great surf for any of you surfers out there. Not too crowded either…👌🏼🏄🏽‍♂️ ☀️ 🏖

  16. Premier league fixtures now rumoured to be released tomorrow morning with man utd and man City to miss first weekend of the season

    1. Just read 9am. 👌🏼

      Now it gets serious…

      Someone told me that with United and City going out of Europe that they’d play GW1 now. That not the case District?

      1. As far as I’m aware they won’t play first weekend as it’s within the 30 days from their last match the premier league set as the limit.

        Whether that means they play mid week instead I just don’t know. It may have changed since I read it this morning

  17. As early bargains go, what’s your thoughts on Willian? He didn’t appeal to me until I saw a 3.5m price tag. He usually picks up 150-180 points

    1. Beyond the obvious choices of KDB and Bruno in midfield, a successful choice for the other midfield position(s) could make a huge difference this season. If he’s fit I think Pulisic is perhaps the next best choice as he looked unplayable at times for the second half of the season.

      As for Willian, with his price being pretty reasonable, he could be one of those early “value gainers” if Arsenal get off to a good start. Can’t imagine him taking the pens away from Auba though but I’ll bet he’s got a good chance of being on free-kicks.

    2. If Arsenal have favourable fixtures he has to be one to consider. I imagine Ziyech will be competition at that price but I would argue that Willian is a more guaranteed starter (tho I do expect Ziyech to start to) and as you say Willian is proven in the prem

  18. Anyone struggling to justify putting in any City defensive assets?

    At £4.5m it’s difficult to make a case for Laporte when TAA and Robbo are £5m and £4.5m respectively (so many more avenues of points for those two). Ederson at £4m is also £0.5m more expensive than Alisson so that doesn’t appeal either. The rest of City’s defenders will be on the Pep roulette no doubt. If City sign Koulibaly though his price will be interesting to see. Will probably just have a few City defensive assets in my more experimental teams rather than my main ML team. Feels a bit unnerving though.

    On keepers, I’m considering Schmeichel. Decent price, decent team, European involvement, seems to play the domestic cup games too if I remember (correct me if I’m wrong).

      1. Barring injury I don’t see me getting rid of Alisson TAA or Robbo all season, no man City at the back for me currently.

        The 3rd defender will prob be a cheap enabler, and I think 4 at the back could be an option this year too. Its shocking to me how poor the mids are, there were only 6 mids over 160 points last year and 2 of those are now strikers!

        Alisson Trent Robbo Bruno KDB and Salah is my working spine, probably is for everyone!!

    1. Had it in my head Schmeichel was £2.5m for some reason. See that’s he’s actually £3m. Difficult to justify that over Alisson at £3.5m.

  19. Anyone know if/how to get the DT app on Android? My 8 year-old son wants to create a team on his Amazon Fire this season (I have IPhone) but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance guys. 👍🏻

    1. Decided to just let him pick a team from one of my 10 team allowance from my iPhone. Hopefully that game will launch today so we can get really stuck in knowing the fixtures now.

      No City or United game GW1 btw. Do we leave those assets out to try and steal an early march over those “casual” players? Having five transfers now does make it tempting…🤔

      1. Can’t get the android app yet and also can’t get on the website so a bit annoyed that the iPhone app is up and running, tho can’t say I’m surprised in the slightest!!

        I had one from each Manchester clubs so it’s very tempting to swap them in gw2 as will still have the normal 3 transfers.

        Fixtures have certainly affected my thinking, Chelsea and spurs looking decent but Arsenal players will be a tough pick which is a shame as I had a couple in mind

      2. I reckon I will have at least 2 City players and 2 United players, so leaving them out the first weekend and then bribing them uses 4 transfers straight away. A big gamble but could be doable.

        1. Feels risky but the little Maverick voice inside my head is whispering, “do it……do it”.

  20. Really tempted by starting with Vinagre now to (hopefully) gain some early value. Apart from City in GW2 (and to a lesser extent Sheff Utd GW1) they have a decent run of fixtures to begin with. Maybe we should think about the likes of Traore too? I’d probably normally wait until GW 3 but with City and United not playing GW 1 I’m tempted to start without any of their assets, hence needing to really start with Vinagre and just leave him for a bit.

    Wolves opening PL fixtures: (Caps = Home game)

    sheff utd
    west ham

    Anyone else tempted to board the Vinagre train with me? 🚂

    1. Yeah I definitely am considering, there are some nice cheap defenders on offer.

      It’s the 3rd and 4th mids I’m struggling with, 4 3 3 is a real possibility for me.

        1. I think the 3rd mid is the position that could be used as my money maker, the liklihood is a cheap player will have a big first week and therefore get two max price increases in the first two weeks soicandoa pending transfer and get the cash rolling in, if I can land on that player without the transfer that would be even better.

          I had planned to avoid the new players in Ziyech and Werner but the fixtures have made them tough to ignore. They have at least been at the club for a couple of months now so not as much of a risk as someone coming in this week. With the lack of mids I’d pencilled in Mahrez and or Willian but fixtures have pointed me to Ziyech

      1. He was classed as a midfielder last season and was essentially a bit part player. The fact that he has been re-classified as a defender this term AND should be playing most games with Jonny out (unless they sign another left-back) for a very good team, heightens his appeal immensely for me as an early “value gainer”. His DT points haul from last season doesn’t really bother me too much due to the reasons I give above.

  21. I think Spurs have a decent start to the season fixture wise. Kane certainly coming into my thoughts now as he did end last season pretty impressively.

    1. EVE
      man utd

      Very tasty those fixtures (barring United away obvs).

      1. Yeah I had him at the end of last season, Son is good value too and well worth considering

    1. Yeah, historically he can tend to go that way. I’m just wondering, because of the quick turnaround this time, whether he’ll just be able to continue his end of season form into the new season?

  22. Prices to discuss

    Salah 6.5
    Mane 6.5
    VVD 6
    Sterling 7.5
    KDB 7
    Aguerro 6.5
    Bruno 5
    Martial 5
    Maguire 5
    Rashford 4.5
    Pulisic 4.5
    Werner 4.5
    Kane 6.5
    Son 5
    Lloris 3
    Auba 6.5
    Laca 3.5
    Willian 3.5
    Vardy 5
    Jimenez 5

    1. Werner is £4.0m mate. So so tempting at that price. If he hits the ground running his price could potentially sky-rocket.

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