January Transfer 1

January Transfer 1

This was the team news I’ve been waiting for all weekend. Chelsea put out a strong team going forward, Lukaku stands out as the one for me who has the biggest chance of scoring a couple of goals so he comes in for Salah. I’m still considering if Pulisic or Zyiech is a better option than Bowen given this plum fixture for Chelsea, at the moment, I’m going to stick with Bowen but I’ll think about it for the next 10-15 minutes. Right now though:

Salah out
Lukaku in

16 thoughts on “January Transfer 1

  1. Pulusic & Ziyech play today, but will they play 2nd leg of league cup semi final, then again will Bowen even start tomorrow, but you know he is going to play every league game, tough call.

    1. Decided to wait it out and stick with Bowen – Chelsea missing games at the start of February as well

  2. Thinking of making three changes today, no matter what the starting line-ups are today due to midweek fixtures anyway:


    That would leave £4.4m itb. I might need to address Dalot if AWB is the preferred choice now but I reckon Dalot will play Monday this week anyway. Not sure on Kane tbh with Son out but with how United are performing I’m not keen on bringing Ronaldo in either. Thoughts always welcome.

    1. Looks like a good plan but with the line ups this afternoon are you still making those changes? Jota not in the squad and Kane on the bench. Both are good options for the month. Bowen is starting though

      1. Yeah I’m trying to look beyond this weekend tbh. I like these three for the month as I think we can safely assume Jota and Kane will be starters mid-week barring any disasters. Spurs fixtures aren’t the best so Kane does feel like a gamble but he’s as good as any other option I reckon. Always good for a SM if he gets on the scoresheet too. GL all.

    2. Afternoon

      In light of line ups.
      Mane for Antonio 100%
      If your going to keep Kane all month then go for it but if it’s for a week. I’d have 2nd thoughts.

      Could wait till midweek for the midfield sub if you don’t fancy Bowen or maybe even go for Saka. He seems on form.

  3. Nice to see a return from Antonio and especially Bowen Paul. Nicely done mate.

    Relieved to see returns from Antonio and Kane having just come into my team. Spurs’s second string are pretty abysmal and they were going out of the cup to Morecambe before the changes.

    1. Cheers Chris, happy with those returns today. To be honest, I was hoping Spurs were going to crash out. I see Leicester have had their midweek fixture postponed which can only help as well

      1. As of next week, Leicester’s fixture run is pretty insane up until March in terms of number of games. I wonder when that Everton game will be rescheduled for? Could be a triple Gameweek at some point…🤷‍♂️🥴

          1. I might look to put Maddison in before long. Good value for the points he’s racking up and as you say lots of fixtures ahead.

            1. I’m using my last transfer to put Maddison in for Gallagher this week already pending! His form can be ignored no longer and should get a nice price rise or two… Not to mention as has already been said, Leicester’s fixtures look insane!

              1. I will probably bring him in with my next transfer as well – Walker out, Maddison in. I’d be fairly happy with my midfield then – especially with how Bowen has performed this week

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