January Transfer 1

January Transfer 1

With Mane looking to be on the sidelines for a couple of games, I’ve decided to risk one of my transfers for the month. This is mainly to try and gain an advantage over people who are stuck with injured players. As I’ve got three in the bag and we are nearly at the end of the month I think I can afford to use a transfer for potential short term gain. I do plan on bringing Mane back in again when he is fit though. The player I would have chosen is Traore but Wolves don’t play this week. As a result, I’ve gone for Mahrez. I won’t be around to check line ups today so I’m hoping he starts in the FA Cup or the EFL Cup. So the move is:

Mane Out
Mahrez In

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  1. Who would you’re second choice have been if you were able to change before the match starts (if Mahrez isn’t playing)? Or would you not make a transfer if Mahrez was benched?

    1. I thought they were the early kick off today so I should be able to check now but I think I’ll go Mahrez anyway as he should start one of the fixtures this week. Traore is the player I wanted but if it wasn’t Mahrez probably B. Silva but I don’t really want him either. So I’d probably just hold the transfer.

  2. City and Liverpool dont play until tomorrow, so you will be able to see the line ups and know if Mahrez starts, although the extra game in the week makes me think you will make this move regardless.

    Are you tempted at all by Jimenez for Jesus or are you waiting for Abraham to come back?

    1. Yeah I thought they were kicking off today at lunchtime. I will probably stick with Mahrez regardless. As you say hopefully he gets game time mid week. Not sure what to do with Jesus yet – I’m just waiting for an excuse to take him out. If he has a bad weekend he might be gone. However, oddly there are only 4 fixtures in game week 24 and Man City are the only big club playing. Suggesting it might be worth holding onto him just that little bit longer?

      1. Hadnt looked closely at the fixtures. Between now and GW 24 City have four games vs. Wolves one, so it does make sense to hold on to Jesus. It’s just that Jesus is such a rotation risk, but I suppose the extra fixtures counter that concern. You’ve won me over

        1. Worked out well today but I think it’s a matter of time before he has to come out. Not sure what to do in the long run. Glad we don’t get new transfers for a while though because I’m struggling to use the allowance for January. I’m losing patience with Moura already though.

  3. Dtt

    I’ve put Jiminez in but do you think I should put Jesus in if he starts tomorrow? Then change him when the new changes come up? Thanks.

    1. What did you go for Sam? Hopefully Jesus – either way I don’t think you could go wrong as you’re blocking your opponent off by going for Jimenez which isn’t such a bad thing if you’ve got a big lead.

      1. Orite mate I kept with Jiminez 🙈🤣 but like you say I’m blocking him off. I’m intrigued to know if you’re looking at downgrading soyoncu maybe?

        1. Yeah potentially because Moura isn’t proving much use despite getting plenty of game time. I’d rather have Traore. It’s a difficult one because I keep thinking about moving Jesus on but he keeps scoring.

  4. XI | Bravo, Cancelo, Garcia, Otamendi, Angelino, Gundogan, Silva (C), Foden, Bernardo, Mahrez, Jesus

    SUBS | Ederson, Stones, Sterling, Aguero, Zinchenko, Rodrigo, De Bruyne.

  5. This Liverpool clean sheet is really causing problems, can Gomez retai n his place regardless of Matip & Lovren being back from injuries.

  6. Following on from previous thread, if Gomez is a certain starter, should just have enough funds to go for option A
    Option B
    Van dijk
    Unsure at present as to what option will yield the most pts.

  7. Tricky one David, the Van Dijk/Jimi option is more safe in terms of game time however it would take a brave man to leave Salah out right now. Id be going option A if it were me.

    1. Cheers gaz, have got Firmino to try & match Salah’s pts input, but is he going to be as prolific as Salah, doubt it, all depends what funds are available on Friday 7th.

  8. Ok DTT, so i missed out on the Mane to Mahrez transfer & still have the 3 transfers remaining for the month. Curious to hear you or anyone else’s thoughts going forward?

    I agree that Traore is essential to have in the team and Moura has to be the one to go. My mini league leader has Ederson & Walker so even downgrading Soyuncu to Otamendi/Stones/Mendy may be a way to free funds to accommodate the Traore transfer & try and eliminate the potential of the Man City clean sheet risk?

    Also, looking at gameweek 23 do you reckon Mane to Oxlade Chamberlain may be worth a punt? Star man last night & id be hopeful he may feature in both Southampton & Shewsbury games?

    1. That’s a bit of a risk for me with Ox because it could be for very short term gain. The fixtures coming up are difficult to plan for as Man City have an extra fixture next week but then they don’t play the week after, whereas other teams have a double game week. I’m not sure I’d want Mahrez if I was you either though, as I only put him in thinking he would score big last week.

  9. Apologies for not being able to contribute hardly ever since Christmas guys, had of lot of stuff on my plate. Hope you’re all well and your teams are doing the business for you.

    With regards to my own, I quietly creeping closer to top teams ML’s. The main team I want to catch (my mate who I have a bet on with) is 50 points ahead but I’m hopeful I can make that up.

    My team as it stands:

    I have one transfer left for this month so I think I’m going to go Ricardo to Gomez. This then leaves me the funds to go Moura to Traore in the next window. I then plan to go Vardy to Auba for GW 25 as European games kick up again. Now it’s knock-out time I see Auba playing more Europa.

    Thoughts welcome guys. 👍🏻

    1. “I quietly creeping closer to top teams ML’s.”

      Should read; ”I’m quietly creeping closer to the top teams in my ML’s…”

      Apologies for that verbal, or should I say textual diarrhoea. 😂

    2. Looks like a good plan to me – Traore is definitely top of my list for February with those Europa League fixtures kicking in. Aubameyang is one I hadn’t considered but those extra Europa League fixtures at the start of the month are appealing.

  10. I’ve downgraded Soyuncu for Gomez before the price prices, possible two games this week.

    Want to get rid of Moura, however also possible two games this week, will look at swapping him out at the end of next week using my last transfer for the month for Traore.

    Will price me out of swapping Mahrez back to Mane by 0.3 currently, unless Mahrez can rise over the next few weeks.

    1. I’ll be looking at similar moves but I’ll probably go for a cheaper defender so that I can get Mane back in easily.

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