January Transfer 3

January Transfer 3

I really don’t like making transfers on a Thursday evening but my budget is so tight that I’m going to have to make one. Mendy needs to come out and the next best option (who is affordable) is Schmeichel. Schmeichel is certain to rise so I’m making the change now. In an ideal world, this would line up De Bruyne and Dier coming out, with Foden and Cancelo coming in. However, I’m not brave enough to make these changes tonight. We’ve seen how quickly things can change and I’d like to see how Man City line up against Cheltenham at the weekend. So, the only change tonight is:

Mendy out
Schmeichel in

11 thoughts on “January Transfer 3

  1. Theirs an argument to take out Robbo before Dier, on fixtures alone, done tonight, of course risky, out
    De bruyne

    1. I like it!

      I’m in a predicament. Have one transfer left (thank god) and De Bruyne has got to go. My options are:
      Cancelo, 433 and triple City defence
      Straight swap for Foden

      Waiting for Cheltenham team news obviously but would appreciate thoughts.
      I’m first in my league and my only competition has De Bruyne with no transfers so this is a big one. Could potentially create a healthy 30/40 point buffer.

      1. Nice one Ben! I would await the Cheltenham line up and put in one of whoever starts out of Cancelo, Foden, Gundogan or Bilva… Mahrez and Torres seem to be getting less game time currently but think they could both start this one, but the other four mentioned are probably ahead for league games.

        1. I think I’ve priced myself out of bringing in Foden and Cancelo for De Bruyne and Dier which is really annoying as that would have been the ideal move.

  2. I only have 2 transfers left. Not sure whether to bother with the mendy one. The way Walker went down surely he won’t be out for long. He literally slipped on his ass. I could take mendy out, hope Walker is fine and then take kdb out for whoever

    1. 2 transfers is still more than many Lc! Mendy was price swing opportunity last night although I still wouldn’t trust the Chelsea defence over other sides going forwards. KDB out for one of Cancelo, Foden, Gundogan or Bilva if they start tomorrow is probably what I would recommend.

    2. I doubt I’d bother with Mendy if you’ve only got two left. Did you make any last night?

      1. Yeh I took mendy out for schmiecal. Now going to wait for West Ham or city line up to make my final transfer. Going to take de bruyne out for wither Antonio or a city player, depends who plays. I have cancelo, Walker and foden already anyway

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