January Transfer 4

January Transfer 4

This one is far from ideal but I think it should be done today. Walker hasn’t done a lot for the team for a while so he needs to come out, they also play Chelsea today. The obvious replacement is the in from Maddison. However, Leicester have had their fixture against Burnley canceled. I’ve decided to still go ahead with this transfer as Leicester do have another fixture this week but it’s not as appealing as it was with the double game week for Maddison. Looking at alternatives – no other defenders stand out given the fixtures ahead and I don’t fancy taking a punt on another Man Utd midfielder or a Liverpool midfielder. Looking ahead to February, Maddison seems like the best longer term replacement at this stage. It would also allow me the option to consider bringing in Cancelo for De Bruyne (if I wanted to in February)

Walker out
Maddison in

7 thoughts on “January Transfer 4

    1. I kept him but he could well be the player I take out for Salah when he’s back. Let’s see how he gets on for the rest of the month.

      1. That’s what I’m also thinking and would even free up funds in the process! Interestingly Salah is still 45% owned whether casual or dud teams or whether people have burned through their transfers…

        1. I’d imagine there’s a lot of dud teams, especially with how this season has gone

    1. Another crazy player rating by the sun – I watched the game and as I have De Bruyne wanted him to get star man and though it would be between him and Sterling, so to see Sterling get less than a 7 was baffling.

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