January Transfer One

January Transfer One

I’m caught in several minds about what to do with my January transfers. I’m tempted to take out Mendy, Zouma and Mount given their recent bad form and to avoid losing too much value in the team. On the other hand with FA Cup fixtures ahead at the weekend, I also really want to take a look at those starting line ups to try and pinch a few points in some easier fixtures for certain players. With January being a long month, I’m playing it safe by not taking out all three in one go. I’ve decided at this stage to just take one of them out and I’ll deal with the fallout over the weekend when I can see who is playing in the FA Cup.

Tonight I’m taking out Zouma and putting in Dier. Dier is incredibly cheap and gets a lot of game time in an improved Spurs side. He’s also certain to rise tomorrow morning.

Zouma out
Dier in

The plan for the weekend will then be to check who is playing in the FA Cup and to make another change or two. The problem at the moment is that most of the players I want are just out of reach. As a result, I’ll probably review if I want to keep Sterling or not over the next couple of weeks. Man City have some excellent fixtures so it’s either his time to shine or he’s out of the team.

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  1. Does anyone use the dream team coach? Interested to know what they think about Robertson, Chilwell, cancelo and dias price change predictions

  2. Spurs have Marine one fixture to look at. Depending on who he picks could get a nice clutch of points up front.

  3. I know you like to be patient but Chelsea have shot their bolt I believe and, like you said, you need to jump ship before their values drops. I’ve binned Mendy and Zouma already but would have kept Zouma if forced as he is class in the air from corners.
    Annoyingly I went for Davies because I though he might pop up with an assist but Dier is one oh Jose’s boys.

    Advice please gentlemen: I’ve used four transfers already as I’m impatient and need to fix perceived problems quickly. I’m almost pulling the trigger on taking Salah out (three blanks in a row) for Son but now I’m so tempted for Aguerro given he’s starting on Sunday and City’s fixtures are as good as I’ve seen in recent memory. If you’d asked me a couple of weeks ago taking Salah out is sacrilege but I’ve got itchy fingers!

    1. Personally Ben unless you’ve a ton of transfers one month I’d always keep Salah. He’s too proven and will hit big scores again any day now, plus he’s high ownership.

      Good luck mate!

      1. I’d only take him out, if you can bring him straight back in (should you wish to)

    2. I would hold. That transfer could be worth its weight in gold this month with the number of fixtures and potential postponements.

    3. Having said that, if he’s out with covid and based on their not so great short term fixtures I’d consider it, although you’re probs always gonna bring him back

    4. I agree they will be coming out but I’d rather check line ups for the FA Cup games, Mount only dropped by 0.1m so it was worth waiting I think. The problem is when you’re four transfers down, it’s going to be a long month so if you hit some injuries/Covid cases then you’re in trouble for the rest of the month.

  4. I decided to go with Tierney over Dier in my team as I wasn’t sure if Dier would play vs Marines and their league game vs Villa might be postponed this week.

    Other reasons:

    Tierney is one of the most creative defenders – only Robertson, TAA, Cresswell and Cancelo have created more chances than Tierney this season. In the last four matches, Tierney has created 11 chances, only Shaw has created more at 12 amongst all defenders.

    No competition for his place after Arsenal sent out left back Kolasinac for loan so Tierney will get plenty of minutes in FA cup as Arsenal defend their trophy and Europa league which provides their best route to champions league.

    He has the manager’s backing: “He’s a lad that gives you everything. He’s improving, he’s willing to do better and better. He brings a great energy and quality to the team.”

    Arsenal like to attack down their left hand side. This gives Tierney chance to play ball down the line to Aubamenyang or allows Tierney himself to go on the overlap and cross from the bye line. Also since moving to left back vs Chelsea, he is allowed more attacking freedom with more penalty box touches eg. winning penalty vs Chelsea and scoring inside the box vs WBA.

    Arsenal fixtures are not too bad in January: they have Newcastle (H, FA cup), Palace (H), Newcastle again (H), Southampton (A), Man Utd (A), Wolves (A).

    1. I considered him myself, the only thing that put me off was his points on the board to date for the season. I might be tempted to swap Mount for Tierney though this weekend but I’m going to check who’s starting in the FA Cup.

  5. Salah starts vs villa kids so he’s a hold now

    Spurs is interesting. Likely the big guns won’t play vs marine and the villa game in the week could be postponed.

  6. Dtt, if the spurs match midweek cancelled and with 4 transfers left….i’d be very tempted to see if vinicus plays through the middle against marine sunday and do a week only swap .from kane …..could bag an additional 20-28 points,or indeed if son plays

    1. It’s tempting but risky. He might get nothing and then you’ve wasted a couple of transfers because he’s certainly a player you won’t want to hold onto.

  7. Sergio playing for city tmrw confirmed you could also look at that ‘week swap’ if i thought he would also play against brighton i wouls be looking at that…but pep manages his time these days, feel this is old sergio’s last season with us….such an explosive dream team points scorer….up there with henry and drogba

  8. Dtt,if leno starts this weekend tempted to get rid of mendy for him, as arsenal play again thursday night home to palace ?

    1. I’m more tempted by Ederson as it’s a route into that Man City defence, where I’d like to double up.

  9. Right, I’m worrying about not having salah in my team for tonight’s game.. I’m thinking kane out for salah for this week only, especially as it looks like kane won’t play at all and salah has 2 games… What people’s thoughts, I’m leaving my mini league and everyone else has salah

    1. I didn’t have salah but I was worried about not owning him seeing him play tonight I made the transfer, if he blanks it will be a waste but couldn’t risk it… Kane may not play till next week

  10. Mount to Walker, Paul, I believe you may have enough funds, Arsenal do play before City, Tierney could play, but with Walker on bench for last game you would hope he would play, City’s fixtures all month very favourable, a double up makes sense, as already mentioned Mendy to Leno, I did that one last night & gained 0.3.

    1. Agree with David. Got to bring in Walker for Mount. Now would the ideal time to double up on Man City defensive assets.

      1. I thought you said the opposite on Facebook 😂 it’s not on within budget anyway

    1. Yeah good point. I’m currently considering a few options:

      Will probably skip Tierney as I fancy checking the line ups tomorrow.

  11. Lads I have martial. Do I get rid of him and I’ll have 6.3m to replace him with, or leave it and hope he comes on and does something ???

  12. I see a few people at the top of my league creating blocks of city defenders. It could be worth me doubling up to considering their fixtures.

    Will check out the line up at 13.30

  13. If Aguero starts is anyone considering a straight swap for Sterling? If his injury is fine he will feature more throughout the month and with their fixtures could rack up some points.

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